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Hi please if any one knows how to do coaxial probe feeding please fix my feeding so it can be 50 ohms. uploading my design. waveguide excitation is not available here only connectors so kindly fix it for me. I have used hfss software for my design. The horn is a transition from a TE10 mode in a waveguide to fre
I am trying to simulate a simple rectangular dielectric waveguide in hfss (200 - 300 GHz) and am not sure how to setup my simulation such that the proper waveguide modes are excited. How do I setup the ports, dimensions, etc? Thank you, Manish
100140Hi everyone, I have a problem with my design. I don't know how to insert the SMA connector to the horn antennas. Could you give me some ideas about that? + What solution type should I choose (Driven modal or Terminal) ? + The excitation is lumped port or wave port ? + My antennas material is FR4, so what is the
Hi all, Could anyone tell me shall I normalize the waveport impedance to 50 Ohm when simulating a waveguide structure in hfss? And why? Thanks in advance.
Hello all, I am trying to design a wave guide to coax adapter. Should I use two port one for the waveguide end and the other at the coax and look at S21? What parameter is critical in determining the accurate performance of the device? Thanks in advance
Hello Friends, Please help me in hfss simulation. I am simulating stripline structure. Please find images attached. There is co-axial to strip line transition. I have given excitation but my field is not going on PCB. I can only see till edge of waveguide. Can you tell me where is the problem? Waiting for reply. Abhishekabs
I'm designing a rectangular to circular taper transition in hfss and CST, but doesn't seem to get it right. How should I define the TE10 for rectangular and the TE11 for circular (they say this is degenerate but i dont undestand what that means) in CST? or hfss? Can someone explain this to me, and how to do this properly? Thanks! I already (...)
While designing a single step transition for WR ,the single step block should introduce a 90 degree phase shift(groupwavelength/4).How can ensure the length of guide is sufficient for 90 degree phaseshift
Hi Can any1 plz help me with the modelling of coaxial to waveguide transition in hfss. plz help me with a step by step procedure to draw a coxial excitation for a waveguide. i m new to hfss so am not sure of how to draw a coaxial excitation in hfss. i have excited my X band (...)
Hi all, I hope I can get some advices on this topic :roll: I am trying to simulate a transition from GCPW to Rectangular waveguide at high frequencies (60-120 GHz). I had given dimensions for the GCPW: Line width: W=0.31mm Gap: G= 0.1mm Dielectric (ROGERS 5880): H= 0.127mm therefore I tried to simulate a simple GCP
Hey peeps, Trying to do this has consumed so much of my time. Can anyone explain to me how best to feed a slot antenna with a coaxial transmission line, and how to investigate the correctness of the design. Thanks in advance
You need to have a probe to couple all you waveguide energy to you microstrip. There are few papers to get you started with your design, but most of you work (tuning) will be running sp in hfss monitoring your insertion loss (S21). If time permits I will locate some references for you. Good luck Bouchy
Hello, I worked on a similar project about 6 years ago, and I have to dig my notes back. At any rate, here are some of the ideas for you to start with. 1- You need the dimensions for your schottky diode for hfss simulation 2- You need to model you RF transition from waveguide to coxial I the time permit I will try to revisit some of my (...)
Hello, This is my third email. I am doing the project on " A Cavity Backed Strip line to Micro strip transition for High-Frequency, High- Speed Multilayer Circuit Boards with V-Shaped Extension ". The design should be done using Ansoft hfss. This is found under the NASA tech briefs
i am tryin to build my horn antenna array.i have two things which arent letting me get ahead . 1.since its an array my gain doesnt seem to be increasing with the increase in the number of horns.(note:its not a corporate fed array,horn are individually fed). 2.waveguide to coax transition.tried different probe sizes and did a optimetric analys
help will be very appreciated guys :cry: Hi! You should be more careful or learn more about hfss! :) The surface of the cavity in the WG is perfect conductor! Use the hfss->Boundary display in the menu to see it. Fill the cavity by vacuum and do the microstrip line longer!
Hi All, I have an hfss simulation for a Ka-Band waveguide to microstrip transition, that I need to scale for Ku-band. The design uses a stepped ridge to transform the 50 ohm microstrip up to the 300ohm freespace. Can anyone point me to any notes/papers/articles etc that will tell me what parts of the design are frequency depenadent, so (...)
hello i am working on pyramidal antenna but confused about its feed. i requir a coax to waveguide transition design along with its hfss simulation model PLZ guide me
Hi there, I am simulating a transition from rectangular waveguide to microstrip, but I have got some problems on how to electrically match the two structures. I know that the parameters to play with are: probe length, probe width, and backshort distance from the probe.(I am working on an E-probe inserted into the broad wall of the rectangular w
Hi Guys, Is there anybody out there having some experience how to simulate in hfss a rectangular waveguide to microstrip/CPW transition?? I tried to simulated a probe already widely published, but I am having some problems how to set up my model...... One of my problems is how to plot the probe's impedance when I dembeed the port (...)
Hi Guys, Is there anybody out there having some experience how to simulate in hfss a rectangular waveguide to microstrip/CPW transition?? I tried to simulated a probe already widely published, but I am having some problems how to set up my model...... plz reply regards Added after 13 minutes: One
need hfss10 transition model such as MICROSTRIP-TO-waveguide transition and MICROSTRIP-TO-COAX transition. p.s pdf examles in file please, help me! I realy need it for my yearly project!
Dear Azulykit I am talking about microstrip to SIRW structure. Now I have a problem with hfss simulation. When I run the validity check it gives me all ticks but when I start simulation it gives me error saying "Not enough triangular structers to model blah blah ...." Secondly, I have designed the structure such as substrate (a box) is sandw
hi, i'm trying to simulate a coaxial line to rectangular waveguide transition(adapter) in hfss. But for the simulation i need a matched termination at one side of the adapter(waveguide) and other mouth is obviously shorted. now, i don't know how to define a matched termination in hfss. should i use PML or (...)
Hi all, I am in the design of a transition adapter between two rectuangular waveguides. One port is the standard rectuangular waveguide. The other port with a much smaller b compared with the first port. They have the same a. I am thinking to use exponential taper to get the lowest S11. Is the exponential taper the best choice? The (...)
Hello~. I want to know peak power in coaxial line or waveguide by mws or hfss. Please, let me know. Thank you. Hello.. simulate electric field distribution in your waveguide and find maximum value (usually near the transition). You can calculate (better to say estimate) maximum power then from breakdown of air (
Hy: I'm simulating a coaxial to waveguide transition, and the result (parameters S11 and S21) depends on length of the integration line (using lumped ports). Why?, can somebody sends me a tutorial about lumped port or excitacions in hfss in general? My mail is: Thanks and regards.