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I'm newbie in bascom avr and need help for SPI read MCP3304 13-bit 8 single channel. I am writes code and don't receiving value in volts which read by digital voltmeter as sample read 4.844V by digital voltmeter read 4.999V. Where is my error code. bascomavr Code: Dim Vtxt As String * 6 Dim I As (...)
Hi ilacmano I will suggest you to take this code to bascom where a lot of people will help you. As for I understand I do not see any error in your code, but you are wrong in driving IRFZ44n from UC you will have to insert a buffer between your mosfets and UC pin to amplify the gate voltage as this is not a logic level mosfet.Any how I will Take thi
i need help in write code. how to set counter, to count external hardware pulse?? at rate of 1Hz. i need code for bascom-avr. i want to make digital speedometer using ATmega16 and reed-relay switch(for counting rotation of wheel).
I'm write Sine Wave 50Hz code in bascom avr and need help how use OCR1A positive, and OCR1B negative half period sine wave with 10ms half sine wave period and 32 samples per half period. If possible to use this both signals for driving Full H-Bridge IR2110, or must be added new signals, and how8900289004.
Hello Is there any bascom avr user here ?? I need help please.
hi all.... anybody can help me to find a bascom avr moving sign project thank you..
how to use bascom avr libraries??? i have this problem please help. thnk u
Hi, I think the help file of bascom is the best reference. BR
Hi My Frind don't forget that lm020l is a 16*1 lcd you replace it with lm016l which is 16*2 lcd and don't forget to config lcd=16*2 thants i hope it will help MedTronic
hi all i want to drive rfm12b with bascom avr. can any body help me?????
Anyy help....
Hello. I want to build a robot with pid control. I Robot 16 infrared sensors, which consists of A and B port is connected. I've used DC motor gearbox and want through the PWM motor speed control. How should I write the program in bascom avr? And how do I set it?
hi to all edaboard users!! im new here and i want to get ideas and advice on how to make software like programming tool using and bascom using atmega8 for my device, my project is like this, i need to connect drawing or figures and this figure has internal code in it and which if i compile the figures it will generate .hex file which
hello all, i m making small project, digital speedometer for my bike. I want to use REED magnetic switch to detect the pulse from wheel. But i m stuck in timer. I want to use timer as it generate 1Sec interupt and another timer as counter to count pulse form reed switch. can anyone help me to make code in bascom-av
Hi everybody ! Looking for full version of bascom-avr or is some c*r*a*c*k there for bascom-avr Demo Version? Thanks
I am using bascom-avr compiler ver and when a DTMFOut command is executed the program starts from the beggining. I thought that there was something with software-hardware-frame stack but changing the values to maximum possible returned no result Even the MCSElec example doesn't work!!!!! When i used ver everything worked nor
dose any one have the new bascom avr easytcpip libary file ( tcpip.lbx ). they will send to me. thanks mike
Hi, I need help with avr RAM check. Do you have algorithm/methode/link in C routine? How should I treat data when I do RAM check? Would they be destroyed? Thank you for your help! Best Regards, ltg
bascom-avr DEMO out can be update too i hope so did not checked yet
hello is any different between bascom51 instructions and bascome avr instructions? Thank you
hi.. i have build some project based on SMS, i need some sample project to receive SMS and display it on LCD, i use siemens C45 cellphone and Atmega8535 with bascom avr as compiler. if anyone have it, please share it... thanks best regard fafaz
hello everyone! how to access general purpose register i-e r0,r1,r2,etc using bascom avr? FOR EXAMPLE if iwant to store a hex value of (fe) in R1 WHAT WILL BE THE bascom INSTRUCTION? thanx.
I'm trying to understand how the function time$ of bascom avr, I compiled the example on a atmega168p using the internal clock and that 'the factory 8 mhz and clockdiv=8 without the external quartz of 32k , the clock works but the latter take every 10 minutes around, then I wrote the prescaler of timer2 to 0 and click every 6 seconds. Why not be th
I'm programed in bascom avr-u RS485 communication between ATMEGA128 - master and ATMEGA32 - slave. On Slave display have problem receive chr(240) as first character in string. Test programs : $regfile = "m128def.dat" 'Master $crystal = 10000000 $hwstack = 32 $swstack = 20 $framesize = 40 $baud = 9600
HI ALL i want a square waveform with f=7mhz by bascom avr plz help me expecting your comments
hi, I have little confusion with uart using bascom-avr. I have made circuit to calculate RMP of motor with use of Atmega16 and optical interrupt switch. It display on 16x2 lcd as well as on terminal emulator of bascom. When i power on motor it shows o/p on display instantly and on terminal emulator after some time. i think it has (...)
hi, i do programing in bascom-avr. I have little material related to it. 1)bascom-programing controller with ease by Claus Kuhnel 2)introduction to mcu and soft desing by MRGS Technology Electronics other web reference. this is not a sufficien i want to learn this software more deeply. can anyone suggest me book s
Hello.I have problem with proteus.Can anybody help me? Problem: I want to draw a avr based schematic and program it by bascom avr compiler but I think It doesn?t support bascom code (or maybe I don?t know the way).can anybody send a simple schematic based on avr microcontroller (such as (...)
Can any one help me for programing usb with bascom?
Hi, i'm a beginner for microcontrollers and i'm using ATmega8 microcontroller.pls help me by sending program for serial communication for this.pls help me......its urgent.
I have two major problems and i really need anyone's help 1) I can't make ADC of 8535 to convert right. I have tried the sample program of bascom avr and i have tried some of my routines but with no result. I connected AREF to AVCC and both with one resistor 100OHM to VCC and with one capacitor to GND. Also i have connected AGND to GND. I (...)
Hy all! I have a big problem! I don't know the asm language! Is there anyone, how can translate me this file bellowe to BASIC (bascom-avr)??? Please help me!!! Thx a lot!
visit its good and has all basic programms according to your requirement and search on edaboard about rpm has been discussed many times along with code might help you.
i know this but i cant write suitable codes for bascom avr and if you can help me to write it i never forget this
how to interface keyboard to avr(mega8)? please help?? give examples.
hello I try to compile an avr program in bascom avr demo.two errors as below are created: error1 unknown statement error202 EQU not found,probably using functions that are not supported by the selected chip I don't use any port of avr in my program. please help me thanks
hello I want to use the timer1 of ATMEGA32 bascom avr simulator the interrupt isr of this timer don't execute. please guide me. thanks
hi the program help is good but may not satisfu you dor the delay of 1 usecond , i think there is no basic command for that , but u could use the assembly comand 'nop' inside the basic code
hello i am a student and i am trying to make a project with avr (mega8515) and gsm modem. i use codevision and enable the usart transmiter. also i connect RS232 spare with portd in pins 0 and 1. then i write this code #define CR 0x0D . . main() .. while(1) { printf("AT+CMGD=6"); putchar(CR); break; } this command must delete the message
I wish to use PID controller for controling a heater and a piltier module for a temprature range of about -10 to +40c. I havnt been able to find any fruitful info on the internet....pls help me
Hello I have two rf transmitter and receiver modules called RT14 and RR3 respectively.(work at the frequency of 433.92 MHz) i want to send and receive data with them with the help of avr. i have no practical circuitry for this purpose. i want to know if any one have any project,application circutry and source of bascom code? my other (...)
hai, I used pic 16F877a in my avr program. I used trans former tappings 0-160v-192v-233v-240v-280v.240v tapping is connect program input adc reading it is ok .the problam is relay chattering .how rectify this problam please help me.
Dear All Please help me on this issue. i am using the software -Basecom-avr IDE & using the Atmel AT89S52 writing a program i want to know how to generate the .hex (hexadecimal) from blow mention program & where it save when we generate the file. Regards.... Ravi Dutt '%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
I need to interface my chip 8051 with a NEC IR remote control. In wed AN #157 - Implementation of IR NEC protocol - MCS Electronics , I found a program "AN #157" NEC IR Decode program in bascom-avr, I need a bascom 8051 program. Who can help me ?
I have used the Fast PWM mode for generating SPWM 16 kHz signal with microcontroller ATMEGA16 wth oscillator frequency 16Mhz (see Atmega16 50Hz sine wave.jpg). Program written in bascom avr. Our frequency is 50Hz ? time period is 20ms. A half cycle takes 10ms. Recall that the sine table used is only for half a cycle. So, the 32 values m
hi i have a programmer board which i used to worked with it correctly. model : stk500 but now any chip i want to program it gives the error like:avrisp error leaving programing mode back then , when it worked if i didn't put any chips on the board a led would trun on before it warns me that there isn't any chips by the way this program has to
hi I am trying to write a program in bascom for attiny24 that after counting 200 pulses set the pina.2 would you please help me my program is like this do you find any mistake on it? it compiled successfully on bascom with no errors but when I load it on proteous 7 for simulation it doesn't work and it seems that get stuck on loop and (...)
Please tell me where I can find the Assmebler complier for Atmega128. thanks
Hi Take a look at they have code for avr and sht11, also bascom avr site. Hope this will help, but sht11 is difficult sensor to start with anyway wish you luck
thank all! i think these info will help me! avr can access the card more easy,because 8051 have no SPI interface,maybe more difficult.maybe what must do is to simulate a SPI in 8051?am i right? thanks a lot! best regards! shanren