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hi i simply need to convert decimal (8 bit) to hex in CCS. In mikroC, that is so easy to convert by using "bcd2dec" built in function. but in CCS i think there is no any function like that so how can i do?
Hello, I have a big issue and i do not know where to find the solution. I have a PIC18F87K90. It has a real time clock. The time and date are out on bcd. I setup on the EEprom 10 sets of hours and minutes when i want the pic to put some outputs ON The data stored on EEprom is minutes Example : For 06:30 i have 6*60=360 minutes + 30 minutes =
No recoding needed to display binary numbers in hex format, just map each four-bit nibble to characters 0 - F.
I assume that you are attempting to parse the incoming numeric string of 1 to 3 characters and store it as a single hex byte. Is this correct? Are you coding in C or assembler? And for what processor.
The dptr is 16 bit and Acc is only 8 bit. You need to convert to 5 byte decimal ascii or 2.5 byte bcd format. Which one do you prefer? Allen - - - Updated - - - OK I think I misunderstood what you want. You want to convert what's in (DPTR) to decimal in Acc. But 8 bit hex would convert to 255 d
Hello friends I am trying to convert 2 bytes hex value ( may be 0xa45) to bcd . but feeling difficult for the conversion during handling overflow. can u please any body suggest the logic of conversion . Please ping me back as soon as possible. thank you :-(:|. I am able to perform 1 byte conversion as discussed in edaboard. please revert for
Have u converted the hex count into bcd before sending to LCD. The common mistake is on LCD ACII character displays only. So make sure after converting hexadecimal number then Gate OR with 0x30. Then send your result to LCD.
Do you want to convert the Ascii numbers to bcd arithmetic or hexadecimal? '12' in ascii is not equeal to 0x12 in hex, the correct value here is 0x0C. The value 0x12 is in bcd, where each nibble(4bits) in the byte is one digit from 0-9. bcd=Binary Coded Decimal.
hi i need following topics for PIC16 in assembly language. 1. 16 bit (2 bytes) Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, division 2. conversion of numbers from hex to bcd. 3. equivalent function of DAW (in pic 18) thanks in advance
can any one suggest how to write an assembly language program for 8051 to convert hex to decimal ? 8-bit hex to bcd convertor Handling of hexadecimal numbers for 8051 Assembly
Hello! Preliminary: uint16 a1 = 0x1234; // a1 is an unsigned int value, not hexa uint16 a2 = 4660; // a2 is an unsigned int value, not decimal either. And a1 = a2 uint16 a3 = 0x4660; // a3 is the bcd (binary coded decimal) value of a1 or a2 char * str1 = "0x1234"; // str1 is a string, that can represent a1 or a2 in hexadecimal (...)
Packed or Unpacked bcd? The algorithm is fairly simple: The hex equivalent of ASCII '0' is 30H, Therefore to convert a packed bcd to ASCII you must first unpack it and then add 30H to the unpacked bcd Packed bcd 73H 0111 0011 Unpacked bcd 07H 03H 0000 (...)
Hi Programming a PIC microcontroller is very new thing to me but stilll i made a sincere effort of coding... I would really appreciate if anybody could tell me whether my codes are rite or wrong...I am using 18f65j50 for remote monitoring and controlling of smps......Thnx in advance.. and one of doubts is how to convert hex into bcd...The codes
I found this solution from for you posted by jaden404 "Always give credit to the one who desirve it". I hope it will help. ========================================================================================================= hex has 16 values, 0 - 15, a - f = 10 through 15. Let's take a number, say 'ab'. a, being the
Probably you want to add two numbers (bcd addition) and display them on 7seg displays. Here is the code I modified to do that.. Hope this helps! module Lab2ex2part5(A1,A0,B1,B0,S2,S1,S0,SW,hex0,hex1,hex2,hex4,hex5,hex6,hex7); input SW; input (...)
Hi friends I want to convert a 6 digit decimal no into binary or hex format in assembly language. Please tell me how it could be done I did for 5 digit conversion now i want for 6digit pl help me Thank you
the +-48 trick is used with numbers because it can convert a value 0-9 to a char representation 0-9 and vice versa, you are obviously trying to convert a hex value of 0-15 (0-f) to the char 0-9 and a-f and vice versa. You can use a condition that checks if the number is <=57 (which is char 9) and if true subtract the value 48 , if false then you
the time and date are in bcd format - check that you are decoding them correctly e.g. I use this for an MCP79410 RTC // convert a bcd value to decimal, e.g. 0x41 to 41 unsigned char bcdtoDec(unsigned char hex) { return (hex >> 4) *10 + (hex & 0x0f); }
please can anyone send me 8051 asm code for hex-bcd
Hi, It's a 16-bit integer number. It can be read as decimal, hex, binary, any way you want. It's not bcd, so no conversion required. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
hi, my work is to read data from temperature sensor which is interfaced to 8051, i can read it but to display it , i need to convert hexadecimal to decimal, plz any one give some info how i can convert it and display it.
See EDN Oct 7 2010 issue Perform hexadecimal-to-bcdconversion in firmware - 2010-10-07 10:00:00 | EDN
16 bit hex to bcd @ Many codes available @ -- Amr Ali
Hi: I think you can just edit a file by ultraedit in hex mode. Then use a programer like superro to burn this file to eeprom.
Hi, Think this site will help you do your conversions - Not sure what you are actually converting from / to - but generally it is binary / hex to a lcd decimal display - so the Ascii converters are the ones to use.
in my project i require bcd at port 0 and 3 of microcontroller 89s52 since there are three 7447 connected (i.e p0.0-p0.3 to 7447(1) lsb, p0.4-p0.7 to7447(1), p3.0-p3.3 to7447(3)msb) which drive three 7 segment displays now suppose i want to display (240)d then in the accumulator there is its hex equivalent i.e (F0)h which is proper but now w
I think you mean a bcd-to-7-segment decoder. Here is the 'case' statement from a digital clock project that I wrote some time ago. Maybe it will help you. 'nibble' is the 4-bit input code (similar to your bcd value), and 'segment' is an 8-bit register connected to the 7-segment display (and its unused decimal point). It displays hex (...)
This function also can be used: int DecTohex(int value) { char bcd; bcd = value / 10; bcd = value % 10; return ((bcd << 4) | (bcd)); } hi friends, can someone please help me out in designing a small function in c programming to accept decimal value as (...)
i want to know how to display the valve stored in the accumulator in the LCD for example if there is a value of "5C h" hexadecimal stored in the accumulator i want it to be displayed as "92" "decimal" on the LCD i want to convert the binary value stored in the accumulator int its equivalent decimal to be displayed on the LCD
Salam, You didn't mention what is the length of the hex 8 bit, 16 bits ...etc Ok here is a simple method to convert hex (8bit) to bcd One restriction that method is vaild fot numbers 0 - 99 only. for example if you want to convert 99 to bcd 1- divide 99 by 10 2- put the result in the high nibble of the (...)
Hi, I need help with this module . It's to convert a binary value to its bcd equivalent assigning each digit to an element of an array. For example the binary value (11111111=ff hex) is equivalent to( 255 ) decimal so the 5 digit is assigned to the first element of the array......second 5 is assigned to the next element and 2 is assigned to the th
A DEC number is expressed as Dn*10^n+...D2*10^2+D1*10^1+D0*10^0 divide the hex number with 10, the remainder is D0, then use 10 to divide the quotient again, the new remainder is D1, repeat this process, until you get all the digit. It's quite easy to implement this in C, you can write a C function, then research the assembly result.
2 ways to do this imo. Use common anode like sugested or use a bcd 7 segment display. The bcd saves portpins and gives you the A-F hex codes for free :-). If you have enough ports you can connect the displays to separate ports.
Jdhar is talking about HyperTerminal from Windows OS. If you send from MCU to PC 00110000 and receive this bit stream in HyperTerminal you'll see on the screen 0 (as converted to ASCII). But if you use a program made by you, can display as convenient (hex, bcd, binary, ASCII).
Salam, hex2bcd Converter using 8051 ; ;**************************************************************************** ; ; Description: ; Convert Value In Acc From hex To bcd. ; ; Entry Requirements: ; Acc Has Value In Binary To Convert To bcd ; ; On Exit: ; Acc Has Entry Value Converted (...)
Hi, Try DM9368 or SN7448 SN7449 ! Cheers DM9368 is bcd to hex display he is asking bcd to decimal, so best is CD4543
Purpose: Convert a single byte into two bcd digits Input: A = Byte to convert (0x00-0xFF) Output: A = High nibble (ASCII 0x30-0x39,0x41-0x46) R0 = Low nibble (ASCII 0x30-0x39, Value In Acc From hex To bcd. Entry Requirements: Acc Has V
Q1)which IC can be used as a bcd to hex converter? Q2)circuit diagram or methodology for interfacing 4 thumwheel switches & 4 digit 7 segment display?
What do you mean by "decimal number"? Is this bcd number? In example, if you have 0x12 hexadecimally you want to change it to bcd number: 0x18? 0x18 is decimal representation of 0x12 hexadecimal number. C routine for that conversion (hexadecimal must be less than 0x64): unsigned char (...)