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vpp needs to be 12v5 to 13v5 or so.. if you build gtp usb plus and programmed it with the firmware that you can get on the net or emule, then it is gtp usb lite firmware, and wont work with gtp usb plus hardware ! you need to build gtp usb lite (...)
you can get the firmware and all the step by step to make your gtp usb LITE here :
I just received a gtp usb + and i made a zif socket pcb for it, but ironically only 18pin pics' are working. For 40 pin pics it says "Write error". i double checked my circuit nothing seems to be wrong. any one know what might be the mistake ? thanx
winpic800, gtp usb PIC Programmer, Schemati, PCB, HEX, Photos please, pcb in pdf format. thanks.
Dear everybody, I'm losing my hope with this programmer: gtp-usb lite. I have download many firmware versions (of PIC18F2550), and nothing happen when I plug my board into usb port on my computer. I use winpic800 3.55b, (I have 3.55b, c, d, g). But the computer didn't recorgnize anything. Could anybody help me? If your board work , (...)
gtp usb LITE nedd external power supply???? How many volts must be it???? THANKS
Hi ! I have a charge circuit for PIC named gtp-usb, like this Then I use printer cable, one end connect with the port placed in circuit, one end connect with usb port of computer. The hardware driver setup screen appears, I follows the wizard and at last it says "The hardware was not instal
Hi there, currently i have a gtp usb Lite prog. I'm using Winpic800 v3.55 to prog my PIC in XP. Anyone has the usb driver and firmware(18f2550) for it to work in Vista? Thanks.
Hi, I started this topics to see if gtp-usb lite users or makers are having problems with their home-made hardware. who knows i might solve it
gtp usb+ is not free. The others are. Suggestion: forget about the gtp and build a PicKit2. Blueroomelectronics has an excellent kit (Junebug). It is, however, limited to 5v devices. funnynypd also has an excellent kit. It programs both 3v and 5v devices, but uses smt/smd components (not as easy to build). Last I heard, he was (...)
Hello, everyone, I built the programmer gtp-usb-# 0 and use WINPIC800 V3.55g. I have the following problem: I can not program the pic. An error message "ERROR -> no is answer of hardware" This error only happens on my computer in my house. Already on the computer of a friend that recorder works very well! This error occurs on ot
I recently built a gtp usb Lite programmer following the documentation on When i connect it to my pc , it does not detect the programmer giving a "usb device not recognized" error. I dont think that there are any hardware errors in my circuit. I cant understand why the circuit does not work. Also (...)
download it and find ur requerment
with the pickit2 you can program AND debug (trace) your programs. the gtp is only for programming. also the gtp usb lite works only with winpic v3.55 - so there are quite no updates for new pics since a long time. so for me pickit2 wins.
I need the hex file of gtp usb Plus...Please mail it to me Thanks
hi here is gtpusb plus firmware it is basically pickit2 firmware moded to work with gtp usb plus version hardware you have to program the chip with this firmware regards Fragrance
dear friend i made gtp-usb plus but i don't have firmware so if any body having firmware of gtp-usb plus so send me at and i tried old firmware of gtp-usb summer is not working. thanking
better build a pickit2 (clone) or icd2 (clone) today than trying to make a gtp usb clone which , in its free version, doesnt support recent pics... you must use a gtp usb LITE and the gtp software v3.55 if any of the two is not right, nothing can work.
hello guys i need 'gtp usb 2005 summer driver' for VISTA or WIN7 thanks for your helping Added after 12 minutes: oh.. notice: NOT for xp or gtp usb + (plus)
hello dear friends i am raj i had made gtp-usb plus but i dont have firmware it not working with gtp-usb-lite firware so i request to all please send me firmware for above programmer firmware thanking you rajendra kumar
Here is my own version of gtp-usb Lite using PIC18F4550...Since I was not able to find locally the 18F2550 i used a bigger
hello friends, did any one find the solution for how to make gtp usb PIC programmers supporting windws 7 and vista ?,like all of you I read about PICkit 2, but as you can see it costing kit incontrast to gtp usb PIC programmers thank you all of you
hello guys i have gtp-usb 2005 summer edition ,i would like to know how to make it run on windows xp mode cauz my laptop runs windows 7 . when i plug the programmer in nothing detected so, what's wrong ????help plz thanks
Hi Friends, I need firmware for gtp usb Plus Programmer. Helping in this regard will be highly appreciated. regards
Hhole project with original proteus pcb files....schematics, source code, assembly photos..... And..I get this code from some where.... basically its pickit2 code modified to use with gtp plus.... I'm working on others projects these days so didn't get time so uploading if anyone working on this project plz test this code and tell me so
hi, I have built a gtp usb lite pic programmer.... it seems that the programmer is working in the desktop computers but it failed to function in laptops.... i got the circuit and firmware from the site ali3nworld: gtp-usb-Lite Programmer (again) - daily visit
narccizzo, gtp-usb programmer firmware is not longer free! that's why it is not included in .zip file
use the gtp-usb summer 2005 programer. it's free 100%
gtp usb lite is a free usb pic programmer gtp usb is a paying one you can search for gtp usb on the forum there is a topic with schematics and firmwares. original paying =
Has anyone try this b4?? It says that it can run in Windows as well, but need to type commands similar to linux to download hex files into microC. Is there any downloader software like ICprog or WInpic that is compatible with this programmer? Or any other recommends on avr usb programmer that is like the gtp usb?? Plz h
Hello. I am new to this forum. Does anyone know have a schematic for a usb Programmer? I have built the gtp usb-lite programmer, but windows didn't recognized it, it says "Unknown device", even thow I have installed the usb drivers. Thank you. What version of winpin800 are you using?
do you know the list of supported device? I think the list was not complete because it only show 18 series device only. :D Added after 10 minutes: If you want you can try gtp usb programmer the lite is free just try to search for it here. Or you can build DIY KIT 128. I have the schematic, source c
you can also make yourself a icd2 clone (the one with full usb support - pic18f4550 and 16f877) it is some more expensive, but it will program all the pics, and you can debug your program too... this usb jdm programmer will not program modern pics, and as it is still rs232 it will be very slow to program big pics with 16k or more flash in it...
Verify your cable usb (gtp usb needs cable usb 2.0 with maximum of length 1.8M). Do you have gtp-usb PLUS? If your gtp usb goes LITE then you need the usb host.
Hi, gtp usb for Pic. refer to:
I´ve problem when programming 16F627a in WinPic800 v3,55g and gtpusbLite. It say verify at 0x0000h. Other chips 18f2550 16f876A work fine. When I use JDM hw and WinPic800 verify OK but still can´t detect device ID I´m not sure if UTp usb LITE support this chip. /I must use usb vesion./ Any ideas...,? Please help (...)
You can also try gtp usb programmer
Hello ppl... i need a usb ICSP pic programmer.... i thought of making a gtp usb Lite mentioned on the webite but m confused... Pls help... Sidy
As you say, If you have "bought" the usb programmer, ask the vendor about which is the programming software to be used with the same. If it is a Pickit2 clone, the Pickit2 programming software may be used. gtp usb, Brenner and other versions of usb based programmer and softwares are other possiblities.
gtp usb PIC PROGRAMMER (Open Source)
Hi, I am from Embedded Software world mainly linux. Want to do some kind of prototype using PIC. (never used before) so i need a programmer. found gtp usb and Junebug pickit2 lite (PK2 Lite) want to make junebug in breadboard, anybody has done this? Initially need to program the PIC18F, how can I do that? (who came first egg or chick
i have the version gtp usb lite the file include .hex file for the pic 18f2550 please dont post things that are freely available on internet... and that are described one page before !!!!
gtp-usb Plus :
DOES ANYBODY HAS A SCHEMATIC FOR DSPIC PROGRAMMER??...............THANKS Added after 30 minutes: I already found one "gtp-usb+", but it needs a firmware, does any knows this programmer?
gtp-usb-Lite Programmer cam program 12F509
gtp-usb+ is an excellent
Hello mate, I trying to construct a usb programmer like the gtp-usb and the Brenner8 found here: I can't get hold old 18F2550..can I used 18F2455 instead? TIA
ISP Programmer: gtp-usb Lite Operating system: Winxp Chip: Supports PICS and memory Software in used for programming it: winpic800 ver 3.55g I use gtp-usb Lite programmer lots of supported device the only con is the software upgrade. The newer software (winpic800 ver 3.61) does not support this device. The new version (...)
Why not try the gtp-usb it supports pic programming and eeprom programming the plus version even supports atmel MCU.
I'm making this poll because I'm planning to buy a new laptop. I just want to make sure that the one I'll choose is recommended. I plan to use this in programming PIC microcontroller using gtp-usb-Lite. Please post your brand and OS used. Share your comments, experience and ideas. Thanks :D