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dxf files, other than pdf or bitmap graphics come with exact dimensions, because it's a mechanical CAD data format. If you see wrong size, it's either a problem of your viewer or wrong dimensions setup in HFSS. Nevertheless dxf files can be scaled to intended exact size in a CAD tool. A number of full featured gerber tools can import dxf and con
The easiest way would be to export the copper layers as gerber (which is a vector format), which can then be printed to a pdf. Using Inkscape you can rasterize this pdf to a bitmap with the desired DPI.
You are apparently trying to make a mixed plane/signal layer with additional "positive" traces. The pdf seems to show only the negative part of the plane. The question is, what's your CAD tool and how does it support gerber generation for mixed layers. We can't know. It's often easier to make mixed layers as positive (signal) layers with a copp
Hi all, I am using Eagle 6.1.0. I have designed a circuit. Now I want to generate the gerber files so that I can get the PCB. Please let me know how to generate gerber files.
Not quite video's but here are development boards that can help with layout ideas for grounding I found them useful, There are pdf and gerber files should give you some good
Hi K.Mehta, Before importing first you check all the plugins required to import are installed or not(DXP/plugins and updates). To import gerber just open one Cam file from file menu then try to import. DXF/DWG-you can import in both sch and pcb file depending on your requirement.
actually your fabricatoe needs a drill drawing file. do one thing just copy the board outline in drill drawing layer than paste string and select ".legend" option and paste that in drill drawing layer outside board. Now generate the pdf file or gerber file of same and send it to your fabricator.
OK... I understood that. m.n is the output resolution setting in Orcad. m.n means 1 mil resolution. Use m.n of 3.4. This works well with most PCB designs. You can access this in following menu.. In Layout Plus -> Options -> gerber Preference -> Output resolution . Check the existing resolution. If its 2.3, change it to 3.4 format and try printing.
Hello, For my job I work with 3 different pcb layout programs (Expedition, Altium and Allegro) Every programs has its own way of outputing data for manufacturing. In my case, this containts assembly data (in pdf), gerber, odb, ... I was wondering if there is a way to make every output (for every program) the same. What i mean f.e. is ther
I am guessing it is an Eagle file. Try this or Creating gerber output files from Eagle PCB ? l i k a . b e or one of the many other turorials on the internet for producing gerbers & drill files
Hi there, I need SATA PCB layouts in gerber, pdf or any CAD software. I am intending to add SATA HDD support to my OMAP via USB 2.0 interface. I am planning to use JM20339, but the manufacturer lacks of the PCB guidelines. I would be thankful if you send/point to me any source of information about the specifics of the SATA design. Than
Make gerbers as cyberrat says, print to a pdf printer, (many free ones out there), at 11x17" size 1 to 1 then send pdf file. SiGiNT
you need gerber files for the board shop. from that they can produce a pcb.
Hi friends, how can i convert the .pcb file to gerber format in CADSTAR Please help me
Hi Tot, You can export your design to *dxf file (the extension that Autocad use) and import it in another tool (for example MWO) and export from there either the gerber file or pdf file (depending on how you will make the masks). Thanks. Best Regards, Mshafee
Dear Tot, You can export the design into *.dxf file. Then import it in another software as Microwave office. From Microwave office, the imported file will need some boolean manipulations as it will be imported as shapes. Then export to either gerber or pdf depending on the way you will generate the mask. Best Regards, Mshafee
hi All, kindly help me in finding out the process for converting geber file to Orcad layout. i have gerber file from Protel need to generate netlist and footprint also. Thanks in advance. Ricky
Hi all, Could you me the detailed procedure of how to convert the gerber files(cam 350)to pads datbase file by reverse engineering.
Hi everyone Does any one have a pdf document that tells you how to create a gerber file from a ADS layout? and also generating drill files Regards manu
If a file (simple PCB) is captured in PROTEL, "CAMTASTIC" is usually a part of the format package, and one can just import the file's (gerber outputs) to it and create the pdf files required.....Or another way is to browse the internet and download freebee gerber viewers that will create you printable output files.
A bit late, but may be it can help to anyone. Schematic (pdf + Orcad *.dsn) and PCB gerber files are included in downloadable file "SETUP_FX2LP_DVK_1004.exe". See it at the same http link.
hi, download the free version gerber tool "gerbmagic V3.4" load your files in that, and in the 'save as' option,save it as 'pdf' regards,
IPC-D-356 is a standardized netlist format. It is not a gerber format. It contains information about the test points and net connections on a board. It was intended to provide a standard set of information for bare board testing. You can find the table of contents for the standard at: ODB++ is a board f
Have a look at this doc for info on the gerber system. That should help. Or perhaps google for barco & rs274 & gerber and somewhere you will find more info. some more info available here . Roland.
Hi I do like this: In Layout I choose Window-Post Process-Right click on layer and Properties choose gerber ver OK. Then run Batch. The same if you like to print as pdf or file You might want to change gerber settings, done in Post Processing.
My problem: In P*otel you can create a gerber file of your PCB. Now I have a program (i.e GerbMagic) which translates this in a pdf. But GerbMagic asks for an .gbr file . Normally P*otel should save the gerber file into an .gbr file but I can not find it in my project. Instead I see lots of seperate file but no .gbr file What a
GDSII is like gerber for PCBs. It is a format that ASIC Foundries accept for the manufacture of ASICs/VLSIs (mainly standard cells). Alike gerber, GDSII contains Masks layers (as many as 24 to 30), including Metal top layer(s). The Term RTL-to-GDSII refers to a design methodoly where already in the RTL stage, route problems, critical placements