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Hi, We made a voice call using gsm module. But while playing voice which is stoed in apr33a3 module using gsm module, we are receiving a call itself.. can anyone give suggestion?
Hello, I would like to connect audio signal from pc sound card to SIM900 gsm module. I am using simple breakout board from Itead studio, I connected the grounds together and signal form sound card to board input. Only thing that I can hear is noise. If I connect microphone I am able to hear sound. Can somebody help me connect sound to (...)
A possible problem is residual PWM frequency in the audio signal, that can be demodulated by the gsm module. You should provide sufficient low pass filtering. Speech isn't transmitted as analog signal in gsm, it's processed by a kind of Vocoder to reduce signal bandwidth. A worst case, the pwm generated signal, although accepted by your (...)
Hello! I am working on one of my project embedding gsm module (SIM900). The dimension specs are very strict and everything is soldered on 2-layer PCB (dimension are only arround: 4.5x4.0 cm). My design also includes 2 electret microphones (2-pins mode like this:
Hello Fellow Dudes, Recently i have connected a TC35i via Development board, everything is okay. Doing the dialing thing and messging thing! I am totally new to this & i have bothered to read both the AT Commands sheet for the TC35I. Mr & Mrs dudes, I want the gsm module to become voice or lets say noise activated; to ring a (...)
hi, i am designing a sim 300 modem. I want to know how to design the power supply,what are the components to be used,their values , what about the specifications and the logic diagram. where can i get the required details?
Dear mate, Is there any documentation regarding the gsm Roaming Tester? What is this? How it wotking? system? and... thanks in advance. :?:
Hi professionals, Recently I met a problem of wide band noise in receive band which is over specifications. I jumped the EVB RF signal wired to my module board, then the problems's gone. Thus I would suspect that it's more like a digital interference to RF circuit. The spectral spurs are frequency (15MHz/10MHz) offset to desired frequency chan