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Hi friends I want to design an microstrip antenna and microstrip coupler in hfss and I need videos about the hfss to learn hfss. Anybody have videos that is to design something in hfss please send me help me frieends :-(:-(:-( my email
See my lumped port for the spiral. I couldn't open your hfss file, it reported some strange errors...
I have been trying to find the far field radiation pattern of a monopole antenna placed inside a photonic crystal using MWS. Transmission and S11 simulation results match the experimental results. But somehow far field radiation pattern isn't even close to experimental data. I ve run the simulation multiple times with many possible settings. Still
hi now, it does not give any error. however, I am not sure whether this new one is suitable for you. In your design, box 25 is faulty. I mirrored box 2 and united all. I guess your design is symmetric. please inform me. PS:you have to zip or rar file you want to upload, otherwise, forum does not accept .hfss files.
HI, I am looking for an example for frequency dependent material defined structure simulation in hfss. Any help will be greatly appreciated..... thank you. Check this out.
The structure is quite simple...two monopoles (feed by waveguide) in free space...I have simulated these structures both in hfss and MWS...the results are quite different...first of all resonance in S11 is at different frequency for MWS and for hfss...second, the magnitude of the resonance is quite different...can somebody tell why the results are
Try the following link: hfss 9.2 Full Documentation Hope this resolves the matter.
Hi all: I am a beginner of hfss and need some help from y'all. Can anybody send me a simple hfss simulation example of an unit cell of FSS? (e.g. how to get the reflection and transmission coefficient? ) Thank you very much!
hfss uses exp(jwt) time dependence whereas the authors use exp(-iwt) time dependence...
i need some example how to a design PIFA with hfss , if any one have the doc plz send me
Dear All, I'had tried to design Filter Duplexer (Cavity) with Tune, Filter Spec.: fc = 1900 MHz BW = 10 MHz Order = 8 In the real world, this Filter will be tune refering in order (=8). I wanted to optimize this filter, just only tune material (=8) Question: 1. How to use this optimetrics? 2. How to use this optimize? Thank You :D
HI every body on EDABOARD.... friends I need Dipole array examples on hfss.... and Phased array designing tutorials.... Most of friends over here may have the stuff. plz upload it... I shall be highly obligued... Best regards
Hi all, i have simulated a 3x2x.5 mm LiNbO3 (anysotropic) crystal sheet in hfss, excited by a plane wave coming from a variable direction . When I plot the E-field vector I get a strange distribution: in some points of the crystal located inside the structure the field vector diverges, growing up to enormous values. It's sound very strange s
rar or zip the hfss file and it should allow attachments...
I see that you have defined only 1 mode in port definition, but since this is a coupled line, there could be even or odd mode, so I would enable 2 modes in the port definition. EDIT: admins move this topic to a ELMG forum, cos 99% people dealing with hfss will miss this one...
Might be that you'll have to expand the port rectangle to the outer sides of the substrate. EDIT: admins move this topic to a ELMG forum, cos 99% people dealing with hfss will miss this one...
i have read from one of the friends about this program and he ggived this web sits
Help me I am using hfss to simulate a archimedean spiral antenna. But I am not sure how to feed the structure. I tried it with a lumped Port between the two spiral arms. It would be great if somebody could take a look. Thank you very much
Hi, I have a design under hfss and I would like to have a PCB (layout), I would like to export it to Gerber format but I don't find this format in hfss can anyone help me please??? Thank you,
I tried to simulate the design, described by the pdf paper attached with this topic. However, the results in return loss do not match with tose in the paper attached. Please help me to resolve it. Thanks. The name of the paper is called "Design of Circular Polarization Microstrip Patch Antennas with Complementary Split Ring Resonator" The p
its not necessary that you get exact results, they may be slightly different because of different softwares and different settings ---------- Post added at 10:37 ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 ---------- try attaching .hfss file only, instead of attaching .rar
7309473095 hi all, this picture shows the basic theory of microstrip coil and is what i want to implement. The rar file is the hfss file of microstrip which can't run successfully. I wonder how to attach the shunt capacitor and excitation. It seems that creating a box and assign it with Lumped LRC bounda
hi all I need to know how to draw the radiation pattern in hfss (file attached) kartik
If you post it in a zip file, or other compression program which is fully open, I'll try it in hfss 14. But I refuse on principle to open rar files unless I really need to. There are plenty of good compression algorithms for which both the compression and decompression algorithm is public. Deborah.
I am giving the Exact Dimensions to my Rectangular patch antenna . But it is not resonating at required Frequency! Need Urgent Help I am adding my Structure in hfss!! The rar file First contains my design in hfss !! Plsss Respond Quick any one !
Hi can anyone help on the design of the balun for a sinuous or spiral antenna. I would like to design and simulate in hfss.
Hi all, I am a new member of this group and a freshman learning hfss. I am trying to simulate the microstrip structure on silicon substrate and I get a port refinement error message stating the process abc3d failed unexpectedly. Please help me solve this error and also let me know what is meant by abc3d and port refinement er
Do you have more tutorial and also about hfss? 10x.
Hi. I´m working with EBG´s with CST, HFFS and EZ-FDTD sotfware, In my opinion hfss may give you a better aproach instead of CST. I think that CST is more easy to use compared to the hfss but the simulation results are better. If you describe your problem I´d like to help you. Gerttings
hfss 3D Full-wave Electromagnetic Field Simulation hfss? is the industry-standard software for S-parameter, Full-Wave SPICE? extraction, and 3D electromagnetic field simulation of high-frequency and high-speed components. Engineers rely on the accuracy, capacity, and performance of hfss to design on-chip embedded passives, IC packages, (...)
hi i am simulating a microstrip patch antenna in hfss,excited by a coax,but i can not get the s11 in the paper.mine is about half of the one in the paper.please help me,what is the reason?!:cry:
Dear all, I've got an error while using hfss. I want to divide my construction and add one more port. During this process I've got "Port 'p2': The port has no terminals defined on it". Best regards, Kate ---------- Post added at 10:45 ---------- Previous post was at 10:44 ---------- I want to divide my co
hi , I'm using hfss program and this .rar folder include my paper really thank you so much
hello all i simulated this antenna in hfss for circular polarization but the gain of antenna is negative? i intend ask a question whats the negative gain? gain is a positive quality
i've simulated a pyramidal horn antenna using dimensions from balanis' design procedure through the antenna designer kit. now when i try to excite the antenna with a simulated sma connector, i'm getting completely wrong return loss results ... what am i doing wrong? It would be worth stating in the title what softwar
Hello I am Mehrdad. I have attached one paper and design. my s(1,1) parameters has been matched but i dont know how to plot the gain v/s freq. so please can anybody teach me how to plot the graph of gain v/s frequency so that i can telly my results with the paper. I dont know how to set the value of Theta and phi.