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Hi, I want to construct one AM transmitter which can transmit high frequency(High bit rate) signals.. For example,DTMF signals.. First step i want to build one oscillator which will provide good wave form out put(Clear wave form).. I am planning to go for hartley.. It seems if we design it using crystal,it will yeild better reslut.. (...)
I would like to build a circuit for a hartley oscillator and was wondering what design to best go for. The frequency should be around 500MHz. So I was thinking about whether to use discrete components and use an ugly board construction or rather go and buy an oscillator chip to which I can attach external (...)
The above links show how to design an oscillator for a certain configuration, but I was unable to see an example of how this theory can apply to the design on a practical circuit such as a colptts or a hartley oscillator. Does anyone know where I
Hi! I made an opamp hartley oscillator using a certain electronics simulator and even though simulation takes place I'm unable to get any oscillation at all. I tried first using Rf and R1 equal to 1kΩ and two inductors both of whch are 50 mH. The capacitor value is 0.01 ?F. I've used a generic op-amp. I've attached a snapshot of the circuit.
Hello, I am looking for any recent articles in low noise microwave oscillator design Thanks
paper for oscillator design theory enjoy
RF and Microwave oscillator design ISBN 1-58053-768-5 Michal Odyniec, Editor 416 pages. Artech house Please upload. I would like to have this book for a long time, I do appreciate if someone can upload it.
RF and Microwave oscillator design Artech House ISBN 1-58053-768-5 Michal Odyniec, Editor 416 pages. If anyone has this book please upload. thanks a million.
I now try design a rf transmitter. In my design i have to used a oscillator as a part of the design. Can any body help me in how to design a rf oscillator. What the formulla and what paremeter need to take in account. I have a schmatic for crystal oscillator but what i need (...)
Thank you for your attention. I have some questions on pierce crystal oscillator design,and eager for your help! Can I use a CMOS transmission gate to act as the resistor? If not, then what are the disadvantages? If I use an external resistor, then what are the disadvantages as compared to the usage of an internal resistor?
I am a green hand in a crystal oscillator lab. Although our lab can design high quality crystal oscillators, we have no designing but only debugging. I want to learn more theory about oscillator design. Can someone help me and recommend some good books in oscillators (...)
please give me some complete design example for oscillator design using s parameter(bjt or fet). (step by step,i am fresh in designing oscillator) frequency:2.4~3Ghz. welcome to any papers or design schematic yourself.
oscillator design and Computer Simulation Randall W. Rhea This book covers the design of L-C, transmission line, quartz crystal and SAW oscillators. The unified approach presented can be used with a wide range of active devices and resonator types. Valuable to experienced engineers and those new to (...)
How can i do to improve my s(1,1)?? My reflection is cap.
now i am learning oscillator design,so who can provide me some material about oscillator design, thanks!
how can i calculate the β of this simple transmiter( hartley
Hi all, Which book is the most classic book for RF oscillator design? Thanks,
can anyone suggest a decent book for VCO design or microwave oscillator design
can anyone , recommed me a book or a papers or a thesis in distributed oscillator design in any technoogy integrated or discreete thanks khouly
I'd like to design a SAW oscillator,who can recommend some books or papers to me? Thanks
I need papers on CMOS Ring oscillator design with simulation examples having specification to device sizing.Can anybody help plz????????? Thanx in advance swagata
here is a oscillator .The current consumption in the core oscillator is 50uA(25uA in each branch)(the vdd is 1.2V),it can start oscillate. I am considering for smaller current which can start oscillate.who can give me idea for such low power oscillator design.thank you
I am require the to design a microwave oscillator using ADS with specs below : Microwave oscillator design specifications Output frequency: 12GHz Output Power: 5mW Frequency Pushing factor <100 kHz/V Frequency Pulling factor is less than 50 MHz peak-to-peak for a 1.5:1 Load impedance, Rl 50 Ohm (...)
hi,every one, i am doing a SAW oscillator design right now. Based on my design, i give a inital current condition to the resonator. For example,i gaved 0.1uA inital current to the indutor in the SAW resonator, and then i can start up the circuit. But without this inital current ,the circuit can not be start up.[I used the cadence spectre (...)
Dear all, I'm about to enter my final year of studies which would require me to take on a final year project. As a matter of fact, I have interest in the field of analog IC designing and I perfectly understand that this demands great amount of self-reading and exploration which is something that I'm prepared to go for. As of now, I'm given
Does anybody have Push-push oscillator design example in ADS ? Any papers or etc...
Hi, I am trying to use SA602 to design a mixer/osc mainly because it is readily available and popular. The main problem I have is the oscillator design. The data sheet does not have much information on how to design the oscillator. My goal is to design 150MHz LO using LC as a VCO. The (...)
Is there any way to make cosimulation with ADS for oscillator design? Thanks
Go through this... might help you
Will the high impedance input of a frequency counter usually kill the oscillation of a hartley oscillator when measuring it's output, or just affect the frequency? It may load it down which could have either of those effects or even just dropping its ouotput level a bit. One way to overcome that is to capacitively co
hi all, i'm undergraduate student and I need papers on CMOS Ring oscillator design with simulation Examples or how can i design it using 3 stages common source amplifiers thanks in advance :)
Hello,I am a beginner in the field of electronics.... I was going through some papers on oscillator design through current conveyors. I can analyze those circuits but I need a guideline as how to begin the design of such oscillator? What is the procedure if I want to design an (...)
Which HEMT device model is recommended for use in designing a microwave oscillator at 40GHz using ADS simulator?
Hello, I want to thank you for reading this, My professor gave me a datasheet (CEL NEC's c to X Band N-Channel GaAs MES FET | NE722S01) which have S-parameters in Common Source Configuration. He want me to design a microwave oscillato using this datasheet on AWRmicrowaves office. I need help to do this. Do you know how i can do this? i need
How to choose the operating point of FET for negative resistance oscillator design?
Can anyone explain how does the bjt in oscillator automatically adjusts gain so aas to give appropriate output with input as feedback. I think, the most simple and understandable explanation of the hartley oscillator is as follows: 1.) To fulfill the oscillation criterion (Barkhausen) we need a feedback cir
............................. or in case of an ideal OP, one inductor is simply shorted. In other words, the resonant circuit is reduced to a single LC topology. As a result, the LC phase shift is smaller than 180° and the oscillation condition can't be fulfilled, at least for an ideal OP. Yes, the first inductor of the
hello, i need to build collpits, hartley, and clapp oscillator using transistor, but i'm confused on the design step. anybody can help me??
I want to design a local oscillator for a FM radio receiver. I have tried many oscillators i.e. colpitt oscillator, hartley oscillator. But they are not working well. Another issue which i am facing is the stability. When the Capacitor / Indusctor is changed to select different frequencies, (...)
Please tell me the procedure for designing an hartley or colpitt oscillator( with voltage divider bias).any links or something. I need the mathematical procedure. plz... :?::?::?::cry:
There are many topplogies for those frequencies like DRO,YIG, Ceramic Resonator oscillator, etc. What kind of topology you intend to use ? What purpose will work for ??? Forget about Colpitts,hartley,Clapp oscillators and lumped L-C components they are not suitable for those frequencies.You should consider either Distributed type (...)
Hi, all. There is a new article on oscillator design by Ulrich L Rohde. It is almost like a book (~ 8 Mbytes). With CAD tool simulation. Happy downloading ! 8)
I want to design S band local oscillator. Please guide me to select proper FET of agilent to design oscillator.
Can anyone offer me tips on how to size the transistors for the buffer stage shown, particularly the PMOS transistors because I am having a hard time keeping PMOS load in triode and PMOS diode in saturation. I am trying to build a four stage ring oscillator. From my calculations I need at least a Gain of 1.4 in each delay cell and I am target
Hi, I want to design a microwave oscillator of abour 550MHz. the requirements are that it should be very stable. I want to ask whether a crystal oscillator will serve fine for this purose or tunnel or impatt diode based oscillator will also do. also tell me the advantages and disadvantages of both the crystal and impatt (...)
now i need design one CMOS CSA ring oscillator,using 0.25um technology,VDD=2.5V, Vctr increase lined from 0.5v to 2v ,the output signal frequency should be 500Khz to 80Mhz,i should how to design this circuit. now i design one initial circuit but when Vctrl from 0.5v to 2v the output frequency form 10mhz to 80mhz ,maybe i (...)
Hi all, I'm new to RF design and need your help. Here are schematic and layout of my 910 MHz feedback oscillator. The layout is unfinished, because I have not mastered the ADS layout function, which is quite different with Protel. Some questions: 1. How to use the bottom layer (cond2?) as ground plan? 2. How to put a via to connect a pin to
Hi there I am designing a 4GHz DRO for my final year thesis. Up to this point in time i have had minimal success. I am using a BJt in common base topology as the amplifier. I match the output (collector) of the device for maximum reflection coeffecient. Then I use ADS to examine the input impedance and admittance (at the emmiter) of the d
Hi I have designed an oscillator using NE42484A at frequency 2.45 GHz. To do the design I have used the model exist in ADS library. the oscillator work. however, when I change this model by another model of the component given by a manufacturer NEC the oscillator doesn't work. so anyone can help to figure (...)