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how to differentiate above three, can anyone brief it.
def could contains netlist, routing, placement, scan info, port... lef is a simplify view of macro/pad views instead using gds, that should contain the pin (metal position size type) and obstruction to allow the PnR to route it.
Yes, In your case - LVS & QRC QRC supports two independent flows : 1. LVS flow 2. lef-def - also if design is in Open-Access, run QRC before you port to gds or OASIS. rsf is old - ccl is new. The good thing is - same unified qrcTechFi
Hi, I have def/lef files for a design, but I don't have the techfile compatible with Cadence. When I tried to import the def/lef into ICFB, it seemed Ok even without a techfile. But when I want to export to gdsII, the metal layers were missing because PIPO failed to get the stream layer rules for the (...)
star RCXT can extract from gds, def it require lef file and nxtgrd if you work with def, it will indicate any short nets (not clean, replay :-) in your flow, the star rcxt step will normaly occurs only after the routing & finishing phase and before the STA and to be sync, that depend how you work, by scripting is (...)
Hello, Can anyone tell me how to use Cadence Voltage Storm for Power and Rail Analysis? I have this database from Magma (def, lef and gds) on which I need to perform the power and rail analysis using Voltage Storm. Whats the flow to achieve the same? Thanks in advance, Chetan
def => Design Exchange Format, Design Exchange Format (def) is an open specification for representing physical layout of an integrated circuit in an ASCII format. It represents the netlist and circuit layout. def is used in conjunction with lef to represent complete physical layout of an integrated circuit while it is (...)
hi, what you want is a whole flow. you have to p&r your design and generate gds, and then suing abstract from c@dence to extract lef file. or you can use encounter or astro to extract lef,but accuracy is a matter.
why not. if you got gds (from magma), you can check it with any drc tools include calibre, assura, hercules etc.
Hello, i'm looking for a tool that is capable to convert gdsII files to lef/def format. greetings, hqqh