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hey there, I built in hfss a rectangular wave guide and two pins that should feed him. I wish that the waveguide will only let TE20 mode to propogate. How can i make it? which kind of ports should i use? thanks a lot!
Dear members, I am trying to simulate a conical antenna placed on a circular ground having a cut-out for the Coaxial feed. The coax contains the Outer Cylinder (PEC), the inner Teflon and the innermost feed pin cylinder (PEC). The structure can be seen below; 128776 Can someone please assist me on how to excite the
hi i am designing a wave guide whose side walls are sinusoidal corrugated. the corrugation of the walls depend on several parameter parameter, one is called delta which supposed to be very small. i design a matlab code that generate the same result of hfss but only for small values of delta, and an upper bound on value of delta need to be (...)
Hi Members I am trying to excite a simple patch antenna using Grounded Co-Planar wave guide Structure (GCPW) by the techniques shown below in Fig.1. I do so but receive the error of "Port 1 is assigned to an internal face". Can someone kindly assist me in assigning wave guide port to the GCPW structure in (...)
I have a homework.I have to design coplonar wave guide operating at 2 gigaHz,And dielectric constant is 3,Zo=25ohms.Please somebody help me.How can i calculate dimensions,how can i make lumped ports??Please i have to do this homework.
i m doing a project based on microstrip patch antenna . can someone provide me with microstrip patch antenna simulation file of hfss using triangular wave guide?
It seems you want to feed a simple wave-guide. If so, why do you define an integration line? hfss considers wave-port as an infinite wave-guide which automatically feed correctly, I mean with correct polarization and the dominant mode. In lump port definition you have to define an (...)
Hi, Anyone knows about how to check the angle variations in case of Frequency Selective Surface using the wave-port in hfss. Actually i want to verify the results of FSS unit cell using Floquet port and wave-port in hfss. Please guide me how the task could be done. With Best Regards: Muhammad Idrees
Trying to solve cylindrical cavity in driven modal solution type I ran into huge problems. Im not good in hfss and think that problem in feeding.
Hello! I'm working on a project: There is a titanium bar in the salt water, and an E field along the bar with 100 V/m at 64 MHz. It should be a wave guide. I set up the model and assigned the material, but I don't know how to assign the E field and plot it. Attached is my hfss doc. Could anyone help me on this or teach me how to assign the (...)
Hi I have a simple rectangular wave guide filled by air. I want to apply PML for boundaries in x and y direction and electric wall for z direction boundaries. and then take the S21 of of the structure which should be 1 since wave guide filled by air. There are some tutorials on how assign PML in hfss (...)
For assigning a PML boundary to any surface in hfss: select the face,right click and select assign boundaries: you should select PML setup wizard, in the PML setup : change the minimum frequency for your design. Make sure the Master/Slave boundaries include the PML. That's all. Generally, for designing FSSs is hfss, you can go with three options:
hello I'm looking for an example of a design of an internal CPW in a PCB with hfss, my problem is that I calculated the dimensions of my CPW using Appcad but after simulation I don't get my impedance of 50 Ohms knowing that there is no errors in dimensions calculations help plz, I noticed that when I add perfect E boundary to my metal condu
hi i am trying to simulate slotline to microstrip transition and for that i want to use waveport for microstrip line and for double slot line but i dont know why every time i got same error msg that port ids assigned to internal face.i am attaching my hfss model also paper from which i got idea of this balun plz if anyone can guide me (...)
please send your hfss File and clarify your aim in design ??????????????????:!:
Here is a hfss model which you might find useful for your specifications : 97834 The photo below is a summary of the design
Hi, Iam designing a mode selector using hfss. Actually i need to characterize three modes. TE01, TE02, TE03. In that i just have to select TE03 and give it to wave guides. So, can any one suggest how to design this. I have already some theoretical calculations by which i can achieve this by a circular wave (...)
Can anybody help me by showing snapshots or procedure for giving TE11 mode in circular wave guide in hfss?
First of all hello to all of you and I wish you a happy new year I am quite, quite new in this forum and also in the topic. I need to design a cylindrical cavity in hfss. In order to start understanding hfss I decided to create some referential structures and compare the results for a case where I can analytically obtain results the sam
How to find out polarization and isolation in hfss?
Hi, I am simulating a multilayer semiconductor wave guide structure with metal on top in hfss which is a straight wave guide as shown in picture 1. I have to do impedance measurement using TDR but I dont understand how does it work. I am doing the interpolating sweep and normalizing the ports too (...)
CPW is very hard to setup in hfss I would recommend going in using a coax or microstrip and transitioning. However, it looks like you don't have a large enough airbox around your system to show the correct radiation pattern. you need a minimum of 1/4 wavelength at your lowest frequency from the edge of your antenna in all directions. I usually
Hello all. How can i get the attenuation coefficient of a wave in a rectangular waveguide? Am using hfss Vs14? Kind rgds Manenef
hi , any one can please help me how can i built metallic via in hfss model............
Hello all, may any one tell, how to calculate the aperture admittance on any rectangular plane consist of some building blocks (like one side rectangular wave guide and on another side lossy slab) on both sides of a design, using hfss. Plz help me regarding this.
I am simulating a waveguide in hfss having 2 ports( rectangular dielectric waveguide) .I want to ask what is real meaning of S(1,2) because in one case i am getting S(1,2) plot showing 5db gain while the propagation constant (beta) is equal to 0. Field overlay also shows wave dying much (...)
What size waveguide are you using? To my knowledge, nobody ever uses waveguide at frequencies in the range 100 Hz to 10 kHz. It would need to be absolutely huge. I forget the width/height/frequency relationships, but the width and height are of the order of λ/2. So for 1 kHz, you are looking at a (...)
Hello all, I am trying to design a wave guide to coax adapter. Should I use two port one for the waveguide end and the other at the coax and look at S21? What parameter is critical in determining the accurate performance of the device? Thanks in advance
Dear Aparna,i think Error is due to the fact that you might be using a lower version of hfss,what version of hfss are you using.if i check your file and save it in on me computer you wont be able to use it anymore because hfss files are not backward compatible unfortunately Best Regards Sajid Mohammed.
hi i need some example about excitation of horn antenna with Coax i design horn with wave guide but i dont know how applying the coax feed pls send example about this
Dear all, I am facing the problem of evaluating the INPUT IMPEDANCE of a slot inserted into a circular waveguide, which, as you know, it is different from Z11. The guide is terminated in one side with a wave port. At the end I have a two-port dev. As I used to do in hfss, I wanted to define an output (...)
Hi! I am new to RFIC design. I wanna do a simulation for a whole RF transceiver including the antenna and the wave propagation. If I design an antenna in CST or hfss. How can I import their result inot Cadence spectre? If without the sepecific character data of antenna, I think I cannot make sure that my transceiver can work well.
hi, I have simulated a silicon ( er=11.9 )dielectric slab at 300 Geg with slab thickness=0.1mm on hfss... I expected single mode transmission, however i found 90% of power radiated?? and the waveguidance s21 is veryyy low like -60dB or so?? I used lumped port excitation ... please advise, thanks, shehata
Guys need help with designing an ideal waveguide bend in hfss...... Urgent..... Thank you all in Advance ....
Hey can anyone plz guide me how to define incident angle of incident plane wave in hfss..i need to plot bistatic radar cross section for a particular incident angle but i am not getting how to do it in hfss..
up! could anyone tell me what have I done wrong in my .hfss design right above, trying to implement coax feed.
Hi, I am simulating a tapered antenna rod using hfss v12; however, the radiation antenna pattern is not looking right. I am using a circular wave port guide. I am using two excitation modes. I want to achieve HE11 excitaion. I have attached the model. Any feedback is appreciated. Ilde
Hi every body! I have encounterd a strange problem in simulating an ordinary circular wave guide in hfss,The problem is that when the length of the circular wave is equal to lambda of the guided mode in waveguide (for the dominant mode(TE11) ) S21 will have a very sharp (...)
Hi, I am learning hfss by trying to simulate some structures, but I am very much confused about hfss ports and hfss designs like "driven modal" and "driven terminal". Can anybody explain to me what exactly is lumped port and wave port, what is the difference between them and where are they used? especially i did not (...)
My friends use hfss simulate SIW
Hi Metalized via holes are playing the role of lateral side walls of a ractangular waveguide. You must have an error in your simulation. Usual mistake when using hfss is failure to set substrate interfaces to radiation boundaries so that top and bottom walls are not connected by vias only but are in addition automatically connected (...)
If you are running hfss and using a modal wave port you probably need to ask for more modes. Circular guide is mode rich and has numerous modes that do not have rectangular counterparts.
I am working in hfss v9 designing ridged wave guide(circular D 3.5 cm) I have a problem with ridge dimensions and excitation through coax that 1- ridges are isolated from the wg walls or touch them.???? 2-inner connector is connected to one ridge and the outer shell to the second ridge.??? any one have documents about ridged wg an
Hi friends, Does any one know how to simulate dual ridged waveguide in hfss? how to excite? I am facing some errors. Please help me out Abhishekabs
hello: I am working in hfss v9 designing ridged wave guide(circular D 3.5 cm) I have a problem with ridge dimensions and excitation through coax that 1- ridges are isolated from the wg walls or touch them.???? 2-inner connector is connected to one ridge and the outer shell to the second ridge.??? any one have documents about rid
Rewind here, are you designing the microstrip using hfss? I thought the user has to tell hfss what the frequency is, for analysis. Or are you talking about the guide wavelength?
I create plane illumination model for the reflectarray antenna excitation. The plane wave is assume to propagate within a wave guide model by a port. attach is the design that i have done using hfss v10 my question is 1) my design is correct or not 2) any one have any idea or comment with this design Hope to (...)
hi i design pcb layout (3D) in hfss.Now i dont know how to assign port.anybody can guide me,..plz
In hfss Zpi is calculated for the waveport by default.
hey what kinda waveguide are you talking about exactly? the tutorial for hfss gives a guide for T-waveguides... though not at your frequency.. but it'll give you a start.. regards wiztronix