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In the discussions which I have read on the hfss forum many people discuss exporting solution data to a grid from the field calculator. However I?m not sure how they define this grid. Hi, jrk2 ! The easy way is to define your own grid file "mypoint.pts " in a format of three columns: X Y Z (in meters!). Then go
Has anyone tried the 64 bit version of hfss 8.5. Is it really any faster
deembedding helps? I have come across some hfss tutorial available somewhere in this forum which tells you how to do this. Cheers, Element7k For an antenna problem, such as aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna, we set the source at one edge of the substrate, I think now the reference plane is at this position. If I want
Dear forum listers, Does anyone have experience in simulating projects with a high aspect ratio (difference between the smallest and the largest dimension in the design) in hfss 9? I have been having problems in efficiently simulating a patch (microstrip) antenna with a substrate of 0.7 mm with conductor and finite ground thicknesses of 0.00
do u have any design of hfss 1-4 Wilkinson power divider ?? i need it plz help
I have a 3-D vivadi antenna element in hfss, contained in cubic air box, waveport excitation. want to extend to 16X16 array simulation. From the help document, I understand I gotto set up some master/slave boundaries condition for the antenna cell. But I have no idea how to do that. could somebody please share your experience with me or show me
I dont have that example. I use hfss at school. Can someone post it please.
nmaycock - honestly lets look at wf6797's question, does it really have to do with hfss v 9.0? probably not. wf if you need help with hfss i suggest you look at the ansoft web site for initial help then possibly post here with more detailed questions. if you need help with pifa's i suggest searching this forum; i'm sure numerous (...)
Dear Friends I am simulating Frequency selective surface (FSS) using Ansoft hfss.I am using incident plane wave as the source.I need to find the energy tramsmitted through the FSS.Can anyone guide me how to calculate that? S21 and S11 cant be obtained directly as I am not using any ports. Thanks DeeJay
Hi Ethen, your *.par file for the MWS is missing. Best regards, F. Yes, noted it also. However the structure can be retrieved hfss --> export SAT MWS <-- import SAT Simulating now :) Cheers eirp
In this forum you can find lots of materials about the tutorial of hfss, also you can go to Ansoft website to download. Best Regards,
Hi, I have a rather dummy request. Could someone send hfss design of a simple rectangular and circular waveguide, port induced, with proper boundaries? Sort of school example to observe cut-off frequency, s parameters and similar. Thanks in advance. D.
Dear MWHero, Ask you boss to purchase MicroStripes! That's what I'm using for the past 2 months and I'd never return to hfss!!! I simulated a 12 port antenna array with all the ports excited simultanously! Want to introduce some phase shift? No problem! Want lumped ports or microstrip ports? Not a problem again. And for the rec
If you have hfss_9 you can use a driven terminal solution method. Go to the and you'll find many examples in the folder Reviews and News.
I have tried to model a coaxial fed rectangular waveguide with hfss v9 and I think it didn't work. My problem is, basically, that I don't know if I have correcttly drawn the structure. I would appreciate very much if someone sends me by e-mail a tutorial on this matter. I don't have enough points to download a tutorial I found in the forum. My e-ma
try to generate "sat" file you can import this format in hfss see in the CAD_Translation_Software_Compatibility_Guide i think pro eng. can export sat PL
by definition, S11 is the reflection coefficient seen into port 1 when port 2 is matched. if you use wave port in hfss, port 2 is terminated with the characteristic impedance of the corresponding "eigen"-mode of a transmission line having the same cross section as the plane in which port 2 lies in. This is achieved by doing some sort of calibration
hi now, it does not give any error. however, I am not sure whether this new one is suitable for you. In your design, box 25 is faulty. I mirrored box 2 and united all. I guess your design is symmetric. please inform me. PS:you have to zip or rar file you want to upload, otherwise, forum does not accept .hfss files.
Hi, how to use hfss to design and simulate a vivaldi antenna?
You can find the hfss manual on this forum The largest dimensions in your design are much smaller than the wavelength (2.4m in air ~ 30 cm in water) thus you should not use a high frequency simulator but a low frequency one, hfss might not work. This answers to questions related to ports, rad
I am designing a 4-port rectangular waveguide coupler using hfss package. I am a beginner in hfss, can anyone give me an example of a rectangular waveguide coupler? Thank you....
Hello Everybody: I'm having a really hard time trying to design a spiral antenna. Design parameters are not really fixed, I fact I may choose among log,arquimedian,equiangular or even square spirals but I having trouble fiding papers with fixed information about how to do it, specially about the broadband balun for feeding and sizes of each elem
do you agree that it need more experences to get a good resuls using hfss
In microstrip circuits you ill have to define a port with a certain specifications since otherwise you won't be able to get the expected 50 ohms C/Cs impedance. to read more about this subject read hfss manual available on the forum. BR Adel_48
Hello guys, I have big problem with simulation accuracy of hfss. I simulate an electrical small antenna(meander line antenne) with radiation boundary of a airbox. The results depend too much on dimension of the the airbox, although the mesh is fine and the convergence is also okay. The hfss-modell has been attached, run the parameter sweep you wil
go the :Software Downloads/Uploads" forum there has hfss9.2 full documents
Catalyst I want to stress that hfss stands for High Frequency structure simulator. Therefore 13 MHz would not seem like a high frequency. And yes, a quarter-wavelength distance from the nearest radiating edge is required for the radiation boundary. PML would reduce your simulation time as the distance can reduce down to lamda/6 to lamda/10. In
hi everyone I need some sample problems for hfss v9+ to improve my skills in using it. Can anyone tell me how I can find those kind of stuff!
can somebody please upload for me a project report about microstrip antenna(any topic) using hfss with details.i have to do a project but i dont have enough time for it. please help me thanks in advance
I am doing microstrip patch anteena using hfss but I want to feed my antenna by coaxial cable but I do not know how should I do. thanks in advanced
Cn you use only hfss or all the Ansoft Designer? With Designer I think you can use the EM simulation result from hfss with the linear simulator. Bye
You can have a waveport defined inside the airbox; you just need to place a solid PEC geometry (say a cube) on the other end of the waveport to let hfss know which direction to solve for. I tried this and got good results.
Hello... I am a new member on this forum. I have some questions. 1) I want to draw a sinusoidal structure on hfss. But ı dont know that it is done on hfss? please tell me 2) ı want to draw a Circular waweguide structure. But i want to draw thickness of wave guide and i want to be vacant the centre of Circular waweguide (...)
Hello, I just start using hfss. I try to construct the dispersion diagram of sievenpiper?s structure and I need help to do this. Can somebody help me how to do this. Best regards
Good morning to all. I am new to this forum and in hfss (first design for me) and I have encountered a problem in my design. I am trying to draw a polyedron inside another polyedron (outside-->vacuum, inside-->perfect conductor) but I get the error message that the 3D model is incorrect because these two intersect. I have the design (I do not know
You can look at this forum. There are a lot of Question in hfss construction and few in MWS That?s show something ???????? PL
Hi, I have been contacted by many people from Edaboard forum about hfss tutorial. So, I have uploded a tutorial with its hfss projects. I hope this work will be helpfull.
Hi Everybody, I am new to this forum. Could somebody kindly answer my question regarding dual coax-feed in hfss v9.2 or v10? I am simulating a patch antenna using hfss above version, and I try to use a dual coax feed to get circular polarization. So the two coax feeds need to be orthonogal (90 degrees difference in phase), but I (...)
hello everyone We can get several port impedances in hfss,like Zpi,Zpv and Zvi which are usually different. But I don't know how to choose them in different ways.For instance,I want to simulate a microstrip line which's impedance is 50ohm in hfss.which port impedances I should choose to compare?Thanks!!! Best regards Kezman
Hi, you should take a look at the hfss tutorials/manuals that are included in your installation or that have been posted on this forum. You can also look at the patch antenna tutorial posted at , the hfss simualtion file of can be downloaded and you can see how they setup the problem which should be similar to yours...are yo
hi, i'm designing a cassegrain reflector antenna , initially i like to design the feed horn and the shaped subreflector in hfss, but i don't know how to build the shaped reflector which is not exactly a hypeboliod but is a special shape defined by a equation. so if anybody know the procedure to make it , kindly share it on this forum with re
Hi, I've done a model in hfss for an inverted planar F antenna for 868 MHz on a FR4 substrate of 100x85 mm^2 and a ground plane 100x65 mm^2. I've fed the antenna with a microstrip line designed for 50 Ohm impedance. I've also used as radiation boundary a vacuum sphere of radius 270 mm, more than 3/4 lambda at 868 MHz. I've assigned to the anten
somebody just put hfss complete manula on this forum. u'll find it here if u search for it.
this forum is very usefull for hfss you can get good tutorial in this forum there is a e book hfss_full_book posted here in this forum pl read that and if there is some one in your university who is good at hfss will be very use full person to learn hfss
Search hfss+ manual or these addresses:
Folks, I am new to hfss and I need to learn it quickly. I am looking for a hfss Tutorial that explains the software with a example, which makes learning easier. Do let me know if you know of any. Thanks. AKS. I have some experience notes about hfss,But they are Chinese.......
Hello evenyone, Is there any tutorial on field calculator in hfss? I need that to do field integration based on the simulation in hfss. Thank a lot please, look for field caclulator cookbook on the forum, I saw it here many many times...
Could anybody tell me which software is more accurate for design please? I used to hfss. But i heard somebody else said CST is more speedy and accurate.
1- The "Maximum Delta Frequency per Pass" 2- The "Maximum Refinement per pass" 3- The "Minimum Number of converged passes" ... i don't really understand there meaning 1. The solution process in hfss is iterative ! 2. With each iteration step the mesh is increased by value "Maximum Refinement per pass" ( in
can anyone send any link that contains all the details about assigning a waveport in ansoft hfss 9.2, and what are the relative parameters while defining the waveport of the design. am working on a microstrip, and changing the dimensions (height and width) of waveport changes all the results(s parameters). so can anyone sugest the way to defie