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can i open a web page on hyperterminal using gprs at commands through sim 300 modem
Hi! I try to open a web page like Google through gprs using AT-Commands. I've read the following threads but the AT-commands is for SIMCom modem interfacing problem and the following thread hasn't
assalamualaekum! I am working on sim 548c and want to open a website (any website)..i followed the following set of commands for establishing connection and sending the request.. at ok at+cgatt=1 ok //enabling gprs at+cgdcont=1,"IP","ufone.internet" ok at+cstt="ufone.internet","ufone","ufone" ok at+ciicr ok at+cifsr (...)
Using the M22 in M2M with built in TCP/IP stack, if I need to communicate with 2 servers (1 for HTTP and one for SMTP). But when the connection to one server is disconnected, the M22 also drops the gprs connection and thus a packet is charged. Is there a way to keep the gprs connection alive and switch TCP connections.
hi my problem is to find difficulty in accessing an internet application with gprs( ie I want to link with a web server). Iam using a GSM/gprs modem connected to the RS232 port of my PC and i am sending AT commands from hyperterminal to the gprs modem. However i succeeded in establishing a connection .Now i want to send (...)
Dear Sirs/Madams I have problem with connect gprs in Hyper Terminal application i want see Google page or get variable from web server in hyper terminal with sim300 at command pls say to me how i can it ? tanx
Hi Sanath , Great welldone. i want the do the same work i want to upload data to the website access database using ASP script. You can get data from the file use ASP or PHP is powerfull. Could you please provide me the AT commands how to connectip gprs to the internet i am using APN i am not sure about these things. Regards, Shan
You'll need a GSM-radio module coonected to a microcontroller. I use the SIM300D and SIM340D from SIMCom. These support gprs and have a built-in TCP/IP stack. There are hundreds of low-power microcontrollers on the market. You'll need to consider your other requirements to determine which is best for your project. Microchip has an on-line pro
Hello Friends, I want to update a webpage by a cell phone using AT commands sent by microcontroller? My question is which nokia model should i choose?. Phone should support: 1:gprs 2:Serial communication port 3:gprs with AT commands Can i use my nokia 3100 to update a web page (...)
Hi the objective of my project is to upload some values on a website using a gprs module through microcontroller. steps of this project are given following Accessing a web page through gprs module Enter Values in the text box given on website Press "enter button" below the text (...)
hi, my project is: i have digital data of a patient like heart rate and ecg etc which i have monitored with some device, now i want to send this digital data to GSM mobile and then to the internet via gprs. suggest me what to do, which are the components that will be included etc... love u all:)
Hi, I am using real6410 development board having simcom300 modem and with android v2.3. I gave the gprs settings which i got from the customer care. The device shows gprs connect symbol 'G' in the status bar, but im not able to browse internet. The browser always shows 'web page not available'. I checked the (...)
Hello everyone. I am trying to access the web page through gprs sim 900 modem. at+cipstart="tcp","","80" OK CONNECT OK at+cipsend  GET /HTTP/1.1 SEND OK After these commands what can i do. I am really very weak in networking. please help me out.
Kuldeep, Impelementing HTTP is really very simple once you have impletented TCP/IP and PPP. Are you just looking for HTTP protocol. I have done this part and can help you easily on that. I am also looking for a way to use the gprs phone connected to a microcontroller to download a file. I have done the HTTP part but am stuck on gprs and PPP conn
Hi Data call may be a circuit switched data call and may be packet switched data call "gprs or EDGE and may be UMTS" Salam Hossam Alzomor
You can look and convert Mikroelektronika's SmartGSM-gprs Board's schematic for your need! And also look Mikroelektronika's Simcom SIM340Z GSM/gprs Module ! Here is the attached schematics:
You need 2 things to do what you want: 1- Code on your server to accept the data from your gprs modem and save it 2- Code on your server to take the saved data and display it on a web page. You can do this using several different languages (CFML, ASP, JSP, PHP, etc.) depending on what type of server you have. A good, basic reference (...)
see the FAQ on this page about making a gprs connection:
Hi to all. I'm trying to get dome data from a GSM module to my pc using gprs. Ive managed to establish a connection , and I can see incoming data using a TCP/IP client. I now want to create a VB application to get the data. I have got the eval version of Socketwrench (sockettools 6.0 visual edition). I cant seem to find out how to set it up so t
Hi. I am using a Telit modem and trying to send simple data to a web server (few parameters), but am having a problem as follows. When I try to GET HTTP just a URL like I get the HTML response (of the index.html page) But when I try to GET HTTP a script like www.s
Hello. I want to send a string (for example ABCDEF12345) that created by AVR (ATMEGA32) and send it to the web (My website) by SIM900 (gprs) and that string shown on a web page. I need both codes (AVR program and webpage code) Thank you...
hi friends my problem is dynamic ip's disadvantages hi I am to do connection between 2 sim900 modules. if I know 2 moduls' IP THERE IS "NEMA PROBLEMA" but ip's of these 2 moduls are dynamic so they are changing. what can I do ?? my solution to this problem is here but its not working at all. there is a web page named iprecord.php
you could better use gprs in the vehicle. All gps values can be uploaded to the server using gprs. Then you can use google maps api for map and tracks
Hi, out there! Can anyone please help me with the a diagram/document, showing/explaining pin numbers of the 60 pin interface connector of the Q64 wireless CPU? of wavecom? I searched the web for such a thing in vain :(. I do not have the module on hand now, even though I think it is not marked as I see it on pictures. I wave just started designing
pls help me for wireless internet controll robot hi... i want to do a project "wireless internet control robot".. that means i want to control motor via web page... pls help me for my project.... i want to know and conform following thing... if you know about anything... pls tell me or send me the source... iam using atmega mcu, sim900 and wismo
Hello, I'm a student, and I work on sim300. In my project, I will interface the sim300 with the microcontroller 16F876. the purpose of this project is to send data using gprs networks. I'm not familiar with sim300, please there's any body who know same application note using sim300 or some open source code which the sim300 is interfaced with
What do you mean " and these 2 commands don't work in ..."? What do they do or not do? What are you trying to accomplish? Look at the FAQ on this page about sending a gprs request.