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I'm interested in designing binaural beat generator using microcontroller. Any sound chip suited for this task and available for online purchase ?
Another program that can be used with a sound card is MiscEl. This program can be used as a function generator. To do this: Select menu "Calculations" topic "Waveforms" Select a waveform and fill something into the voltage fields (They are not used for the sound card output). Enter a frequence. Turn your volume control down :!: (...)
Ultrasonic transducer works like a "microphone" for reception and as a "speaker" for transmission and in the latter case you have to drive it(transducer) with an ulltrasound wave in order to transmit it(wave) .. Some devices may have ultrasonic transducer and generator/driver built into one enclosure ..
Dear all : Does anyone know how do to 60HZ zero cross sync generator ? Thanks
Sir, I need a Buzzer Circuit , Tone generator , sound generator , 8 Notes Bionic Horn HELP!!! WHICH ONE OF THIS IS THE BEST FOR A QUIZ COMPITION. LINK ME A CIRCUIT PLEASE. THANK YOU
Audio frequency noise generator: Pink frequency noise generator: Regards, IanP
Please give detail information about PC BASED FUNCTION generator which uses sound card and generates various wave forms. Please give me circuit diagram and software resources for this. Thanking you, Sangmeshwar
Free to download and try. The price is at US$49.95 PC version: Pocket PC version: It consists of a sound card dual trace oscilloscope, a sound card real time dual trace spectrum analyzer, and a sound card dual trace signal generator and can run them concurrent
i have a problem here for my final year year project. i was assigned to detect a sound origin in a closed room. i have to develop a device, which is able to detect the sound origin outside that closed room. the sound source (mono-tone) is from a normal sound generator, with a known frequency, may be is (...)
>>741 Opamp is not accurate enough for this operation. What do you mean by NOT ACCURATE ENOUGH? It has a GBW of around 1 MHz and that should be enough be Audio signals. >> I tried to use a non-inverting amplifier using 741 Opamp and a 9V battery to amplify and DC shift the signal, I designed the circuit and connected the output signal to an o
Hi guys, I have one PCI I/O card from advantech. But driver with card does not let me generate waveform as I want. Now I am trying to access hardware directly from my program without any driver. How can I do it ? I know VC++ and VB. Which one will be better to do this task? Where shold I start ? What else I need ? Please guide
isnt their a simulink block that lets me manipulate with images. also, i want to convert image into bits that i can use in my ofdm transmitter simulation same goes for audio and text i want to use these 3 as a source and transmit, receive them and calculate their bit error rate p.s im using a random binary generator and i want to replace it w
:?:dear readers, recently i had bought a SRM400 module.i would like to know, are there any ways to generate excitation signals/pulses to the SRM400 without the use of function/waveform generator? or am i dreaming? i am looking forward to your replies:D A.S.A.P thank you very much:D
How can i use my laptop PC windows VISA computer to be like a oscilloscope? or Logic analyzer or spectrum analyzer? Where can i get free wavefiles that sweep frequencys? different wavefile duty cycles to adjust ? Free software function generator for computers? Instead of buying a pricey arbitrary function generator that has noise wavefil
I don't understand what you are describing. Where does the graphic equaliser fit in? What you have described seems to be a tone generator. Keith.
One of my friends is trying to design a very powerful pulse generator, the requirements are: 1.Amplitude: 0~+10,000V 2.Pulse width: <=1ns 3. Rep. Rate: >=1MHz This is a bit of challenging task, does any fellow have interests to give some opinions. I thought about a lot of options, but nothing seems work.
Hi. I have a PC program that generates a waveform on the sound card. I would like to use this to inject a square wave to a circuit. Problem is, I don't think I can connect it directly to the circuit as the output volume of the sound card is not enough for my signal conditioning circuits (3.3v zeners). I would like to take the output of the (...)
I am trying to use an audio generator to produce frequencies (1 to 300 Hz), in order to use them as input to a microcontroller. I have taken the output of the sound card, and made a simple circuit with LM393 comparator to produce a 5v TTL pulse. But when I do this and check the output (with a logic analyzer, I don't have a scope) I see that there i
I am working on a small circuit where an LED will activate a photodiode that controls a series of gun, blaster and explosion noises. I am thinking of the 8 sounds that were popular in cheap toy guns. Heres a youtube video of the sounds I am looking for: YouTube - Executor 8 sound Keychain The pr
Hello, I would like a schematic of a simple sound recorder and player using microchips. It will be used to write and play short sound files. I have seen the isd2560 but I was wondering of a more readily available chip version exists. I have seen also this, EPROM AF generator by Harry Lythall which i
Now I want to use a fan for my frequency generator. I am fraid of adding noise by the fan. The following is a picture from one fan datasheet? What is the most important for considering the dc fan? The RPM or the sound pressure? Thank you very much.
Plates for the generator, frequency meter and noise generator were ordered before. A plate to the generator control and housing were projected then. Some buttons from old amplifiers served as a tool to change ranges
anyone know how to create a 1Hz pulse from 50Hz AC power supply? it is used for the CLK input of a digital clock thanks in advance
It is a great project for beginners, who want to become familiar with wonderful world of analog sound synthesis. Construction The synthesizer consists of: 2 voltage controlled generators [
What is detonating module / detonating sensing module used in a generator ?
are three analog effect sound synthesizers: Atari Punk Console, Waveform Processing WP-20 and MFOS Weird sound generator. Atari Punk Console (APC): The device is based on NE556. One timer operates as a square wave generator, the other as a impulse generator. The
Hi All, I need to interface buzzer/ringer in my project to generate various sound (polyphonic, melodious rings) using MSP430G2452. If anybody have developed such application, please share the schematic & code (.c file). Thanks in advance. - Amit
Hi you can use the CTC mode Of Avr Timers To generate a Continual 19KHz Square Wave then you can Control This Signal By an And Gate in Output of the microcontroller or you can control this signal by Enable or Disabling of Wave generator Output Enable Bit Good luck
Hi guys. I´m working on one project to school and i´ve got one big problem. Usage of this kind of speakers is is originnaly piezo alarm speaker, i have removed the sin generator. Then i´ve measured voltage at the output while talking to it from distance about 10cm, it was abou
Andy, Klug is right, The simplest way is to build a spectrum inverter. You'll need a generator, above the audio spectrum, for example at FG=3.3kHz. This generator must be multiplied with your microphone AF ( FA=(0.3 to 3kHz), it can be done with the aid of a frequency mixer. As a result you will have two products : (FG+FA) and (FG-FA). The
Critter Ridder - Ultrasonic sound generator
controll sampler using 6116 RAM no CPU IR controll sampler using Zilog Z8 microcontroller and 6116 RAM Serial Sender using 6 pcs. 4021 and crystal osc EPROM Programmer copier manual bit edit 2704 to 27512 EPROM sound player using counter and homemade R2R DA-Converter EPROM Function generator Switchm
Hello i build system that dialing some number with dtmf generator and i don't know how to detect that after my dialing on the other side of line answer so if some of you can help me with ic or schematic circuit thank you!!
the answer is not easy...the sn76477 was,in fact,a simple analog synth on a had a vco(voltage controlled oscillator),a noise generator ,envelope generator and vca(voltage controlled amplifier)...all of those blocks can be discretelly built,but it can get really a search in google for modular synthesizer schematics and you'll
Pic,Avr,audio,Pc,testers Audio projects * Digital Echo * Diode and LED Tester * Disco VU Li
Are they identical generators? What model number are they? Someone here may be familiar with it.
I found this site while looking for free electronic software, the have a very big selection listed under "free software" all 100% funtional, no time demos either. also software to turn your pc into test equipment using sound card as input. scope, function generator etc. great stuff.:D
FR951 D 1997-09-18 749 1599 CBT No or weak sound from one front channel "One of the metal holders of the main PCB could be short-circuited. The short-circuit is near J563 and the audio line is coming from J566 and this fault only occurs in the second version of the PCB. Solution: Put a plastic washer between PCB and the metal holder J563. "
eltonsy, I think you should set a higher switching freq. PWM works only if the motor inductance and freq response act as integrator. Your motor is small, so some 10 kHz may be a minimum switching frequency. BTW, your motor is whistling at 2.5 kHz?? If you don't have idea, compare the sound with a signal from an audio generator. If the whisti
Here is an example of a simple, yet very interesting tone generator: The output (instead of piezo-buzzer) can be connected to .. whatever you need .. Also, there are several examples of tone generators build around 555 timer ( www
great site for downloading free electronic design software. also software to turn computer into test equipment like oscillscope, frequency counter, fuction generator using your sound card only. also free old data books you can download, TI, motorola, fairchild etc
A high bandwith oscilloscope is nice to have but not vital. The most usefull thing you can have is good radio receivers. You can listen to your oscillator on an SSB receiver, short term frequency drift or really bad phase noise is obvious to the ear. A simple high impedance rf proble with a voltage meter is very usefull. You can use a wav
To make the low-frequency signal audible, you can also use an up-converting mixer to shift the spectrum into audible region. The simplest way to do so can also be- use a 555 timer running as astable multivibrator and inject your low-frequency signal into pin 7 via a 0.1 uF capacitor. Adjust DC voltage on this pin with a potentiometer to hear the s
Hello, I'm try to learn how to use proteus to project simple circuits. I have tryed to design a simple circuit: an inverting-amplifier made with the ideal model of the operational amplifier and a simple resistive reaction, a sort of "hello world" for a computer programmer. Then I connected a speaker to the output of the amplifier in order to
You can build a sinewave generator, some examples you can find here: and then using an audio amplifier amplify this signal to 12Vrms (16.8Vpp) .. Some amplifiers will give you amps of current at 12Vrms .. Regards, IanP
Free to download and try. PC version: Pocket PC version: MultiInstrument consists of a sound card dual trace oscilloscope, a sound card real time dual trace spectrum analyzer, and a sound card dual trace signal generator and can run them concurrently. It fe
Hi ,there I got this IC {H6164P_I16}. Did anyone use it before. as I saw, this ic is programable sound generator. I am waiting your reply
External crystal must be used if one needs precise timing. Examples: - Baud rate genarator, if you use UART, - sound or other frequency generation - time interval measuremant and so on. The 1-2% of the claimed internal generator tolerance is too bad for such cases, especially if ambient temperature and/or power voltage can vary.
This is a ramp (zero-crossing) generator I developed for a theatre-lighting The trace shows how a corr
You can generate a signal directly from your PC using the sound card- I am not sure if that is what you want to do. Check this out: If you indeed want to set the waveform outside the PC you will of course need an external waveform generator. You either have to build one, in which case you