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Hi marya2 As you know unlike the gsm in UMTS (i.e mainly wcdma) you should consider the network load to determine the cell radius and you cannot use the simple link budget formula. Take a look at
Hello, Dear all There is a useful android app that i created yesterday. Name: RF BAND CONFIG 102282 With those functions For RF engineer to design circuit easily with referred list including High,Mid and Low channel. ##Support gsm four band, ALL wcdma(1~29), ALL TDSCDMA(A-F), LTE(1-31),
Dear all, Wish you a nice day! This is lily zhao, international sale manager from Antetec Technologies Ltd (ISO9001:2000) in Beijing, China. Antetec Technologies Ltd is a factory, specialised in designing and producing external/embedded antennas, up to 6000MHz, used in gsm, 3G, CDMA, wcdma, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, WLAN wireless equipment
Hi Guys, I am working on a project that require me to develop a device which will scan limited spectrum detect gsm, wcdma or LTE signal and then record the signal strengh, pilot number and signal quality. Any suggession?
Your initial statement was correct. wcdma ETSI spec (as well gsm and LTE all are the same) have requirements for spurious emissions outside of the band (including harmonics) as in the table below. These are system requirements for out-of-band spurious emissions, so if a PA fail this spec, doesn't mean cannot be used. wcdma systems (...)
Doubt there might be one since simply listening to any engineering topic doesn't really work but does anyone know of any podcasts about LTE and its releases or other radio access technologies like wcdma or gsm ? :grin:
Hi everybody, Who knows 3G RF Planning and Optimization Software(UMTS/gsm/wcdma)? Where can I download the free software?Thank you I doubt you can (legally at least). It's a very complex topic, and software for this sort of thing costs a fortune. Dave
hello edaboard members, i want matlab code for simulate 3 wireless network. i want to simulate inter system handover from gsm to wcdma and wcdma to gsm. how will i detect call drop and how i can measure this in inter system handover,, plz help me.. send me sugesstion in detailed document.. thanks (...)
Hi,everyone,I am Stephen from China,we supply wireless module and GPS tracker gsm/GPRS Module: SIM900/SIM900A/SIM900B/SIM900D wcdma/HSPA Module:SIM5215/SIM5216/SIM5218/SIM5320 GPS Module:SIM08/SIM18 Short-Range Module:SIM20 GPS trackers: Vehicle Locator GV100 Child GPS phone GT200 Personal GPS mobile phone GT300 Pet tracker GL100 and G
Hello, I am trying to learn the major causes of desense on gsm/wcdma/wifi/GPS systems. What are the major sources of desense on a phone packed with all these standards, how to mitigate the desense? -USB cable can affect 2G/3G RX channels -wcdma TX can affect wcdma RX channels -2G/3G can affect GPS signals - etc (...)
Because different system have different modulation, gsm uses GMSK, mainly for voice. And EDGE modulation is more complicated. So the peak-average-ratio of the systems are different. If EDGE peka power is 70W, the average power should be 45W. And you can estimate the wcdma power maybe can't reach 45W. What is power value? There are some specificati
As far as I know the standard (either gsm or LTE) specifies the overall performance and emission of the device not a component,
From my knowledge only cellular systems as (gsm, wcdma, WiMAX, CDMA, etc.) and Bluetooth, have RF specifications for blocking. But this doesn't means that other RF systems will work fine with any blocker present at the input. See the attachment for Bluetooth blocking requirements, and you can implement somehow for Zigbee. The blocking signal is CW
Hello everybody, I am looking for some advanced tutorials /books on this subject , there is a lot of material on in-building optimization and design of gsm/wcdma systems. hav'nt found yet on LTE Is there a big diferrence ? any help would be appreciated .
Dear Users, I am looking for any kind of help regarding any VHDL programming of gsm CDMA wcdma LTE HSPA WiMAX. I am working on a project where we have to develop a chip which will work in all protocols. Many Thanks
Hi, Does 3G standard specifies low power modes in broadband modules? For example, some manufacturers like Option GTM661 specifies two low power modes: 1.Sleep 1mA max (USB off) 2.Standby 1.5mA max (gsm DRX=5, wcdma SCI=2) Does power consumption depends only on modem manufacturers or standard specifies it? - tantudaisu -
The main difference is: 1. Data rate 2. Modulation scheme used 3. Bandwidth You can get some information from these sites: 3gLteInfo: UMTS tutorials, LTE tutorials, HSDPA tutorials, HSUPA tutorials, HSPA+ tutorials, wcdma tutorials, 3G tutorials, gsm tutorials, GPRS tutorials 3G and 4G
Hi everybody! I use Matlab Simulink to simulate the co-existence between gsm and wcdma. I have wcdma and gsm model (Tx and Rx ), however I don't know how to transmit both in a channel.I try to transmit them in AWGN channel but it has just 1 input... What should i do now?
hi anyone help me out to learn about wcdma channels concept... i studied gsm channels from various resource in net. i understand clearly.. but i am not having clear understanding of UMTS channles.. need a good document ,resource to understand clearly .
The bandwidth for UMTS is 5 MHz but i was just wondering if the carrier is always spaced @ centre of 5MHz block? & what is the importance of channel raster in UMTS (& gsm)
I want to model on the softeware Optisystem the various standards,using a LiNb Mach-Zehnder Modulator, and a PD. The signals I want to transmit are CDMA,gsm,wcdma and so on. During the simulation, I find that in the receiver it is diffcuty to separate the signals.I try to use filters to separate the signals, but this method is failed. Does
hi We have ever implemented CDMA network (2000 1x 450MHz and 2000 1x EV-DO). But now, we selected UMTS network for developing our network. We don't have gsm network background. So i must rent a gsm network in my country to roam. Because in phase 1, i can't coverage 3G for all of whole country. Do you have any document which say about this ploble
Hi there, I have a short question regarding the 3G mobile phone system. I read the stuff on 1G, 2G, and 3G. Right now I just want to confirm if they all have the same structure ... meaning they all have to go through the same stages of cellular mobile system where main difference lies in the technology they use (CDMA, wcdma, gsm, AMPS, TACS and etc
Should a 3G mobile handset support gsm and wcdma. tri bands. The classification 2G 3G DEPENDS ON DATA RATE. ALSO In 3GPP LTE is it mandatory that mobiles should be able to switch between gsm AND CDMA NETWORKS.FOR INTEROPERABILITY. thanks and regards GV
CDMA and gsm are basically different as gsm uses TDMA where each user is allocated with a time certain time slot out of 8-time slots. So the time axis is sub-divided and allocated to users. When one user's slot is on, other user signals are off. However, in CDMA users are seperate by codes not in time. These codes are user specific and prefered
Who can tell me what are the differences between these comunication standard? What is the operating frequency range of each of them? Thanks.
Hello, Baseband circuits for gsm and wcdma are very complex ICs which incorporates DSP circuits(modulator, demodulator...), audioprocessing, CPU, memory and so on. Try to take a look to the main baseband manufacturer like TI, NXP, Qualcomm websites if you can gather some very top level block diagram.s Hope this helps.
Hi, Does anybody know the piece of baseband and audio circuits design including Analog and Digital for gsm,GPRS,wcdma and WiMAX cell phones? I always have no way to look for the whole of information. If yes,would you please write down some basic concepts to this board? Or if you have some related articles to show me,would you please t
i M student of Computer Engineering..Should i do My final year project in wireless communcation or in gsm,CDMA,wcdma... i don't know Which Is better ,plz tell me the best one and suggest Project re;eted to that.. thank you Ednan
How the receiver locks first to the signal? does it do symbol timing lock first, then frequency lock then phase lock? SAy for gsm? How about wcdma? How about FM? If the receiver can lock to the freq using AFC, so what is the point of TCXO? why not just use a crystal? Thanks in advance.
How the receiver locks first to the signal? does it do symbol timing lock first, then frequency lock then phase lock? SAy for gsm? How about wcdma? How about FM? If the receiver can lock to the freq using AFC, so what is the point of TCXO? why not just use a crystal? Thanks in advance.
Hi, Please tell me if you know some IC transceivers for gsm and wcdma Base Stations. thanks
2G used CDMA and gsm mostly... some hybrids are being considered for 3G....
Hello m a Student Of Computer Engineering.. and i am starting my final year Project... Please suggest me a project on CDMA, Wireless communication gsm or wcdma along with relevant links and materials for final year. Ednan
Please suggest me a project on CDMA, gsm or wcdma along with relevant links and materials for final year.
Hello, gsm is more dedicated for voice call while wcdma is more suitable for data transportation (video....). Since gsm uses a constant envelop modulation, I think that the efficiency is better than with wcdma system (non-constant envelop). Regards.
i use the AD8313 to do the power detector ,the result in gsm power amplifier, at dirst i use the gsm signal from the E4438C and then use the wcdma, the result is the solpe is the same and the offset is different, i think the simulation is only a guide; at last i use the AD8362 to solve this problem
for example, maximum gsm, CDMA wcdma and WLAN etc. Is there anybody knows the exact value of them??
Different communication standards have their specical working frequency range. As for frequency synthesizer, how to define the spec ?
as there is boom for 3g and 4g. so u should de a research based project in wcdma which is the advance version of current gsm. 1-OFDMA channel codding 2-study of 3G and 4G technology. 3-Memo Channel Codding 4-interconversion from 2.5G to 4G 5-implimentation of WiMAX. 6-Wimax channel codding. 7-CDMA and gsm roming and handoff (one of (...)
i am not sure but may be the power levels of the gsm are much higer than the CDMA which makes the effect more noticable
The SDR should have the capability to modulate/demodulate GMSK, QPSK, 16 QAM and 64 QAM and support CDMA/gsm/wcdma, police and military communication standards. The major parts of the modulation/demodulation were done in the DSP software instead of the hardware.
How about a better question. Your question of "Which is better, gsm or CDMA" is like asking "How high is up?". First, you have to decide what you mean by "better". You could mean -More widely used -lowest cost implementation -highest spectral efficiency (Bits/Sec/Hz as a metric) -Subscriber capacity per base station and that's just wha
does any one have experiences on design multimode receiver for mobile phone ( gsm 900, 1800,1900, wcdma) or any books or paper about it.
according to my understanding the gsm which we are using right now is 2.5G & CDMA is also belongs to 2.5G. But wcdma and UMTS etc belongs to 3G, as 3G/4G basically provides an advantage of multimedia content delivery over these networks; is the main advantage.
These standards are part of 3GPP Evolution. They evolved as below. gsm-->GPRS-->EDGE-->WCDM(UMTS)-->HSDPA. gsm did not support packet data. GPRS supported packet data at 171.2 kbps theoretically with new network elements in Core network (SGSN and GGSN). EDGE uses same network elements as GPRS but with new Modulations (8PSK) i
The noise figure is measured by integrating noise power across the full-received signal bandwidth of 3.84 MHz using a matched filter. 3.84MHz is the channel Bandwidth and 5MHz is the channel spacing. Receiver sensitivity according to 3GPP spec is measured in dBm/3.84MHz. In gsm the channel Bandwidth is 180kHz and channel spacing is 200kHz.
Hi Can anyone know where can I find more information for gsm and wcdma for 1. Power Level Phasing, 2. LNA Phasing 3. Channel Phasing Thanks & appreciated.
gsm:global system for mobile communications cdma: code division multiple access wcdma: white cdma tcp:transmission control protocol udp:user datagram protocol best regards
Biasing a PA is a challenge especially when is using digital modulation. In gsm handset the bias of the PA it depend for what topology is used for Power Amplifier: Base/Gate voltage control (usually for closed loop approach) and Collector/Drain voltage control (open loop approach). In CDMA/wcdma things are different. The PA should be very linear,