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Hallo guys...I am facing a huge problem to the two questions below cause i have never had used matlab in the past..: 1) Investigate functions available in matlab for GF(2) calculus and repeat a (5, 2) hamming code by using matlab. 2). Design syndrome decoder for Q.5 by using (...)
Help please!!!! i have sinwave with 0.1 v amplitude and 1khz frequency mixed with 5v white noise. i used FFT in matlab to simulate. 1-(Study the use of additional mean value calculation of every data set of FFT spectrum and how it affects the visibility of a present signal.). so, how can i use additional mean value??????????? 2-W
Hello I need to compare the(7,4) hamming coded bit error probability with the uncoded bit error probabity and a Q function. The matlab code which i have compare the theoretial uncoded ber with hamming (7,4) code (...)
can anyone have matlab code for finding hamming distance?
Hi, Please i need help with this matlab code. i am using this melcept function for different samples of me saying the word "one" here is my code =wavread('one.wav'); %Read In Sample a=0.95; aaaa1=filter(,1,aaaaa1); aaa1= melcepst(aaaa1,fs); i get an output for the different samples of me saying one as 54
Have you tried searching MathWorks for "DTMF"? This is the first hit: By the way, the DTMF tones in the wav file are 201020. I did this in matlab: x = wavread('batandsplab.wav'); specgram(x, 512, 8000, hamming(512), 500); colormap(bone.^4); ylim();
I came across the following problem in FIR design using window and convolution techniques . Project a FIR filter using a hamming window to achieve the following specifications: Passband 0,3-3,4 kHz Stopband 0-0,2 e 4-8 kHz Stopband atenuation > 25 dB Sampling frequency 32 kHz Since the transition band is different , in order to solv
Try amplitude envelopes, such as hamming weighting. The various weighting functions provide different trade-offs between attenuation of the unwanted frequencies and widening of the spectral peaks. t = linspace(-5*pi,5*pi,1000); x1 = cos(2*pi*5*t); x2 = cos(2*pi*10*t); x3 = cos(2*pi*20*t); x4 = cos(2*pi*50*t); x1 = cos(2*t); x2 = cos(2*pi
hey guys im new here and to matlab and ive got a question- does anyone have like a sample of the matlab code that i would use to dtermine the correct order of a filter ( we've been given the stopband freq, passband freq ) for a kaiser window and a hamming window . I know that there's a function called kasier_ord.m / (...)
hi, u can develope some basic encryption and decryption algorithms like RSA, CRC, hamming code for error handling etc. and can develop a crypto syatem. Thanks.. HAK..
Hi Everybody, I need confirmation check in my project I used a hamming code structure by using matlab, the scenario random data hamming(7,4), (15,11), (31,26) coder qpsk modulator awgn channel qpsk demodulator hamming(7,4), (15,11), (31,26) Decoder I confused with (...)
Hi, formulas (4)-(5)-(6) gives you the procedure to obtain the coefficients of the FIR filter you need. You must take into account that array indexes in matlab start from 1 instead of 0 like in the formulas. matlab has built-in Gamma and Bessel functions, as well as hamming window. You must have fd, ts and M. And, of course, you must have (...)
Hello , I'm new to matlab , and I wanna solve an assignment the question is to generate 4 windows and compute their power spectral, then generate a 4-by-2 plot where the 1st column has windows plots in time domain and the other column for frequency domain , i wrote this code but i have few problems, I hope you can help, thanks in advance %---
You must to apply some checking code, as hamming, CRC, etc... Here there are some examples with CRC coding : +++
The Iterative Solutions coded Modulation Library (ISCML) is an open source toolbox for simulating capacity approaching codes in matlab. It has been developed by Matthew Valenti. It is licensed as free software under the lesser GPL license. The toolbox contains support for the followi
Hi All I wish to plot various frequency responses it matlab all on the same plot. I can plot them individually but not together, can anyone reccomend how to do this. This is my code: b=fir1(n,wn,rectwin(n+1),'noscale'); =freqz(b,a,512); plot(w/pi,(abs(h); i wish to plot the same responses but only for different windows. e.g co
I have plotted the spectrogram of linear FM signal using TFTB toolbox in matlab. Here is the code: y=fmlin(128,0.1,0.3); h=tftb_window(21,'hamming'); tfrsp(y,1:128,128,h,1); My questions are: How to find peak values of the spectrogram for every time instant (when you have mesh plot)? How to plot a graph for a constant frequency, that (...)
Hi everyone; I have to design filter by using the window method without using 'fwind1' command of the code is: %----------------------------------------------------------------------------- = freqspace(21,'meshgrid'); Hd = ones(21); r = sqrt(f1.^2 + f2.^2); Hd((r<0.1)|(r>0.5)) = 0;%the desired bandpass response colormap(
Hello folks, I have one question regarding secure wireless transmission. I am using 433 MHz RF communication for one of my project. I want to know how can i use error correction code for successful transmission of my data from Computer to Atmega8 (uC). I am using matlab for data transmission. I can encode the data using the in (...)
We have a course project to do the FEC 2/3 of Bluetooth in VHDL/matlab I can find the syndrome vector after divisions but how I can build a lookup tables of syndromes to be able to correct to error bit. it is a (15,10) hamming code, which can correct a single bit according to the specification
Hi guys! Could you please help me with next question: How to plot probability of error detection as a function of the hamming eight?(hamming weight = 1,2,3,...,31), like barchart. For cyclic code Many thanks!