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hello members after a long and patient search i have got synopys dc wint nt 2000.11 from a board member . yu guys must be knowing that a good board member uploaded it in 39 zip 4mb zip files in his ftp server which is now closed. i have installed it successfully . however when i try to b build the gtech files from hdl sources then i get the
Hi all, When synthesizing RTL to netllists, synopsys Design Compiler will read gtech lib to generate a technology-independent netlist before reading lib from foundary such as TSMC. My question is what's the format of the file mapped from gtech lib? Could the file mapped from gtech lib be written out? How to do that? (...)
synopsys gtech is in synopsys .db format. ------------------------------------------------------------------ You can find it unfer the tool install directory, $install_dir > find . -name "gtech.db"
Dear all, I am studying synopsys Design Compile now,can any one help to explain that the difference between gtech library and DesignWare Library? Thanks a lot! David
hi all, I have doubts about ".synopsys_dc.setup" file. hope someone can help...! 1) when search path is given a path fpr example " search_path = {} + search_path, what the + search_path mean ? I mean why I need to include search_path = {"original path"} + search_path 2) About technology files :- I have ".db and .lib" bu
Hello, Pay attention to the paths you are writing in the variables: link_library = { vlsicad/micsoft/IBM_CMOS8/A should be: link_library = { vlsicad/micsoft/IBM_CMOS8/A Maybe that "/" caused the problem..... I hope this helps! hi all I am stuck with a strange problem. here is my .synopsys_dcset up file :
Hi bcdeepak, What do you mean by "using its library (default)". Is it a generic library or gtech? I hope it is not a generic library. Cause you can't use this lib to synthesize and layout your design. You need a real tech lib, ex. tsmc or ami or others and you must use the same tech lib for synthesis and layout. Hope it helps.
Hi Bhargav, In synopsys you have .synopsys_dc_setup file. In this file you have to specify your link and target library in order to map your logic to actual library. If you don't specify any library as target and link lib. it will map the logic is its standard gtech library(generic tech library). Hope this will solve your problem.......
if you haven't specific technology library, you can use generic one, that comes with DesignCompiler. Example: set target_library "/libraries/syn/gtech.db" analyze elaborate compile Then, open GUI.
How to convert synopsys gtech.db to Debussy's symbol library?
It seems none of the business of library_compiler, because it even cannot read the gtech library. The following is the messege: Loading db file '/local/eda/synopsys/libraries/syn/dw_foundation.sldb' Error: Can't read unprotected library 'dw_foundation.sldb'. (DDB-44) Loading db file (...)
when i finish elaborate step using dc, i get gtech netlist. i set dont_touch in this module, and then synthesize this module or synthesize the upper module, i want to know that whether i can get the gatelist that have mapped to target library? If the module to which you applied constraint dont_touch is a library specifi
coreConsultant can also generate what is called a gtech representation of the core. This can be used for simulation with any simulation tool. You will have to have the synopsys gtech libraries to do so. gtech is in a netlist format fyi. To generate readable rtl, you need the core's source license.
Hi All, My customer use synopsys gtech gate level netlist verilog format as hand-off format. (set target_library = gtech.db in DC) But we use Cadence RTL compiler as synthesis tool. How to compile synopsys gtech gate netlist in RTL compiler to otimize and map to technology library cells?
I am using Design Compiler, width tsmc 0.13 Asic library. The tsmc library provides full adder cell but Design Compiler is not using it. I instantiated a full adder using the component instantiation as descripted in Designware User Guide. library IEEE, gtech; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use gtech.gtech_components.all; entity (...)
you must use dont_touch on library cell, not math logic. synopsys will translate math logic to gtech library, then map to target library. If you want delay chain. Just use target cell directly. then set_dont_touch on them.
Hi, synopsys has a tool design compiler. Following is a method to create gate level equivalent for There gtech library. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To create a netlist with gates that are technology independent, you should use a generic library, such as the generic technology
I want to run fm_shell using multi cpus in one servel (not multi sevel) but it seems not work. Hostname: RHEL37 (amd64) Current time: Thu Sep 17 11:32:11 2009 Loading db file '/tool/synopsys/fm_2007.06_SP3/libraries/syn/gtech.db' fm_shell (setup)> add_distributed_processors rhel37*4 Status: Forking successful
Hi, I am trying to estimate the gate count of my design. I do not have a target technology library at hand. Hence I decided to synthesize the design using synopsys Design Compiler and get the netlist in gtech. I assume that gtech_NAND2 is equal to 1 cell. Then i plan to estimate the cell count of the design (in terms of NAND2 cells) (...)
if DC cant find any scan cell in .lib file, it will keep it with the gtech models in the verilog.
Hi, guys, I need ur help,thx! I have problems while elaborating the FFT_256 project from FFT/IFFT 256 points processor :: Overview :: OpenCores ) in the synopsys design compiler. I dont know why this happen because I synthesized the same design in Virtex4 FPGA using synpl
Hi,guys,would you help me sth. about report_area command ,thx. I synthesized the can bus RTL in Design Compiler,and set the target_library "gtech.db".I didn't involve any constraint while compiling and after finishing the compile, the information read: **************************************** Report : area Design : can_top Version: C-2009.0
Hey Thanks for your reply I realized that registers are not design ware. What do you mean by should specify standard.sldb as target library??? isnt target library suppose to be technology lib like faraday fsc0h.?? also i realized that synthesis of design is inferring everything(and, or, nand) from gtech lib but not standard.sldb? if u
what is the importance of gtech libraries in synthesis?? i mean in the process of synthesis, why we have to first transform to gtech cells, and what happened, if we directly mapped with technology dependent cell in target libraries...
I'm beginner of using Design compiler (synopsys) but I want to know the library file ,such as lsi_10k .db , class.db, gtech.db. which company serves this library or which nanometer they are served. though I looked for this data in solvnet, and also throw a question via e-mails, but They didn't give a clear answer. How can I get this inform