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hfss supports the import of a variety of 3D files. If you have a 2D file (*.dxf possibly?) you could import that and use it as the basis for drawing a 3D model for simulation.
look at the available filetypes available for export from auocad, the look at the types available for import in hfss v. 11 and see if there's any that match. for hfss v.15: sab, sat, sm2, sm3, anstgeom, xls, dxf, dwg, exp, model, CatPart, CatProduct, gds, iges, igs, nas, x_t, x_b, prt, asm, step, stp, stl, sld are the (...)
Dear All, I've designed some antennas in CST and hfss software but I'm going to add some components to them. I exported Gerber files in CST from them. Now, I'm going to Import it into Altium Designer and add some components or modify the PCB layout. I tried several times but I couldn't. Would you please let me know how can I import and modify
by default hfss will only take the z=0 planes. so if you move your model and export it again it should work.
Hi, These files are the full human brain model in different versions of AutoCAD (2000 to 2010) in .dxf and .DWG format(acrually I export them from 3ds max), I'm trying to import them into hfss and run simulation on them. I searched a lot to find a human brain model in hfss, but I couldn't (The price of (...)
Hi, I want to Export a <256x256x128 double> matrix ( It's a multilayer image; it's human brain model) to a .dxf file, is there any way to do this?? I need it to work on it in hfss. So I am thinking of exporting a .dxf ,and then using AutoCAD export another one so at the end I am able to open the image in (...)
in hfss sometimes you need to remove first if there is moving , boolean operation etc. i dont know why but when i have done them first and assigning then it worked. try in this way. May be work.
I trying to find the way by which i can cut the head cress section. I want to import then into MATLAB.
You can use export your hfss model into a suitble extension that you can import in your desired PCB software. Regards
try to export step and import it to hfss you have to buy the license for it. step or sat better then iges. pl
hfss has 3D-model import from mechanical programmes, only. For example -SolidWorks.
hi i haver a filter geomtry in dxf format. how can i import into a 3d modeller like hfss, please advise
draw your model in the autocad2004 then convert it to hfss
hello, I am an ocasional autocad user and, up to my knowledge, the dxf format is only used for 2D drawing, not 3D. If you want to import to autocad a 3D drawing, i think you must use ACIS (*.sat) format or 3d studio. Check hfss to export one of those regards
check yours yahoo mail , i've sent hfss manual to you. if you used dxf import of cource you have 2d model or set of FACEs, so you need add volume to model and transform it to the OBJECTs by "SWEEP ALONG VECTOR" function, applied to FACE. only after that you can assign material (...)
Dear Friends, Can anyone advise me on how can I export hfss Drawing to "dxf" file format. Many Thanks in advance! Yours SIncerely with Best Regards, Zesong (