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I m using 89c52 to interface it with sonyericson T290i mobile... i tested mobile at is working. and supports AT commands. i know that max232 IC will be used in between mobile and microcontroller... but i dont know what connections should be make in DB9 connector of mobile with MAX232. what connections should be make in DB9
First of all you have to decide which gsm module you want to connect to your uC. I might help you in case of 16F877 (16F887) micro and Telit GM862 gsm module.
Dear Friends, I want ckt should detect the smoke, and fire a alarm, also it should send an immediate sms to the security so that if he is not their then also it is possible to go their, actually it is very important company, where important files or money is their... I want it to interface with 89C51, detector yet not decide, please suggest m
i am using an 8051 to send SMS through a BenQ gsm modem. I would like to know the handshaking signals required for communication between the uc and modem.Also is the 8051 a DTE or DCE? Can u also give me the connection diagram between MAX 232 and the DB9 connector. Thank you.
I am using AT89C51 for serial communication, through which i want to have the gsm based industial control. I am trying RS 232 interfacing through MAX 232. The circuit diagram is attached.. The test program code burnt in microcontroller is: (...)
Hi ALL, I try to send AT commands using microcontroller to the SIM508 EVB but it don't respond and I find disturbance in the behavior(appear in the status leds). when I use the pc to simulate the board behavior it work well, also interfacing the board with the PC and sending AT commands work well. note: in some cases I may notice the distu
hi guys..i am doing project on SMS controlling home appliances using gsm (prpject).... i need Full Report ,Program codes and Flowchart for each interfacing diagrams...and whole diagram flowchart.... Plz reply back immediately ..........and send all documents whtever related to this project.............. PLEASE HELP (...)
Obviously i need to do an interfacing. Which interfacing would be better??? I think usb interfacing is much harder than the serial one. My question is what program i need to burn in my pic in order to detect a particular sms and execute something upon that(like turning a pin high or low). Also if anyone could provide the circuit (...)
Hi all, Actually I need to decode DTMF tones from the speaker of the local telephone or gsm modem. My main requirement is that I want to detect the key pressing using this. I have tried with 8870 decoder. But i found circuits which comes directly from the telephone lines where as my ultimate application has gsm modem in lead. Like in simple lang
to remove the requirement for a level shifter such as the MAX232 I find it is simpler to use modems such as the WISMO228, you can attach it directly to the UART of a PIC (similar with gsm modems) Wavecom WISMO 218 / 228 - Linkwave
Hi...I am currently doing a final year project on home alarm systems. I am going to use the gsm (sim340E) to interface with the pic18f4550, but i dont have an idea of how to find the scehmatic diagram. Any suggestions? . Another thing is, I saw a post on this forum on a gsm interacfing with a PIC16f controller. Is it possible to use that (...)
i want a circuit diagram through which i could read sms from a gsm module using a project is "controlling home appliances using sms" --->wanted a circuit diagram interfacing gsm module sim300 and a microcontroller............. urgently plzzzzz someone help me out. my
Hi; I am interfacing SAMBA (gsm Device with USB interface and audio in/out) with PC. I want to receive audio from SAMBA. 1- I made the audio output of SAMBA as input to PC MIC. But when I receive audio it is noisy. 2- But when I listen audio output directly from head phone it is clean. 3- And even more when the MIC from PC is get broug
Hi, I bought a Arduino GPRS+gsm SIM300 Module+Development Board Ver2 module. but I could not interface it with my PC. If i want to communicate with the module while directly connected to my PC via RS232, how do i bridge the P3 pins? I've been trying AT commands and i get no reply from the module. I don't receive an OK whet i type AT, the baud r
Can anyone tell me that how to interface GPS and SIM300(gsm) module together with atmega 32 ? Give me Cicuit diagram and coding if you can. Thanx...................
hiiiii plz need some help and support to understand how the gsm module works? what is inside the gsm module " GM862"? what's the steps to send or receive SMS or call ? what 's the function of AT commands ? thx plz help me . :)
hi, i interfacing gsm sim300 module with 89s52. but i m not able to make a call through controller. plz help me out of this. its urgent.
Hello friend, Can you send me your interfacing circuit diagram. I use P89v51Rd2 means 5V microcontroller and my gsm module (SIM900) is working at 4.2V, so how can i connect my Micro RX, TX which is at 5V to SIM900 RX, TX which is 4.2V support. Please help me to design my circuit. Thanks in advance. Regards, Ghanshyam
Hay Guys, I want to design a project which is used to control the home appliances through SMS using AT89S52 Micro controller. I am able to done the hardware section but i don't understand the programming of this micro controller. From where i should start the programming in c language. I have thoroughly read the AT commands the gsm Module the max
I bought Simcom SIM V_7.03 gsm module, Can i get the datasheet for it, with external components too. I am not able to understand purpose of additional circuit. plz acknowledge me as soon as possible.....