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hi fndz,iwant a programe for sinusoidal pulse width modulation using pic microcontroller,please any one knows post it . or if any one knows how to generate sinusoidal signal in pic controller(programe) just post it.
The PWM generated by a microcontroller will give you a square wave, then you will need to apply a process to convert it to sinusoidal, like a filter.
how to generate sinusoidal pwm pulses using microcontroller by comparing sinewave of 50hz and triangular wave of 3khz
i,m using inverter to control the speed of AC induction motor. switching for this inverter by using tyristor or IGBT. 3 phase PWM were be the pulse for this switch..i use 1khz freq for triangular wave and 50hz for sinusoidal wave, by comparing this 2 wave PWM was generated. i want to know, capture mode and compare mode is the right choice to genera
Microchip have a free program, 'dsPICworks Data Analysis', which you can download from here: You can use it to generate waveform tables.
Hello everyone. Can any body plz tell me how to implement sinusoidal PWM using PIC micro. I have read quiet a few application notes regarding its use but i want to understand how does a single microcontroller can generate sinusoidal waveform in conjunction with the inverter bridge. Plz help.
I am making a pure sine wave inverter . In an intermidiate stage i have to drive the mosfets using SPWM. so anyone please tell me how to generate sinusoidal PULSE WIDTH MODULATION using ARDUINO board.??
Hi, I know PLL is used to generate clocks at higher frequencies than reference clock ... but is it used to generate sine waves too ? thanks
Hello friends I developed single phase sinewave inverter usin PIC 16F886 micro controller.I have used sinusoidal PWM technique to generate sinusoidal pulses.I am getting sinewave at out of transformer this sinewave is maintaining at buld loads very nicely and aslo voltage is controlling low battery of 10.5 volts also i
Hi, I Have certain doubts. ATMega 16 supports 8 bits while AD9833 requires 16 bit data, how is this achieved? I want to generate sinusoidal waveforms of different frequencies ranging from 100kHz-1MHz. How do i implement this in the program? What is a frequency word? Do i feed in the frequency word to the microcontroller?
Hi Marius, instead of generate sinusoidal waves with PWM, DAC or an analog waveform generator, you can use your microcontroller (or other digital circuit) for generate a square wave at f0 and f1. Then, filter the square-wave FSK with a low-pass or passband filter. That filter has to pass the band centered at about 20 KHz, and the lower (...)
I`ve created my own frequency invertor. I have problem with the program of the microcontroller. I`m using 20 points 1ms each to generate sinusoidal wave but when I connect a load engin it`s turning on pushes. I`ve tried with different conbinations of these 20 points - different dead time, different continue time for each impulse but the rezult is a
Hello How can I write a code to generate on an 8-bit port (or more) a sinusoidal wave in a simple manner?? Thanks in advance
Hi all, I have designed a DAC. Now I want to test it. I want to apply a digitized sinusoidal signal as a input. But I do not know how to generate such kind of input signal. Could you please advice. Do you have a such example. Thanks in advance.
After extensively googling I found no valid circuit to generate two sets of triphasic sinusoidal signals simulating the V of a genset and its load. It should be able to change phase of I wrt V. Peak value 3 to 5 V is enough. I feel that something with shif registers would be the way to go. If ready made, would be better. Taking signals from r
I don't know if it can be done or not. My thought is Pass the input signal to a F2V then V2I to generate the required current Use current mirror which multiplication and pass thru ICO to generate final sine wave. There, you can use the multiplication to act as multiplication or division
Does DSB or SSB mixer generate LO frequency harmonics internally? Meaning if I feed sinusoidal LO, will there be mixing results of RF+2LO or RF-2LO
Hi I am trying to program closed loop SPWM controller for an inverter using dsPIC33. I get the feedback ac current and want to compare it with a sinusoidal reference current. So can anyone tell me how to generate 60Hz sinusoidal reference current in my dsPIC33. I only have the peak value of the sinusiod. Any suggestions or sample code (...)
You should be able to implement a filter that has the proper performance--it might be a fairly large(lots of poles) filter, depending what your requirements are. If you know exactly what the 16KHz signal looks like, you could always just subtract the 180 degree-shifted version. You might also be able to do something with a Phase Locked Loop-lock
Can anyone give me simple matlab code which generates a baseband signal?
In MATLAB, there are two types of "Sine Wave" generator (see figure below). One can be found in Simulink library, and another one can be found in Signal Processing Blockset (SPB). When the "Output complexity parameter" of SPB "Sine Wave" block to Complex, it will generate complex sinusoidal signal. What is the different between the sinewave g
Hi, I'm interested in your PWM generator. I have to generate a PWM signal using a triangular wave and an audio signal, I assume it looks like what you were looking after. Were you able to make it? Could I perhaps take a look at it? If you still need help, I have some VHDL background, but this could make my life a bit easier! Greetings!
how to generate the sinewave pwm using compare mode in ccp for ccs compiler.. please help me :-D You want to generate SPWM by comparing sinusoidal and triangular wave. But, triangular wave at frequency 1kHz is high that PIC speed can't generate using DAC
I try to generate a sinusoidal signal in matlab which is : Amplitude = 10 Frequency = 100 sample rate = 5000 singal duration T = 1 sec initial phase = 0 But does not come with me . Can any one help me with the code? Thanks
Hi, it's not so easy to use a switcher from 75V to generate 5V. Most switchers work from 24V or 35V. I think you have 2 amother ways: a) if you have a another source voltage with more wattage then use step up switcher. b) use a good MOSFET and make a DC from your own PWM with MOSFET +R +C and step down to 24V or 35V - then use switcher (or 78x
Can anybody tell me how to generate EDIF files from Powerlogic? Any help appreciated. Hollaender
Following is a method to generate a -ve supply from a +ive. With some changes, it can generate a positive supply from a negative one. I think just reversing diode & cap polarity and putting -12v in place of GND and GND in place of +V will generate a +V for you. You obviously need an oscillator source. But it can be either had from any (...)
I knew there was already some body generated the libpli.dll file. But I just like to know the way to generate it, then I can generate the .dll file by myslef for later release (or other PLI task(s)) :o Thanks for reply anyway I think that you still need visual c to compile it. I did it before. some versions
Hi there, I would like to generate video signals using scart connection on my tv via most common pic mcus'.For example i can use 16f877 if it is possible.I can't understand asm codes, i can use ccs c compiler.Can you show my way please?Thanks. :roll: Analyzer
In any tutorial I find on AreaPdp they always specify an .IOC file, already generated. How could I generate my own .IOC file?
In same case we usualy tes model in C or Systemview and generate files or in best case use real record of input signal. For functional testing you may scale sample ratio (decrease it) and test in generated files
Hi, I need to generate netlist from my project created in Design Capture. I know it's possible to generate netlist in a lot of format but I don't know how. Any help? Thanks in advance.
Do you want generate Walsh Hadamard Sequence???
Is there any way to generate a flow chart from C source code?
I need a spice netlist file for the layout LVS.... however, ADS2002 seems can't export that kind of format... so could any one help me to generate a netlist file from my ADS schemetic design?!?! Thanx in advance... YiLi :lol:
you can try to use the orcad from cadence. this tools is easy to learn and to use than Woffice. The only thing you need to do is read some special manuals about PSPICE templates in orcad manual, and then generate some parts which is suit for hspice. some parts for PSPICE you can use it directly like R,C,L,and so on.And with little modified you can
hello guys: why does the tool generate some and *.pvl files in the current directory, when i run it to synthesis my design? And how to delete them or put them into one directory? thank you!
In Cadence IC445, we can use 'abstract' to generate a LEF file from an analog block for mixed circuit P&R in SE. However, what tool can I use to generate TLF file from the analog block? Thanks for your help!
hello , I tapped a clock from a chip (50) MHz ,found it to be almost a sinusoidal waveform Can it be because of loading . Correct me if i am wrong
an mcu (even 20mhz 16f877) is not fast enought to generate color video, but enought to generate b&w video. see attached examples for more explainations. or the following links :
You can generate easily les than 100ps rise time pulses with SRD (Step Recovery Diode). If you apply this pulse to a transmission line ended with short circuit, when the reflected pulse comes back it zeros (almost) out the pulse. Such way you can get about 100ps or longer pulses. When moving the short circuit farther from the source the pulse i
Can anybody tell me how to generate WGL format for test machine ?
Delays are not synthesisable. It wont work on the device. You will have to develop a synchronous circuit to generate those delays.
Can some one guide me about how to generate psuedo random codes in matlab. Any documents in this regard would be welcome.
there are rippers in ca*dence compo*ser schematic,and as i generate netlist by verilog-xl from the schematic.the bus with ripper can't connect correctly,how can i do with the rippers.
how can generate video signals with 2051 and 89c51
According to the image, I want to generate the crc_scope according to the soc,eop and val. As we know,we normally get the falling edge by delaying signals two cycles and then to get the last two-byte pulse scope signal,just as shown in the image below. but how to get the signal for the image above(crc_scope in red)??
Who can give me some info about using m-sequence to generate the test paterns fed to test chain in ASIC DFT, and how to get the results :P .
I am working on MaxPlusII. I wrote a verilog module, counter.v. it passed everything. how could I generate a symbol? so I could use this counter as a component in the graphic edit. I know there is a symbol eidt, but it has to draw the component from scratch. I think there must be another way. Thanks
how to generate pspice files from windows softwares? is there any softwares can do the circuit capture, then export the netlist as pspice?