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On the Mathworks page I have found the following: surf(Z,C) plots the height of Z, a single-valued function defined over a geometrically rectangular grid, and uses matrix C, assumed to be the same size as Z, to color the surface. See Coloring Mesh and Surface Plots for information on defining C. And this is the page where the
What is the grid size in layout for 250nm technology tsmc?
Oh it is that simple. If you want a specific size circle I find it easiest to set my grid to 1/2 that size, draw the circle then change the grid down to enable it to be moved into location. Although with CADSTAR 16 you can rmb and enter coordinates and radius for a circle.
For maximum efficiency always use the largest possible grid size, this will depend on the components used and board density. For older style analogue using SOIC devices I will use a grid of 0.635mm if the board isn't that dense... for HDI analogue designs using full metric footprints to IPC-7351 standard I will use a grid (...)
Hi all, I'm using the Proteus professional 7 and I'm try to get a grid snap size of less than 0.1mm. I've looked at the help menu and it just says use fine snap, but doesn't say where to find it? Thanks, Owen
The difficulty in the estimation of Zg using is that the voltage source of the grid (Vs) is immeasurable. . VPCC = Ig*Zg +Vs The difficulty is turning off the switch for all the grid current, as Ig is used everywhere, not just your location. IMHO comments. It is a classical ESR method except the grid distributes th
Simulating 5 and 10GHz patch in Sonnet Lite. If i set cell size to 0.1mm all looks nice. But with 0.2mm i get strange spikes up to S11 = +15dBm! Even without feeding, when setting port directly on patch. Here is example in attachment: S11 curve for 0.1x0.1 mm grid, and for 0.2x0.2 mm grid with strange spike to +15dBm. Why it happens?
Hi, The grid size determines how accurate your simulations results will be either for process extracted results or for electrical extracted results. There is an obvious trade off between increasing the mesh to improve accuracy versus simulation run time. It is recommended that you define the mesh tightly in areas of importance i.e. 1nm to 2nm gr
Then why corner reflector called so? Or a satellite dish made of metal grid. its called a corner reflector cuz it has a corner angle bend in the reflector, commonly 60 or 90 degrees the vertical height of the reflector is usually a bit larger than the length of the radiating element. The length of the sid
That is vast field and is difficult to summarize all here. In brief, In DRC, all drawing rule related to size and separations are checked. These rules are defined in design rule manual (DRM) of the process you are using. off grid violation also comes under DRC checks. In LVS, we check the connectivity of layout with respect to schemtic. It has no
Hi all, I am using the SEMCAD software to calculate SAR values for a model of a dipole and a flat phantom. The size of the dipole and the phantom as well as electrical parameters are as in IEC 62209-2. However, I could not obtain the SAR values as the reference in IEC 62209-2. If I increase the grid resolution in SEMCAD, I got a higher SAR va
Hi, I would like to request somebody to help me in the following Matlab problem: I want to propagate a converging optical beam down its focus. I have started with a 1024 x 1024 number of grid points across the beam ( an uniform circle of white colour inside a background square of black colour------the size of the square is 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm a
HI, I recently draw a PCB for a 2.4GHz RF circuit.I have draw solid copper pours at the beginning,regarding to sheilding interference signal,i decide to draw hatech pours.I have a problem here.i don't konw the exact grid size and track width of ploygon pours for 2.4GHz.can you help me ?thx.
The neatness of schematics depends on how you set up your schematic software, how you draw your symbols, grid spacings, relative text size, design flow etc etc, it has nothing to do with the package.
In my LED grid clock project, I'm using CCP2 module (PWM) for brightness adjustment, while I also need the CCP1 module to capture the IR signal. I managed to use timer3 instead of timer1 to perform IR decoding successfully. But I just don't understand why I cannot use timer1 here. ---------- Post added at 03:06 ---------- P
Hello Folks, I am begining a new project and I would like to use common Schematic design guidelines (which must not to be the same as PCB Layout guidelines). So, I wonder if you could help me with some advice. Anyway, to begin the discussion, I have some questions already. For instance: 1) Which is the best grid size when you design Sch
Hi, I have a square grid network with eight nodes on the square (in corners and centre of sides) and one node at the centre. Having considered centre node as destination, am trying to get bit error rate with fixed poisson traffic at all nodes and fixed packet size. Bit errors are found with respect to nearest neighbors of centre node as tranmsit
You can create a box with the desired vacuum size. Then you have to unselect under mesh properties the part "Consider for bouding box" in all objects. And in the mesh properties of the vacuum box you could set the mesh grid.
they said the distance is 0.1" between center pin and outside pin Yes, I have never seen a SMA (or SMB, MCX ...) PCB connector with a different pin grid. You can download SMA catalogs and datasheets from major manufacturers and check yourself.
I'm not sure what version of AD you are using, but in Summer 09 you can do: Design -> Board Shape -> Move Board Vertices This has worked well for me (just set the grid to something fairly large)
In modelsim 6 you go to wave -> grid & timeline -> time units selector You can also right click over the box showing the cursor value and select grid and timeline properties, you 'll find the same time unit selector. I suppose that version 5 is similar Alex ---------- Post added at 03:05 ---------- Previous post was at 0
I think you can change both the reflection coefficient and the PML width at the same time in order to make the absorption condition enough to absorb the light. Also, when you change the grid size and the time step accordingly, the reflection change as well.
DFepends how much off it is. The direct consequence will be that the trace will not have the size as drawn. It will still be there but will be probably rounded up/down to the closest manufacturing grid which might cause it will violate other rules like minimum width or spacing. The thing will still work but would no recommend to do it if you can fi
minimum grid is usually defined in the DRM.And if the the layout is designed with a different grid then it is bound to give offgrid errors in DRC.
The board area is defined by the 'dimension' layer - 20 I think. Either drag it, as already suggested or delete it & draw it. Be careful to set the grid before drawing it if you want an exact size. For example, if you want a 100x160mm board you don't want the grid set to 0.1". Keith
Hello, Ste the Air layer below DGS as 10 mm & also above the patch 10 mm, & change the Bottom Boundry to "Approx Open" decrease X & Y grid size to 0.5X0.5 mm... If not expected results reduce further to 0.25X0.25 mm which may take longer simulation time but you get better results... The modified settings files attached in a zip file...
hello everybody i'm deepa...i need help from the people who know about MYCAD tool..and also i have some doubt in that tool..can u clarify that? while drawing layout what grid size i have to this default one or will be changed based on grid size common for all trechnologies lik .5um,.35um etc. or will be changed..als
hi kapil, can you elaborate your answer in relating the clock singnals and the VDD nets drop, basically my assumption is IR Drop will be measured in Power grid but not in signal nets. Added after 12 minutes: hi, My thoughts go in this way, If the fan out increases, then the dynamic power increases beca
I think this is a topic which is not treated adequately in textbooks or papers. One (not very helpful) way of thinking is: choose whatever you like, if you start reducing the grid size then everything converges to the same result. More seriously; first it is a good idea to handle conductivity on the one hand and permittivity and permeability on
clc;clear all; %create a random digital message M=64; %alphabet size x=randint(100e3,1,M); %% %use 16-QAM modulation to produce y y=modulate(modem.qammod(M),x); %% %%transmit signal through an AWGN Channel ynoisy=awgn(y,27,'measured'); %% %Create scattet plot from noisy data scatterplot(ynoisy),grid; %% %Demodulate ynoisy to recover t
hi, all, When I do DRC check to the octagon inductor, there are many of offgrid errors. No matter what effort I do, the offgrid errors are still exist. Can you tell me how to get rid of these errors? Thanks.
hi friend im using eagle v 5.1.0 problem is i cant take printout in correct size which i given in layout printout size varies from its orginal i have given grid size and create layout when we take print the measurment differs please tell me what is the reason and please tell me were are the place we should give measurement (...)
Well, here are some; BGA: Ball grid Array BQFP: Bumpered Quad Flat Pack CBGA: Ceramic Ball grid Array CFP: Ceramic Flat Pack CPGA: Ceramic Pin grid Array CQFP: Ceramic Quad Flat Pack CLCC: Ceramic Lead-Less Chip Carrier DLCC: Dual Lead-Less Chip Carrier (Ceramic) FBGA: Fine-pitch Ball grid Array fpBGA: Fine Pitch (...)
please could any one explain to me how to stretch the grid spacing at the edges of the computation window for finite-difference calculations. I know that this is useful when you would like to increase the size of the computation window without increasing the total number of points in the computational domain. I know that there is four diff
Are you working on standard cells or IOs? grid calculation is done in std cells.
is it just like a grid table and put the unit cap in?
YouTube - Chaîne de nptelhrd ---------- Post added at 09:05 ---------- Previous post was at 09:04 ---------- YouTube - Chaîne de nptelhrd
What is the use of grid size?? What is the diference between routing grid adn manufacturing grid ?? I will be grateful to u if anybody can explain me about this plz Bye take care
These days I'm using frequency-dependent FDTD to study the behavior of surface plasmon polaritons. I first consider a very simple case, that is, a 2D air hole perforated in a thin metal film. The radius is about 20 percentages of periodicity. The grid size is about lambda/20 and time-step half of the grid size. Two power (...)
Hi: I think rrumpf misunderstood myem's question. I think myem's question is that "when a structure is less than lambda/10, people normally can use quasi-TEM methods to get reasonable results". I think rrumpf considers the lambda/10 is normally the maximum grid size for numerical method to get reasonable results. Both cases are ok. Why is la
grid resolution should be no larger than lambda/10 where lambda is the smallest wavelength of interest inside the materials with the highest refractive index. You can choose your grid resolution this way: 1. Compute refractive index: n = sqrt(er*ur); 2. Compute the absolute value of the real part of the refractive index: n = abs(real(n
Dear All; i need to make the grid in Allegro PCB Lines insted of Dots; is this Avilable in Allegro? thanks
Recently, I'm using Rsoft's FDTD to simulate some dispersive media, that is, n+ki. I find when k is very large, suppose, 2+11i, the FDTD will scater. So I want to make sense of the grid size and time step. So far, I define grid size and time step based on lossless media, that is, grid (...)
global rounting is to assign pins to G-cell n route it ie connecting the communicating G-cell size of G-cell is made as grid size .. well i am bt aware of this !!
hi gouzou,u can make subgrid in the adaptive mesh grid after determination of x,y and z main cell size Added after 6 minutes: for u see that file of patch antenna
what exactly is ur situation? chech also ur working grid...
What is meant by grid error? What is its significance exceed the precision of the lithography. the width or length will be cut a little.
Check the grid size. Ususally a minimum value of 12.5 mil is sufficient. Never use the "Finest" resolution. Make sure to use inch (mil) metrics in the schematics as the libraries are also done in this system. Don't use millimeter metrics here! If you're not sure you can check a correct connection by moving the device: the wires are glued to it (p
Manufacturing grid is given by fab people it depends on the process.. while masking they use this as references lines. Routing grid is formed by Tools while routing it forms as rectangles equal to size of grid and and it routes in between that.. see magma docs for further explainations.. Placement grid (...)
well , that should not happen !! the problem might be with the settings of the softwares. check out grid size, basic units and other such parameters in both. there may also be some problem if you are using some standard models.