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you need theoretical info or a project? check these might help
Hello all, I am looking to start playing around with home automation projects. My first project I'd like to do is toggle lights (mains power) with my microcontroller (PIC 18F4550). I'm not very experienced with circuits though, so I am having trouble getting started and would appreciate some help. My plan was to (carefully) wire a (...)
i want to learn about home automation via internet. is there anyone who have any idea or useful link about it???
Hi, I am thinking of making a home automation system in which lights and fans in the whole house are controlled directly through an android application. Basically the flow will be something as follows: Bulb----Relay-------------Patch Panel --------microcontroller ----Wireless Module 1 ~~~~~~Android Mobile.
Could you help me? I tested user interface part that contain five push buttons , a LCD , and two crystals(7.68MHz and 32kHz).The 5V power supply is built with a transformer .The zero-cross and a triac inputs are not connected to the PIC.When the dc volt is applied to PIC , "Welcome Screen" is not seen although the push button is pressed.Why? t
Use X10 and can take the HCS - II as example of home automation system . HCS uses RS 485 so only onel 2 pair line will be needed to make connection between your host and controllable devices . There are also number of devices already implemented for the HCS system which includes temperature measurement and light control . X10 module will allow you
AC/DC motor Drives, home automation (i.e. control of differnt parameters), microcontroller based small PLC, Wirelsss control of different systems etc.
Hi Abdul Being a Beginner you have choosen an complicated project. I don't think that this kind of project too easy for you. i want to knw how tointerface a bluetooth with microcontroller This is not going to solve your problem. you must have given some description about kinda project you are going to develop with Bluetooth like
We are starting a project of home automation, and we need a board with a microcontroller and a Display, and if it has some buttons better. We need something like a final product, not a generic development board with a lot of space for connecting others things. I mean, not like
I 'm designing a smart switch remote controllable for home automation. I want add the capability of detecting short circuit and human body shocking protection to this single relay (of e.g. a lamp). I mean when the circuit detect that (1) there is a short circuit in the side of lamp, or (2) live line (220v) is connected to a human body, A buzzer i
Hi I want to interface a microcontroller and zigbee transceiver for home automation project. When i browsed through atmel's website. I found the following models in which they are already interfaced and available in a chip format.
Here i am thinking to develop a project of home automation using Sim300z by creating control Through microcontroller. but i am just a beginner i dont have any clue about it. i will really appreciate if anyone of you expert can help me just starting up with this idea.
pls help me out. need to make a program using microcontroller. 1. Initialize the ports as: (port C) is an input and (port D, port A, Port E) are output. 2. Initialize the ports as: (port C) is an input and (port D, port A, Port E) are output. 3. The program waits until the user presses any keypad and releases it. 4. At this time the microcon
microcontroller-BASED AUTOMATED CIRCUIT BREAKER: A support utility for fault detection and home automation. This is my project title, would anyone can help me about fault detection using microcontroller? Please i really need it n0w.. You can email me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MOD: NO PRIVATE SHARING
Microchip has documented this pretty well in their application note for X10 home automation : AN236 - X-10 home automation Using the PIC16F877A - Application Notes - Details Although it's not isolated, its pretty good.
hi i am making a home automation project over the internet. there are some applications available on the net that can be used to send control signals over the net but i want to make my own app. please suggest the language and amount of coding that would be required. some sample codes would be highly appreciated. thanks
Hay Guys, I want to design a project which is used to control the home appliances through SMS using AT89S52 Micro controller. I am able to done the hardware section but i don't understand the programming of this micro controller. From where i should start the programming in c language. I have thoroughly read the AT commands the GSM Module the max
Hi. I'm planning to make a network of microcontrollers as part of a home automation system. I was thinking of a rs485 network. As I understand it, for a full duplex rs485 network I'll need 3 twisted pairs. So if I use a cat5 cable I'll have one twisted pair not in use. Is it a good idea to use this pair for distributing power to my nodes (...)
hello every one i write a home automation program using pic micro controller and sensors and actions perform by pic and sensors perform correctly and sending to hyper terminal.. like "temperature value Is" "light on" "doors open" now i want to send all these messages to C# based application using serial communication through which it send to owner
Good Evening one all, As i am searching for data on internet, i came to know about this site. Please anyone can help me in clarifying me about this doubt. I have just completed my B.TECH, some of my friends have designed a system called "voice commands based home automation system" with the help of an institute in hyderbad. So they didnot hav
hello i have to do a project home automation using microcontroller it will control 3 home appliances a 500w bulb, electric fan, refrigrator i want the device to respond back whether it is working or not please tell me about sensors type for this purpose and the name by which they are available in the market (...)
i have to do a project home automation using microcontroller it will control 3 home appliances a 500w bulb, electric fan, refrigrator i want the device to respond back whether it is working or not please tell me about sensors type for this purpose and the name by which they are available in the market (...)
Hi gidimiz, How is home appliances controlled in X10 home automation system....I mean to say does it uses solid state relay, electromagnetic relay or something else to switch the appliances?? Thanks
u can make a project for communication between microcontroller using infra-red, RF, bluetooth etc. RF is best to show your skills cheap modules are avliable for 315mhz and 433mhz at various places. there are many other projects also from home automation to security systems
hi Then u can move for the automation of industry and home automation. Its the emerging field now.
I'm also planning to build an IR-based home automation System. In my case, I want to control the lights and other appliances inside using a IR remote of old TV's and DVD Players. What I did was, I went over to my trashed equipment and recycled an IR receiver and it so happened that it is a TSOP1236 Vishay Telefunken. The datasheet is available fr
I am doing this home automation project using the serial communication between mobile phone(Nokia 7700) and AT89C51.The problem is the serial communication .I learned many things abt it but still i couldnot figure out the connection configuration between the phone and microcontroller.Can anybody help me out with related matters.
the first and second question , you can find a good answer on the internet ! In general, we use stepper motor for robotics application and home automation, they are small motor with not enought torque for complex industrial use. The main strenght for a stepper motor is his precision, it's designed to be controlled step by step and for exemple
Hi David, I would like to apply RF Transmitter & Reciver with a 8051 microcontroller as the main system design. My undestanding is you are planning to design home automation system.. Am i right..? If so it depends on RF Transceivers you prefer to embed with your controllers. In your case Zigbee is most suited. while choosing Zigb
hey friends . please help me to build the home automation circuit using atmel8051. please tel me how to connect the nokia phones and send sms through the phone. please
i am working on project of web based home automation system using pic18f452. so for timing i have to use rtc DS 1307 with pic18f452. any body have circuit diagram or code or any idea?
i am designing a project of home automation through sms. i want to add additional function that when i give the sms to put on the electric kettle then after a particular time when its temperature reaches 90 centigrade then i get a message on mobile (t290i sony ericsson) to put off the kettle . i am using pic 16f877. and lm35 temperature sensor.
I was working on a home automation project. I was wondering if relays are the only option to switch AC appliances like light bulb, fan through a microcontroller. I also heard about triads, solid state relays. can they be used instead of relays. The relays which i have chosen now are of 12v coil rating with 230vac 10amp switching. So (...)
Try the links like home automation via Internet.I think u should need to implement some wireless protocols It's a bit difficult!
Hi All, I am designing a microcontroller based home automation which will derive 10-16 12V 5A relay through RF transceivers. i am using ULN2804 to drive the relays. in the contact side the relay would drive loads like ceiling Fans, lights and other home appliences for long periods. what sort of EMI protection should i have (...)
You can use Zigbee module for wireless link. Its low-power digital radios based on an IEEE 802 standard for personal area networks. ZigBee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Some video presented ideas with Zigbee : Remote Control Car = Arduino + XB
I'm working on a project about remote controlled house (home automation). This is for my capstone project which I'm working on.:smile: I want to send SMS messages from my mobile phone to a Telit GM862 GSM device and those messages need to pass throw UART to a 8051 microcontroller (Atmel AT89S8253). The microcontroller (...)
Is this for your home automation system? If so, it is important to realize that the microcontroller only uses about 1mA. The much higher current is only needed for short times when the RF chip is activated to send a command, so the average current drawn from the battery will be very low. I don't know which of the batteries you mentioned i
Dear Sir, As per our communication before kindly clarify following Requirement: Create 8051/ATMEGA32 based wireless network using Zigbee module for home automation. The set-up requires both both point-to-point communication as well as multinode communication may be in mesh network form. I have identified following modules related to zigbee
Hello, I'm working on a home automation project where I'm using a Triac as a switch to control it using microcontroller I would be testing it at very high current say 20A. The confusion I'm facing is about the precautions for PCB design. How much track width required for such high power applications?? Will it provide enough (...)
can any one give me whole project with circuit diagram and code.i am using 8051 microcontroller .when i send 1 first switch is on ,when 2 second switch is on ,when 3 both are on & when 4 both are off...please help me .you can send me email
Thanx arunsharma..:) we do the project of home automation using sensors,keypad,lcd... we use the keil ide to covert the assembly to hex code. so how i know the size of hex file(instruction set) to select microcontroller? Thanks in advance..:)
why not use a wifi realy shield or ethernet realy shield for control. and even if you want to use a microcontroller : use arduino it is easier and a lot of sample projects can
Next home and industrial automation solution. I think it is best if they provide it with good price on one chip design :D.
Hello I am working on home based automation project, i need your sugestion that what transmission should i use for home based automation project which should be cheap and can cover range of 500 sq yard house, below are list of communication techniques on which i am concentrating now. FM communication blue tooth or (...)