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Hello guys I'm new in hfss I've just tried some examples from this forum and a couple books. I'm doing some desings of microstrip patch antennas and I want to simulate the antenna described in "On the behavior of the sierpinbski Multi band fractal antenna" but I have some troubles. I can not get the same return loss, If I use the ground plane of 8
Hi, And your problem is what ? software hfss or antenna RFID ? I think, that you can use search "RFID" in this forum.
plz tell me hw to calculate the length and width of wave port used in hfss as i m designing Microstrip Patch antenna at 10 GHz
Can you send me the <<hfss version 10 USER GUIDE >> or the address to download it. I am a beginner of hfss. I need the tutorial impatiently. My email is
Am a new member in this forum.... also am new to hfss... How to feed microstrip dipole antenna? What kind of feed is to be used? coaxial or wave port or lumped port? and also please tell me how to give the feed? Plz help me in this....
what are the errors you are getting? Upload project here or place snapshots. Also one suggestion There are lot of posts on this forum for Dipole simulation hfss. It will be helpful for you if you go through them.
Hello Everyone I was just checking a posting asking for the hfss 9.2 tutorial but the link wasn't working. Does anyone has a valid link to this tutorial? It will be greatly appreciated!
I am new to this forum and ansoft hfss. I saw an example with boundry given to substrate as FEC(copper). If i do not put this it will decrese directivity???. What physical significance of this boundry where patch and substrate both have same boundry.???/:?:
Hi jonny1 I dont have access to hfss right now but I can recommend you one thing. Check the hfss tutorial for waveguide simulation. May be you will find what is going wrong. Example shows how to excite waveguide,& do port setttings. You will findwave guide tutorials in this forum or google it.
Hi, I have several stl files consisting of thousands of cuboids that need to load into hfss 11. After loading, the solid structures defined in stl came out to be 2D sheets. I found posts about this problem in this forum, and people were talking about a layermap file that come along with stl file and define the sheet thickness. Can anyone please
Hi, I'm new to hfss. I got this Dipole example from this forum. On running a Validation check, I'm getting this error, "Direction line must lie in the plane of the boundary or source." I'm also attaching the hfss file. Can anyone tell me what the issue is. Thanks, -Prakash
I have to implement an microwave filter with hfss,but I don't know anything about hfss 10. I was given a few parameters. Can anoyone tell me how I can learn to use this program as soon as possible.
nmaycock - honestly lets look at wf6797's question, does it really have to do with hfss v 9.0? probably not. wf if you need help with hfss i suggest you look at the ansoft web site for initial help then possibly post here with more detailed questions. if you need help with pifa's i suggest searching this forum; i'm sure numerous (...)
Hello, I'm a new member in this forum. I want to know, how can I calculate the size (dimension) of a lumped port in hfss.
I have a project for a power combiner and I'd like to simulate it in hfss, but the inner at the in-port isn't in the port ( it's only a connector). I try to put one 50ohms inner conected, but the results isn't so good.
Hello, Iam new to this forum. Iam working on patch antenna design. Previously i worked on hfss. Now i want to work on IE3D, can any one help me in this regard with guidelines and user manuals of IE3D. Thank you in advance,
Hello Everyone.... I really love this forum its helping me a lot in everything,I hope I might be helping anyone too if anyone needs help in PIFA I was designing a PIFA using IE3D but now I moved to hfss due to its accurate results and easier modelling using 3-D objects, I already designed a tri band PIFA it took me a long time to mo
Hi al, Any 1 knows how to simulate a capacitor in hfss?? Tanks a lot..
need help about hfss optimization
Hi to all I'm trying to design a thin film resistor with hfss. I followed all the instuctions i read in this forum, but my silmulation doesn't give me the results i expect. Could anyone Help me? I have attached my hfss model. thanks a lot
search forum, dipole within hfss gas been many times discussed
for hfss example
Find a port tutorial lumped vs wave to see the dipole excitation. It's been shared on the forum many times. Use lumped port (a rectangle). hi there , i just started my first simulation with hfss ,and i have proplem of feeing the dipole antenna ? any articals,examples will be appriciated
you can look for in this forum a lot of tutorial book in hfss, so in this you might look out some exemples, which are very interesting.
Hello, it is the first time that I write on this forum. I must plan the antennas of the reader and the tag of a rfid system at 125 khz; Which simulator advised to me?Is hfss adapted? with regards
I see that you have defined only 1 mode in port definition, but since this is a coupled line, there could be even or odd mode, so I would enable 2 modes in the port definition. EDIT: admins move this topic to a ELMG forum, cos 99% people dealing with hfss will miss this one...
The attached the model of a CPW on LiNb03 (not a real RAR..just change the extension in .hfss). Everything in the model is symmetrical..I deisgned a straight CPW line and I put two identical waveport at its ends to analysze its behaviour. What happende is very strange: THE RESULTS are not SYMMETRICAL..results from port1 are differe
I would use a wave port large enough to include both side ground planes and the center "driven" trace. You will need to create an impedance line between one of the side grounds and the center. Read the section in hfss help on impedance calculations as there are additional considerations. After I finish I like to check the calculated Zo with
Review the material in hfss help and pay particular attention to the differences between lumped and wave ports. Basically you can set a lumped port to a particular impedance and with care a wave port will tell you the actual impedance of your port.
In the discussions which I have read on the hfss forum many people discuss exporting solution data to a grid from the field calculator. However I?m not sure how they define this grid. Hi, jrk2 ! The easy way is to define your own grid file "mypoint.pts " in a format of three columns: X Y Z (in meters!). Then go
i am doing a project on microstrip antennas and making different microstrip antennas...i am stick to a point that i am making 3*3 array of rectangular patches for increased gain but i have not been able to simulate it in hfss....can anybody send me some tutorials on this problem to me(coz i have very low points) or can suggest some advise to me....
If you are feeding the structure with a CPW, you can find plenty of information in the EM simulation forum in this board about feeding a CPW in hfss. A simple search will get you the threads with the files attached. Ananth.
hi, does anybody know how to see or simulate for the E-field ( maximum ) value for certain power input ( in watts - say 50W ) in hfss for microstrip lines.i want to know the max. E-field and calculate breakdown power for a certain line. if u know the answer kindly share on this forum. with regards abhi
man u shoulg have a look inside the forum.u will find a lot but i m sorry that u have no enuf points to download a single file. it is my advise that got through the guide book inside the toolbar HELP within the software hfss. if u have the software Lauch it and click HELP.U will find each and every thing about hfss. Hope that answers (...)
hi, i'm designing a cassegrain reflector antenna , initially i like to design the feed horn and the shaped subreflector in hfss, but i don't know how to build the shaped reflector which is not exactly a hypeboliod but is a special shape defined by a equation. so if anybody know the procedure to make it , kindly share it on this forum with re
CPW transmission lines often cause significant grief as they are "mode rich". I generally use wave ports in my analysis. Read the section on Impedance calculation in hfss help. You will probably want to use the Zpi form and an impedance line. Make sure the mode and impedance line make sense by examining the port field configuration for each mo
I am working on hfss.....intended to design Phased array.... I have develop a dipole.... I need some stuff/help model dipole array and finally dipole constituted phased array... I HAVE VISITED THE WHOLE forum ....for array modeling...& phased array modeling tutorials but i could not find any to download.... Its ma fin
I am working on hfss.....intended to design Phased array.... I have develop a dipole.... I need some stuff/help model dipole array and finally dipole constituted phased array... I HAVE VISITED THE WHOLE forum ....for array modeling...& phased array modeling tutorials but i could not find any to download.... Its ma final y
You have to find and read Ansoft hfss Calculator Cookbook. ( )
Hi, Look for scripting.pdf under c:\program files\ansoft\hfss10\help Regards, Itai
Could anybody tell me which software is more accurate for design please? I used to hfss. But i heard somebody else said CST is more speedy and accurate.
Hello evenyone, Is there any tutorial on field calculator in hfss? I need that to do field integration based on the simulation in hfss. Thank a lot please, look for field caclulator cookbook on the forum, I saw it here many many times...
this forum is very usefull for hfss you can get good tutorial in this forum there is a e book hfss_full_book posted here in this forum pl read that and if there is some one in your university who is good at hfss will be very use full person to learn hfss
Hi, I need more examples hfss, I'm a new usuary of this software. Thanks !
Hi, I've done a model in hfss for an inverted planar F antenna for 868 MHz on a FR4 substrate of 100x85 mm^2 and a ground plane 100x65 mm^2. I've fed the antenna with a microstrip line designed for 50 Ohm impedance. I've also used as radiation boundary a vacuum sphere of radius 270 mm, more than 3/4 lambda at 868 MHz. I've assigned to the anten
I joined this forum today, and am new to this field so my question may not be new. I have been trying to simulate a meander microstrip dipole using Ansoft Designer but with a coaxial feed. The software does not let me indtroduce a port without a ground plane. Can anybody help me Thanks
Hi All, How can I calculate/plot the Gain and Efficiency of my antenna? (1) At single/solution frequency (2) Over the frequency sweep Apologize about the reposting but I am clueless on this? Thanks, Soyuz
Hi, you should take a look at the hfss tutorials/manuals that are included in your installation or that have been posted on this forum. You can also look at the patch antenna tutorial posted at , the hfss simualtion file of can be downloaded and you can see how they setup the problem which should be similar to yours...are yo
hello everyone We can get several port impedances in hfss,like Zpi,Zpv and Zvi which are usually different. But I don't know how to choose them in different ways.For instance,I want to simulate a microstrip line which's impedance is 50ohm in hfss.which port impedances I should choose to compare?Thanks!!! Best regards Kezman
You can look at this forum. There are a lot of Question in hfss construction and few in MWS That?s show something ???????? PL