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Hi, I need help for Writing some data in mmc the read specific data from mmc and display on the LCD. If anyone shares with me some example it will help me a lot. You will find the circuit with this post. If I press the "Button 1" one string (ex. This is text number one) will write on the mmc. Button 2 (...)
hi my friend i want to write to mmc(sd) with avr and compiler bascom +avr_dos . i can write in mmc but i want to operation TAB between 2 varibale when i write in mmc . please help me thank you
I would like some help in selecting the simplest micro-controller for my project. I will have 22 momentary SPST switches and 22 very small relays whenever a switch is pressed (regardless how long the button is held down for) a corresponding relay will fire for 3 seconds. So I need a minimum of 44 general purpose io lines. I have a $300 budget. w
hello guys ! could you help me with the mikroC FAT32 library ! I downloaded the library from Libstock , but i have no idea how to start ! i successfully had written a txt file into an SD/mmc card using mikroC mmc_Fat16 library . Fat16 supports cards up to 2GB . now I need to write a txt file into a 8 GB SD card using microC Fat32 (...)
Hello friends I am trying to simulate Adafruit data logging shield for arduino in proteus, but when I try to simulate the circuit, it gives command unsupported error. If anyone can help it will be appreciated, sharing my proteus files in the attachment. Thanks
How to read a whole line until new line occurs in a text file...using mmc Fat library........ please help me here...
so can anybody help me with all the stuff coding in MPLAB and Proteus
Hi, Microchip provide SD/mmc stack for its various microccontrollers (pic18 and above). Select a microcontroller read the stack documentation. There are a lot of example that will help you in developing your application. One more thing which dsPIC controller are you using? dsPIC30 or dsPIC33. For dsPIC30 you have to edit some files so that the stac
Is there any one to help me??
Hi, I want to simulate 1GB micro sd card interfaced with avr by Proteus.while I've tried to configure mmc properties there the maximum limit is 128 MB.I've made image file using usb image tool.I've formatted the sd card to fat32 .I 've selected 128MB (maximum) from mmc properties to simulate .but it is not working .Please help me to fix (...)
i have been assigned a micro controller project involving 18f4550. My project is to log data (temperature, Humidity, & light Intensity) on memory card. I am using ccs Compiler (PIC C) for programming, but every time i try to initialize the card it give error. Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated. Tanks in advance.
can u help me with the simulation of mmc in proteus?? i made .mmc file and upload it on mmc card...but it can't write or read
Dear All, Please help me to find the schematic of LPC2148 with SD/mmc card Thanks !!!!!!!!
Thank you l lot. thats look pretty good to me. I will give it a try. thanks for your help :)
There is a Function in mmc Card Library.... mikroc Compiler to format the mmc card.. unsigned char mmc_Fat_QuickFormat(char *mmc_fat_label); We have to pass an argument mmc_fat_label.. I want to know what is this and how can i use this function to format my memory card for FAT16 File System I am (...)
hi i want to read from sd card with spi communication,but i dont know the sequence of commands whitch i most send to sd card. please help me thank you
Hi all, I am able to initialize SPI, Memory card as well but am unable to write files to SD-mmc card. How to write and read files to SD-mmc please help me to do this.
Hi all, I am able to initialize SPI, Memory card as well but am unable to write files to SD-mmc card. How to write and read files to SD-mmc please help me to do this.
hi, is their is no one which can help me in this topic?
Hi Guys, Noob here. I am an EE student and currently undertaking a PIC project. I was wondering if the PIC18F4XK20 starter kit is compatible with the Pictail board for SD and mmc cards. If so, could anyone help me configure the MPLAB environment. I need help with the include files, header files, linker script etc.. Your (...)
Hi i want to drive an IC for reading and writing from/to mmc or SD Card. my IC is GL827L, i could find its datasheets but i can't find any tested circuit or schematic for it, can any one help me to can drive it correct? i attached datasheets too.
Hi All now i build a program to run a wave files wave file type is Mono / Bits / 16 KHz i do every things goood reading from memory and send a byte i have read to PORTB but my problem to play it in speaker i know that's need DAC but any body can help me on this ?????? this is my Code #define LINE_LEN 43 #define
hi all i have a project than require to read .wav file from mmc card and play it in speaker i convert .wav file using this tool and convert the output to a txt file and read it ,,,,, and that was faild !!!! then tried to convert it binary ,,, no thing happened !!! i follow some experienc
Hello, I am trying to interface SD card using it's datasheet at with customized code, stucked in an unknown error. Kindly, if any one can resolve this issue then it will be nice. I am attaching whole of my code with the customized libraries, as well as proteus simulation. Thanks in Advance.! :| Regards, Umair Mukati.69593
Thx Mr I was looking for this since a long time ago if u have an idea to use the same schematic but with usb flash instead of mmc card ur help is appriciated thx Johnny
mine is v 1.6 which has inbuilt function, but i think only for the 18 f series SD Card Interface Example for dsPIC30F4013 see this site.. this may help you
I haven't used mmc/SD but I think these links can help you understand how to use an mmc/SD mmc/SD Card and FAT Tutorial Use an SD or mmc card on your next AVR project |
Dear Geeks, Does anyone have a PCB footprint for Standard SD/mmc Card Socket/Connector (PUSH-PULL) or (PUSH-PUSH) type, for Proteus ARES? I can simulate SD/mmc Card with Proteus mmc library (VSM DLL Model) but unable to finish my PCB design as it does not have a PCB footprint. Can anyone help me PLEASE!!! I need it (...)
i want to make simple mp3 player with usb any one can help me:oops:
Hi friends, I am working on my final year project. I want to interface SD card to Atmega16 microcontroller using SPI protocol. I tried interfacing but it didnt work. I need your help. Its very urgent. Please guide me on how to interface SD card and how to read and write data. I want to write three values(data) to SD card and I want to read them
helo all i have a USB/SD/mmc Wireless FM transmitters (China made) for car , can i connect direct antenna cabel from Wireless FM transmitters to my port antena in car stereo ??? so i can get no interference for my audio ??? if not any suggestion for my problem anyone thanks for your help and sorry for bad English ......
hi all, am trying to interface micro SD mmc card with PIC18F4620, inserting micro SD card into Adapter. but am not getting the pin assignment of this adapter which is having 9 pins can anyone please help me to know the pin assignment.
hi ,using mikroc i want to make txt file on mmc (fat16) , I want to send special key to txt file such as ( enter key to make newline) and (tabe key to separate bt words) , i make the file and send characters to it but i cannot make newline or separate tab bt words . can you help me plz.
Hi. I just finished my course on microprocessors and i wanted to do a couple of small projects on them. I was wondering if anyone could help me out by telling me how to go about this. 1) I would like to read/write data from/to a USB pen drive or SD/mmc card. 2) Are there any resources available from where i can learn more. Circuits? I do n
hi.. i'm working on mmc project.. and using pic18f4455 the problem is the pin for sdo is the same pin for rx.. i already used rx for uart. is it possible if i can use the same pin for mmc data out?while i am using it for uart? will there be no problem?
can i store programme in mmc to convert digital to analog ? if i can how ? if no hoa can convert digital to analog without DAC ?help me plz thanks
can somebody help me writing a .txt file in sd card with avr.???:sad: Here is a free library mmc AVR Lib | Download mmc AVR Lib software for free at
Maybe these can help to understand how to use an mmc mmc/SD Card and FAT Tutorial Use an SD or mmc card on your next AVR project | Reading and writi
hi, can any one help me in interfacing sd with 8051 programming... i want to use spi mode and want to build code in embedded C thanks
search for mmc_read() and mmc_write() asn you can write form another microcontroller (like sending from serial and write the 512 bytes blocks).. also i have seen making this kind of stuff with Linux! (i 'm a newbie in linux so you can search more on the internet) so create a 'virtual device' with dev (with the same exact size of the mmc (...)
Hi guys!! I have a canon multimedia card and I want to read/write data from/to it,but I have no idea about it's pinout and how to connect it to atmega128 .I mean i can't fide any datasheet for it.Does anyone have any guidance for me.I should resist that unfortunately there is no other type of mmc in my country! Tnx for your help in advance...
is there 15 pin sd card? i saw the schematic diagram but i didnt know pin details. plz send the pin details of sd card(15 pin) i searched in google i cant get it.plz help me to start my new project?
Hi, I am porting the EFSL FAT filesystem to PIC18, apparently it´s done for AVR and ARM but not for PIC, or at least I haven´t been able to find the way to compile it for PIC. Has anybody done this before? Any help or code would be welcome. I have low level routines for interfacing with an SD/mmc card through SPI but I cannot compile the EFSL l
help with MP3 project. I treing to make a MP3 Player but I have a problem with the file. I use SD/mmc card and vs1002 decoder and micro at89c51ed2. The code is in C, and the problem is some where here: unsigned char mmcWaitForData(){ unsigned char c; unsigned int i; DebugMessage("
I am building an MP3 player with mmc/SD card interface to a PIC18F4550 through SPI, but I cannot get any response from the card, here are the details, anyone can help me? - When I read from the card, the MISO line is all the time high or "1". I expect to receive an R1 command or "0x01" but I see no movement on the line. - I am implementing the
maybe this can help
hi.... i have a need to design blood pressure devices using the PIC16F877, in my case, the data is need to be save in the memory card, but i don't have the code to write the data into the memory card.. can somebody help me? this is my email : thanks for all your help..
Hi adm1, You may use MikroC compiler and it has got built-in functions for accessing sd/mmc cards. See its help files.
Hi, If you download the mikroBASIC or mikroC or mikroPASCAL compiler, there are examples for writing to mmc card, although they use the mikroElektronika library functions. You might want to take a look. Hope this helps. Tahmid.

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