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Can hfss import Pro-E(3D) file ???Thanks
Does anybody have any experience importing hfss antenna patterns into Satellite Toolkit, or any other external antenna files for that matter? I've followed the STK manual exactly and tried a few different iterations, however the best I can get is a pattern that resembles mine however it is cut in half.
when i import stl file into hfss, i have poor accuracy in result. Do anyone have trick to get good result ??? PS:My hardware is enough to get good result!!!! Thx.....
try to generate "sat" file you can import this format in hfss see in the CAD_Translation_Software_Compatibility_Guide i think pro eng. can export sat PL
hfss 10.0 can import sat file late to 14 version. You should import the structure from the modeler, not open it directly. Hope it helps
I'm trying to make multiple copies of the same "subtraction" or "cut." I know that in most 3D CAD programs like ProE, Inventor, and SolidWorks you can do this with the "Linear pattern" feature. Is there any way to do this in hfss?
Hello everyone ! I need to use hfss for the WiMAX antenna simulation. When I am drawing some layput in hfss, I discover that it is inconvenient to draw some shapes in hfss....... So, I maybe use AutoCAD 2006 to draw some some pattern and then use hfss import them directly for the (...)
Hi to all! can anyone explane me how to plot E or H components radiation pattern in hfss? I setup radiation\Insert far field setup\infinite sphere but I don't know how to create the right report. thanks
In hfss go to help and there to Scripting Contents. A good thing is to use Tools->Record Script to File. With that you can perform operations (like the creation of a box) and the commands are recorded to script file. Thus you can see the required commands and can easily modify them.
Dear All, For radiation patterns, how to plot xz-plane and yz plane in hfss V10 ? Thanks !
Hi, I have a design under hfss 10 and I would like to have a Patch antenna, I would like to export it to Gerber format but I don't find this format in hfss can anyone help me please??? The attached file is my design. Thank you, this is my hsff file
Hello, Is there an automated or easy way to port archived CST designs over to hfss? I know this can be done individually - one design at a time - from CST export ->hfss import thank you
Is it possible to export farfield pattern of CST/hfss and import in some visualize in some other specialized tool.
Hello Everyone, I'm trying to find a way to plot measured radiation pattern data (2D) in a text file format in any software. It is just a hassle to be doing this in Matlab, especially if one has a bunch of patterns. I was trying to look at the import options in hfss, but it seems like it only lets you (...)
Hi, all. I have a question about hfss. For example, right now I have simulated a antenna element and get its radiation patterns. Are there any ways for me to calculate a antenna array based on this element by just using the simple vector summation in hfss, if no mutual coupling is considering at this stage? Thanks.
Hello, I am trying to synthesize a radiation pattern. I would like to use a required pattern data set to be able to define an average difference between the required pattern and the calculated pattern as the goal function. Does anyone know how to import external data in hfss and use (...)
Hi I have the pattern of a well known antenna but the shape is so complicated threrefor I want to insert a point having the same pattern as that complicated antenna (I know the closed formula of the pattern). Can anyone help me to do this in hfss or CST?? hfss is in 1st priority
hi u can import dxf to hfss but u must transfer it using translator at maxwell control panel
Hello ! Seems .SAT you use is exported from a last version of MW Studio, ACIS it make is is too new for hfss. try to ajust a version of ACIS when export or to make export of this project with MWStudio4.
hi, i am trying to visualise a linearly polarised antenna in the E-plane cut in hfss. say for example a dipole in the z-axis. If i use E(theta) to plot the E-plane pattern, would I get a co-polarised plot? and if i use E(phi) to plot the E-plane pattern and get a cross-polarised plot? and if I use a horn to measure the (...)
Hi! Do you know how to plot the E-plane 2-D pattern in hfss v.9?
I've tried the .dwg and it imports correctly into hfss. But I still haven't done myself to export/import different layers
I try to simulate a slot antenna at THz (10^12 Hz) frequencies. In addition to the printed antenna on the substrate, a hemi-spherical lens is an indespensable quasi-optical component. The dimension of lens is much larger than the wavelength. It's impossible to put all things togther for simulation, since the computer will report not enough memory.
hi i haver a filter geomtry in dxf format. how can i import into a 3d modeller like hfss, please advise
Excuse me.Could someone suggest me how I can import a draw in hfss into a file word(.doc) Thanks a lot It's very simple! Click by mouse's right button at the hfss drawing and select - "Copy To Clipboard". Then open you word-file and execute - "Paste".
Can you help me about array pattern computation . I simulated a 4 element array with 4 port , but the computed gain is element gain not array. in hfss, which seting is need. is it requiered to add a fee network and combine the ports to 1 ?
if i have constructed a model through matlab or using c,c++,vc language, how can i import the model into hfss? thank you in advance!
The radiation pattern for a simple dipole antenna in hfss 10.1 ( WinXP) won't create continuous line. It consists of some discrete points. The plot is attached. I tried to change the settings in hfss but could not figure it out by myself. I appreciate your help!
How to set in hfss to get normalized radiation pattern? Thank you very much!
here ur request hfss 10,hope help u
hi, i am trying to design a compact cassegrain antenna where the shaped subreflector is in the near-field of the feed, my problem is that - how to see the near field (radiation) pattern in hfss?? so that i can accordingly design the subreflector surface. if anybody knows the answer kindly share ur views here. with regards
Hi. I am just beginning to use simulation tool, hfss and I am currently simulating QD (Quantum-Dot) laser fed patch antenna using hfss. During simulation, I need to use the data based on an experiment as input signal of an antenna. So far, what I know is that there is Lumped port or waveport to feed the antenna structure in hfss. (...)
hello! I want to know how to import data on "bloc note" towards the hfss in order to represent them on a graph with hfss ! thanks...
a simple question about the radiation calculation in hfss. If the antenna we designed has 2 or more ports, with various feeding amplitude and phase combinations, how can we guide the hfss to calculate the radiation pattern. I am using the driven terminal solution types. Thanks.
Can anyone help me to generate the E and H radiation pattern of a printed dipole antenna with hfss v9? thanks
anyone tell me how can i plot the radaition pattern(polar plot) for comparison purpose from hfss to CST ? i m unable to import result from hfss to CST for radaition patern (polar plot) plz hep me
Send your ADS design to the Momentum Layout and save it as a DXF file(or what ever file format you can easily import to hfss). Now start hfss and look for that Momentum file. It should be straight forward. In Momentum go: "File"-->"Export" and pick the best format. Good luck.
Hello everyone, I am simulating a patch antenna that has H-plane symmetry. It is operating in the lowest mode. I get excellent impedance matching results for S11, but my radiation pattern (co-pol and x-pol) for both principal planes is not accurate when compared to the antenna simulated without the symmetry plane. Does anyone know why this mi
HI everyone!! I am doing my final project and I am quite new with hfss. I have measured the antenna with a network analyzer saving the data in a *.s1p file. I would like to know how can I import this file to hfss to plot the result and compare the experimental data with the simulation data. Thank you for your help!!! =)
.sat is catia/CAD file I think DXF should work. But what is the format you have? I am not sure that laser scanner output file will be opened in hfss. It it opens tell us too.
Hi buddies, I've got the data of farfield radiation pattern of an element which belongs to a antenna array (the data was caculated in my own C++ program). can I got the synthetic radiation pattern in hfss. BTW, I've known the location and amplitude/phase of every element Added after 1 minutes: fo
Hi, I would like to import a pattern diagram in CST and to generate a array antenna with it. Is it possible? Thank you in advance
Hi everyone, I have a problem with hfss when I try to view antenna pattern in xy plane. I understand that to view in xy plane, theta should fix to be 90degree, phi should be varied from -180 to 180. I did so but I got unusual pattern. Please check attached files and help me! By the way, the project is in a hfss (...)
Hi, All, I am a student in the field of RF circuit design. Now I want add a general standard antenna into my front-end of the receiver to see the match performance between antenna and LNA. I have checked some references, it seems hfss cannot simulate the active circuits (am I right?). So I have to export the antenna from hfss, then impo
I want to model the high freq characteristics of a deformed varactor after applying voltage. As it is impossible to replicate the design in hfss, is there a possible that i can import the same file created in Coventorware using hfss.
hello, i designed antenna in hfss. but i also want to design that antenna with same parameter in AWR for checking my results. Is there any way to export / import from hfss to AWR. I am desperately waiting for some one reply.. i appreciate the person who help me out of this problem... please consider my request.. thanx iin advance..
hello everyone, I'm new to hfss, and this is my first project. I have to simulate the radiation pattern of the LPDA antenna at 670MHz (E and H-Plane). My problem is that I can't get the same results as i got with 4NEC2 and EZNEC. I have uploaded my project and the 4NEC2 results. So if anyone with experience in this area could maybe check the pr
Hi folks, I would liek to konw if you are aware of any simulation tool able to import a pattern of antenna from an ascii file and use it as source in the simulation of a scattering objetc. Thanks a lot SL
it is difficult in hfss. you could export your hfss design results to Designer , with your capacitor s2p filter, simulating.
You need to create & setup Far fields ( Theta & Phi ) first. Check hfss tutorials for details.