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I am afraid you have to make the structure there is no else possibility. If you are new then Youtube has some amazing tutorials which can help you at least will provide you with some starting point. For complex structures sometimes line form helps where you draw a part of structure and then using hfss commands generate the complete structure but I
Hy every one. I am new in LTCC. I have designed Patch antenna in hfss before using Rogers substrate 1.5mm thick. Now I want to design it with LTCC material. But I don't know how to choose LTCC substrate and how to design such antenna in hfss :-? . Anyone please help me. A (...)
hello can u help me to design circular spiral in CST 2011 & hfss 11.11? i can not design in this kind of software... plz help me out...
Hello, I'm an Ms.C student, in my final project im supposed to design an antenna and then to manufacture it, im finding it rather hard to find a good instructional tutorial on how to create the antenna in hfss (I dont mean on how to set the parameters ) I would really appreciate if anyone has some good (...)
:oops:Hai can any one help me in designing a square patch antenna....i am trying to design an mirostrip phased array antenna whch should resonate at 1.5Ghz........if any one hav the tutorials plz reply me.or if u hav any stimulates hfss would be very useful to me........thanking all of u (...)
design the stripline with math or a calculator (many online for free like AWR txline) then create that geometry in hfss. have you tried the tutorials that come with hfss? great place to start.
I'm a electronic student and we got a project on designing a antenna. so we looked at a anetnna at and we made modifications to it. but we dont know how to simulate it. comsol, hfss is used but don't know how to simulate. Please can anyone help us by developing the basic antenna structure in above website and gui
hi all i want to learn basic concepts for hfss design and is meant by each step in designing this tutorial so that i can design a microstrip patch antenna can u give me a good tutorial of cst microwave studio with lot of examples of design of patch antenna regards (...)
I am trying to design a multilayer stripline using CST or hfss. Can somebody help me finding a tutorials, step by step, on how to design a multilayer stripline? Thanks, Ray
Help!!! I am interesting in rectenna. However, I don't know how to simulate rectenna. Would anyone send me some tutorials on how to simulate rectenna? Utilizing hfss/designer or ADS are fine. Greatly appreciated!
I am new to hfss. I want to do my final year project in uwb antenna design using hfss 11.please help me to design an antenna.I attached my base paper.
You can see the tutorials on em: talk - Electromagnetics and Microwave Engineering , this has very nice tutorials on designing structures in hfss/Ansoft designer. A small tip: For designing microstrip patch antennas, first you need to know on what substrate are you (...)
go through the ansoft's web page,& then tutorials,there u found some tutorials abt hfss....& further any query reply here :D
Hello.I must design microstrip antenna.Even I have found some tutorials for Ansoft hfss and also files for this (for Ansoft hfss).But the problem is that all files are for version 10 but I have only 9.2 and i have seen in the internet links to version 11. Can anyone help me and give links to Ansoft (...)
Hi... Anyone intersted in Fractal antenna design in hfss or any doubts u can post here.. thank you
i had tried hfss v10 to design logarithmic spiral antenna, but when i opened hfss design, in menu items Draw > Spiral cannot be opened. so i didn't know how to design it again. can somebody help me to give me steps to design spiral in hfss? do you have (...)
you can refer to link: tutorial hfss
there's separate array modelling feature in hfss where u can define excitations and do array modelling if i come across some material i will send across
HI, I urgently need a few tutorials to learn to design a microstrip patch antenna. Its my semester final project, so i need them urgently...........Pl. post a link...bcoz I dont have enough points to download
go the :Software Downloads/Uploads" forum there has hfss9.2 full documents
hfss v9 ,design Demo-An antenna Open it With windows media player ver9 pl
I need help. I have a term project on design and simulation microstrip antenna with hfss 9. however I do not have any documentation for hfss 9. Furthermore, I do not have enough points to download tutorials. I may share my software, documentation or anything (for example mp3 or movie or whatever), because (...)