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Hi,As we know,in a gyrator active inductor,L=c/gm?. If we choose a capacitor value as small as possible,then the gm becomes small too,so the power consumption is small,which gives both area and power reduction. so my question is how to choose gm and capacitor value in reason?
Hi Guys In wikipedia gyrator, they use a amplifer to replace the gyrator. They claimed the attached circuit are equivilent. First, I can not equal these two circuits. Second, even they can equal, how does it relative to the gyrator idea? In other words, how can a op-am function as a gyrator? Normaly you use two for (...)
Hi ByNeo458, it works as a voltage to voltage coupling, like an ideal transformer. See also: . Enjoy your design work!
111618 how to find the impedance of the gyrator circuit and do the analysis to find Zin?? how are 2nd ,3rd and 4th equations obtained?? Plz help...
I would like to design active inductor (based on gyrator-C topology) with a wide tuning of L and Q value and will try to implement it on LNA. My problem is, to ensure lower L value, we need high current (>>1mA)! This will make my design is very bad in power consumption and furthermore worst in noise as active inductor generates high noise. I nee
Actually, I am very new in this area. I set my quality factor as 10, thus BW is 1.3MHz. May i know how to get dB. Today, I have read journal on 2.5GHz inductorless RF Bandpass Filter. They applied gyrator-C inductor topology, biquadratic bandpass filter. I don't really understand it. Is it suitable to used for my research? I have read s
Hi, I think you can get 8-th order Ladder filter cofficient. And use gyrator known-how to transfer the cofficients to what you want!
Cutting story short, this circuit imposes dc voltage (≈150Vdc, depending on the Zener diode used) on AC isolated circuits, so first of all, circuit under protection has to be isolated. It basically monitors DC resistance to ground. This "funny" (as you said) circuit is a single opamp gyrator and together with 6.8nF capacitor builds equivalen
Google. Read about gyrator circuits.
your requirement is not clear . What you would like to do ? To get all phones listen to each other just out electronic gyrator or simple 1 - 2 kOm 2 watt resistor to DC 48 volts and connect phones in parallel with one sode connected to resistor and another to ground . That is simplest and it works . But if you want to improive speech quality (the
well capacitors have a lot of use like bypassing, power supply noise rejection and in some cases even the replacement of an inductor using gyrator etc... new uses are often being found so you can understand them only by analysing circuits...
I am studying the ployphase filter. (using a gyrator) Why the frequecny response are different when the phase of the inputs are different during the ac analysis. Could you subject any reference for me? Thank you!
this question was faced by one of my seniors during an interview how do we realise a inductor using 1 op-amp and 3 capacitors using a circuit sometimes called gyrator, it's possible to simulate an inductor. This circuit use one op-amp, one capacitor and two resistors. You can visit the following links: h
Look for the circuit of Generalized Impedance converters or gyrators....
you can get the filter prototype by filter design software, and then replace the inductor included by gyrator and capacitor, its a easy way to design a elliptic filter. hope it helps!
I was trying to simulate an negative transconductance oscillator using active inductor in spectre in .18u technology.but i was not getting any active inductor is basic gyrator C topology.when i tried to do tran analysis i was getting exponentially rising curve.. can any one please help me Is phase noise respons of oscillator using
RC implemented with only R and C in order to get L for Bandpass function, you need gyrator which convert the C to L. and LC implemented with both L and C.
Does any body know how to simuate (in spectre) to find the inductance of gyrator based active inductor??? Thanks.
Hi i have a doubt can i use a active inductor based on a gyrator for RFIC
Hi,all I want design a 7th low pass filter use LC ladder method, then use signal flow to convert it into inverting intergrator and non-inverting intergrator format. I'm not very clear with the relationship about L & C value with the cut-off frequency.Also I want to realize the active inductor with gyrator-C .what's the relationship with the opamp(
Hi mathuranathan, Its true, I checked repeatedly the pic, it has a line at ca. 5Hz_is knowed the origin of that, is it a real signal pls? If yes_of course, a bandpass is wished, but 50Hz is relative bulky_or need sinthetyc inductances/multiplyd capacitors or even gyrator circuit... K.
Ideal circulator is describes by ideal gyrators. Describe ideal gyrator by Verilog-A. The followings are general notes for you. - Always describe correct tool's name and vendor's name which you use as tool or simulator. - Don't do multiple posts which are same content. - Don't request source code or behavioral model without any efforts.
You can you gm_C filter which is based on gyrator. So first you find the passive BPF that you want to implement and then substitute each inductor with a combination of gyrator and capacitor. It is on-chip or off-chip filter. If it is off-chip, you might have problems to fulfill this spec.
Hi all, Recently,I am designing a 7th-order elliptic OTA-C filter,I got the prototype from the software of filtersolution , then replaced the passive components (resistor and inductor)with active components(negative feedback Gm cell for resistor and gyrator for inductor). The spec of the passive filter is passband=4MHz, stopband =5MHz(Transiti
Hi Guys In the attached pic, the two filters are suppused to be the same. One uses gm-c gyrator to replace big inductor in another pic. What are the four cap in the elleptical circles corresponds to? I was thinking they correspond to the cap 1.23p and 3.29 p in passive filter. But why do you need four of them? It is a IF filter in GPS appl
Hi Guys In the attached pic, the two filters are suppused to be the same. One uses gm-c gyrator to replace big inductor in another pic. What are the four cap in the elleptical circles corresponds to? I was thinking they correspond to the cap 1.23p and 3.29 p in passive filter. But why do you need four of them? It is a IF filter in GPS appl
Use a gyrator to emulate inductor
Hello, can you please teach and explain me how this works? I'm reading about it here: have a lot of confusion actually. When the word ''sudden'' is used refered to the 1 volt DC applied, does it imply that it is an istantaneous DC
Falstad's animated simulator includes a gyrator (active inductor) in its menu of circuits. Clicking this link will open the website, load the above schematic, and run it on your computer. (Cl
Google "gyrator circuit" for full description and examples. E
Hi, gyrator could not be used because I need the resonance/transformer property of the LC to increase the voltages from the low power supply (battery). 100mH is not the only one possibility - any inductance bigger than 100mH could do the job until it's small enough (max outside diameter is 3.6mm, length < 30mm). The Epcos coil falls exac
Often we can create a complementary circuit using a capacitor, to substitute for an inductor. The time constants need to be equal. For a capacitor it is C*R. For an inductor it is L/R. You may need to tap for the output across a different component. This is a simple example. Series RL compared with series RC.
gyrator designs working in a 10 to 20 GHz range can be found in literature (google is your friend), but hardly use a regular OP topology.
Hello! I would like to know if there is a good way to construct a variable inductance and capacitance for 230 V. Basically what I wan't do make is a gyrator-c circuit for 230 V /60 Hz. (or something like it). The reason for this is that I would like to make a lumped PI-link transmission line emulation where I can tune the length of it and l