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Hello, I had tried importing a .dxf file in Ansoft hfss but I cant open the file in hfss. Can you please provide me the steps to import .dxf to .hfss. Thank you.
dxf format is industrial standard.hfss will accept it..
hfss supports the import of a variety of 3D files. If you have a 2D file (*.dxf possibly?) you could import that and use it as the basis for drawing a 3D model for simulation.
dxf files, other than pdf or bitmap graphics come with exact dimensions, because it's a mechanical CAD data format. If you see wrong size, it's either a problem of your viewer or wrong dimensions setup in hfss. Nevertheless dxf files can be scaled to intended exact size in a CAD tool. A number of full featured gerber tools can (...)
I made a simple patch antenna in CST. Now I want to compare its results (S11) by designing it in ADS and hfss. I'm able to import dxf files from CST into hfss and ADS. I successfully simulated the design in hfss but was wondering if I can simulate the dxf file in ADS (Momentum) as well? (...)
Hi, I am working in Rotman lens antenna. i want to know how can i draw it in hfss and i hear that it is very difficult to do that . i have been started to draw it but it was very Creepy. So , i have read that it is simple to draw it by AutoCad and then import the dxf file in hfss. There is any help for Rotman Lens (...)
Hi moj14mja, While exporting the 2d geometry in hfss to dxf, only the geometry located at XY (i.e, Z=0) plane is exported. I think in your design ground and probe are at principal XY plane, so it is getting exported. your patch is at some height above the XY plane. To solve this you may follow any one of folling steps. a) Move the patch to XY plan
look at the available filetypes available for export from auocad, the look at the types available for import in hfss v. 11 and see if there's any that match. for hfss v.15: sab, sat, sm2, sm3, anstgeom, xls, dxf, dwg, exp, model, CatPart, CatProduct, gds, iges, igs, nas, x_t, x_b, prt, asm, step, stp, stl, sld are the (...)
hi hfss can export the file for the mechanical software similar dxf or the others which all of them can be used in the altiume.
Dear All, I've designed some antennas in CST and hfss software but I'm going to add some components to them. I exported Gerber files in CST from them. Now, I'm going to import it into Altium Designer and add some components or modify the PCB layout. I tried several times but I couldn't. Would you please let me know how can I import and (...)
The AutoCAD data exchange format for 2D layout is dxf. dxf can be imported into hfss and other EM simulators.
Hello, I am working for Sonnet, so I do not have access to hfss and can not check your files. From the messages that you have shown, it seems that hfss has created dxf layers that are not mapped in your ADS layer settings (e.g. "Design_21"). To find out what layers are created, and what their names are, you can use some (...)
I've never personally done this, but I'm pretty sure one issue you need to look into is to define the layer mapping from .gds/.dxf to .hfss during import. Have you done this?
Hi, These files are the full human brain model in different versions of AutoCAD (2000 to 2010) in .dxf and .DWG format(acrually I export them from 3ds max), I'm trying to import them into hfss and run simulation on them. I searched a lot to find a human brain model in hfss, but I couldn't (The price of human brain in (...)
Hi Everyone, I am not able to import dxf files into Ansoft Designer 4 or to hfss 11/12. I am getting the following error when I tried to import, using Layout->import File " viewport entity with no extended data" Any suggestions regarding this error? Thanks, sv
Hi, I am working on simulation of human brain, so I need to import a file to hfss, the file is a .mat file (MATLAB). is there any way to do this??? thanks,
I think one should go for AutoCAD in case of such curves.. First drwa the structue in that and than import the .dxf file in hfss Besties Kecbackbencher
I would like to use Matlab to draw a geometry and then save it in dwg or dxf format to import into hfss. Does anyone have a code to generate dxf or dwg from a generic geometry like a square? Thanks in advance for your help.
hello, would anyone know how to effectively import a single layer layout file (dxf) into hfss ?
I have to study a 3d model, in hfss or cst, scanned by a 3d laser scanner. My problems are on the choice of the model format (.sat, .dxf, .stl, .step, ...). Ah, the model is a closed surface of 400,000 faces. Thanks.
hfss can export a dxf file. Once you have that, you need a CAM editor, or other PCB software that can import the dxf and export the Gerber files. Without knowing what sofware you have at your disposal, it's difficult to give detailed directions. If you can get the dxf file, and you can't find software (...)
Ok thank you for your reply, My problem with the import of file, I have some design with hfss I would obtain the layout using GerbTool so I import the file from hfss (*.dxf) and I try to export it under GerbTool but I don?t obtain the desired layout (it give me only the substrate and the ground plane only (...)
Send your ADS design to the Momentum Layout and save it as a dxf file(or what ever file format you can easily import to hfss). Now start hfss and look for that Momentum file. It should be straight forward. In Momentum go: "File"-->"Export" and pick the best format. Good luck.
Well I have converted the design made from hfss to dxf file and now I need to convert the dxf file to Gerber on Agilent ADS. I set the different colors on layout to distinguish the parts on dxf file but I would like to know more in detail as to what i need exactly on gerber file that is satisfy to send to PCB express to be (...)
Hi, I've made some 3D designs in hfss and now want to export them for PCB fabrication. What I had done in the past was to use hfss -> SAT export -> AutoCad import of SAT -> dxf export -> ADS/Momentum dxf import -> Gerber export However, this doesn't work very well with what designs I (...)
I trying to find the way by which i can cut the head cress section. I want to import then into MATLAB.
Pl. can somebody tell me any way or software for conversion of .hfss file to Gerber format for Fabrication.............I need to know it early since this is a part of my Final year projecti.e. (Design, fabrication and characterization of multilayer microstrip patch antenna for gain enhancement) Added after 4 hours 42
From my experience with dxf import, the hfss automatically did "sweep->along vector" and made from a 2D dxf surface into 3D object. Fortunatelly, one can manually delete sweep along vector and 2D surface is again obtained...
Hello Asim, If you want to export Ansoft hfss design to Agilent ADS then 1. Simulated design use export S-parameters (in touchstone format) then import for ckt simulation in ADS 2. Layout Design export in dxf or IGES/GDSII then import & use the Momentum for EM simulation... you can use even Ansoft Designer or AWR (...)
here ur request hfss 10,hope help u
i am working in hfss and want to know how can i get the pcb schematic of the file that i design in hfss. thank you in advance
try to export step and import it to hfss you have to buy the license for it. step or sat better then iges. pl
I've tried the .dwg and it imports correctly into hfss. But I still haven't done myself to export/import different layers
hfss has 3D-model import from mechanical programmes, only. For example -SolidWorks.
hi i haver a filter geomtry in dxf format. how can i import into a 3d modeller like hfss, please advise
Dear all: I'm using hfss 9.0 now and I want to export my hfss 3D model file to AutoCAD2004, but it seems that hfss 9.0 doesn't support .dxf(I don't have hfss 9.2) I can just export my hfss's file as .sm2, .sm3 only, Could anyone plz tell me how to convert hfss's file (...)
Hi coniglioe, importing a dxf file to FEKO not simple as other EM Simulators such as hfss or CST or ... . FEKO accepts only meshed geometery. for this reason, you must to mesh your structure by AutoCAD or FEMAP. then import it to FEKO. Regards KMPA
check yours yahoo mail , i've sent hfss manual to you. if you used dxf import of cource you have 2d model or set of FACEs, so you need add volume to model and transform it to the OBJECTs by "SWEEP ALONG VECTOR" function, applied to FACE. only after that you can assign material properties to (...)
Hi, i'm a new hfss user I would like to import same designs from Cadence or Momentum to hfss. It's possible??