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ok what kind of script ? can you be more explicit, can you post an example script (it's not illegal material) I find script heavy just for defining color, is it the best way ? thank's ******************************** this is my 5 grid colors
When you select FbP before selecting component rigt click to get you into set up. Here you can select and do a proper set up to get dirction, grids, via types etc. Regards, Majnoon
it is difficult to do that way because e.g if a circular board is there and u need to place mosfets along the edges , and the pins facing inwards than each time u move it is difficult, i need something which can give radial grid as in pads... is there any option...
Dear All; i need to make the grid in allegro PCB Lines insted of Dots; is this Avilable in allegro? thanks
Hi, colleagues, I'm a migrating user from P-CAD to Altium Designer and I've encountered a problem. I need all my vias to be placed in a rectangular grid during autorouting. In the "Board options" menu it offers a snap grid, electrical grid, component grid, visible grid. But neither of them affects vias (...)
Could anyone guide me on how to use the quickplace and autoplace features while using allegro or OrCAD PCB Design? I have version 16.3 and I am having difficulties. I created a test PCB board 1700x1000 mills with a keepin distance of 100. When I use quickplace the program places all of the components on the top of the board, but outside of the boar
hi NIKHILRAJ thank you. it's easy. and i want to know for faster change grid design such what command.
normally mesurement is grid based (using Show measure tool).But if you select segments,lines or pins etc tool automatically picks the center point and picked co-ordinates are displayed in a new window .doing some mathematics with these coordinate you can confirm whether you picked the right location.
yes i have board outline and setup place grid X,Y.
Hi prince, snap to grid means symbol in grid when snap to grid is off mode if you choose on mode you placed the symbol in out of grid check it in your schematic
Hi, I am quite new to allegro. At the moment I am able to draw schematic and pcb. But I have this feeling, that the more time I spent on allegro, the less I know :D. Now I am doing quite simple board but I do not know, how to change grid quickly... It is very unconfortable to go Setup->Design Parameters-> ... every time I want to change (...)
hi 2 all Plz anybody help me as I want to know to fanout a BGA in so that the via placed may came right the center of 4 surrounding or grid of the BGA.
My company has added this tool and several of us are in the learning stage. Isn't there a way to move items precisely through use of entering relative coordinates at keyboard? It seems that such a powerful program would have such a feature, but non of us are finding and it looks like only mouse and manual drags can be done. For example, if I
How to move the components using keyborad in allegro ? once the component is attached to my cursor , i want to move component usinf up down arrow keys . i m not getting how to do this . ? what setting are require to do this ? my grids are set to 0.1 mm all. but when i try to move component using keyborad key , it steps by 0.6mm. i m no
Hi, How to create menu in allegro using skill. EX:in setup we have some that setup menu bar i want add "More grid" in that we need to create 1 mil grid,5mil grid and 10 mil grid tabs like that please help me
1. Display - Element - configure the filter and pick your element 2. I don't know Protel so I'm guessing but I think my answer in 1. answers this also. 3. For instance - choose Edit/Move set your filter again, pick your part and type on the command line ix nnn - ix= increment X - iy= increment y or you could set your grid appropriately and mo
i am also concerned with the small selection of standard footprint libraries. does anyone know if there are some pre-made footprints available for download somewhere on the net? for example, TSSOP or PLCC ? 44-pin ball grid? Mr.Cool
I like VFD's - they make great displays. VFD's are not hard to drive, but you might find it a complicated project as a beginner. You will not find a driver chip designed for your VFD, and probably won't be able to find a datasheet for it either. VFD's need a filament supply, probably AC with a large display like this, that heats the filamen