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Hello, I still new on this field. I having my college project this year, so I choose on making a voice recognition using microcontroller PIC18F4580 to control light and DC motor as the output. My question is: 1) Is it possible on using a hm2007 as the interface? And can anyone show me how is connection to PIC18? 2) If the hm2007 is not compatible
Im doing a speech recognize wheelchair,im unable to find hm2007 kit here.can anyone help me in programing DSPIC for speech recognition please!! and also suggest me which DSPIC family 30F or 33F to use if im to interface LCD ,US sensor and Motor. Ill be soo much thankfull to everyone who can help me.
look for SPEECH RECOGNITION SYSTEM USING IC hm2007 paper (google it).
We are using 8051 microcontroller and hm2007 voice recognition IC for our project. We need to interface 8051 microcontroller and the hm2007 voice recognition board. The board has 74LS373 latch IC, which has an 8 pin output. The output is given to the 7448 decoder and also to the input ports of the 8051 microcontroller. When the 7 segment display di
hello everyone, i required help for making making microcontroller based voice recognition system using hm2007 & avr microcontroller, i refer following pdf for building voice recognition system using hm2007 & i build the circuit, i tried prcedure mentioned in pdf, but enable to stor voice data in hm2007, suggest me some solution (...)
hello everyone, help me in voice recognition system project, i working on voice recognition system project, in that i using hm2007, i got reference from following pdf but in that i directly give 5v supply to sram ic, when circuit is turned ON ready led is lit & according to training procedure aft
86442i am doing my final year project which includes voice recognition. for dat i am using hm2007. i made pcb layout fr dat but m nt able to get the output. i am attaching schematic i used. please can anybody whoever used dis ic help me???:sad: i just used LED'S instead of LED display. i dont thnk dat is the problem. I AM
Search for hm2007 on this forum and in google, you will know how people are using it for. Understand how the IC works first and get fundamentals clear.
i want to work with hm2007 but i'm not sure about it's working algorithm...mean in which process it recognizes plz!!!!
hello i am doing one of my project in which i have to make a voice recognition circuit which is using hm2007 ic, which is specifically for voice recognition. for now i have to make the simulation. but for this i havent found hm2007 in any of the simulation softwares i.e. proteus, modelsim, multisim and pspice. i now have to find some equivalen
hm2007 is a speech recognition chip. HY6264 is RAM. How to Build a Speech Recognition Circuit Page 2
please help me
hi amin . for this project you can use hm2007 chip , it is a Speech recognition chip and you can get more information in hm2007 Datasheet pdf - Speech recognition - HMC
i think you can use hm2007 voice recognition chip that chip can recognize 20 words and can be change according
ATMEGA is considered as the best for robotics, but PIC also is good. this can be done with any simple controller, only thing is you have to see how the voice command is given and decoded... if you use hm2007 or VB based robots then any controller will do the job.......
one thing there are speech recognition IC and kits already available. they are hm2007 IC, visit for more details N S K E L E C T R O N I C S or Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development forcheck this part number from Qualcomm " MSM6800A "
for 1st problem: 1. Either use hm2007 speech ercognition IC or use speech to text converter in VB software. 2. Instead of assembly go for C program, or - The Online 8051/8052 Microcontroller Resource - and get the source code for them or do a search in the forum.. code is already posted many year
which processor, and how do you plan to do it... do you wish to use any IC like hm2007 which speech recognition IC.... ---------- Post added at 23:03 ---------- Previous post was at 23:02 ---------- visit N S K E L E C T R O N I C S they have speech recognition kit.. this
i think i have already suggested to use hm2007 and told to refer site also
for voice use hm2007 board available in market. magnetic locks are available in old printers, or in scrap junk shops easily
Use hm2007 kits ready available for your project. Basically you need a speech recignition IC to do this. Vist N S K E L E C T R O N I C S or Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development search for voice recognition kits in that site
Speech emotion recognition!!!!!!!! Speech recognition is there, which detects your voice or speech with variable frequency and wavelength It is hm2007
hi i am a newbie in the industry,, i just want to ask if it is possible to use wireless microphone in the speech recognition circuit using the hm2007?? thank you!!!hope someone can help me here..
Hi Guys, Good day!!:D I have a project which is a voice recognition system using the Speech Recognition Circuit Assembled SR-07. ( ) This is using the hm2007 IC. My question is how can I interface this speech recognition kit to my appliances?:?: Does anyone has an interface circ
hi theres.. i need c language coding for converting text to speech plzz gv me rply as soon as possible. its very urgent. i want to do my final yr project on this... i use hm2007-speech recognition IC and PIC16F877A... plz its really urgent hey guys plz help me.. im really very very thankful to you....
hi problem with hm2007 is: I don't know where buy only the chip... with sdpic30f, I only see it work with testboard, it work with a simple circuit? or some one know the shematic to put ir work? bes regards
I have seen a controller with internal voice comparator hm2007 read the data sheet it may be helpful
where do you get hm2007 in India ??
I urgently need the IC hm2007. It is a speech recognition IC. Can anybody tell where do I find it in Pune or anywhere in India?? Please specify the cost also if possible.
hi, i want to purchase hm2007 speaker recognition ic where i can purchase it i havent even come to know its manufacturer
Guys, Im Looking your help to let me know where can i buy the hm2007 IC in Singapore. I need it urgently. Looking your support. Thx so much.
This one works as it have used with hm2007 chip, Part is called HY6264 Also same ram is used on this ready made board.
I need a speech recognition IC for my project. if anyone speaks infront of a MIC, it should display that word on my PC. Which processor or controller can fullfill my need? for my another project i need to control my robot using voice. So which IC?
Hey i have one question. I have a project on speech recognition....and we have to make the recognition board from scratch.... If we use the DSP controller such as hm2007 or SENSORY's RSC Microcontrollers, do we have to use any extra sound card ( for ADC, pre-filtering)? Also how can we implement Filters and Framing/Windowing to obtain spee
online preferable....
Which company does manufacture hm2007? Is hm2007 good for speech recognition? If I use the Microchip dsPIC30F device and I want to add the hm2007 chip for speech recognition. Do I have to buy any other chip for my system to be able to recognize speech? Thanks.