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I want to draw dispersion diagrams of several PBG(photonic bandgap) materials using Ansoft hfss. I already know the basic theoretical things related to PBGs. And I also can draw the dispersion diagram using CST MWS. But, in case of hfss, it's not easy for me to draw that. I used master/slave boundary conditions, and swept the phase between tho
hi,anybody! I'm a newer. In Example ?Endfire Antenna Array of Ansoft hfss v10 User?s guide, why to assign a Impedance Boundary on the face of PML . To create the impedance boundary on the PML object: 1. Select the menu item Edit > Select > Faces 2. Graphically pick the top face of the PML object 3. Select the menu item: hfss > (...)
2itaifrenke Thanks for your hfss "sweep" guide. One small remark. The Fast Sweep method is very hungry to a memory. And that is the main reason why I use Interpolating Sweeps instead. With a mesh size > ~100.000 it is not possible to use Fast Sweep in practice.
PHd student!! Could somebody guide me to simulate a circular patch antena operating in the second resonat mode, with coaxial feed. 5.8 Ghz. Sincerelly
Hi all I've already simulated the parrallel plate capacitor using Sonnet software ( it was a part of their examples ) and got good results , i've drawn the same structure on hfss aiming to obtain the same results but i've problem with excitation , so can anyone tell me 1.which type of port to use & what are the guidelines for
Hi, I am planning to analyse some antenna structure including a helical coil. However I know this is basic I am not able to draw the coil in hfss. Can anyone guide me ? Thanks in advance, Tony
Hi, You could do it in hfss and in SIwave. It all dependes what is the problem you are trying to solve. Please elaborate. Itai
I am designing a 4-port rectangular waveguide coupler using hfss package. I am a beginner in hfss, can anyone give me an example of a rectangular waveguide coupler? Thank you....
I am a newbie in using hfss. Could anyone guide me how to simulate a printed dipole antenna in hfss. My target resonant frequency is 900MHz. It is the best if someone has a sample file. My points now maybe is not enough, hence my email address is Thank you.
Hiiiiiiiii, I want to implement wilkinson power divider in hfss v9.0 but I have a problem, I don't know how to implement a resistance which is required for the divider circuit, I would be grateful if anyone can guide me thru this. Thanx in advance.
I try to analyze a structure in hfss now, the port of the structure is a groove guide. I can see the field graph of different mode in port and I wish I can get the cutoff frequency of these modes, I think hfss must have used this parametersin the computation, but How could I display it in the screen? Thanks!
I need simulate lambda/4 transformer in the r100 waveguide (22.86mmx10.16mm) I use Agillent hfss 5.6 or CST MWST4.3 or MWST 5.0 Dont know why depending the guide wavelenght of the B size(10.16mm) in the simulation. Very easy example: design the waveguide, the B size modified across 20mm. This dimension equal lambda/2 in (...)
i found something in the hfss 9.1 Help: Solution Types: Driven Modal Solution Choose the Driven Modal solution type when you want hfss to calculate the modal-based S-parameters of passive, high-frequency structures such as microstrips, waveguides, and transmission lines. The S-matrix solutions will be expressed in terms of the (...)
contact DJ_Dream and Don Giovani. They said they are willing to help by PM concern with hfss 9.0. Refer: Good Luck. :D