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Hi, This is my first post and hope you can guide me ;) I own this old one osciloscope and want to make back to life, if this worth. I powered and no image get, i move and get sometimes a image line and sometime is i move i get some image. Can be some cold solder? When the stuff start works fine like 1 min and goes black and need to tap and image
The hameg HMO3522 is a 350MHz oscillator. By using a 350MHz signal, you're using it at the very limit of its specifications. Use a 200MHz-300MHz signal and see if that is displayed properly.
Hi Anybody have the service manual of this scope the powersupply is down. cant say why it was on then when i got back it was off. have a transistor hv82fi in it that seems to be faulty "if it is a transistor" cant seem to find any dope on it. main fuses where ok but internal 800ma fuse blown i suspect its this transistor but have not fo
Ive gotta hameg hm 203-7 oscope and have been scratching my head reading the manuel trying to do the following but been unsuccessful.When the oscope triggers on a ac voltage going above a set threshold voltage which could occur randomly at any time i want the waveform displayed during that trigger event to remain on the viewer indefinitely until an
for me the best tradeoff is a mixed analog digital scope. hameg builds excellent one hm4xx series, or better 15xx series which you can find for a reasonable cost on ebay very often. I have a fluke mixed scope, excellent for everything pm3394, but it's pricey for a hobby you can find them for some $600-1000 but they are quite rare.
for me the best deal is a used mixed analog-digital scope like hameg 408 or old fluke pm33xx you can get some on ebay regularly also you can buy a logic analyzer (the logic sniffer is a cheap and powerful option) you can connect to a pc but for a scope, as you can even have high voltages on the inputs, you need a normal scope, and not a pc scope re
Since the problem occurs after a certain period, you're probably looking at a faulty IC or a bad solder joint/connection somewhere in the timebase section. Although I do work for a hameg dealer, I don't have a circuit diagram to hand to be more specific, I'm sorry.
you wont make good analog troubleshooting with a digital scope, especially a low budget one ... consider buying a used mixed scope like a hameg or a fluke, you will get one for the same budget and will be VERY happy with them. for digital troubleshooting please consider a logic analyzer instead. small one for seeing i2c or spi or rs232 signals.
My manufacturing company is selling the following equipment. Anyone interested or know a potential buyer? Leader LDC-822 Digital Counter 80MHz VFD S/N 5050039 hameg HM208 oscilloscope S/N 20838/86 Fluke 77 DMM 3200 Count Bar Graph S/N 41630271 Fluke 77 DMM 3200 Count Bar Graph S/N 57800094 Keithley 197 DMM 5.5 Digit TRMS LCD w/
Hi All Newbie/oldie here looking for some help on the above oscilloscope. I already have the service manual and have done some basic high/voltage checks with my fluke meter and eht probe. All would seem to be in order, but both ch1 and ch2 traces are very out of focus. The high voltage diodes D941/2 appear to be in order as does the HV-cascad
as you want to do some analog, nothing is better than an analog scope... but for digital signals nothing is better than a logic analyzer ... so I would suggest - an hameg analog scope (2 or 4x 100mhz) available often on ebay) or some equivalent analog tek scope they can even also have a digital part (like hameg 1507 or tek 2430 2432 2440) - a
Please upload schematics for hameg HM207 oscilloscope.
try to buy a good used scope... some tek or fluke or hameg 5 to 10 years old are far better than these pc scopes...for triggering, for max volt admissible, etc.. the pc are good for logic analyzers because they require more memory. I bought a fluke 4 channels 200MHz analog and digital for some $1000 on ebay...and I'm really happy with it..
Where I can find serv.manual or schematic for hm408 scope?? tnx in advance.
Hello. I need the scheme osciloscope hameg HM 112. Please,I need it Thank you very much. A greeting,Antonio Added after 13 minutes:
I have the complete user and service manual of hameg 205-8 digital a matter of fact I own a machine since 1986.Contact me.
The hameg service manual is on
I am looking for a hameg M6003 oscilloscope shematic... or only HV part... thanks, pool_77
Hi, Anyone have an idea where can I get some service manuals (eventually with schematics) from a digital sampling oscilloscope, from a known manufacturer (like tektr0nics, fluke, lecr0y, hameg, etc). Thanks, pisoiu