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I believe the hfss antenna design Kit (ADK) can be extended by adding your own code, but does anyone have any instructions on how to do this? For example, lets assume I want to be able to design a folded dipole to have a specific impedance. One can achieve this by having the two sides of the dipole of a different diameter, (...)
Hallo! I want hfss antenna design Toolkit, i searched in the website ANSYS but i could not found it Thanks in Advance Mohamed
hi, just wondering why in the antenna design kit provided by Ansoft hfss have two box defined; the first one is virtual radiation box and the second one is air box. What does both of these doing actually?
can someone upload here antenna design kit or is it illegal?
can someone upload here antenna design kit or is it illegal?
go the :Software Downloads/Uploads" forum there has hfss9.2 full documents
Hi... Anyone intersted in Fractal antenna design in hfss or any doubts u can post here.. thank you
I need an hfss tutorial about a dipole antenna design.
I have seen your Project file, i think that have many mistakes. First, your coaxial feed is false, so the waveport is also false. The attachment is a example about setting waveport and hfss Fullbook. it's a good book to a hfss beginer. You can try to simulate example about antennas design in this book. I hope it will (...)
go through the ansoft's web page,& then tutorials,there u found some tutorials abt hfss....& further any query reply here :D
hi i want to design a patch line fed ,and pifa antenna with a gain of 6 and operating frequency 900Mhz but the problem is that when i give all the relative parameters and it gives me a ready to go design in hfss it does not give any rsults and the port is also not assigned i want to know that are there some post (...)
Hi, how to use hfss to design and simulate a vivaldi antenna?
in my antenna design, if i add some resistor in between my antenna.then how simulate using hfss?
there's separate array modelling feature in hfss where u can define excitations and do array modelling if i come across some material i will send across
Dear Friends: Does anyone have some examples about UHF omni-directional antenna design in hfss? or any UHF omni-directional antenna shapes what work in about 2900-310 MHz. Thanks very much!!!!
see hfss full book on ansoft site ..u will find there
Hi everyone, Im currently working on yagi antenna design. I tried to simulate the design using hfss and I got these errors: BEGIN_WARN 1 Face triangulation is self intersecting 2118 Face id END_WARN BEGIN_ERR 10 Volume Mesh Generation Failed 0 1 #nextgen/ver6_stitching_flag failure_mode_enum END_ERR (...)
Hi everyone. I have to design a pyramidal horn antenna, aperture area =76^2. I am new to hfss and i am facing problem in designing. I am trying to build a pyramid and then subtract the waveguide (box) from it. I guess, in this way i might be able to get rid of the peak of the pyramid. I am not sure, whether this is the (...)
Hello I'm a newbie to hfss and I'm trying to design an inset fed patch antenna design using hfss. Does anyone have any steps (not coaxial patch antenna) of the inset fed patch antenna design using hfss? I'm trying to run this simulation (...)
can anybody give me a corrugated horn antenna design example in hfss...
Hi can anybody tell how to increase gain of microstrip patch antenna design in hfss gain depend on which parameter length width or height Er kartik ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 ---------- I have drawn a single patch only not array
If you use the free antenna design kit for hfss it has the ability to design a number of differnt types of antennas. One antenna puzzles me though. The Quadrifilar Helix antenna has 4 excitations. In the diagram below, the ports have been highlighted. I can't see why (...)
Here is a Matlab to hfss program. If you get it to work let us know.
Can someone help me to design this antenna ? spiral antenna -working band: 400-4845 MHz; -standing wave ratio ≤ 2; -50-ohm input impedance; -the ellipticity ratio ≤ 0.7; - - - Updated - - - P.S.: i am new to hfss software
Has anyone here worked with or heard of HFWorks? It is a finite element simulator for electromagnetics, like hfss, and comes as an add-in package to SolidWorks and AutoDesk. Does anyone have any idea about its advantages and disadvantages over hfss, with respect to small antenna design? Thanks!
there are several antenna examples that come with hfss. click file->open examples->antennas. is a good starting resource.
hi, i am trying to export my antenna design from hfss to altium by converting it into dxf file but when i opened it into altium got error msg i asked someone for doing this and he chnged it into gerber file but when i import that file my design was fully changed i have attached both figures in hfss and (...)
Hi, You can also use Ansoft Ensemble or hfss for antenna simulations. Ensemble is like Sonnet, but hfss is 3D program and you can simulate any structure with hfss. If you are looking for omni directional antenna, you have to use a dipole antenna. regards, Lkuzu
I want to start some projects in antenna design. I hear a lot about SuperNEC, FEMLAB, SONET, hfss, CST-MWS and ... . but I want to know which one is better for yagi design (900MHz). More important is that how can I touch these softwares?! Is there any site to dl them? :(
For 80% accuracy you can use PCAAD V5 (just 450$) if you need more accurate 3D design use CST (MWS)It more user friendly for 3D then Ansoft (hfss) For 2D printed antenna use ZELAND PL
look at and example from
Help needed with EBG antenna design. Please someone upload sample hfss projects related to EBG structures or any suggestion or wher I can find some. regards.
microstripes might be relatively faster than hfss at certain types of design, but is it necessarily as accurate too?? i'v used only hfss so i wanted to know.. i really think that if ya consider the big picture, nothing beats hfss.. regards, wiztronix
Hello, Iam new to this forum. Iam working on patch antenna design. Previously i worked on hfss. Now i want to work on IE3D, can any one help me in this regard with guidelines and user manuals of IE3D. Thank you in advance, (...)
I believe you should learn hfss in order to simulate your antenna and see its paramaters. Also check out this book:
Hi all, Anyone can help me with DECT antenna design and selecting? What kind of antenna is suitable to choose as DECT used antenna? Any suggestion? Thanks for your help.
I am doing a project on uwb antenna design... i have recently installed CST Studio suite 2006, for antenna simulation, but i don't know how to work with this software. Does anyone has any tutorial on designing (any ) antenna on CST ? waiting for your reply... thanks
Hi, I have layed out an loop antenna and ran a simulation sweep. I want to know how to extract the inductance of the loop antenna. I set the frequency to be solved to 434MHz(my desired frequency). I am getting a inclined straight line for the S parameter. I know that it should dip at 434MHz for it to work properly. What exitation shou
Hi All Kindly note that one can either choose between Zeeland (IE3D) or hfss. Brgds
Hello The size of the patch depends upon the frequency of operation. Hey, u can refer antennas by Balanis, u can find step by step procedure for designing patch antenna and for advance u can refer "microstrip antenna design handbook" -artech house for simulation u can use IE3D or Ansoft (...)
view these topics Need materials to study antenna and hfss antenna basics antenna parameters MICRF001 antenna design Tutorial by Tom Yestrebsky El
Well, I use AWR MWO and I have some papers and tutorials about patch array antenna, but I can not understand the tutorials-they are not so clear. I will design a 4x1 patch array antenna @2.45 GHz. and I can't design my project. for example the clearest tutorial I have is: Patch (...)
hfss for narrow band and small atenna CST for wide band and large atenna
Hi julesg88 I wanted to design a circular spiral inductor in hfss. How did you do that? Can you send me your file? Do you have any tutorial? I could do a rectangular one. Please reply. Anything would help. Thanks, Kirthika
no friend it so difficult by hfss but using CST or Microstripes CST,i assure you can make your feeder offset from antenna
hi friends!!!! i am a research scholar , wants to learn the design and simulation of low profile antennas using ADS and Ansoft hfss tools. presently i am working for 403.5 MHz monopole antenna design ....can u plz help me on this topic, how to proceed means : substrate selection and (...)
Hi Could some one provide me with an external link to the antenna design kit v2 by @nsoft (link for software, downloadable without account)? Im currently in need for this software and I havent any user account. My old version doesnt work for my latest hfss v12. Also does any one have antenna magus v2.2? What is (...)
Hi, I want to evaluate antenna design softwares. I am doing R&D on this front. Presently, i have hands on only on EMPro (from Agilent). Also i know about antenna Magus, hfss. Can anyone name several other softwares available in market? I want a comparison of various antenna softwares available in (...)
Hi, I am working on developing a stretchable antenna. Currently i tried simluating a 2.5 GHz inset fed patch antenna on the elastomeric substrate but i see that the reflections increase when it is stretched more than 10%. This maybe because we disturb the inset position while stretching. I thought like a aperture -coupled (Slot feed) would be bett
I suggest you to use CST or hfss for antenna design