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Does anybody have any experience importing hfss antenna patterns into Satellite Toolkit, or any other external antenna files for that matter? I've followed the STK manual exactly and tried a few different iterations, however the best I can get is a pattern that resembles mine however it is cut in half.
Hi, everyone. I have a problem here. I made a series of cavities and did some measurement. I heard that if I import the import the measured power data(theta, phi) into hfss, he can plot the 3d pattern for me. Also, he can compute the directivity based on this. Is it true? Can anybody tell me how to achieve this? Thanks a lot.
Hello, I am trying to synthesize a radiation pattern. I would like to use a required pattern data set to be able to define an average difference between the required pattern and the calculated pattern as the goal function. Does anyone know how to import external data in hfss and use (...)
Is it possible to export farfield pattern of CST/hfss and import in some visualize in some other specialized tool.
anyone tell me how can i plot the radaition pattern(polar plot) for comparison purpose from hfss to CST ? i m unable to import result from hfss to CST for radaition patern (polar plot) plz hep me
Hello everyone ! I need to use hfss for the WiMAX antenna simulation. When I am drawing some layput in hfss, I discover that it is inconvenient to draw some shapes in hfss....... So, I maybe use AutoCAD 2006 to draw some some pattern and then use hfss import them directly for the (...)