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I'm conducting the Silvaco Atlas 2D simulator for designing a high-k dielectric double-gate mosfet. For beginning, I found a good example from the internet: The authors have used HfO2 and SiO2 separately in order to compare
by calling it N channel do you mean its basically a IGBT equivalent of a NPN bipolar transistor, except that instead of a gate that conducts it has a isolated mosfet like gate(whatever the IGBT inner structure was) ? Not quite. it is equivalent to an n-Ch gate driving the base of a PNP. so think of it as (...)
Hi I want to compare a logic gate (for example nand,or,and,not,...) performance based on mosfet with the same based on ofet now I have several question: 1-should the circuit topology be same in mosfet and ofet based? 2-is it correct that compare 0.18um mosfet with ofet that has 25um length?
There are previous Edaboard threads discussion the same circuit. The don't however explain how the circuit is obtained. I think it's less straightforward than the CMOS transmission gate circuit, which is functionally equivalent. I believe that the operation principle can be better understood by analyzing the transmision gate circuit. (...)
You want to use the largest device you can, to drive down the relative contribution of other capacitances (W-dependent cgdo, cgso especially, but also the stray routing and pad parasitics - or you want an equivalent layout minus the test FET, for de-embed). Then, you want to drive the gate to its maximum "on" voltage to minimize series resistance
Hi, I have a design which has a 100Kbit SRAM. I have been able to synthesize my circuit with design compiler and I know the gate count (total area divided by smallest NAND2 area) of all circuit except the RAM. I don't have any memory compiler to find its actual size. I just need a rough estimate of the extra gate count that I will have because o
The voltage at the gate is equal to the voltage of the drain. There is a current source from drain to source - so, this behaves like a resistor with resistance 1/gm (dependent current source depending on voltage across it = resistor). If you include ro due to channel-length modulation, then that's in parallel with 1/gm - but is likely to be smaller
I want to model the following attachment by matlab simulink. but I don't know that what is "TSC4429" IC! it is "gate driver" of "Q transistor". can you give me datasheet or equivalent circuit of "TSC4429" IC? how model it in matlab simulink? 116531
Hi all! Im new on using the cadence tool COnformal Ultra LVR. It says that "Conformal LVR enables formal verification of the final SPICE netlist against the golden RTL or final gate-level netlist to ensure that the design taped out is functionally equivalent with golden RTL and the final gate-level netlist." My question is that what is (...)
hello everyone, i am trying to find IR2110 gate driver IC in Proteus but unable to do so. can anyone uide me what to do ? i am using proteus 8 professional. thanks in anticipation
... the channel thermal noise does not move to the gate of the transistor? In reality it doesn't move to the gate, of course. But if you need or wish to model its equivalent gate noise voltage, you can use the thermal_noise_current/gm formula to get the equivalent thermal gate noise (...)
I think your result is not correct, Mahmoud, sorry! It neglects the relatively low input impedance at the source of this common-gate stage, which is in parallel to R4 and might be comparably lower than this, and the output resistance Ro of M1, as well as the parallel (to RD) load resistors R2 and R3, which are connected to a virtual GND. Your
I don't have LSpice loaded here at the moment but I see you are using STD5NM60 , N-channel 650 V@Tjmax, 0.9 Ω, 8 A MDmesh? Power MOSFET The key factor is latency from input and output capacitance with driving gate & source resistance* capacitance in each case for turn off delay. 1. Coss eq. is defined as a constant equivalent capacitan
You get a non-linear relation Vds=f(Ids), you need to specify either Vds or Ids to calculate a small signal rds = dVds/dIds or large signal Rds = Vds/Ids. In any case, they don't depend on gate resistor R.
Hi, I am not able to understand how fault collapsing done in case of transition faults(slow-to-rise/fall). Just take for example an AND gate. there are 4 collapsed faults for stuck-at(assuming no fanout). a/0 , a/1, b/0, b/1, c/0, c/1 11 01 11 10 11 00 (or) 01(or) 10 a/0, b/0 and c/0 are equivalent faults so,
I presume, you'll use anti-parallel SCR combinations as AC switch, functional equivalent to a triac but with different gate control. They are also available as module in a single package. Heating applications are required to use full-wave switching by power quality standards.
I have a problem with "Total equivalent gate count" in ISE. In new ise (12 or later) there s no "Total equivalent gate count"!!!! I am looking for option but there is no option. Has anybody faced this problem?
hi all I am doing gate-level formal verification. after formalpro, how to know formal verification pass or not? what is the key words? which file can find this message? which file can find which pin is mismated ? formalpro User guide seems can not find any description about them?
Not S21. Maybe you meant S12? Think also the "Miller Effect". How the equivalent input capacitance of an inverting amplifier gets whatever little feedback capacitance existing between the input and output terminals amplified by (1+Gain). For an oscillator, there has to be some way a portion of the output gets to wiggle the input gate r
Hi Gajen, It might not be possible. The new netlist will be equivalent with the old netlist, but it will not be exact replication. Netlist is a gate level representation of an RTL created by synthesis tools. Regards, Ganesh
Greetings, I am looking for equivalent of relay or optocoupler but in nanowatts range if there is any. I looked into a MOSFET however gate switch cannot be isolated and there is Id drop when conducting. Relay is cool because there is no current drop or voltage drop when switch is on. Timing is in millisecond range. ----- 0000------- switch
I have implemented VLSI circuit of 1KB QC-LDPC codec in tsmc90 nm It is (9216,8256,QC64) QC-LDPC. This hardware costs 177K equivalent NAND gate count. I want to know what published paper is the lowest complexity of 1KB LDPC codec.
The logic of the xor function: A B OUT --- ---- 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 --------- Here, if the paths A,B is compressed to one path as OUT. The xor gate waits for input A and also for input B and gives an equivalent output thus helping in compressing the path to a single equivalent path. thus this helps in observing the inputs provided (...)
step one: open window step two: firmly grasp illusion that gate count is a useful metric on modern fpga's step three: toss illusion out the window,. Weeeey! ^_^ step four: close window Or the alternative version: whose "equivalent gate count" method would you like to use? And what do you think you can do with it? Anyways: (...)
Hi again I couldn't find it's model in the general library of orcad , but i think you can add it's model . however , i think there is another way : use two mosfet , connect drain of them together and source of them together too , thus you have two gate and i think it will work fine . Good luck Goldsmith
what is the no of equivalent fault in AND gate. what is the no of dominance fault in AND gate.
What is the breakdown voltage of gate oxide and drain-source?
I need to do as an exercise a small signal model of a MESFET. I know that a MESFET is very similar to a JFET and the only difference is that instead of using a p-n junction for a gate, a Schottky (metal-semiconductor) junction is used. My question is, does this difference has any implications on a small signal model? or can I do it exactly as if
hello, is there any 40673 dual gate mosfet modern equivalent? possible older equivalents were the nte222, ecg222. Could it be the bf981 for example?
I used to map the HDL code in ISE 9.1 and then check the "total equivalent gate count" in map report.Cause the ISE 9.1 could not support Virtex5 device and reports error 689, i change to a latest edition ISE 13.2. The latest edition could support V5 device, however , the "total equivalent gate count" information could not be (...)
Hi All, Can somebody explain, what is the difference between gate count instance count? I understand, gate count is the number of equivalent NAND gate, but how it differs from instance count? Does instance count calculates buffers also? Thanks in advance ajaytronic
Regarding initial question, usually in a dual-gate MOSFET mixer, on the gate-1 is injected the RF signal (lower level) and on the gate-2 is injected the LO signal (higher signal). This is related to the internal structure of dual-gate MOSFETs. Meantime, the equivalent of a dual-gate FET (...)
See this is the verilog file of a module module aes_rcon and this is the equivalent gate level netlist module aes_rcon YOu can see that gate level netlist has only gates.
Between the 12V battery and the motor, you can use a series transistor (sometimes known as pass transistor) such as IGBT, preferably that can handle rating 2A or higher. Vary the IGBT gate voltage by passing PWM signal (from a microcontroller) into a low-pass filter (to get equivalent DC voltage at IGBT gate) to vary the IGBT emitter (...)
Yes, when you add two transistor in series while their gate are connected together, then the bottom transistor is always in triode and the upper one depending on it's drain voltage can be in saturation or triode. I recommemd you to prove your second statement, for two cases, that I have mentioned. If both transistor be in deep triode, you can pro
Hi, does anyone know a ballpark figure for equivalent ASIC gate count for Xilinx DSP48A1/E1 slices? If so, how was it derived. Thanks.
0.25 um cmos transistor help needed.!!! i want to find the equivalent RC circuit of static cmos 4 input and gate my requirements are nmos: W/L = 4/2 pmos: W/L =8/2 how can i calculate the values of R and C values please tell me the formulas and their parmeter values for 0.25 um technology. i want to values of
If you want to find gate current you should know the equivalent circuit of fet that u are intented to use.Some manufacturers give the equivalent circuit model in the datasheets and some of them gives application notes about biasing fets look avagotech's application practise there is small amount of current flow into gate (...)
Transmission gates are only availiable in CMOS designs. TTL devices can be expected to use an equivalent gate circuit. You should be able to figure it out. The interesting point is, that the designs implements a master-slave principle, I would expect other flip flops to do the same.
This is usually just a rough estimate anyway when people toss around "gate count". If you want to see a real gate count you should look at a synthesis report.
Hi folks I am trying to map my vhdl coded memory into Xilinx distributed RAM .. I'm using Xilinx Spartan-3A DSP chip (XC3SD1800A-4fg676) and Xilinx ISE 11.3. I'm facing 2 problem: 1. Synthesis using XST is taking too long .. approximately 5.5 hours. 2. The chip utilization of just the memory is 47% of 1.8 million-gate equivalent chip. Th
Hi, I'm not sure I understand what you want. You have a design and you want to know it's gate area in ASIC technology? One thing you try is to synthesize the design and target an ASIC library or GTECH.
Hi Ppl, How does scaling down the gate size of the MOS cause power dissipation and data synchronization problems ? Thanks
Hi everyone, Is there somebody that knows the equation to calculate equivalent system gate of a VIRTEX-4 FPGA? Thanks Marco
Pre-layout simulation is the one you use to check if your gate-level netlist (right after Synthesis) is functionally correct.but the post layout simulation "no longer in use" was to check that the gate-level netlist is still functionally equivalent the pre-layout one because you have added the clock tree, buffers,scan chains et
equivalent gate counting is not precision method. Main difference between FPGA and ASIC design - clock and power managment,
from the design of cmos rf integrated circuits-2nd ed (Cambridge, Lee, 2004) page 642 inductance in the gate circuit of a common-gate device can cause a negative resistance to appear at the source terminal how you prove that? (how you show that?)
I like to know if there is a way to show a equivalent gate level schematic of a VHDL entry. This is just to make some VHDL pratics by starting from scratch gate schematics, then traslate it in VHDL, compile it, simulate and if there is this possibility also look at the gate level and compare it with the original one... (...)
Very Interesting. I am designing a LDO, & facing somehow similar problem in the error amplifier; the load is the pass-element whose gate node has an equivalent capacitance in the range of 60pF(may be more) & I need it to be fast in order not to get large spikes & dips & to have a gain not less than 40dB(for 1stage amplifier),the difference is that
what does equivalent gate count mean???? can any one eloberate it.............