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Sir, I need a Buzzer Circuit , Tone generator , sound generator , 8 Notes Bionic Horn HELP!!! WHICH ONE OF THIS IS THE BEST FOR A QUIZ COMPITION. LINK ME A CIRCUIT PLEASE. THANK YOU
Another program that can be used with a sound card is MiscEl. This program can be used as a function generator. To do this: Select menu "Calculations" topic "Waveforms" Select a waveform and fill something into the voltage fields (They are not used for the sound card output). Enter a frequence. Turn your volume control down :!: (...)
Free to download and try. The price is at US$49.95 PC version: Pocket PC version: It consists of a sound card dual trace oscilloscope, a sound card real time dual trace spectrum analyzer, and a sound card dual trace signal generator and can run them concurrent
I don't understand what you are describing. Where does the graphic equaliser fit in? What you have described seems to be a tone generator. Keith.
I am trying to use an audio generator to produce frequencies (1 to 300 Hz), in order to use them as input to a microcontroller. I have taken the output of the sound card, and made a simple circuit with LM393 comparator to produce a 5v TTL pulse. But when I do this and check the output (with a logic analyzer, I don't have a scope) I see that there i
I'm interested in designing binaural beat generator using microcontroller. Any sound chip suited for this task and available for online purchase ?
Ultrasonic transducer works like a "microphone" for reception and as a "speaker" for transmission and in the latter case you have to drive it(transducer) with an ulltrasound wave in order to transmit it(wave) .. Some devices may have ultrasonic transducer and generator/driver built into one enclosure ..
Dear all : Does anyone know how do to 60HZ zero cross sync generator ? Thanks
Audio frequency noise generator: Pink frequency noise generator: Regards, IanP
Please give detail information about PC BASED FUNCTION generator which uses sound card and generates various wave forms. Please give me circuit diagram and software resources for this. Thanking you, Sangmeshwar
i have a problem here for my final year year project. i was assigned to detect a sound origin in a closed room. i have to develop a device, which is able to detect the sound origin outside that closed room. the sound source (mono-tone) is from a normal sound generator, with a known frequency, may be is (...)
>>741 Opamp is not accurate enough for this operation. What do you mean by NOT ACCURATE ENOUGH? It has a GBW of around 1 MHz and that should be enough be Audio signals. >> I tried to use a non-inverting amplifier using 741 Opamp and a 9V battery to amplify and DC shift the signal, I designed the circuit and connected the output signal to an o
isnt their a simulink block that lets me manipulate with images. also, i want to convert image into bits that i can use in my ofdm transmitter simulation same goes for audio and text i want to use these 3 as a source and transmit, receive them and calculate their bit error rate p.s im using a random binary generator and i want to replace it w
:?:dear readers, recently i had bought a SRM400 module.i would like to know, are there any ways to generate excitation signals/pulses to the SRM400 without the use of function/waveform generator? or am i dreaming? i am looking forward to your replies:D A.S.A.P thank you very much:D
How can i use my laptop PC windows VISA computer to be like a oscilloscope? or Logic analyzer or spectrum analyzer? Where can i get free wavefiles that sweep frequencys? different wavefile duty cycles to adjust ? Free software function generator for computers? Instead of buying a pricey arbitrary function generator that has noise wavefil
Hi. I have a PC program that generates a waveform on the sound card. I would like to use this to inject a square wave to a circuit. Problem is, I don't think I can connect it directly to the circuit as the output volume of the sound card is not enough for my signal conditioning circuits (3.3v zeners). I would like to take the output of the (...)
I am working on a small circuit where an LED will activate a photodiode that controls a series of gun, blaster and explosion noises. I am thinking of the 8 sounds that were popular in cheap toy guns. Heres a youtube video of the sounds I am looking for: YouTube - Executor 8 sound Keychain The pr
Hello, I would like a schematic of a simple sound recorder and player using microchips. It will be used to write and play short sound files. I have seen the isd2560 but I was wondering of a more readily available chip version exists. I have seen also this, EPROM AF generator by Harry Lythall which i
Now I want to use a fan for my frequency generator. I am fraid of adding noise by the fan. The following is a picture from one fan datasheet? What is the most important for considering the dc fan? The RPM or the sound pressure? Thank you very much.
Plates for the generator, frequency meter and noise generator were ordered before. A plate to the generator control and housing were projected then. Some buttons from old amplifiers served as a tool to change ranges
It is a great project for beginners, who want to become familiar with wonderful world of analog sound synthesis. Construction The synthesizer consists of: 2 voltage controlled generators [
What is detonating module / detonating sensing module used in a generator ?
are three analog effect sound synthesizers: Atari Punk Console, Waveform Processing WP-20 and MFOS Weird sound generator. Atari Punk Console (APC): The device is based on NE556. One timer operates as a square wave generator, the other as a impulse generator. The
Hi All, I need to interface buzzer/ringer in my project to generate various sound (polyphonic, melodious rings) using MSP430G2452. If anybody have developed such application, please share the schematic & code (.c file). Thanks in advance. - Amit
Hi you can use the CTC mode Of Avr Timers To generate a Continual 19KHz Square Wave then you can Control This Signal By an And Gate in Output of the microcontroller or you can control this signal by Enable or Disabling of Wave generator Output Enable Bit Good luck
As for your pulley/ belt/ gear ratio, the aim is to use the highest ratio that will still let your turbine spin the generator. The more current you try to draw from the generator, the harder it becomes to spin. As a result the turbine slows down. It will take some experimentation to find a gear ratio where you obtain maximum torque from your turb
Info and downloads:
I'm looking for an RF signal generator, 0.001 to 3GHz or there abouts. I've looked at a few different models, but the price tag is kinda high for a small (ok, tiny) company. I'm looking for reasonable performance at low cost. What do you use, and do you like it? Thanks
Hi folks! I realy nead a schematic and a hex code for building a circuit with a PIC to measure the pulses came from A & B channels of a TACHO generator and display them in a possitive ora negative direction. I need this circuit for testing high precision SERVO motors. Thanks in advance John
I am looking for a design and software for a PC Parallel Port driven Pulse generator. Does anyone know of a design on the web? Mazellan79
For all those are interested on this theme this a link to a good(and well documented) DDS generator project. This work come from two italian ham that published it under promise of non-commecial use of their job. Specs summary: Range: 0..60 Mhz Power output: -9 dBm or +11 dBm with an AD8009
This reply is for those who will be reading this thread ... You can find/download free VHDL, Verilog testbench generators from . Other free utilities available in this site are, Verilog netlist parser, RTL uniquifier. All these utilities are platform independent ( Windows, Linux, Solaris ) as these are imp
Thank you !! On 2002-03-05 02:12, mexico_mike wrote: Anyone interested in a single entity VHDL testbench generator, try this. Code is free to do with as you wish. If you add significant enhancements, please send me a new copy too. You will need to have Tcl/Tk installed on you system to use this. Uploaded file: [url="./uploads/tb_g
Hi, I have a problem with the RF output precision of my HP8657B signal generator and there is no manual on my hand. Does anyone know how to calibrate the RF output level? I opened the out covers and every RF shields but it seems there is no any adjustable component for calibrating RF output level, I guess that the level may be adjusted throug
The telephones cellular GSM of the Alcatel has of the rings with a bad sound. Is the problem the particular chip used for give birth to the sounds, the software ,the speaker or other?
have anybody been involved in designing a PRBS generator above 500 Mbps for test and measurement equipment for optical communications? i want to design a 2.5 Gbps PRBS (2^7-1), but none experience in this field yet... any schematics, links or tips about this welcome! regards, rfmw
I need to create clk and clk bar from a single clk generator with frequency 27 MHz..i tried to use NAND latch but i i found an overlapping btw the clk bar and the clk..noting that i'll take the clk bar from the latch o/p and the other o/p will be high always(i think the i/p speed is very fast to the circuit so that it doesnt respond to it).
Lt-Rt gives surround but with dialogue leakage. We need some kind of variable gain control to eliminate dialogue leakage. Has anybody worked on this? Preferably I want suggestions using analog design. bimbla.
Andy, Klug is right, The simplest way is to build a spectrum inverter. You'll need a generator, above the audio spectrum, for example at FG=3.3kHz. This generator must be multiplied with your microphone AF ( FA=(0.3 to 3kHz), it can be done with the aid of a frequency mixer. As a result you will have two products : (FG+FA) and (FG-FA). The
Someone may find this link useful. It has a lot of helpful schematics including : Power Amplifiers and Accessories Preamps and Accessories Crossovers and Effects Power Supplies Musical Instrument Mixers, Meters, etc. Digital Audio Applications Test Equipment Microphones and mic preamps Miscellaneous Lighting H**p://sound.westhos
please see I2C APR protocol or Plug_&_Play speci have LFSR + XOR for random number .. I mean that I write the testbench which needs to do some random task, not hardware. LFSR + XOR is a pseudo-random number generator. It still has order.
This project has been made by Pablo from Poland. Total power is 24W for four channels. This amplifier can be controlled by pilot (RC5 code), by PC computer (serial RS232 port) and by buttons on the front of panel. It has 3 inputs + 1 quadro from PC card (sound Blaster Live!). The worst problem is get one component - electric steering ALPS potientio
Hi all, Does any one have information of the precision (%) of this generator for triangular waveforms. I do not have the manual, and Agilent database, no longer has it. Thanks. Bastos
I'm using ISE5.1i,OS is W2K. Once it works perfect.But now,when I launch CORE generator,the splash screen and GUI does not appear.BUT WHEN I OPEN the w2k task manager,I find "wincoregen" and "java" are in the process thread. This situation is similar to MATLAB old version problem,that time is caused by virtual java mechine is not compatible with
hi I need to have a list of Ics that can play a programmed or recorded sound (I can program sound files /samples )
I have updated Xilinx Cores for Core generator and now when I Invoke CoreGen from HDLDesigner at the end of the process (after generating the core in CoreGen) HDLDesigner gives the fowlling error : Failed to generate xxx (on Status Window). I have alreay re-compiled all libraries. Can any one help me on this. Than you very much. AMCC
Hi all, I don't have a hardware ethernet traffic generator. But i have two PCs with NICs installed. Does anybody aware of a software based ethernet traffic generator which can be run on PC for full load testing of ethernet links. Please send me info or link where i can get such software. regards, pharos
Critter Ridder - Ultrasonic sound generator
DTMF generator and Decoder using PIC16F84 / File deleted, use link below