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Hi I prefer gray and meyer book, more useful for beginers.
ljy4468, To sweep the inputs differentially, you need to have a common mode source and differential source at each input. For example, at the positive input, there is Vcm and 0.5*Vac. At the negative input, there is Vcm and a voltage-controlled voltage source with value -0.5*Vac. For your sweep, you simply need to sweep the source at th
you can see gray and meyer book or behzad razavi's book in cmos ic design
I found gray and meyer book on Integrated Analogic Design on this site, so this might be helpful too.
gray and meyer is the best and can be downloaded from
OTA is only a kind of amplifier. gray's book first talk about amplifer with small capacitive load, then, in another charpter, he introduced some output stage structrues for large capacitive load.
Hi I was reading chapter 12 page 836 in gray Hurst Lewis and meyer book. In figure 12.24a the DM half-circuit for the fully differential opamp on the previous page is drawn. The input signal is -vid / 2 and the output signal is vod / 2 which means that the half circuit is inverting. However, my opinion (...)
I had a very very tough time learning analog design....i highly recommend electronic principles physics,models, and circuits by paul e.gray and campbell l.searle the book is one of a kind....i got my real insight into the subject from this book and really started my analog from this one (...)
An input folded cascode has a better output swing but it has a lower bandwith, larger power consumption, bigger IC area and lower gain than a NMOS telescopic cascode. This you can find it in the book "Análisis and desig of analog integrated circuits" by gray and meyer (...)
I have read books microelectronic circuits sedra, ken martins analog integrated circuit design and now i am going to start read next book. So which is better and it is good if text is easy to read: options analysis and design of analog integrated circuits gray or razavis design of analog (...)
and also the book wrote by gray and meyer.
Hello, Im a UCLA student and I desperately need the solution manual for gray and meyer's book (Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits, 4th edition). I REALLY need it as soon as possible so if anyone has it, or has a link to it please email me at and I will be (...)
Both are good books. I recommend start reading microelectronic circuits from Sedra and Smith, 4th edition. This will give you a solid foundation. Another good book is the one from gray and meyer "Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits".
also gray and meyer "analysis and design of analog integrated circuits" khouly
Hi Sir/Madam, Can anyone share why gray and Johnson state encoding avoid metastable state? Thanks.
Hello everybody, I want to start studying the concept of Operational Transcunductance Amplifiers' design, but i do not know where to start from. Classic analog design books (like gray and meyer's) do not focus on this subject. Please make any suggestions Thanks in advance
Use the principles of circuit feedback theory from gray & meyer's book on "Analysis and Design Of Analog Integrated Circuits"
Beginners Level --Art Of Electronics -- Microelectronics circuit analysis and design By Donald Neamen --Fundamentals of Microelectronics by Behzad Razavi Mid. Level --Microelectronics by Sedra and Smith --Design of analog integrated circuits By Behzad Razavi -- Analog Integrated circuit design by Ken Martin Advanced Level --CMOS analo
I totally agree with Puppet1 about "the" book for starting to learn analog ic..why even analog design in general....I particularly love the way the in chapter 3 the small signal model is introduced and the way in which the need for biasing has been elucidated by plotting the Vo vs Vi curve for a simple single stage CE or CS stage!!!! really lo
Hello, everyone. I am a graduate student in a univerversity. Most of our group members are doing BJT analog IC design. I don't know why my advisor sticks on the BJT. It looks like BJT tecknolog is going to die out. Searching the IEEE papers, there is no paper which is on BJT, most of them are on CMOS. Is there anybody are also doing IC desig
Can anybody suggest a good and simple book about Forecasting please. Cheers
Noise mostly depends upon the first amplifying stage, that is differential pair and active load. To minimize noise, transistors should be as big as possible (this reduces 1/f noise) with gm as large as possible (this reduces thermal noise). Obviously, current consumption appears in your tradeoffs. See any book on analog design (Sansen (...)
Here is the link
hi everybody i'm studying uwb. im not familiar with uwb. can any one suggest a good theory book and tutorial book for uwb design. advanced thanx hi everybody
A MOS differential pair is a Differential implifier input stage which is made up of 2 MOSFETs which accept the input differential signal. I suggest you read a book like Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits by Behzad Razavi, or the book Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits by gray and (...)
many circuit book has those equation derived in razavi's, gray and meyer, some semiconductor book also has it
That is a good complementary book if you already have gray and razavi book.
Also a good book where you will find a chapter dedicated to CMFB is gray and meyer 4th edition. I think is the best reference for trying to understand this type of circuit.
Hi. Why don't you search in "EDA Ebooks Upload/Download" forum with a key word like "gray". Here's the link your are searching for : Regards, EZT
There have a difference in the books writed by Razavi and the book writed by Alle. Both these two book discuss Miller compensate, but there have a difference that puzzles me. In the book writed by Allen, the equation 6.2-54 explain that the second pole P2 increase Gm multiply Rds, where Rds is the channel (...)
except that imho rezavi goes around in circles driving you mad. Allen is not good for low voltage design. Having said that I do have their books but hardly use it. I don't think you can find a book that is good for everything. What books are you using? regards 4 me gray and meyer (...)
try gray and meyer good explanation there
just linearity and distortion. Added after 2 minutes: you can see also gray and mayer book
I think you should use gray and meyer for your reference of switch capacitor circuit.
Hi Your question has been defined very generally! If you want to find out biasing in analog integrated circuits (e.g. in Op amp) fundamentally, you may use famous books such as John & Martin, gray & Hurst, Razavi, their chapters about Opamp design; in the first case chapter 6 is the best! but if you want to study for state of the art; I suggest
Hey I want to say that we do have restrictions on the zeros of a system and they may complicate things a lot. Usually in cases where stability is of concern, zeros in the right half plane are extremely problematic since they decrease the phase by 90 degrees, acting like some of the poles. If I am not mistaken, there is a very nice example
Hello, Please let me know if anybody has the following book : CMOS op-amp and comparator book by Greogorian. Regards, Anand
A bipolar current mirror with beta helper is aiways used. Sometimes I can see that a resistor is connected between the common base node and the ground. But in classic books ,such as gray and meyer's book,there is no resistor fron the common base node and the ground. I (...)
Hello all: A bipolar current mirror with beta helper is aiways used. Sometimes I can see that a resistor is connected between the common base node and the ground. But in classic books ,such as gray and meyer's book,there is no resistor fron the common base node and the (...)
Probably gray and meyer, but you can probably find it on line in the course schedule page.
can anyone give the book about antenna but it should be basics about antenna bcoz i need tio study antenna in my final year. give me the simple and easy book on antenna that covers all points on antennas
Its so interesting. since few days I have been listening to prof boser e240 itself. looks like i am on right track:) Which new book are you referring? also is there a book other than gray and meyer that shows the design methodology changes between cmos and bjt?
Hi arash2888, Please refer CMOS analog book by Razavi or gray and meyer or alan & hollberg. These will be a good starting point or refer the tutorial paper on op-amp design by paul gray. If this post was helpful pls click the helped me and help me thx
I have just completed two courses on analog circuit design at the master's level covering the basics of circuit design using both bipolar and mos transistors. the courses have covered most of what was done in the gray and meyer and johns and martin text book. i'm now (...)
I think the following link should be gives various biasing circuits which provide the right voltage at the gate without the extra threshold voltage which comes with the basic current mirror which gives headroom issues. To
gray and meyer has given the best explanation for doing it. please see pg.656
please understand that in submicron processes mosfets...I mean if your mosfet's length is less than 1um then the whole device model equations break down ...WHATEVER IS GIVEN IN gray and meyer DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE ACCURATELY ENOUGH for the submic mosfet!!! furthermore please understand that if your mosfet (...)
A 2 stage CMOS opamp is a operational amplifier which is made up of 2 amplifying stages in cascade. 2 stages are generally used to achieve high voltage gain and high output swing simultaneously, 1 stage is optimized for each parameter. You can have more stages in cascade to acheieve higher gain, but at the expense of reduced bandwidth. See the
hi zahrein, to increase the slew rate, u can inc. the compensation capacitor, Cm. this is true from the slew rate equation: slew rate = 2Vt w Vt = thermal voltage w = frequency radian for more details,u can refer to Analysis and Design of Analog IC by gray Hurst Lewis meyer pg 685.
Hi, I want some information about how a NPN Transistor can be used for amplification? What is the working principle? Can somebody tell me?