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Hi..can anyone guide me to draw the Teflon dielectric attachment showed in the attachment file? What is the reason of drawing in such way? TIA, greatly appreciated!!:D By the way, I need to simluate it as a quarter coaxial balun with a half wavelength dipole.
Can you send me the <<hfss version 10 USER guide >> or the address to download it. I am a beginner of hfss. I need the tutorial impatiently. My email is
I am working in hfss v9 designing ridged wave guide(circular D 3.5 cm) I have a problem with ridge dimensions and excitation through coax that 1- ridges are isolated from the wg walls or touch them.???? 2-inner connector is connected to one ridge and the outer shell to the second ridge.??? any one have documents about ridged wg an
Hello every One I dont know how to simulate an optical fiber in hfss. I request to all to please help me for this and guide me a little. I have to do my thesis based in this simulation. Thanks.
Dear friends... please sort out my query. I want to generate a non linear circular waveguide ,having profile according to the curve equation i hav. I am feeling trouble in using equation based curves and surfaces function of hfss. can u properly guide me for same. thanks
Hi friends, Does any one know how to simulate dual ridged waveguide in hfss? how to excite? I am facing some errors. Please help me out Abhishekabs
Hi jonny1 I dont have access to hfss right now but I can recommend you one thing. Check the hfss tutorial for waveguide simulation. May be you will find what is going wrong. Example shows how to excite waveguide,& do port setttings. You will findwave guide tutorials in this forum or google it.
Hi all, I'm a new guide in the LTCC design and need to desing a filter using this material recently. I don't know how to de-embed these values using the hfss. I have try to model the capacitor and de-embed its value, but the value is big different when compare to the general formula i.e. E0Er*A/d. Help Any input or example to de-embed L a
hello i am working on pyramidal antenna but confused about its feed. i requir a coax to waveguide transition design along with its hfss simulation model PLZ guide me
hello: I am working in hfss v9 designing ridged wave guide(circular D 3.5 cm) I have a problem with ridge dimensions and excitation through coax that 1- ridges are isolated from the wg walls or touch them.???? 2-inner connector is connected to one ridge and the outer shell to the second ridge.??? any one have documents about rid
u can use NEC or search for mathworks central or use ansoft hfss or IE3D
Dear All Can I someone help me calculate Radar cross Section in hfss? Thank your help!
What boundary conditions should be used to get correct results for axial ratios as well as s-11 parameters. kindly guide if any one knows? comes the complete reference for the deaign of pbg , ebg using hfss. Regards Mustafa
hi how can i refine mesh for curved surfaces... i have seen hfss mesh operations but i cannt make any sense of the m , i mean how can i explot them .. is dere can kind of guide lines for setting the different paramets like λ based refinement , aspect ration etc .... any kind of help would be highly acknowledged. thanx in advance Rohit Bah
i have just created a differential transmission line based on a tsmc 90nm process, using hfss. Could someone please guide me with the boundaries and the analysis setup in order to find the odd mode resistance and γ=α+jβ? thanks in advance for your help
hi~ I read the hfss user guide , and then I simulation a 4-layer pcb with via structure s parameter data is easy to get , but I want to know the powrt/ground edge radiation field excited by signal via ,how should I do?? and what's " Emission Test" in hfss dialog box ?? thanks~~
Hello. Perhaps someone could help me, at least guide me into which tutorial to look at.. :/ I have designed a small patch antenna, with a resonance frequency of approximately 6.5Ghz. I cannot change its dimensions, since this is the largest antenna i am allowed to use in my application . However, the antenna ne
Rewind here, are you designing the microstrip using hfss? I thought the user has to tell hfss what the frequency is, for analysis. Or are you talking about the guide wavelength?
Hi, I highly appreciate your answer thanks for help, but kindly help me out how can i define modes in hfss? i.e. TM01 mode.
Hi everybody! i'm new to hfss. I need to simulate a parallel plate capacitor with air as dielectric. I've designed it according to the hfss guide i've found on the web, but i would like to calculate the S and Y parameters for this structure (i think i'm gonna post the hfss file as soon as i'm home). How do i have to excite (...)
I designed a loop antenna and want it to be simulated using hfss. Please can anyone guide me how to set the parameters in hfss. The antenna is an rectangular loop and want to plot the radiation pattern and the gain. Please let me know the steps or any tutorial that will guide me to simulate the antenna. looking forward (...)
Can any one have SMA edge board connector model in CST or hfss. or the meterial parameter and dimension of the SMA edge board connector? thank you. Added after 5 hours 22 minutes: and how to draw a bonding wire in hfss, not using the provided tool in hfss. I mean a random wire, not set with data input? [
Have you had a look at the horn antenna example in hfss 9.2 user guide posted here ages ago? :D
can anybody guide me how to draw via in hfss.plz..... i need urgent regard alan
im design pcb in hfss,then convert sNp im unable to get accurate answer..maybe due to my design in hfss.i hope someone can help me.i upload my design.plz i really need u guide.plz do check my design.plz..plz
i have design pcb in hfss and convert this file to snp.but now i have problen in s11.i think my design hfss give problem.can anybody give me a guide.plz.i upload my file. plzz regard alan
I create plane illumination model for the reflectarray antenna excitation. The plane wave is assume to propagate within a wave guide model by a port. attach is the design that i have done using hfss v10 my question is 1) my design is correct or not 2) any one have any idea or comment with this design Hope to get reply from some ane as
hi i design pcb layout (3D) in hfss.Now i dont know how to assign port.anybody can guide me,..plz
Hi everyone, I am trying to design a spiral inductor on hfss v11. the manual i have is v10. I have probs in assigning lump ports and also excitation. Does anyone has the v11 manual (adv notes) for this or could someone pls guide me. I dont have points yet. Pls send via email to lina_7572(at) Thanks
hi, for IE3D u should download manual (evaluation version) from zeland website. For hfss lot of tutorials are available in this site.
Hi, I am trying to simulatte ungrounded-CPW in hfss. Center conductor width is 94um and the gap 62um. Based on the recommendation of hfss CPW tutorial guide, the size of the port has been decided to be width of 654um and length more than 2000um. And I choose the option, solve ports only in the setup expecting the port impedance, Zpi, Zvi (...)
a simple question about the radiation calculation in hfss. If the antenna we designed has 2 or more ports, with various feeding amplitude and phase combinations, how can we guide the hfss to calculate the radiation pattern. I am using the driven terminal solution types. Thanks.
Hello everyone, I am trying to design spiral inductor by following the silicon spiral inductor example from the hfss guide. But I am getting the following error while analyzing the design: ? Port refinement, process abc3d: there are no boundaries to define ?p1? correctly. This may be due to incorrect material definitions for those objects tha
In hfss Zpi is calculated for the waveport by default.
Thanks! Menuitems of hfss\mesh operations\.. are not what I want to discuss here.. I have tried below actions: 1. Adding a point object on the surface of the object I want to mesh. The point can't be a model object. It doen't works. 2. Draw a sheet (e.g. rectangle) on the surface. If it is assigned non-model object property, th
man u shoulg have a look inside the forum.u will find a lot but i m sorry that u have no enuf points to download a single file. it is my advise that got through the guide book inside the toolbar HELP within the software hfss. if u have the software Lauch it and click HELP.U will find each and every thing about hfss. Hope that answers (...)
hey what kinda waveguide are you talking about exactly? the tutorial for hfss gives a guide for T-waveguides... though not at your frequency.. but it'll give you a start.. regards wiztronix
Design a coplanar wave guide antenna at 10 GHz on a Teflon substrate with dielectric constant of 2.3, height of substrate be 0.1535 cm and copper thickness be 0.0156 mm. Using microstrip feedline plot the radiation pattern, VSWR and the S11. can any bosy help me with this project
I wonder if Lump port can use to caculate the radiation patter of antenna Thnak for reading.
in this topic can somebody help me ıneed hfss 9.2 guide pdf but ı cant download plz send it by
hi all, here is a link to a very good link to a guide for hfss. it is not only for the beginner but also for the professionals.
Hi everybody, I wanna co-planor wave guide in hfss but I don't have any ideas about this .(This wave guide connected the micro-strip antenna it is used for feeding ).Thanks
Hi, I am looking to configure a computer that can run hfss projects with meshs greater than 250,000. Currently, I have a Pentium Dual Core with 3 Gigs of Ram and 160 Gigs of free HD space. However, once my mesh goes over 250,000 the simulation stops and tells me not enough I think my best bet is to get a 64-bit processor and 8
I'm afraid you can't because hfss cannot simulate active components
hi guys, I'm doin this project based on the article A.Sevinc and Levent Sevgi " Millimetre Waveband Semisymmetrical Groove guide Resonator" IEEE microwave magazine 2004. At the moment i'm tryin to simulate it using Ansoft hfss but i couldn't seem to find a way to excite the dominant TE10 mode in the groove region. The resonator should be coupled t
Hello, can you help with design of this antenna. Which solution I must use - modal or terminal? I see that in hfss 10 guide there was a terminal solution! Why it gives to me s11= 0 db? I calculate with big accuracy and big box. Must I do the coaxial with 3 tubes how in hfss 10 guide or can I do how in file (...)
question on the example:Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Probe;(from hfss example pp5.1-1 Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator v10 User?s guide) one is the simulation time is very long,much long than the microstip filter; and the other is information: Warning - Boundary 'Rad1', Boundary 'gnd_plane' : Boundaries overlap.
hiall, Any1 has hfss version 10 user guide?. can u upload? thanx in advance
Guys, Hope this does not take too much of your time. I followed instruction in hfss user guide to build UHF probe and spiral inductor, but keep getting error messages. If there is a master in hfss out there who are willing to help me out, please. I have reached deadend and do not know how to proceed. Attached are the (...)