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I want to write the verilog code of hamming code? can anyone help me?
for a 512 byte,using hamming code to fix 1 bit ,detect 2 bit error. The st application note (AN1823 Error Correction code in Single Level Cell NAND Flash Memories) give the following code, and I am puzzling the last judement of if(i & A0) which I think should be if (i &0x100). Anyone ever do this job?please tell me which (...)
To implement error checking in an noisy IR link I was thinking of using hamming code in the "8,4" modality to transmit any value between 0 and 255. Considering the data to be xmitted : D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 the hamming code is: HI_PACK = X X X X D8 D7 D6 D5 LO_PACK = P4 D4 D3 D2 P3 D1 P2 P1, where Dx = data bit (...)
hi frds i want to implement hamming code for my application. plse give if any one having complete details about hamming code thanx and regards tinku123
I have a question regarding the performance of hamming code and BCH code Let's say we want to compare the performance of (7,4) hamming code and (15,7) BCH code. At 4dB, the hamming code perform better than the BCH code but at 15dB the (...)
hi, I have described the hamming code in detail at It will help you ..
Hi Aya2002, I have dealt with hamming codes in my blog I am sure you would find it useful Regards Mathuranathan
Hi Everybody, I need confirmation check in my project I used a hamming code structure by using matlab, the scenario random data hamming(7,4), (15,11), (31,26) coder qpsk modulator awgn channel qpsk demodulator hamming(7,4), (15,11), (31,26) Decoder I confused with the results @SNR (...)
hello,r u having source code and details of this hamming code design in verilog fpga,if, please send to my email
hello me doing hamming code design in verilog with fpga design,please send the source code and detail of this project :razz: as soon as possible please
in the below code of hamming code how does that if statements work?? der wat does ^ it xor??? plz help me out module hamm_enc(outp,inp,reset); parameter n=11,k=7; output outp; input inp; input reset; reg outp; integer i,j; always @(inp or reset) begin if(reset) outp = 0; else be
Hi, may i know is it possible for us to detect the position of multiple errors in the hamming code(15,11) using the method of parity bits. Example: The original transmitted hamming code is 100111010101111 but the received code is 111111011101111. SHOW how the parity bits indicate the position of the errors (...)
Hi Nego Linear block codes can be represented as c=mG where G is the generator matrix. Another way to characterize codes is by the 'parity check matrix' which is the matrix of basis of codes orthogonal to the codes c=mG i.e. cH^T=0 Just multiply the receive code word by H^T. If
I look for make a converter by rs232 to TTL for driving low power 433Mhz rtx, but I want implement a hamming code for signal bit autorepair, someone know about it ? and someane have a source for manchester ? tnx
Below are the code of hamming code in MPlab Can someone explain it briefly to me what the code mean (in theorythically i can understand how it work but when it in source code then i totally blur..) hamming code generator ; ;Since our communication is one way, we'll (...)
Hallo guys...I am facing a huge problem to the two questions below cause i have never had used Matlab in the past..: 1) Investigate functions available in Matlab for GF(2) calculus and repeat a (5, 2) hamming code by using Matlab. 2). Design syndrome decoder for Q.5 by using Matlab Any help please.. --------
hi, I need of verilog code for hamming code please reply...........
Hello, I am having the age old problem of port synchronization in Simulink. I have created a simulink model to simulate error correction by hamming codes but even with out any channel noise, I am getting error. Would you like to try it out and find a possible solution
Hi All, I am working on BCH code.I am using it to correct 4 bit of error of nand flash memory. I have already implemented hamming code to correct single bit errors.Below I have shown the steps for hamming implementation (1)I applied hamming algorithm on 512bytes. (2)During write operation in nand flash (...)
hi, pls send me hamming encoder using vhdl code ie 16 bit
Hello friends: I am learning the hamming code recently, about the (7,4) type hamming code; I try to understand the following : M=(0 1 1 0); M is one of 16 possible messages; G is the generate matrix; X= M * G = * 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 ; What's the (...)
Hello I need to compare the(7,4) hamming coded bit error probability with the uncoded bit error probabity and a Q function. The Matlab code which i have compare the theoretial uncoded ber with hamming (7,4) code ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (...)
nope. Correct 1 error, detect up to 2 errors. So yes you can detect the double error, but no you cannot correct it. Actually, see for example wikipedia .
The SMC/NAND Flash is used ECC to detect/correct error as your request. To get more details please visit: SSFDC Forum: Samsung Semiconductor Yes, it is hamming code as the C-Man pointed ou
Hi all, I'm working on a Low Power Device (FSK) to get a radiolink at 9600bps at 868Mhz. The protocol of the trasmission is simple: start symbol, length,data, crc16. Usual total length is about 35 bytes. The tranmission is controlled by a 18Mhz hcs08 microcontroller. I'd like to implement a forward error correction code. I was thinking about
What are the differences in terms of complexity and size (silicon area) between : - hamming codes - Reed-Solomon - Viterbi - Turbo codes Do Reed Salomon and Turbocodes consume large silicon area ??? How to decide FEC (forward error correction) when designing a dedicated wireless link ?
dainis, I find a ecc core project in OC, but there is no any documents or codes in CVS. Do you have the materials of this project? Can you share it with me? many thanks. I do not have sources from Open Cores. Look other
I want to build a 22bit-ECC engine for 512byte data. This ECC is based on the hamming code. Anybody had the experience? I hope to talke with you.
Verilog Designer's Library book has an example of hamming code. you can find the verilog codes of the book at the following link:
Please help on AMR-NB. Why the table of interpolation filter b60 is as the reference code? What does hamming windowed sinc(x) means? Thanks for help
Hello again atferrari, A while ago I experimented with a wireless digital audio system. Seeing as if was RF I needed some error correction (it was one-way comms as well) and some detection. I used hamming codes, implemented in pure logic (sequentially, not in parallel, the XOR tree was massive). It can correct one error in a 13-bit pac
Try these links: Regards, IanP
hi, could u guys explain me what hamming distance is all about?that is i read that if the minimum hamming distance is satisfied,then it is possible to correct your is this achieved?please help....
Willt, See the Google using keywords, "hamming", ECC. Regards, Kral
hi , i am doinga project on soft output viterbi decoder, i have a cofusion between soft viterbi and hard viterbi, will , replacing hamming distance by euclidean distance become soft output viterbi decoder. please send me some material regarding this.
Hi everybody, I need to know if there is any article/paper/algorithm that discusses about how I can compute hamming Distance without having to take into account the two codewords in bit-level. In other words, Is there any algorithm to compute hamming distance between two positive integer number by using arithmetic operations without any (...)
Binary Encoding : It is almost used everywhere, in all state machines, by default. Advantages: Less FFs as compared to one-hot One-hot encoding: If you need to design a faster state machine, you would benefit by one-hot-encoding, because you wont have to decode the state. Gray Encoding: These will use the same number of FFs as Binary Encoding, b
hi all WHATE IMEAN OF (hamming codes, convolutional encoder and viterbi decoder ) thanks
Thanks for your support. hamming code basics is discussed in the new post.
if any body has solution for these questions these questions are from book "wireless communication" 1) All hamming codes have a minimum distance of 3. What is the error-correction and error-detection capability of a hamming code? 2) The (15,11) hamming code has generator polynomial (...)
hi, u can develope some basic encryption and decryption algorithms like RSA, CRC, hamming code for error handling etc. and can develop a crypto syatem. Thanks.. HAK..
hello every one I am doing viterbi decoder with vhdl k=3 r=1/2 I have done the encoder part of it and I am middle of deocder I have problem for codding the hamming distance should I do it in trellis codes or branchmertic code can any ine help me please. thank you in advance
Hi there! Do anyone have m-files for simulating Bluetooth GFSK signal using the the hamming (15,10) expurgation code as described in the Bluetooth Specificatrion document? Regards, Koye88
We have a course project to do the FEC 2/3 of Bluetooth in VHDL/MATLAB I can find the syndrome vector after divisions but how I can build a lookup tables of syndromes to be able to correct to error bit. it is a (15,10) hamming code, which can correct a single bit according to the specification
Hello! People, I need your help!!!!!! For example, I have a parity-check matrix for (7,4). Let it be: % Parity-Check MAtrix H = ; % Generator MAtrix G = ; % Uncoded Messa
The decoding follows the same procedure as for any BCH codes. The primitive polynomial are not needed at the receiver side for decoding but the roots of the primitive polynomials are needed. We need to use the primitive element/roots of the primitive polynomial in calculating the syndrome. More details on decoding can be found here http
I read from some article that the hamming distance is 2 for IBM 8B/10B code. (any 1-bit or 2-bit error in a 10-bit codeword can be detected and corrected.) I'm not sure if that is right?
Hi, Normally codes do have negative code gain at high BER (below some Eb/No). Look at the figure (I've picked up it from the web; i don't guarantee its accuracy, but it is qualitatively coorect). At BER=1e-5, code gain is about 0.5 dB. code gain is 0 dB at BER=0.003, and at BER higher than that, code (...)
hi i want to do hamming distance reordering of test data any 1 tell me how to work on code in verilog
e.g a='1000001' and b='1110001' --> dist=hamming(a,b); one solution is dist = sum(a ~= b); and other solution is to use pdist Pairwise distance between pairs of objects - MATLAB