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Hello I have many IF-transformers (cans) taken out from transistor radios and CB but I do not know their resonating frequency. I have access to a spectrum analyzer so I would like to make an HF oscillator to find their frequency. I have tried different oscillators from the internet but I could not make anyone oscillate. I do not want a crysta
Hi, It depends on the rate of charge you plan. Considering 0.1C (1/10 th of battery rated amperage), ie, 10A, you need a power supply capable of supplying 13.5V 10A. This is 135W of output power. You could use flyback or forward here, although at this power, you should look towards half-bridge or two-switch forward. For half-bridge, you need a
I am trying to electronically alter the capacitance in a specific point in an analogue circuit, for example an HF oscillator. A varicap is not the solution I look for. A switched capacitance bank could be one solution, but multi switch relays are needed
Hye, I've build this oscillator and it works perfect but I need to switch the positions of the 2 variables capacitors to have the 15p-280p grounded (I have some Hf signals coming from antenna) The problem is when I permute the two CVs, I dont have the same frequency range ?? What can I do without changing the circuit? Thanks
Thanks at first.If i want to let it oscillate in 500KHz(LF) or 900MHz(HF),How can i caculate,and any formula to evaluate the Zin for negtive impedence and C1,C2?My,look forwards to your reply.
Hello I am building a QRP (CW) transmitter tor the HF bands 160m to 10m and I need an amplifier to drive my oscillator so I can get 1-2W max out. I have found this circuit (picture at the bottom) and I have built the oscillator but I need to eliminate the interstage transformer (capacitive coupling) I have managed t
Hi Chaps, I have built a hf start module for a tig welder, its basically a high voltage radio frequency spark gap oscillator driven by a car ignition coil, its aim is to start the arc from the electrode to the work esp on low welding voltages. It works well on my dc output alternator generator welder, however I tried this device on a ac stick w
OK anbu, +/-5V on 50 Ohm means a +/-100mA delivering capability, are you ready for some complexer output stage to build? I think on "Composite amplifier" some discretes & HF Op + DC compensating low speed precision Op... Your spec of less as 5ns for both edges isnt so full trivial (peak to peak 10V & 3dB bandwith of min. 70 MHz, even if your fre
Hi every one, I do not know if I am in right topic section. I need some schematic circuit diagram of an HF Plastic welding machine (for creating Photo Albums). I want to assemble one for me by using FU 501 triode as the main oscillator/output tube.
Hello I alter the frequency of an HF (1-30MHz) crystal oscillator using an MV209 varicap. I need to replace it with a greater capacitance range varicap to increase the tuning range, as much as the crystal permits it. Which one should I use? Requirements: 1) 9.5v maximum tuning voltage 2) junction operating temperature more than 80C, since it
Hello, As vimalkhanna says, what frequency, power, supply voltage, etc? Building a real class C oscillator can be very difficult to almost impossible. Real class C (with conduction angle < 120 degrees) is sensitive to envelope instability. Because of the harmonic-rich content of the current waveform, getting the correct termination for the harmo
hi all... can any one help me to find 27 MHz with crystal oscillator Experienced and trusted... thank's Go and find an old 27 MHz crystal controlled CB radio, there are sources of CB radio circuit diagrams on the net do some googling :) most of the circuits used a colpitts oscillator what is the di
Yes; Google "oscillations and regenerative amplification using negative resistance devices" and you will find a good paper that includes a -R audio oscillator. And here is a practical application of the principle at HF;
The above links show how to design an oscillator for a certain configuration, but I was unable to see an example of how this theory can apply to the design on a practical circuit such as a colptts or a hartley oscillator. Does anyone know where I
Dear vigneshmr Hi can you explain more about RFC? RFC derived from Radio Frequency choke . it will be open circuit instead of our desired frequency . it will use to prevent from unwanted interferences between our sources . and how to check oscillator, if it's good condition ? Do you have access to an oscilloscop
Hello I am trying to make a simple RTTY oscillator for the HF bands that can accept 1.2KHz and 2.2KHz audio tones. Can this be done using a quartz crystal for better stability, or the crystal does not allow so much deviation? Also are there any sources of such a schematic?
If this is a normal crystal then this will specify a capacitive load for typical operation. The problem will be that circuit layout is unknown and produces a significant capacitance. The two capacitors for HF work are often around 10pF, hence the layout issue. Keep the crystal leads close to the component pins, track the capacitors close to the
Hello, which types of capacitors are best suited for an HF bandpass filter for RX only? 1. A Silver mica 2. An NP0 disk and why?
Hello, I am thinking of the attached Quadrature oscillator covering 1KHz-30MHz, and I wonder if this would work and if it will be stable enough to be used on HF ham bands? (as it is, no decreasing of the range) I do not expect crystal stability, but I have read that the thermal stability of these chips is 40ppm per C! Also the max freq of the
Anyone got any stuff on oscillator theory/design, in particular LC/crystal oscillators?
I want to demonstrate a coupled oscillator circuit at graduate level. Can any one suggest some thing?
Who can give me a circuit netlist of 32768 Crystal oscillator for spice simulation! My circuit cann't get up!
This post is long, so bare with me. I am attempting to design an FM receiver from scratch. My question, described below, is regarding practicle limits of quality factors. How do i chose components such that the local oscillator resonates at a specific frequency AND is stable.. Here is the calculation thought process, feel free to point out any
Dear all, I would like to ask what is the difference between crystall and crystall oscillator. and also what is the difference between 2 pins crsytal oscillator and 4 pins crystal oscillator? Thnx very much Sunny CHU
Hi everybody ! I need an oscillator which runs at 32,83 MHz with +7dBm output power. I want to keep it as simple as possible, so I want to use a crystal oscillator and an op-amp. As this design will be unique (no series production), I searched some catalogues and found some off-the-shelf crystal oscillators with 32 MHz and 33,33 (...)
Hi all, does anybody know something about YIG oscillator/filter recycling ?? There are often units (new and used) offered on the surplus market but they are almost all undocumented (custom). Any e-paper on the argument will be very useful and appreciated. Thanks all in advance !! Syzzler.
In my new project i may need a low phase noise 160 or 180MHz oscillator for AD9856 ( DDS chip). Someone suggest me to use a 10MHz OCXO to catch lower phase in near-band, in this project the phase noise of DDS output must below -70dBc @10Hz. If i use 10MHz ocxo, then i must use on-chip multipler inside AD9856, it cause some degrade of phase noise
Hi, Here is a schematic of such an oscillator, if you have other ideas or other schematic to build a simple UHF oscillator they are welcome. hc :wink:
was anybody involved in designing a low phase noise oscillator with varactor/varicap diodes at frequencies around 1 GHz? links, pdfs or comments very welcome! tnx, rfmw
Hi! How can i make a 15625hz oscilator? i want to put a ne565 or a 4046 oscilating at that precise frequency, with very small deviation +-10hz Thanks!
Hi guys, I nedd to develop an sqare wave oscillator in the frequency range of about 400 KHz up to 1.5 MHz with only 2 V of power supply.!!!! I have tested the standard 74hc4046 but the minimum power supply for the oscillator stage is 3 V..... Please give me some suggestion and good idea !!!!!! Thank you
Please remember that you should use 3D solid modeler A/u/t/o/c/a/d LT is only 2D I think most easy to use is S/o/l/i/d/Works or S/o/l/i/d/Edge. Also Inventor, but I have no experiences. Yopu can also use M/e/c/h/a/n/i/c/a/l Desktop from A/u/t/o/d/e/s/k Please note: all model must be solids, not wires. Do you have licenses for HFWorks? It's i
oscillator paper
How to programm epson sg-8002 oscillator.
Hi! I would like to activate the internal oscillator of the at90s1200 what kind of code should i write? Thanks!
Hi, I'm looking for a simple way (formulas or software) to calculate pi filters in a final (PA-HF) to operate in a given frequency and in general how to calculate final power amplifier. Jazzyfunk.
Hello, I am looking for any recent articles in low noise microwave oscillator design Thanks
I am looking for any oscillator tutorial ? Thanks
hi I want to khnow some about available hf and wireless modems ( BW,modulation,... ), and design of them thanks in advance
Hi, Friends Suppose the output frequency of an oscillator depends on a design parameter RX. I want to get a exact frequency ( say 100KHz ). How to write optimization statements if I use hspice for optimization? Output node is names as Y. The major problem is how to measure the output frequency after transient analysis. Thanks.
Could anyone tell me how to construct a high-frequence(200MHz) circuit if don't use PLL? RC or Ring oscillator can contribute my wanted? The accuracy can be acceptable on +/- 15% tolerance. Thanks a lot.
I need some good ideas to design a microwave oscillator in the 8 - 10 GHz frequency range
does anybody know a suitable transistor for x-band oscillator.
I have designed a X-band oscillator at 9GHz. How can I simulate the design in ADS. What is the behaviour of S-parameters at oscillating frequency. I am also having trouble in designing biasing network.
I want help about design an equalizer for a multipath, slow fading channel (exactly ionosphoric channel for HF communication) thanks
Hi all, has anyone tried this High frequency simulator? :?: I searched the forum and found only 2 messages concerning HFWork$ 1.5; an older version :( Looks quite impressive and support website looks quite awesome 2!!!! It could be a strong competitor 2 HF$$. However, it is offering only a 15 days tria
Hi, I would like to design an HF power amplifier but all the schematics i have found are not in the desired bandwith !! SPecifications of the amplifier: Input signal : 0 to 12V between 800Khz and 5Mhz OUtput signal: 0 to 12V but 60W !!! I would like tu use a PUSH PULL configuration whith low cost MOSFET (like IRF...). because the RF po
Hi, In choosing an HPA for HF one must know the app; is it digital modulation requiring very high linearity and thus must back off 7-10dB from P1dB(like CDMA)? Or is it like EDGE requiring less backoff? Or perhaps it's RADAR? The app makes all the difference in how to design. BTW, I noticed Motorola now has a 100W CW device with push-pull topolo
Hello, I am trying to simulate an oscillator (4MHz) circuit that consists of a transistor and some discrete components. The only thing that comes out of the simulation is in the order of femto to pico volts. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks. Regards.
Hi everybody, I want to have information about designing a Triode Cavity oscillator in C-Band. I don't know where to start. If anybody has information about the topic or any site to suggest it will help very much. Thanks...