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From the posted pictures is hard to understand where the mistake is. Try to follow the example below, and you will understand how to design a coaxial feed. Indications might not be exactly the same if you use a different version of the simulator.
You can probably excite two coaxial modes on the pins (one on each). In hfss, lumped ports should be OK.
Hi All, I am trying to simulate a basic patch antenna which is mentioned in attached paper called "Regular Model" and shown its measurement in pg: 276 - Fig2 (S11) and dimensions in pg:277 - Table 1. I assigned a Waveport at the coaxial cable. and all other properties as can be seen in the attached hfss (...)
Hi everyone, I designed a slot in a cylindrical wall in hfss and manufactured it. To be in the desired frequency, the feeding point was not exactly the same as hfss computed, but it does not matter. I have to feed the slot, theorically I have to weld the coaxial inner face to on side of slot and the outer (...)
HI, i have designed an cavity backed antenna in driven terminal using two co-axial coaxial feed length is 40mm..if i assingned air as material to the cavity i can run the simulation without the error and my return loss value is less than -10db.if i am assigning copper as material to the cavity i am getting very low return loss.what mat
Hi everyone i am designing a monopole fed RFSR antenna for tat 1st i should design a monopole wire antenna with coaxial feed can anyone tell me the procedure to design tat antenna in hfss or plz send me the hfss file i will understand by tat
Hi I read a paper in which exact structure of a fat dipole microstrip antenna is described. My question is about the feeding structure. Is it necessary to set up for example a coaxial feed and its entrance as input port or we can draw port right at the antenna? Is there any difference between ADS, CST, hfss in this regard? [URL="www.edab
Dear members, I am trying to simulate a conical antenna placed on a circular ground having a cut-out for the coaxial feed. The coax contains the Outer Cylinder (PEC), the inner Teflon and the innermost feed pin cylinder (PEC). The structure can be seen below; 128776 Can someone please assist me on how to excite the
Hello, I am using hfss V13,and simulating a Planer Inverted F antenna with coaxial feed line.Validation check is successful.But no result found in s11 plot.I attached the view of design.Anyone can help me please?
Hello, I am farely new to hfss and can't seem to circle my head around the problem of modeling components. For example let's say I have modeled a coaxial cable in hfss with a shield and now want to make a component that will in Simplorer appear as black box with 2 inputs (1 input for the core (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate a coax connector in hfss and trying to correlate simulation results with theoretical formulae. Currently, I have modeled a coax connector with a GOLD inner conductor and PTFE dielectric(epsilon = 2.1). I have setup ports at both ends of the coax with port impedances 50 and 80 ohms respectively. (...)
Hi Lacrimosa, Look up the drawings for the connector you're going to use, and create the connector in hfss. Then just excite the coaxial mode on the coax end of the connector.
How to make coaxial probe for horn antenna in feko. In feko example of horn with line feed i changed parameters and have achieved my desired results now i want to place probe like in hfss Microstrip patch antenna but i have no infinite ground in case of horn. Kindly mention steps and tell me how to know what will be inner (...)
Dear Sahu here you go
Hi to all, I need A COMPACT CPW-FED UWB ANTENNA WITH GSM, GPS, BLUETOOTH and DUAL NOTCH BandS APPLI- CATION antenna design for my thesis. Is there any in these examples? Also i cant take wave port for coaxial in my project. i use hfss v15 in hfss full book v.10 . i donot know how to design slots
Hello everyone, I am trying to design a Microstrip Patch Antenna using hfss and I need help regarding dimensions of coaxial cable to implement in hfss. Can you tell me what are the standard connectors available in the market? I am from India and I have heard that not many connectors are (...)
just like the title .and the picture below
Hi, I tried the simulation with hfss 13 and 15, and I got similar results in terms of matching and radiation patterns. My only concern is that you use an air-dielectric coaxial, or you forgot to assign material (e.g. Teflon) to the air in the coaxial probe. Regards, Pere
Hi, i was trying to simulate the antenna described in the file .pdf, but I have some difficulties to understand how does it function. I made the design with hfss 13, but i don't know how to apply bounderies and excitations in this case. Have I need to design a coaxial probe to fed the antenna, or i have to apply a port in (...)
Hi all, I wanted to feed the dipole patch antenna with the wave port(the figure of the antenna is below), but I don't know how to do that. I know how to feed it with lumped port. However, I'm willing to know the input impedance of the proposed antenna. Thanks all (I have hiden the substrate, and GND doesn't exist) 97285[
Hi all, Could anyone tell me shall I normalize the waveport impedance to 50 Ohm when simulating a waveguide structure in hfss? and why? Thanks in advance.
You can find a good details about coaxial feed simulation in hfss by visiting this link good luck
Hi. I has designed a microstrip patch antenna array in hfss.It's feed is an coaxial SMA.But in simulation the wave is not going throw the array.The inner in coax is tangent with the array and it's shield is tangent with the ground plate
Yes. the Port looks good. I do a simulation from your project and it works. But you should do some work on it, because your "air" is not very well placed. It should be lambda/4 away from all edges of the antenna. and i don't understand the sheet "Rectangle1". The resonance frequencies in my solution are 820 and 1095 MHz. (...)
Hi I want to calculate the SAR for microstrip antenna with coaxial cable on human body phantom with hfss. I dont know how calculate the SAR with hfss. and I dont know how a microstrip antenna with coaxial cable are placed on human body phantom. please help me:cry:
I am a new user on hfss. and I am creating a coaxial probe. The simulation result in S11 does not show properly. Can anybody help me to have a look my hfss file? Thank you. 86358
My hfss version is old and I cant open your file properly. But I think that you don't add boundary condition to outer conductor of coaxial line.
hi all i'm new to hfss and i want to design simple square patch without any modification with coaxial cable according to the dimension given in the paper "Small Square Monopole Antenna With Enhanced Bandwidth by Using Inverted T-Shaped Slot and Conductor-Backed Plane" but i don't get the results i will (...)
Why dont you use the antenna designer from hfss. It can create the model in few seconds and u will just need small tuning to fit ur requirements
Which simulator are u using? It sounds like u are using hfss. hfss has probe-fed patch antenna example in its fullbook. You can refer to it for the structure and dimension of the coaxial feed. In my opinion, the coaxial feed size is not fixed. It can be modified according to your needs. However, you need to (...)
try downloading hfss antenna design kit. its free. it has antenna models with different kinds of feeds.
Hello everyone, I'm new to hfss. I'm trying to simulate a monopole antenna, with a coaxial feed in it. It works fine when just the antenna is simulated as the exitation port is on the Air box boundary. But once I integrate it with the external structure and surroundings, I had to shift the port to the middle of the model.
anu body here can help me how i make balun circuit for spiral antenna. and there is another feed techniques for broadband
Hello Magbach the set up is quite easy you can do it two ways either have your coaxial connector connected the way shown or through a via going passing substrate. to do this draw the inner conductor touching the inverted-F and the outer coax touching the ground plane.if you would like i can show you how to do it at the condition that you have pla
Hello Everyone The Problem i have here is more of a drawing problem in hfss and not the simulation.I have a co-axial cable that is being used as an element of a bifilar helix,after drawing the helix,from the tip of helix the coaxial cable is to be drawn at 90 degrees from the tip.does anyone have any idea how to do this.i have drawn the (...)
hi.. need to feed an annular slot of avg. radius 7.7mm and thickness 1mm..need to do the simulation in hfss..tried alot..din work yet..wil be thankful if u cud help..
i am designing a log periodic dipole array antenna (not planar) with 1 to 3 GHz operating frequency vswr<1.6 and gain>10 dbi actually i am having the problem of feeding the antenna. can anyone help me with some model of LPDA so that i can understand how to feed .plllllllzzz its urgent
hi,all i'm trying simulate periodic structure in Collin's book " foundations for microwave engineering" chapter 8 page 552 ( capacitively loading of coaxial line),by hfss, I want define Master and Slave and Floquet port, but i don't know how consider master and floquet? i will be great full if any suggest.
I want to design Planar shape antenna for wimax application (frequency will vary from 3-5 ghz ) and i am using coaxial probe feed technique using hfss simulator.i want give the slots such as upper case letters and i want that each letter must work for one specific it possible to design such type of antennas on
I have an assignment to design microstrip patch antenna at 5.83ghz with elliptical patch please help how to design .
Hey peeps, Trying to do this has consumed so much of my time. Can anyone explain to me how best to feed a slot antenna with a coaxial transmission line, and how to investigate the correctness of the design. Thanks in advance
Sorry about my bad english,, I want to design microstrip antenna using patch annular ring, I use Ansoft hfss v10, can help me to find an supply spot at that patch?I use coaxial probe. Because I was try in many spot and the result is short circuit. Thanks for help..
Hello I'm a newbie to hfss and I'm trying to design an inset fed patch antenna design using hfss. Does anyone have any steps (not coaxial patch antenna) of the inset fed patch antenna design using hfss? I'm trying to run this simulation for my school project! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Hallo please help me in hfss 11 coaxial feed and result Hi i am new to this forum and i need help :cry:, i have simulated the ieee paper "Investigation of Wide Band Micro strip Slot Antenna" using FEKO but the result did not tally with the published result except the curve shape, now i want to simulate (...)
Hello! I want to model a 2 layer patch antenna: ground - layer 1 - patch 1 - layer 2 - patch 2. Both patch 1 and patch 2 need to be fed by the (same) coaxial cable. How can I model that. When I am creating the 2 layers, then hfss doesn't let me create a unique pec cylinder representing the inner conductor of the coax (it says that the layers (...)
hello everyone, I'm new to hfss, and this is my first project. I have to simulate the radiation pattern of the LPDA antenna at 670MHz (E and H-Plane). My problem is that I can't get the same results as i got with 4NEC2 and EZNEC. I have uploaded my project and the 4NEC2 results. So if anyone with (...)
hello; im going to design a printed antenna withcoaxial feeding resonants at 3 and 5.5 GHz at the same time. i modelled this antenna with cst and hfss respectively. simulation results are fitting. so i fabricate this antenna and get the measurement results. but there are differences between simulation (...)
You might want to look at how to model an coaxial/sma input using hfss waveport.
Hi, Dear all, I, phd in microwave 2005, am looking for a senior RF filter/diplexer design job. I can professionally use hfss, CST and Matlab, and primarily use ADS. I have over 10 years design experience in RF filter design, incl. coaxial, helical, tunable, high power. Also a senior wireless signal (...)
hello i am designing a recatangular patch using hfss by coaxial feed and microstrip feed . i want to know how to take the feed points . so that i can improve the gain , directivity and S11 parameters regards . ref