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Hello In my OFDM system, I need to apply a hamming and Blackman window in frequency domain. My simulation is on matlab. I've done a FFT of this window and did its convolution with my data in freq domain, but I'm not getting the desired results. :-( Can anyone help me to do this the correct way ? Thank you.
hello.. i need the matlab code of simple rayleigh fading channels for error correcting code (hamming code). i need to pass the input codeword and obtain the output. pls help me. Thank you
I am going to use 128 point hamming window to be implemented in Vhdl. In matlab, I obtained the values of the hamming window as: h = hamming(128); But, what matlab gave me is varying values in the range 0 and 1. How can I convert these values into 8-bit to use them in vhdl?
How to measure bit error rate in matlab using hamming code?
how to calculate the hamming distance between two images?? or else suggest me another method for image matching.. a simple method..
Hi, Please i need help with this matlab code. i am using this melcept function for different samples of me saying the word "one" here is my code =wavread('one.wav'); %Read In Sample a=0.95; aaaa1=filter(,1,aaaaa1); aaa1= melcepst(aaaa1,fs); i get an output for the different samples of me saying one as 54
Obtain and compare the magnitude spectrums of Hanning, hamming and triangular windowed 100 and 110 Hz signals using a 20-ms window for each using matlab. how can i do that? i did plot 100 hz signal and made fft and saw the peak on 100 Hz. but how can i apply windows. please someone help me. i am in deep. :/
hi, can u please tell me how I can calculate the fir filter coefficient calculation in matlab using frequency sampling method and window method for 16 taps.
how can we calculate hamming distance using matlab can anybody tell me please its my project help meeeeee
You must to apply some checking code, as hamming, CRC, etc... Here there are some examples with CRC coding : +++
I done in matlab a routine to determine to the hamming(7,4,1) code, the amount of syndromes equal to Zero. You could perform some few changes to fit to your code. % Program to generate all the input error patterns from 0000000 to 1111111 % and then calculate corresponding syndromes d = ; h =[ ; [ 0
e.g a='1000001' and b='1110001' --> dist=hamming(a,b); one solution is dist = sum(a ~= b); and other solution is to use pdist Pairwise distance between pairs of objects - matlab
Hi, formulas (4)-(5)-(6) gives you the procedure to obtain the coefficients of the FIR filter you need. You must take into account that array indexes in matlab start from 1 instead of 0 like in the formulas. matlab has built-in Gamma and Bessel functions, as well as hamming window. You must have fd, ts and M. And, of course, you must have (...)
Hello I need to compare the(7,4) hamming coded bit error probability with the uncoded bit error probabity and a Q function. The matlab code which i have compare the theoretial uncoded ber with hamming (7,4) code ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ clear N = 10^6 ;% number of bits Eb_N0_dB = ; % multiple Eb/N0 val
Fir Filter hamming In matlab ebook download in PDF format FIR Digital Filter Design Applet: Notes refer this it is simple and it answers your question
Hi all, I have to do feature extraction by using MFCC for my wav. data. But I am stuck at the beginning:cry: My questions would be silly and I apologize at the beginning for that. So firstly I want to do frame blocking and then for each frame i will apply hamming window. I dont know about the points.... When I use matlab command, = wa
hi i need your kind attention and help for my problem i hav to design FIR filter using genetic algortihm in matlab,kindly help me to design such filter using GAtoolbox or by matlab programming or by C++ programming,in my proposed filter power consumption reduces as hamming distance (signal toggling between bits)is reduced,also mean (...)
You have to use windowing function. For example, hamming window to extract frequency of your interest, like 5 Hz in your case.
Hello All, I need 100 order coefficients of bandstop filter with specification FIR window- hamming order -100 Fs - 1200Hz fc1- 47Hz , fc2 63Hz. i know this can be easily generated in matlab fdatool , but I dont have matlab, plz help, its urgent - also the coefficients i need should be in 8 bit unsigned integer. thanks in (...)
I am doing a project in speech analysis and would greatly appreciate any help on how to solve the following problem at hand: Problem a. Using linear predictive analysis, autocorrelation method, implement a matlab based vocoder for a speech signal (any recorded tape). Use a 20 msec frame step combined with a symmetrically hamming window of 30 mse
hi, u can develope some basic encryption and decryption algorithms like RSA, CRC, hamming code for error handling etc. and can develop a crypto syatem. Thanks.. HAK..
Hi all, I am trying to do the fft on the digital output of SD modulator in matlab. can anyone tell me how to use the window function in matlab(hamming window) and how to plot the spectrum after this. I am new to matlab programing. Thanks a lot
I have plotted the spectrogram of linear FM signal using TFTB toolbox in matlab. Here is the code: y=fmlin(128,0.1,0.3); h=tftb_window(21,'hamming'); tfrsp(y,1:128,128,h,1); My questions are: How to find peak values of the spectrogram for every time instant (when you have mesh plot)? How to plot a graph for a constant frequency, that will s
Hi guys! I have this problem I need to sole as soon as possible. I'm coding with matlab. I need to filter a signal saved in a .wav file. I'm reading it using the function wavread and then I create several frames of it through hamming window with an overlap of 50%. At this point I use fft to compute the spectrum of each frame and I make some chan
You specified "Welch", and that applies hamming weighting, so you no longer have a cosine wave. hamming weighting spreads the peak and causes sidelobes 42dB below the peak.
How about this? N=64; h=fir1(N-1, , hamming(N)); freqz(h,1,512); I think a hamming window has fixed characteristics. If you change its ripple or attenuation, then it isn't a hamming window anymore.

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