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Hi i am writting program for rtc (ds 1307) to display it in lcd using pic 16f877a controller .i read ds 1307 datasheet it stated that if we want to write in timekeeper register then we should give BCD value . 50 sec in dec is written as 01010000 in bcd so it requires 8 free bit in a register to update but in sec register it has one clock halt bit(C
Hi, I want to do a serial communication with pic 16f877a mc and my gps module. Gps module has rx tx pins and has a ttl output. I have written a program using hitech-C to , process the receiveng nmea sentences from the module and write the putput on a LCD which re longitudanal and latitudanal data. I want to connect the GPS module to the micr
Hi , I want to interface LCD module with PIC 16f877a I used the following code and used hitech C my main program is, #include #include "lcd.h" void main(void) { lcd_init(); lcd_goto(0); // select first line lcd_puts("12345678"); lcd_goto(0x40); // Select second line lcd_puts("Hello world"); for(;
Yes, of course this is possible. The SD card, whether it is micro SD or Mini SD, or Standard SD, can communicate with your microcontroller via the SPI protocol. There is a library available from hitech which will allow you to use the SPI protocol with ease. It can work at any low speed such as from your 4 MHz crystal, but please remember that
hy: i m reading the GSM sim900 data on interupt after AT+CMGR=1 but Garbage come on my lcd ,,,can any one chack my receiving code,, uC 16f877A,,,,Compiler hitech. //////////////Serial Interrupt Setting///////////////////// //////////////////Rx Interupt//////////////////////////// void interrupt receive(void) { if(RCIE && RCIF)
If you use the hitech PICC18 compiler, your code compiles fine: Build C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.BDG\My Documents\Projects\EDAboard\abhishekdixit\abhishekdixit for device 18F4550 Using driver C:\Program Files\HI-TECH Software\PICC-18\PRO\9.66\bin\picc18.exe Make: The target "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.BDG\My
What version of the hitech PICC18 Compiler are you using? The more recent versions only require the inclusion of the following header file: #include Not: #include <hitech.h> #include Reference: PIC18F1220/1320 Datasheet, Section: 10.2 PORTB, TRISB and LATB Registers, Page: 90 Pins RB0-RB2 a
MPLAB hitech C compiler :)
My code in hitech C is working... // HI-TECH C Compiler for PIC10/12/16 MCUs V9.83 #include //#include //#include //#include //#include __CONFIG ( 1 & FOSC_INTOSC & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_OFF & MCLRE_OFF & CP_OFF & CPD_OFF & BOREN_OFF & CLKOUTEN_OFF & IESO_OFF & FCMEN_OFF ); __CONFIG ( 2 & WRT_O
Hi there, I am doing my project in vehicle tracking, which uses gps and gsm. I am using pic16f877a(MPLab hitech C compiler). I have completed the codings for both gsm and gps seperately. I need to integrate these things to vehicle tracking. But the pic16f877a has one UART port. Hence suggest me whether i have to use relays to switch between g
I am using PIC16f1527 IC. I have doubt in how to configure UART1 configuration registers and Baudrate formula selection. Kindly send the sample code. hitech c compiler. check this FOSC=20MHZ and baudrate=57600
Hello guys. I am using this code (hitech c) for sending and receving data with virtual terminal (proteus). When I type "1" and "2" when the terminal has a focus I can proprely turn on/off a led on a portB. But the command "b" doesn't return a the string HHHHH. THe baund is the same 9600..What's wrong? Any help? Thanks ------------------------
Hello guys, Do you guys have experience with DS1307 and PIC 16F877A ? I 'm using hitech C and I can't use the example from compiler.... I stack with : unsigned short read_ds1307(unsigned short address) { //unsigned short dataa; I2C_Start(); I2C_Wr(0xd0); //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for read) 0x68 follo
Hi, Find the attached code files for ds1307 RTC IC and I2C interface for pic18f252. It is written in hitech PICC. To use change the extensions, headers and include files. Enjoy!
Thanks, PA3040, nikhilsigma, ec_nisarg. dear 'nikhilsigma' , one question to u plz clear me 1. #define status PORTDbits.RD1 here, Does 'status' mean STATUS register which contains C,Z,RP0,RP1 etc. bits or PORTD1 is definning as 'status' symbol??? if 'status' is not STATUS, then can i write #define status PORTD
This is the program for Digital Temperature Monitoring System. When I build this code in MPLAB hitech c compiler it is build success, but when i simulate this in protecous software is does not show any output. My circuit and program are given bellow. Could anyone help me by correcting code or problem. By this program i can measured internal tempera
I use like in hitech and works... Maybe the #define statment is like hitech c!?!? /* hitech C for PIC12F629*/ #include // Required to interface with delay routines #ifndef _XTAL_FREQ // Unless already defined assume 4MHz system frequency // This definition is required to calibrate __delay_us() and __delay_ms() #define _
hI. I have built a board equipped with lm35dz. THe pic is PIC16f876A. Right now the board is able to receive/reply command/messages via RS232 Works fine.. I would like to read the temperature and send it to my PC. I am using hitech. Someone could help me posting a working code C example ? Thanks
Hi friends I need to vary pwm duty cycle in 0 to 255(50khz). but 50khz resolution is 8.64 bits(0 to 398). i need scale the value 0 to 398 into 0 to 255? How to scale the values? input data 255=398/1.56 ; correct or not? how to use float value? ____________________ hitech C compiler
Hello all, I am trying to display the touch positions from a resistive touch screen on a 16x2 LCD using PIC18LF4550. I got a sample code from have made few modific
you would need an FMC card with a 10gbps phy. hitech global makes such a card with an ael2005. IIRC, the ael2005 does 10GBase-SR/LR/LRM. It connects to the FPGA using XAUI, which uses 4 of the 3.125Gbps transmitters on the FPGA. The XAUI logic is implemented partially in the GTX's, and partially in FPGA fabric. The 10Gbe MAC is implemented ent
Hi to all, We are going to use PIC24EP512GU814 controller for our industrial application. So far we had worked in 16 and 18 series and compiled using CCS compiler. But we heard that the CCS compiler is not suitable for the higher end application. So we are in mess to move ahead. So Could anybody clarify us for the compiler to select from the oth
Hello All, I have a 4-wire resistive touchscreen and have interfaced it with a PIC18F4550 uc. I am able to display the co ordinates on an LCD at this point of time. What I wanted to do is using this co-ordinates (0 to 1023) information to control a device to turn it ON. For eg, I would like to play a music clip recorded on APR9600 when I touc
hi i wrote program for pic uart in hitech-c and i am trying to simulate it in proteus and i need help .I used LCD to display data which i typed in virtual terminal is it works . what is virtual terminal in proteus . is it used to send and receive data from microcontroller . #include #include"lcd.h" void pic_init(); void uart_init()
I am trying simple led blinking code on pic16f877a .Simulations are working fine on proteus but hardware is not responding.I am using mplab with hitech compiler My code is as follows #include __CONFIG( FOSC_HS & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_ON & CP_OFF & BOREN_ON & LVP_OFF & CPD_OFF & WRT_OFF & DEBUG_OFF); // Define LED pin
@Golden Electronics: I don't want to buy a PIC18 C compiler, hitech's C compiler only allows free compiling for PIC 10/12/16 MCUs... I have to look for some C compiler too. Hi, This looks like a free 18f complier
It probably depends on the microcontroller, compiler & IDE. Using PICs with MPLAB and hitech/Microchip C compiler it will normally only build the changed modules but download the whole program. You can 'manually' specify the area to program so if you forced certain modules into certain places you could possibly only partially flash it, but usually
The hitech compiler provides a set of accurate delay routines, _delay_ms() and _delay_us(). However, the compiler must have the current system clock frequency (Fosc) before it can generate the required code to implement the delay. Which is the purpose of the following statement: #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 If you current des
Hi, I am working on a project involving a graphical LCD JHD12864E. I have written a library for displaying text as well as graphics using hitech-C compiler for pic16f; The problem I am facing is that, 1.) The part of the display being controlled by CS1 does not display anything , however the other half is working fine. 2.)
i ammended the code,.. still not compiled. will you please attatch a simple code for interfacing the LM016L LCD with PIC16f877A written in C language. I m using hitech compiler for compilation purpose. regards,
In Youtube video, you trying to compile the asm generated by MikroC!!! Try to open HMS.mcppi in MikroC and compile!!! IF you use the code: #include "htc.h" __CONFIG(0x0770); unsigned short tick; ... etc... This is hitech C Universal ToolSuite. Use option into the MPLAB like picture bellow: 95071[/
COMPILER: hitech C18 9.8 CONTROLLER: PIC18F4520 SIMULATION: PROTEUS ISIS Hi ppl .I am making a data logger for SD,MMC CARD. FOR SD CARD initialization command CMD8(for sd cards v2+) i am getting invalid command response. CMD0 is giving valid response ie 01. I am sending the following command CMD8 = 0x48 0x00 0x00

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