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Where I can find serv.manual or schematic for hm408 scope?? tnx in advance.
I have the complete user and service manual of hameg 205-8 digital a matter of fact I own a machine since 1986.Contact me.
Please upload schematics for hameg HM207 oscilloscope.
The hameg service manual is on
Hi, Anyone have an idea where can I get some service manuals (eventually with schematics) from a digital sampling oscilloscope, from a known manufacturer (like tektr0nics, fluke, lecr0y, hameg, etc). Thanks, pisoiu
I am looking for a hameg M6003 oscilloscope shematic... or only HV part... thanks, pool_77
Hello. I need the scheme osciloscope hameg HM 112. Please,I need it Thank you very much. A greeting,Antonio Added after 13 minutes:
try to buy a good used scope... some tek or fluke or hameg 5 to 10 years old are far better than these pc scopes...for triggering, for max volt admissible, etc.. the pc are good for logic analyzers because they require more memory. I bought a fluke 4 channels 200MHz analog and digital for some $1000 on ebay...and I'm really happy with it..
hameg HM605 Thank you very much :)
as you want to do some analog, nothing is better than an analog scope... but for digital signals nothing is better than a logic analyzer ... so I would suggest - an hameg analog scope (2 or 4x 100mhz) available often on ebay) or some equivalent analog tek scope they can even also have a digital part (like hameg 1507 or tek 2430 2432 2440) - a
Hi All Newbie/oldie here looking for some help on the above oscilloscope. I already have the service manual and have done some basic high/voltage checks with my fluke meter and eht probe. All would seem to be in order, but both ch1 and ch2 traces are very out of focus. The high voltage diodes D941/2 appear to be in order as does the HV-cascad
for me the best deal is a used mixed analog-digital scope like hameg 408 or old fluke pm33xx you can get some on ebay regularly also you can buy a logic analyzer (the logic sniffer is a cheap and powerful option) you can connect to a pc but for a scope, as you can even have high voltages on the inputs, you need a normal scope, and not a pc scope re
Hi I am using a hameg HMO3522 oscilloscope. I wanted it to display a 350Mhz RF which I was giving through my Rhodes and Schwarz signal generator but the scope is showing extreme variations in frequency from 9kHz to several Mhz, even the voltage is not being displayed correctly although I performed the probe adjustments etc. What could be the pro
Hi, Has anyone got the manual and power lead for the HP 1741A oscilloscope.
Say I have a noise free square wave signal of 1 khz frequency and 5 v amplitude. The signal passes through some optical receiver and the shape of the signal becomes slightly distorted with some noise in it. I have a digital oscilloscope that has FFT. How can I use this FFT to detect the frequency of the noise so that I can separate the noise from t
This website gives you a full explanation on how to design a Digital oscilloscope. All circuits and software is included - Tip: This design includes a few hectic sampling circuits, but if you'r only interested in building a normal scope, just look at the PIC16F84 and sheet 4 of the scematics - the rest of the circuit can be disgarded. Just take tim
Hi. I'm planning to buy a second hand oscilloscope, can anyone offer any advice or make any recommendations? I've been checking out ebay and other auction sites looking for a good deal >=100MHz, 2 channel, analog scope, but there are so many choices and I guess I shouldn't make my descision solely on price (I'm on a tight budget). Anyone done this
Hi I am looking for a good and cheap scope to buy. I found some interesting equipments in this if anyone have some opnion about these scopes: 60 MHz Analog oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5060A) 100 MHz Analog oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5100)
Hello all. Does anybody arround know about any simple, easy to build osciloscope circuit that can be interfaced to a pc (serial or parallel ports)? A homemade sampling head (not real time) would already be usefull.... My old osciloscope just stoped working and I would like to build something reasonable that could replyce it :D Thanks to all.
Here there is a project about making a hanheld oscilloscope by using a N*inten*do Ga*meb*oy. Interesting... :?
I need PC based oscilloscope for measuring 200Mhz analog signal. Anybody have some information about perfomance, price ,manufactures etc.?
Hi Does anyone has seen a oscilloscope home project on the web that can be connected by means of USB 2.0 ? Thanks in advance.
Anybody ever seen an oscilloscope project for Palm PDAs ? I have actually come across some while digging the web, but none that has schematics, free software and so on.
Digital oscilloscope Uses PC Sound Card for Input OS win98 Description: oscilloscope for Windows is a Windows application that converts your PC into a powerful dual-trace oscilloscope. oscilloscope uses your PC's sound card as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to digitize any input waveform (speech, music, electric (...)
Digital storage oscilloscope!
Hi I 'm studying possibilities to make a digital oscilloscope for PC, with onboard RAM to memorize samples. I have several questions : => Wich bus is the easier to use (hard and driver for linux/windows) : PCI, USB or IEEE1394 => I though about using many low speed ADC (cheapier) to reach sampling frequency I 'd like to use, is it a good w
Virtual oscilloscope
I was wondering how to use an WinTV USB card as an oscilloscope, becouse it has an SVHS input and probably we can expect at about 5 MHz of bandwith. I was thinking on using vendor drivers from Visual C++. Any help with usb routines or how to program in low level such hardware? Thanks in advance. :)
I was thinking in using special analog I/O from 16F876 and a normal hitachi lcd with 2x32 char for having a miniscope, some ideas code for 16f876? Thanks on advance.
Hi my hameg 407 has this error in dig. mode : if i turn y pos, the value jumps in steps ! (both channels) even at measurement the value jumps anyone can help > calibration Software or so thanx Shorty
Is there any way of programming a PCI TV Card with a bt8x8 chip as a digital oscilloscope? I was thinking that by adapting signal levels to tv ones it could be possible in some way... Thanks in advance.
I checked my osscilloscope but it is a hameg 312. Try his link:
how can i convert a old cga are vga monitor to oscilloscope (low bandwith) for spectrum analyzer ?
I am looking for PM3375 oscilloscope service manual. Thanks!
Hi everybody I need a circuit of a simple oscilloscope for pc , thanks 4 reply
Hi I need a manual and schematic for OS-620 oscilloscope (HungChang) Can anybody help me please ?
hi can i use my computer as an oscilloscope or is there any PCI CARD available through which i can use my PC as an oscilloscope , and is that a good method? thanks please reply...
Here is some nice microcontroller projects using Atmel AVR MCUs: oscilloscope using a microcontroller and a TV: Projects in Neurobiology and Behavior : Student Projects: Digital Oscillos
Please, I need the service manual for Gould/Advance OS253 oscilloscope. Cheers, FoxyRick
Please, I need the service manual for Gould/Advance OS260 and OS253 oscilloscope. Cheers, FoxyRick
Please, I need a service manual for Telequipment oscilloscope D65, or schematics/parts list at least. Thanks in advance, FoxyRick.
Hi all could somebody discuss the above topic with me A pulseradar typically have a rotating antenna, as the pulse is leaving the antenna the electron beam must be steered from the center of the screeen to its periphery Information about the angle of antenna is used to rotate the electron beam as it scans from the center to the periphery.
I'm trying to use a bt8x8 as a digital oscilloscope. My idea is to "mount" signal over an artificial video sync and decoder later the adquired signal. But my problem is how can i adquire signal from visual c++ , does anybody has source code for adquiring video? Thanks on advance
hai, i need Lcd Part no of Tektronix oscilloscope model 2024. which company they buy. any idea. opther model part no r welcome. thanks
how can I use oscilloscope while working with this circuits? I can not connect ground clips of the probe to the circuit's GND, right? Do I need isolated probe or something else? Regards
The scopes that display a sine wave at 40 GHz, how do they work exactly? Thanks.
Hello, has anyone here got the manual and the software for an hameg hm7008 word generator ? I'm urgently looking for it ... otherwhise this device is absolutly useless for me :-( Thanks in advance, Infohunt
hello, there is an hameg 8028 for sale on ebay now, and I havent found any pdf for this module on the web. can anyone tell me the charistics of this device and or upload a pdf datasheet ?? same question for the hm 8038 which seems to be the brother of the 8028. regards.
I have watch my serial data on my oscilloscope but I have see that, when I press more of one time the same button the 7th bit of data change,Why ??? |start|0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|stop| 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 Thanks
Does anyone have a schematic or service manual for a Kenwood CS-4025 20mhz dual trace oscilloscope? I have one that is doing some funny things. The trace is no longer a straight line. For most of the time it is a series of curly lines.