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Hi friends I want to design an microstrip antenna and microstrip coupler in hfss and I need videos about the hfss to learn hfss. Anybody have videos that is to design something in hfss please send me help me frieends :-(:-(:-( my email
See my lumped port for the spiral. I couldn't open your hfss file, it reported some strange errors...
I have been trying to find the far field radiation pattern of a monopole antenna placed inside a photonic crystal using MWS. Transmission and S11 simulation results match the experimental results. But somehow far field radiation pattern isn't even close to experimental data. I ve run the simulation multiple times with many possible settings. Still
hi now, it does not give any error. however, I am not sure whether this new one is suitable for you. In your design, box 25 is faulty. I mirrored box 2 and united all. I guess your design is symmetric. please inform me. PS:you have to zip or rar file you want to upload, otherwise, forum does not accept .hfss files.
HI, I am looking for an example for frequency dependent material defined structure simulation in hfss. Any help will be greatly appreciated..... thank you. Check this out.
The structure is quite simple...two monopoles (feed by waveguide) in free space...I have simulated these structures both in hfss and MWS...the results are quite different...first of all resonance in S11 is at different frequency for MWS and for hfss...second, the magnitude of the resonance is quite different...can somebody tell why the results are
Good link! If it's your ftp site, try to zip the file using winrar instead of winzip, that will save pretty much space! For example, hfssbook in rar is only 14MB, while 43MB in zip. Try the following link: hfss 9.2 Full Documentation Hope this resolves the mat
Hi all: I am a beginner of hfss and need some help from y'all. Can anybody send me a simple hfss simulation example of an unit cell of FSS? (e.g. how to get the reflection and transmission coefficient? ) Thank you very much!
Has anyone been able to reproduce the results of the paper? I simulated the same structure in hfss (Fig. 2 of the paper) and the results are very different then what they get for S11 and S21.
i need some example how to a design PIFA with hfss , if any one have the doc plz send me
HI every body on EDABOARD.... friends I need Dipole array examples on hfss.... and Phased array designing tutorials.... Most of friends over here may have the stuff. plz upload it... I shall be highly obligued... Best regards
Hi all, i have simulated a 3x2x.5 mm LiNbO3 (anysotropic) crystal sheet in hfss, excited by a plane wave coming from a variable direction . When I plot the E-field vector I get a strange distribution: in some points of the crystal located inside the structure the field vector diverges, growing up to enormous values. It's sound very strange s
rar or zip the hfss file and it should allow attachments...
Hi all, i want to simulate the attached file...its not a real rar file..just chnge the extension in .hfss! I have a bowTie antenna excited by a CPS. My question is...should the waveport edges touch the CPS or not? In some tutorials ffor CPW they suggest to modify the port to touch the grounds....i guess is the same for CPS. Do you also thi
Might be that you'll have to expand the port rectangle to the outer sides of the substrate. EDIT: admins move this topic to a ELMG forum, cos 99% people dealing with hfss will miss this one...
i have read from one of the friends about this program and he ggived this web sits
Help me I am using hfss to simulate a archimedean spiral antenna. But I am not sure how to feed the structure. I tried it with a lumped Port between the two spiral arms. It would be great if somebody could take a look. Thank you very much
Hi, I have a design under hfss and I would like to have a PCB (layout), I would like to export it to Gerber format but I don't find this format in hfss can anyone help me please??? Thank you,
its not necessary that you get exact results, they may be slightly different because of different softwares and different settings ---------- Post added at 10:37 ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 ---------- try attaching .hfss file only, instead of attaching .rar
7309473095 hi all, this picture shows the basic theory of microstrip coil and is what i want to implement. The rar file is the hfss file of microstrip which can't run successfully. I wonder how to attach the shunt capacitor and excitation. It seems that creating a box and assign it with Lumped LRC bounda
hi all I need to know how to draw the radiation pattern in hfss (file attached) kartik
If you post it in a zip file, or other compression program which is fully open, I'll try it in hfss 14. But I refuse on principle to open rar files unless I really need to. There are plenty of good compression algorithms for which both the compression and decompression algorithm is public. Deborah.
I am giving the Exact Dimensions to my Rectangular patch antenna . But it is not resonating at required Frequency! Need Urgent Help I am adding my Structure in hfss!! The rar file First contains my design in hfss !! Plsss Respond Quick any one !
hi dears. i have simulated a simple microstrip line model in hfss & CST ,but i think the cst response is wrong. could any one check this files and tell me what to do for getting same response in cst and hfss,please? Thanks in advanced:thumbsup:
Maybe worth to have a look Uploaded file: vcsel.rar
Has anyone tried the 64 bit version of hfss 8.5. Is it really any faster
Well, let me throw my 20 cents inhere. To my opinion both SW are complementing each other. I still prefer the hfss for they implement many physics and microwave features and not only the GUY. Quite frankly, CST GUY is not even theirs - they have this licensed to them by Dassault spin-off that every one can get today. Interested folk can pm me if t
For the new user (unexperienced with hfss) Ansoft has implemented automatic setup of the PML . One may also build its own PML boundaries but it calls for a bit (sometimes alot) more skills and some trivial calculations beforehand. I'd suggest that you read the manual - PDF version and look at setting up the PML boundaries. You must have macros inst
hfss Antennas_Arrays and FSSs
hi, ansoft guies: There is one simple question about hfss. Since Adaptive 'Single frequency' analysis will allow users to setup 'Requested Passes', what number will be suitable? I used 7. However, issues come up! The results,obtained by 'Single Frequency', differs greatly from 'Sweep' analysis results? Because of the higher acc
At my work we have compaired hfss simulations with measured results and have found good correlation. You need to spend some time setting up the simulation correctly. We also simulated the same inductors with momentum but the results where not that accurate. Regards rf
: Need plugins of Ansoft hfss to compute Q of spiral inductor, can any people offer hand?
8) Hi friends, It is give that "initial error for hfss.exe(0xc000142)" when I run hfss. How about that, and what can I do? Help me, thanks. jamez
hello can anyone tell me what new in the new hfss designer? THX PLASMA
I have to agree that hfss document doesn't make the concepts of these "lines" very clear. I can see that the impedance line is used for defining a "voltage" for the mode, calibration line is for fixing the phase. There is also the user-defined characteristic impedance. These three things are necessary to properly define a wave and it phase.
I'm learning how to use hfss by working with some microstrip antennas. However, when I display the radiation efficiency in the 3d fields post processor, I get a radiation efficiency greater than 1. I calculate the accepted power and it follows directly from s11, but the radiated power is larger. Can anyone help me?
This is one of the un-explained error message in hfss. hfss has all kind of error message that puzzles the users. It is absolutely normal. Nothing to do with the license or installation. The only problem is error in problem setup. After all, hfss is written for the experts in @nsoft.
Go to Ansoft website, then to support, register - it is free - and then you will have access to some tutorials, applications, faq's. They have also discussion list for hfss with many answers to problems encountered by users. Take a look at their workshops - the presentations are online and you can learn from them. But generally you should be pre
Hi Sun Blade 2000 is X64 machine so you need to compare it with a XEON EM64T PC (2Mb L2 Cache) In this days you can find a dual XEON EM64T. with more then 12Gb of RAM. You need WinXP X64 and upgrade to hfss10 that run on XP X64 and multi processor. If you looking for higher performance. hfss10 Run on LINUX so build a cluster of few Linux
Who can tell that I in hfss " Stitching " electric capacity is when building the pattern, and how to join 。
you can simply define deembedding in the port preferences. Warning: the deembedding hfss uses is simply a subtraction of a line. In mathematical terms only a rotation of the reflection coefficient! (in a lossless case). Do not deembed over discontinuities. D.
ftp://xxxx/Acrobat60_ppcn.rar Don't post links to w/a/r/e/z please!! Warning #1
Can someone help to find the ansoft hfss v9.0 license.
hi every one. i want to ask u how i can open a .rar file.
deembedding helps? I have come across some hfss tutorial available somewhere in this forum which tells you how to do this. Cheers, Element7k For an antenna problem, such as aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna, we set the source at one edge of the substrate, I think now the reference plane is at this position. If I want
Dear all, I have hard time trying to simulate a metalic rectangular ring slot from 0 to 35 GHz individually and afterwards as a skewed array with hfss version 8. It seems almost impossible, so since yesterday I'm trying it with the new hfss 9 version.I'm disperately trying to get the reflection and transmission coefficient while sweeping from dc
Hi, does anybody know how to simulate on a remote computer using hfss 9.0? There's a section in the program where you can specify the IP of a machine on which you want the simulation to run... However, after doing so, it doesn't really work, returning an error... Does the target machine need to have hfss installed? To have it running? Any
Here is the Ansoft Seminar for hfss9xx. Very easy to follow, good for new user. xx.
I have only one(patch antenna) who comes with installation, it isn't enough for me. hfss GUI is very strange :shocked!: , solver is :sm28: Anybody can help with any other type of antenna?
hi, is there anybody who have the password for the MicroC OS-II -- The Real-Time Kernel.rar ?