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dont forget to test the esr of such big capacitor ! the capacity can be good but the capacitor unusable if the esr is to high !
Hi, I am trying to develop what is essentially an Arduino Mega Shield to act as a 'brain' for a project I'm working on. I've had a PCB made (my first), and after thinking I had it sorted have gradually discovered a number of screwups. I'd appreciate some pointers before I attempt revision B.. I have included
For sure you can inspect motherboard visualy for parts defects, such as capacitors leaking, MosFETs and other power parts exploding or cracking, melting parts, bad pins in power connector sockets,... also you can replace the broken parts with complete new or with good parts removed from some other motherboards. For scope usage and other signal logi
you are testing your crystal?? how?? crystal can be tested using CRO or a good multimeter capable of reading frequency of that range. @ Paro maheswari: you dont need to insert the controller to check the crstal oscillator. check if the crystal oscillator is connected to controller properly, and see if the capacitor i
You will have to calibrate your system by introducing known SWRs on the RF line. Different detector diodes have different responses, so each must be calibrated. Find a SWR meter with a calibrated detector. multimeters are good for other tests.
I wouldn't call them "good", but you can get a basic DMM from Harbor Freight for $3.99 and they have others from there. I have 8 of them for my lab bench where accuracy is not the biggest deal, so I don't have to use the better ones up. My primary beef with these is the current range series resistance, which is pretty high at the low curre
Fluke also has very good customer service. I bought what turned out to be a counterfeit meter and they repaired it anyway without complaint.
hi, I would like to build some small multimeter as an exercice purpose, I'm ok for the adc measure and results display, but I'm searching for schematics of input probes: how can you input some 200-1000 volts into max 5v for the adc without burning everything and while keeping the good value and the good shape of the waveform ? I must (...)
if you need a commercial one, hameg 8018 lc meter is a good choice: 400 euros + power module hameg 8001 300 euros. plus kelvin probe if you need precision 100 euros handheld one you have the MT4080 from MOTECH around 1000 euros.. see here
Very interesting web site, however my professor asked us to look for information on digital, not analog multimeters. There is some good stuff I found in this site that could actually help me: the high-impedance voltmeter. Once more, (thank you) obrigado!
yoh!..its good to have all the datasheets around, and its good to have the multimeter lying around to do the tracing and stuffs. But mind u, these alone are not enuff to reverse engineer. Fundamentals my friend, the key element to success. I mean that is what i think. Oh, experience is rather a bonus i say..
Hi ! good idea is to get the LM317T datasheet: Take the IC out from the circuit and use a breadboard + 2 resistors (or 1 resistor and a potentiometer) and a variable DC power supply, this turn this possible to be tested with the multester. THe LM317T is not like a TO220 package bipolar transistor
The escaped gases from the LEAKED battery have put some short circuit on the COMPONENT's CONTACTS. Try removing the display and WASH the PCB with warm water and soap. Dry it after washing/cleaning with ELECTRIC AIR BLOWER for about 10~12 minutes. Hope will help you get back the proper functions. good Luck :| [color
$10 DMM is a good knock-about meter, good for ad-hoc voltage measurement, and like fixing things around the car... if it breaks, just buy another. more expensive and sub $100 ones are actually very good, you can be quite confident in their accuracy. in any case, if your doing electronics for a bit more than a dabble, you will end up with (...)
Guys please help, DO you know how to check whether mosfet is good or not in circuit? Understand if it always short drain source then we can check it in circuit but sometime there is a case where mosfet switching is not function properly. Usually I will lift up it lead or remove it and check whether its swithing is ok or not. Do you have bet
Well, the easiest way is to measure its terminals with a multimeter ( in diode test or resistance mode) and compare the measurements with a reliable one. If you don't have any other MOSFET's in your hand, then you can make these tests with the multimeter: 1 - Most of the time, a faulted MOSFET has at least two of its terminals short circuited.
Resistors R30 and R31 on pcb 4233-1288d-b are burnt beyond recognition and need to be replaced. They conect directly to the voltage and resistance measurement terminal on my wavetek multimeter. I have searched everywhere for a wavetek dm27xt digital multimeter schematic in order to find out their sizes and types. Anyone who
how to know if the crystal dat i use in 8051 is good or damaged?
Another good one here "Mega Meter"
better go for micro controller design, old multi-meters used 7106 but now all are using multimeter and the parts count and the input switches can be reduce, 7106 is good for 3.5digit volt meter but for multimeter you have to add more circuits to it,
Hello. I have a multimeter (Mastech 390-545) that has a hold button. The button operates mechanically. The hold function does not work. Once the hold button is pressed, the least significant number just slowly counts up (about 27 times per minute), and no connections/disconnections (once hold is pressed) have any effect on the displayed number.
Why do you want to measure the voltage across your current sensor? You can measure the current across it by this multimeter. I think all the multimeters can measure the currents in range from 100mA - 1A now. However the range of current measured by multimeter exist in its datasheet. good luck
Hi all, Glad to be here. I'm getting started to learn electronics. Could anyone suggest a good multimeter that would last me a while before I need a seriously advanced one for a good price?
I have tried sereral Basiccompilers for the pic. Most compilers had bugs..or compile very large sode for simply instructions... Anyone know what's a good
good "PCB" in Taiwan.... there are lots of them Compeq! the new FCPGA substrate for Intel, also the largest PCB supplier in Taiwan. Nanya, the 2nd one in Taiwan. Unicap/WUS/Unimicron/PPT....etc... there are lots of big/excellent PCB vendors in Taiwan. Indonesia? Sorry I don't know anything about it.
Ive got an HP1722B which is quite similar, any good ??? What exactly do you need (ops manual, schematics ??) Schmitt
Hi, I have to desing some loudspeakers for sound reinforcement application. So have anyone good suggestions about good loadspeaker desing software and maybe also place where I can download them. //Best Regards Kari
Anyone know of good H8 development board with external ram and rom? I've got the HEW but no hardware to work on. I've thought of uploading HEW (FULL) to FM (but the damn thing is too big) so that those with the hardware can work on it. Pls recommend.. thanks ..lak
and are also very good sites for ASIC design
good web over wireless
I was wondering if any one has any good ideas for a part to use for this project. I need to build a small PCB with a few sensors and a RF transmitter to relay digital info and ID codes. the over all board size is going to be roughly 0.75" X 3" the signal has to transmitt at least the lenght of a full size semi truck say from the back bumb
Infineon also makes this type of products with codecs and dsp's on them. Try their site, it can be a good source of information. We have been using their slic's for a long time with no problem.
Hi All, Here is a link for good programmers: h**p://hacktv.metropoliglobal.123/hardware.htm#programador hard & Software Have Fun 123 = com Korenaar
I have a PC with Tv tuner card. The reception was good when my PC was in one room. I brought my PC to other room & hence i had to use another cable (a new one). After that the reception quality was bad specially for lower frequency channel. I use PAL BG standard. Can anyone help me to get my quality back to normal or tell me how can i find the fa
Is there any paper or advice on how to write a good testbench? after all, it is not a good habit to ask for help whenever encounter matter. one should learn how to deal with it by himself.
Hey guys, please visit and see how many links are there. I was looking for a good FM transmiter, I think I've found! :smile:
If you are after some better documentation than what openbook may provide please have a look all * to t) At the above site there are real manuals for C@dence and which hold a lot more info than openbook. /Pim On 2002-04-26 02:37, cuiyujie wrote: Openbook from Cadence is
Lot of good articles are avilable at this website. Check it here. I think the links above are not working Regards, DrBELL
A good site for info on RF design and others is Timelord
you can try @ltera MAXPluse E10 it's very easy also it has a good simulation tools you can download it from @ltera site but u can to search for its cr@ck :wink: Hi rixxy! Not a word about @lter@ in this forum. Please read the rules in Announcement-section.
Not sure if this link has been reported: seems like a good collection of toos and links, but found a few dead ones too! Well worth have a look at :D /WD
Hi does anyone know if these scopes are good ?
Anybody know of a good application note or enginners note for porting an existing ASIC netlist to xilinx fpga? :o
Hi I am looking for a good and cheap scope to buy. I found some interesting equipments in this if anyone have some opnion about these scopes: 60 MHz Analog Oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5060A) 100 MHz Analog Oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5100)
you can find multiplier design architecture from "Architectures for digital signal processing" Peter Pirsch University of hannver ,Germany John Wiley & Sons it's a good book
good tutorial link for fourier transforms, PLL, communications etc you'll like it
Ok, you twisted my arm. Here are some good you need
Maybe this link suits your needs. good luck. Bye by now.
Who have a good sources and applications on this IC (from motorola)? pdf,web links,c driver source thanks
Does anyone have a good transistor substitute table. Xorjo

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