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in my opinion, if u only are only careing about the switch's linearity, u can build a ideal switch and then compare the result of S/H with ideal swtich to the S/H with real switch. i think u will do FFT for the output of S/H to see any harmonic through the S/H network.
Dear All, thank you for reading this topic. I just design an OTA and I will conect it to a capacitor to build a lowpass filter. Then I will put a 100mV sine signal at the input and want to see the harmonic distortion at the output. Does anyone show me the procedure that how can I get the result? A sample is put in the attchment and t
hello friends So far I was enquirer how to simulate or calculate the SNR. Now I would like to ask you how to simulate the THDN (total harmonic distortion plus noise) of the operational amplifier. Thank you and I appreciate very much your answers
can someone tell how to do simulation in SPICE to calculate harmonic distortions in an opamp.
I just do the simulation with a MOSFET, and the vds=0. Add a Sinusoidal Source to the drain of the MOSFET and do the harmonic distortion. Please see the attachment to get the details. Thanks a lot!
hi presently i am worlking with Mentor graphic ELDO Spice for analog circuit simulation.for measuring specification of my amplifier i have to measure harmonic distortion(HD). i dn't know how to measure HD of a wave form by using EZ wave calculator of the mentor graphics .please guide me. Rgds Raju
Hi everybody, I'm having a little troubling simulating the harmonic distortion for a MOSFET differential amplifier with ADS. I am trying to calculate HD2, HD3, and the point at which the apparent gain drops by 1dB all for a 50mV signal at 100 MHz. I set up the circuit and added the harmonic Balance simulation block and set (...)
Thanks but i need real formulas (not practical). How to calculate DC value of the rectified voltage. How to find rms value of the ripple voltage. How to find harmonic currents and how to calculate total harmonic distortion. How does changing L and C values affect the input currents etc. Are there any source or anybody which or who can clear (...)
I have designed 1bit DAC + LPF for sigma delta DAC (16bits). But the harmonic diatortion is bad. there are odd and even harmonic distortion, so the THD+N can not meet spec (<80dB). Could you give me any advices?
For the envelope detector, load RL=10kohm 1) find a vlaue of C that can achieve suitable filtering for a 3kHz bandwidth baseband signal. 2)calculate the harmonic distortion for an input voltage of 5mV. Assuming the diode to be sufficently represented by the first three terms in the Taylor series expansion. ps. AM detector circuit diagram(diod
i have simulated the feedback oscillator found in this tutorial using ADS and it worked well when i changed the values of the resonator to resonate at another frequency the open-loop analysis was good but for the closed-loop analysis the harmonic balance simula
:?: I have two questions: the first is : How to simulate the harmonic distortion in Spectre? the second is : Can anybody tell me the formula of THD units in dB and in percentage? Thx!
Dear all, Please tell me how can reduce harmonic distortion in 2-1 MASH Sigma-Delta ADC? Spec: Vdd=3.3V Full Scale input range =1V Input common mode voltage=1.65V Vrefp=2.15V Vrefn=1.15V OSR=128 Sample clock=24.576MHz input signal bandwidth=96KHz
hi do anyone know how to measure total harmonic distortion in MatLab? regards tobby
The gain of CMFB also will influence 2nd harmonic.
in general, more gain and less harmonic distortion.
Does PSS simulation of SpectreRF in Cadence use harmonic balance method? I need to simulate the design in SpectreRF. Thank you.
the Hramonic balance show the circuit ouput due to single tone or multi tone exitation , so u can analyze amps , mixers power amps and so on when u inject a 10 GHz to amp , the nonlinearities in the amp will generate the harmonics as well , so u can measure these , also u can sweep the input power so u can dtermine the 1 dB comp point kho
you will find the even harmonics because of common mode gain, but you should find 2nd harmonic lesser than 3rd. if ur CMRR is very much high than ur 2nd harmonic is very much smaller than 3rd
what is total harmonic distortion what is its significance?
hi when i simulate a 2-order sigma-delta modulator in simulink using ideal build blocks, there is 3rd harmonic distortion in psd, as below. i have used ideal components, but why a 3rd harmonic distortion?
you need to do DFT and look at the difference between fundamental and the nearest bin. Note that the key in getting proper distortion number is to perform dft properly. you need to set Fin = (n/N) fs where n is a prime number and N is number of points of DFT e.g. 1024 (2^b). This relation is very critical to avoid odd higher frequency harmonics f
harmonic distortion is the distortion caused by the harmonics of the input signal....
Is there any way to get the Total harmonic distortion of a signal in Spice?? Thanks in advance, diemilio
Could anybody suggest for me ? How harmonic distortion affects electronics design? How to measure Total harmonic distortion (THD) for a design? How this effect will be minimize?
does neone know whether there is any other type of total harmonic distortion analyzer apart from fundamental suppression type?total harmonic distortion analyzer can be of one type that is fundamental suppression type, where the fundamental frequency is suppressed and the distortion across the (...)
what is the means of order parameter in harmonic-Balance simulation? from where i know set this parameter to what value for my simulation? if it be smaller is good or be larger?
Hello evryone. I want to know why Total harmonic distortion (THD) in voltage output of a bridge inverter (single phase) is higher when compared to output current THD.. anyone can help??? :(
i want to simulation effect of changing tail current on amplitude of negative resistance LC oscillator. when i change tail current from 1mA to 3mA, the amplitude do not change! i use harmonic balance simulation in Hspice. my technology is .18um. but when i use transient analysis in Hspice, the amplitud is changed! i don't know what is it (...)
Hi All: While analyzing a DC-DC regulator circuit, we use "power ripple" to describe the quality of power supply, do we also use "total harmonic distortion(THD)" in power circuits? More curious to know, when simulating such kind of circuits, do we use fourier analysis to get the mentioned "power ripple" or do we just use cursor
With a wave analyser (audio spectrum analyser), you can measure the amplitude of each harmonic and then mathematically sum them to get a total figure. Frank
harmonic CALCULATOR OS Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000 The harmonic CALCULATOR provides a tool for determining how much voltage and current distortion might exist on your distribution system when operating non linear loads. This program is not intended to determine harmonic distortion with single phase loads.
Hi everybody: I want to simulate the THD(harmonic distortion) and equivalent input noise of a opa, but how can I do it? thank you for your help.
A few of my observations.... (1)Firstly your Iprobe should be in series with Rd if you want it to measure drain current, it won't measure anything where it is. (2) for this oscillator to work you want 0/360 degrees around the loop - therefore at 4GHz the device and resonator will add electrical length - you must add more electrical length - i
Hi all, I'm starting a transconductor design using 0.13u CMOS, and I'd like to estimate the distortion, so I started to simulated the transistors. I apply a constant Vds, of 0.05V and I vary the Vgs to plot Ids, the gm, gm' and gm''. I assumed I~gm*Vgs+1/6*gm''Vgs^3, and tried to check with distortion simulation. I used the QPSS analisys (...)
Hi, I'm designing an op amp and want to calculate the HD3. The input signal is 1KHz. I found that there's a "dft" function in the calculator. But how to set the variables in it? ("from", "to" means what?) And how to get the HD3 from the dft result? btw: how long should I run the transient simulation to calculate the HD3? Thank you for your
hello all, i have designed a 10 bit ADC and i would like to simulate the major ADC characteristics.....but my knowledge in simulation of ADC characteristics is quite limited.......the characteristics i want to measure are the following: 1-DNL 2-INL 3-input offset voltage 4-Total harmonic distortion 5-Spurious Free Dynamic Range (...)
At what conditions Spice & harmonic Balance simulation results matchs? in general
i am not sure but i think when they say HD they mean the harmonic(mul;tiples of fundemental) distortions and when they say IMD they mean non-tones distortion (non-harmonic distortion)
hi all i'm designing a S/H circuit using K. Haug's narrowband-compensated SC amplifier. i want to attain 120dB SNR, but the third harmonic distortion is very large, even though using ideal opamp, i don't know why. input signal 5kHz sinewave, sampling frequency 1.6MHz
To compute the thd, you need to perform the following steps: 1. Choose thd in the Special Functions menu of the calculator. The Total harmonic distortion form appears. 2. Set up an expression in the calculator buffer and click Get Buffer. 3. Specify the range and the number of samples. 4. Click OK. 5. Click Print to see the result. The accur
I'm trying to simulate a Class D amplifier with hysteretic self-oscillating modulator but the PSS simulation is not acepting the configuration. Basically the self-oscillating system frequency (fs around 500 KHz) will be modulated by an audio signal (fin around 1 KHz) and fs will be varying from 450KHz to 550KHz but in a non-linear fashion since
Hello, I need to simulate the harmonic distorsion of two OpAmps (ADA 4817 and AD 8033 and maybe other similar) at different frequency (range Dc to 20Mhz). I am lucky to have access to Orcad Pspice. Unfortunately the models provided by Analog Devices tell " distortion is not characterized ". Any suggestion or workaround ? Thank You. The only
The total number of harmonics is determined by the high frequency cutoff of the amplifier. If the amplifier is linear then the level of the harmonics reduces anyway as their frequency is higher. You can take a squarewave that has extremely high distortion because it has high level harmonics at many frequencies and feed it (...)
Hello guys, I'm now going on an amplifier project, I can simulate the ferquency responds, offset, overshort, and so on but distortion in a dos version pspice (5.0). Can anyboday tell me how to simulate distortion in this version of pspice? Is there any better choice for distortion simulation? Thanks in advance.
Definition of THD ----------------- Total harmonic distortion (THD) is the ratio of the harmonic power to the power at the measured peek. In the following equation, v1 is the RMS value at the peek frequency and v2, v3, ?, vn are RMS values at the harmonics. THD = sqrt (v2^2 + v3^2 + ? + vn^2) / v1 Definition of THD (...)
You have to use harmonic Balance simulation to find output power and its harmonics etc. Define a certain frequency in "Single tone signal source" and terminate the LNA with a convenient "port" ( e.g. port or resistor ) Fill the the neccesary "frequency" and other fields in HB controller and simulate. But the best way to use " Amplifier (...)
Hi, i want to simulate a vco in ADS, to check the output frequency i used harmonic balance simulation, i have named the output node vout, the plot of this node(HB.vout) is DC (at 0 harmonic index), is there any input i should use ? i have connected a "term" to the input and output nodes andan oscport between the resonator and the reflection (...)
when simulating a VCO using harmonic Balance in ADS, what should i do with the vco input? i have connected it to a term ,put a harmonic Balance Block,put an OscPort, named the output wire Vout and plot HB.vout, but there is no output. is there anything else i forgat to do? regards