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I am newbie for 8051 microcontroller coding. My need is to getting latitutude and logintude from gps device sending them through (Gsm sim900)sms to another mobile. I want to do the coding in c language. I am femiliar with c language but I am newbie to 8051 coding. I searched many ways for finding the code in different links but everywhere didn't g
I heard first time gps module with SPI, Anyways Try going step by step first connect only gps module and then GSM. And display data received on LCD or any terminal for easy debugging.
Hi, The interface between the gps module(specific manufacturer) & LPC2148 is the serial communication like UART. The module continuously sends that serial data containing the location parameters like longitude & latitude etc... In the serial data string first six bytes matches with the string like ($GPGGA) then it is considered as valid data &
you need to understand gps signals are not strong as GSM. gps usually was made to work on open sky and not indoor buildings. If you really need to make indoor then consider using active antenna with good gain.
Guys, I'm trying to interface gps module mt3333 with 8051 but unsuccessful til now. My gps module is not showing me proper values in hyper terminal, i.e. it is not showing me latitude or longitude. Also in $GPRMC statement it is showing a letter 'V' which stands for data not valid. So can anyone help me with this so that it shows me latitude and l
Hello Friends,,,i am using gps in my project to find the location... what i find difficult is to convert the received data of latitude and longitude to address of that locattion.. Is there any formula or anyother way to convert the latitude&longitude data to address... I am PIC16F877A microcontroller...with hitech c compiler and gps module as Ga
The array you are sending to LCD will be some information from gps data such as GPGGA line that contain the location and time details. If LCD is displaying the desired text, simply fetch GPGGA data, Pick the text you wish to display and and send this text to LCD. With reference to the sample code in the earlier attachment, the data is taken from
Hello! Apparently you don't know how to start. You shouldn't try to do everything at once. 1. Try to find some source code for ATmega32 / UART. (there are fair chances that your gps can be read using UART). 2. Try to read gps data 3. Try to parse gps data to find the position data. Don't do a step before completing the previous one. And (...)
LPC2148 UART LPC2148 gps LPC2148 GSM https:
i am doing B.E final year .. and my project is gps based monitoring for female currently we are getting the latitude and longitude point from the gps receiver.... as NMEA format.. how to extract the NMEA string and how to interface with ARM7lpc2148.. please send the code as soon as possible with explanation.... thanks
hi i want to interface my gps board with raspberry i got the data when connecte to hyper terminal. how can i interface this can anyone give my some idea.
The beginning of each gps NMEA sentence is preceded by a code/tag which indicates the purpose of the data which follows: gps - NMEA sentence information The NMEA code/tag which indicates required sentence containing date and time data is $GPZDA. You may need to enable this feature of the particular gps modu
hi.. i m making a project in which i need to extract the longitude and latitude from gps frame. The problem is that i am unable to extract the $GPRMC frame through PIC 16f877A . but when i connect my gps with PC , i can read the frame on hyperterminal. can you please help me out? what could be the problem? i m using proton ide for programming
Hi people, I am trying to make a wiresless gps tracking system using SIM908C and SIM548C as the development board. The issue is, the GSM antenna for SIM908C is given on one side, but when it is placed onto the board the GSM antenna connection for the SIM548C dev kit is on the opposite side. Does it really matter which side of SIM548C do we conne
hi, i am using gps module Holux M-8929 having NMEA standard i am at protues level and when i input gps data serially to ucontroller using COMPIM at 4800 baudrate, lcd do not display latitude and longitude please tell me whats the problem // Program to get latitude and longitude value from gps modem and display it on LCD: /*
Hello, I need to sent gps data to a web server through GPRS using 89C51 , anybody please help me in coding as well as in circuit diagram.
require 2 serial port for gsm & gps if they separate try to use one combine module
Which Compiler are you using? If you use PIC microcontroller and mikroC PRO PIC Compiler then it will be easy. You have to install Package Manager from mikroe and install NMEA library from libstock. The library is made only for PIC and dsPIC. This I did using PIC, mikroC PRO PIC and NMEA
Hi, I'm interfacing a gps board and a radio module with a ATxMega128A1U, everything works fine apart that doesn't start!! What is happening is that when supply power the micro goes on reset in loop.. Basically the gps and radio board fro a fraction of time is pulling down the voltage and the micro goes in reset, due to the brown detector. (...)
Hi We have designed a hardware which intimates a vehicle owner abt the theft intimation and wen the owner replies the car engine stops. Now we want to interface SKG13 gps MODULE with the PIC16F877A. I wanted to know how to go abt the connections and the program as we want to install the gps unit inside car. I need this for my final year project
hi you can connect GSM with PIC's hardware UART(serial port) and you can use software UART(using bit banging technique) for gps as you need to only receive data from gps so it should be simple
Dear Friends i am interfacing GSM Module Sim 900 and gps Module Holux M89 with Atmega32A using 74157 Multiplexer and select pin of Mux is connected with pin 16 of Atmega32A. The Problem is that Mux is not passing gps and gsm data to microcontroller. i have checked the continuity of traces all are ok. a proper voltage 4.9 is avaliable on MUX (...)
It depends on the gps that you want to use. You don't have to buy a kit with an onboard gps. Decide which gps you want to use. Than, see what communication protocol it uses and select a PIC with the required peripherial.
I wanna try to help i hope i'm right why while(data!=',') data=rx_data(); i think that doesn't nesecary. The gps output is NMEA. And u can use array to get utc, latitude,longitude $GPGGA,161229.487,3723.2475,N,12158.3416,W[/COL
Hi All, I'm interfacing a gps module with a ARM processor using UART communication. I tested the output voltage from the gps, its 2.85 v as per the datasheet and the pin which I'm connecting on the board(MCB 1700, LPC 1768 microcontroller) has a description like this ?5v Tolerant pad providing digital I/O functions with TTL levels (...)
Hi, I'm interfacing a skynav skm53 with an ARM microcontroller. When I connect my gps to laptop using a hyper terminal, I get proper data with coordinates and all. But when I am connecting it to the microcontroller, it is just giving me the 'V' bit. It is not getting converted to 'A' even after half an hour. Whereas when I connect to the lapto
Hi, I'm interfacing a skynav skm53 gps with an ARM cortex LPC1768 microcontroller on board MCB1700. Here's the small code snippet for initialization of UART and reading gps data. I can see the characters coming in but I don't get them in desired sequence i.e NMEA format (starting $GPGGA). Please let me know if there is anything wrong (...)
have undertaken the project wherein i am suppose to interface a microcontriller with gps and GSM. since I am using 89 family controller i wanted to know where can i program my controller since I am familiar with Keil uvision but i am not sure if
which is the gps u are using...............
i need to interface gps skm-53 module with PIC-18452 microcontroller ....i am doing my final year project so i need ur can i interface skm-53 with gps???
Hello Sir, I am currently working on a project on gps & gsm based tracking with RFID based security. My project needs to interface 3 modules (gps, gsm & RF module) to the micro controller but the problem I am facing is that the microcontroller can be interfaced to 2 modules & I am not getting how to connect the RF module. We are using 89c51, SI
hi my problem is that i am beginner.... i want to connect gps with any of the devices..... should i directly connect pins of gps module with pic???? and computer??? and get the result at hyper terminal???? will it work? plz help me....
i typed a program which run correctly and seem to be defect in the program but still i dont receive data on lcd i m using gps receiver skm53 it gives data on hyperterminal correctly..i search on serial communication from every angle but still it dosent display data...please help.....thanking
use sim908 it is gps/gprs module u can reduce circuit design..
Hi all,I just need help here, I have attached diagram it explain everything, I am working on my Final year project and my project based on vehicle tracking system, so am going to use gps and GSM connected to RS 232 both, but I cant use two RS 232 I have to use one but am not sure how am going to do it, or any idea I will be appreciate..... also som
buy SIM300 gps module SIMD300 is not gps module, it is gsm module. First learn about gps..
which pin RX TX should be connected with which pin of max232
hi everyone, i want help in interfacing ME2530A gps receiver with arduino controller & example source code. thanks
hello i have interfaced gps modem with microcontroller and it gives me the coordinates but i want something more i want to design a system which take cordinates and give back the actual name of that place.. i think i have to save the wholeto the map in the controler but i dnt know how to do this... i want to save whole map atleast the map of my co
I need the code for sending latitude and longitude from the GSM which has to be received from a gps module to a mobile number have you try to write code for your self?? i gave you basic code which you can modify yourself according your application.
Well i used both, USB and Serial Port, when communicating between gps device and PC, and both worked perfectly. And used max232 circuit to communicate between micro-controller and PC(which worked very well too). But when i connected gps device with Atmega16, using the serial port(and max 232 circuit), the controller started re
Hello, I am doing a project for vehicle tracking system. I am using sim548c gps, gsm combo module. The problem is last time when i programmed mcu , i got gps NMEA sentence on LCD. But when i turned on gsm manually then the net light is blinking and i am not getting the gps data. Please help me out. Is there any way to turn off the gsm (...)
The operating voltage of gps receiver module is 3.3v but pic controller is 5v.i need to communicate with these two modules...
See this open Open gps Tracker
See this material : Documentation and support forum for GM862 interfacing an AVR controller to a gps Mobile Phone and search EDAboard threads, for AT commands, and other things.
See this gps example code.
hi, i am doing a project on a gps controlled vehicle. rite now i am stuck with receiving msg from sim900d module. if i connect sim900d with a pc using hyperterminal all of my AT commands work also when i send a msg a msg echo is produced. but when i send a msg to my sim900d module and try to read it via a microcontroller nothing is displayed. i bu
Can anyone tell me that how to interface gps and SIM300(GSM) module together with atmega 32 ? Give me Cicuit diagram and coding if you can. Thanx...................
Hi all I'm a beginner in Micros and I'm facing a lot of problems with my SKM53 gps (Datasheet) module: 1-I wired it the wrong way unintentionally, I connected VCC (5V) or GND (don't remember exactly) to TXD for a few seconds and then I noticed and disconnected it, Did i damag
you can buy GSM Module online from has both TTL and RS232 output so you can connect it directly to any micro controller