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hello members after a long and patient search i have got synopys dc wint nt 2000.11 from a board member . yu guys must be knowing that a good board member uploaded it in 39 zip 4mb zip files in his ftp server which is now closed. i have installed it successfully . however when i try to b build the gtech files from hdl sources then i get the
Hi all, When synthesizing RTL to netllists, synopsys Design Compiler will read gtech lib to generate a technology-independent netlist before reading lib from foundary such as TSMC. My question is what's the format of the file mapped from gtech lib? Could the file mapped from gtech lib be written out? How to do that? (...)
synopsys gtech is in synopsys .db format. ------------------------------------------------------------------ You can find it unfer the tool install directory, $install_dir > find . -name "gtech.db"
Dear all, I am studying synopsys Design Compile now,can any one help to explain that the difference between gtech library and DesignWare Library? Thanks a lot! David
Hello, Pay attention to the paths you are writing in the variables: link_library = { vlsicad/micsoft/IBM_CMOS8/A should be: link_library = { vlsicad/micsoft/IBM_CMOS8/A Maybe that "/" caused the problem..... I hope this helps! hi all I am stuck with a strange problem. here is my .synopsys_dcset up file :
Hi bcdeepak, What do you mean by "using its library (default)". Is it a generic library or gtech? I hope it is not a generic library. Cause you can't use this lib to synthesize and layout your design. You need a real tech lib, ex. tsmc or ami or others and you must use the same tech lib for synthesis and layout. Hope it helps.
Hi, I am using synopsys DC ultra (topo) for synthesis with provided reference methodology by synopsys, However, aftert synthesis I got netlist with gtech components, How can I map my design to Technology library ? Thanks, bj
if you haven't specific technology library, you can use generic one, that comes with DesignCompiler. Example: set target_library "/libraries/syn/gtech.db" analyze elaborate compile Then, open GUI.
I'm using synopsys DC to synthesize a design, the compilation finishes with no errors, also all warnings are reasonable (unconnected signals and so). the problem is when I check the verilog netlist I find gtech cells! most cells are mapped to library cells as normal, but there are some unmapped gtech cells (basic AND2/XOR2/INV cells) and (...)
Hi The Intel 8237A is a simple DMA controller. In order to simplify using this controller for educational purposes, many of the advanced features have been removed. A detailed description of what is supported and what is not supported can be found below. The 8237A can be easily incorporated into a design with minimal setup and/or initialization
Hi.. Need help about my problem.. I want to use synopsys simulation tool which version is 2000.02. I use 'licgen0.3b' tool and match the license.. But it doesn't operate correctly.. When I saw the .log file, tool couldn't access license manager. If U know this problem.. plz reply this board or E-mail.
upload a guide for synopsys install. Uploaded file: synopsys.pdf
Anyone have synopsys DC workshop pdf files? please upload it!!! Thanks!
How to convert synopsys gtech.db to Debussy's symbol library?
Is synopsys 2002.05 out yet? If so, where can I download? TIA
i want to design my idea,so i need a standcell lib for synopsys and verilog simulation lib ,so who can give me thanks a lot.
Who can tell me how to install sysnopsys in red hat 7.3? I iinstall sysnopsys 2001.08 OK, but don't install the license.
Hi all! I need Fpga compiler from synopsys...please help me!! Thank you verry much! Ramo
I could not run the main shell script for installing synopsys 2002.05 core synthesis under redhat 8. when you invoke shell script, it generates some error messages. any idea?
Hi, In recent weeks, I saw some of the members looking for a solution to run nanosim under linux. I wanted just to mention that if you need any help about it, I can help. Due to forum rules, I can not say any thing more. Correct?
Hi everyone, I installed synopsys 2000.5 and used design analyzer but there is no way to plot the schematic after synthesis. What is the problem ? There is no menu for plot in design analyzer, so is this related to license file? Please help me. I think that everything is working perfectly except plotting.
Who can share his synopsys SOLD with me, only for one week? Then I will give them back to him. :lol: (This is a legal post.)
it is said that synopsys dc has many bug. who can point?
Anyone who use synopsys's PowerCompiler together with VCS to analyze power? We must install and configure PLI interface first. Two files are needed---- and libvpower.a, right! I am trying to do this under Linux environment but there's no libvpower.a file for Linux, that means only the file for HPux, Sun and Solaris OS is there. So how
Anyone who use synopsys's PowerCompiler together with VCS to analyze power? We must install and configure PLI interface first. Two files are needed---- and libvpower.a, right! I am trying to do this under Linux environment but there's no libvpower.a file for Linux, that means only the file for HPux, Sun and Solaris OS. So how can I d
synopsys FPGA dEsign Methodology Using FC
hi, I am trying to synthesize my code for Spartan device using synopsys FPGA Compiler. However, I am not being able to locate the libraries required for the synopsys tool to work. I found library for XC4000 devices on Xilinx Website; however there seems to be no further information on how to get or generate library for Spartan family. Can
Any idea how to do this?
Hi synopsys Synthesizable VHDL Model of the LC-2 Processor 1. -> t tnx
What is the best synthesis methodology? can you explain that? I am newbie to synopsys synthesis
For Analog Design and Digitial Design With Syn@psys what tools are needed?
Hello everybody. I was wondering if there is a way to take full advantage of SMP with synopsys stuff on Linux. Is there maybe an option to set the number of processors to be used? Would be also nice to find out if is possible to use also it in a cluster. Bye!
Why synopsys give up the FE?
XlibCreator is a library development kit that includes scripts, templates, and executables designed to assist you in generating a synthesis technology library for LeonardoSpectrum. It includes syngen.exe, translator for synopsys .lib to Exemplar libgen.
I found very useful website from Virginia Tech. I learned how to use synopsys and Cadence tool by following the instruction. It might be very helpful for someone who want to start using synopsys or Cadence tool. Also you can get free cad tool for testing including source code. here is the link.
Hi, I've tried to use the Boundary Scan Compiler from synopsys, through the dc_shell interface. Unfortunalety it doesn't work ... probably I'm doing some stupid error (at the end I get TEST-930 error) Does someone has a working script example ? thanks proton
Hello all, synopsys Provides free online tutors in the following link - Advanced Chip Synthesis - Desktop VHDL - Desktop Verilog Download and benefit. Regards BELL
An excellent article on a systematic way to write testbenches by synopsys is available at Thanks DrBELL
Hi synopsys Synthesizable VHDL Model of the LC-2 Processor 1. -> t tnx
Last night's solution: synopsys has changed its Linux GUI in their latest releases. For those using version 2002-05-SP1 or SP2, Design Vision, Prime Time, CoCentric and other tools use the MainWin library. This works fine with Red Hat 7.2, 7.3 (tested) and as I have heard 8.0 (no news about 9.0). However, when using eXceed from a connected Windo
T*S*M*C Pads file(.db and .lib)for synopsys!!!
hi, does anyone have a link where i can download synopsys Vera and synopsys VCS.
is synopsys going to port vcs to NT?
By Michael Santarini, EE Times Jun 2, 2003 (10:12 AM) URL: San Mateo, Calif. - At the 40th Design Automation Conference this week in Anaheim, Calif., synopsys Inc. will demonstrate the most recent version of its register-transfer-level-to-GDSII integrated tool bundle, Galaxy, with new signal-inte
I installed synopsys core synthesizer 2002.05 under redhat 7.3,when I use design_analyzer gui read in files, it crashed everytime; and I use design_vision,it can read and synthesize the vhdl files,view schematics, and so on, but when I use save as function, it crashed too, anybody know why?
hehe. I have some question regarding synopsys VERA. How do I execute VERA Testbench? Do I need only software VERA 5.1.1 from synopsys FTP in order to execute VERA coded testbench? Or, I will need to install synopsys VCS version xx and VERA 5.1.1 software. please clarify. Does synopsys VCS Win-NT 2000.5 has Vera (...)