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I think that you can built an infinit array by an element of antenna in hfss, there is a fonction in this software which permit you to creat an arbitrary array from one.
I want to simulate the paper "Influence of hole size on the extraordinary transmission through subwavelength hole arrays", but there is always an error: port 'floquetport1': The exterior boundary of the faces for a floquet port must consist of pairs of parallel and equal length segments, displaced from each (...)
Dear friend, Do you have any tutorial or reference to learn defining floquet port in hfss v11? Thank you very much.
Hi, I need help for setting floquet ports for the simulation of the unit cell of an infinite array in hfss. The unit cell is made up of two orthogonal CPW fed folded slot antennas, each terminated with a lumped port with an opportunely chosen impedance. An opportunely polarised plane wave (...)