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A home automation microcontroller with speech recognition function so depends on what you say it turns on and off home appliances, lights, TV ..etc...Question: is it possible to modulate the on-off instruction signal on the mains supply wires so that you do not need to install a receiver on each appliance ? I know the answer is yes..the que
Hello, I have an adsl router at home (like most) and a small computer (mini server) connected to it. The computer is an Alix-1D and consumes only 5W max at 12V. I want to build a small UPS for these two, so that it can keep them up and running when power is lost. Mostly interested in sudden power loss, a few minutes max (which happens (...)
Hi all. Hopefully someone here can help advise me on this issue. I have an iPod/music player called a Bowers & Wilkins 'Zeppelin air' that stopped working a while ago. Zero power to the unit despite fuses and external supply being good. The power supply board in the unit is known to be the fault with these devices. So I removed the board to s
Need to know exact definition of following terms.. PMPO output, Source input, Frequency response, S/N ratio, Distortion, Output power, Separation, Input sensitive, Hum-noise output, Satellite impedance, Subwoofer impedance, power consumption, power supply SMPS Type, Satellite Dimension, Subwoofer Dimension
Hi - I purchased a ZVOX home theater 670 soundbar at a significantly reduced price due to an issue with it. When switching the unit on, it appears to complete a POST, displays the current firmware revision, and displays "ON". However, After this initial power-up which lasts about 2 seconds, the unit does not respond to any buttons. I'm think
"homemade" PCBs are mostly single sides but few have actually attempted double sides and still fewer have succeeded with a PTH technology! A Basic audio amplifier can be done with a single layer (solderside) only. In simple language, it means that I do not know where to find the PCB design for a 1000W audio amplifier. As BradtheRad did mention in
I made homebrew circuits for my 24V backup home power system. Two solar panels in series can put out 46V when unloaded. My charge controller was built around an op amp which cannot endure such a high voltage. So I regulated its supply down to a safe volt level, with a zener diode and resistor. It worked. Perhaps a similar system is inside (...)
if relay is used or any other switch in my home is operated, the bulb connected to the triac flashes once Please, tell me that the 5V suppying the relay coil is NOT the same used to power the microcontroller.
Welcome to Nanyu.Fangda Technology company. We have wireless devices that you may be finding. Indoor: pc wifi dongle, home used router, repeater, hotel or public places wifi devices. Outdoor: outdoor high power access point, high power wireless CPE/ bridge/ repeater. Outdoor Wlan antenna, 3G/4G antenna. Signal booster antenna. Also, (...)
i am working on my project that switches off and ON home appliances using an android app that creats sms .The app can also request for power being drawn by the appliances through sending texts request that can be red by a gsm module. My gsm module is linked to a pic 18f4550 and my gsm module is a sim 300 gsm module. I am using a CTL6vz current se
many choices for make or buy depending on your skill. join ( free ) then use their selector on home page with input and output power specs. There are other sites, too. Linear, Maxim, ROhm, Toshiba etc or choose from a "disti" like Digikey, Mouser.
Hi all, I'm new to this forum and hope that you can help me. I'm in the process of building a control cabinet for my home brewery. The brewery consists of three heating elements (3500W) but I only have available two 16A power feeds (220V, living in Norway). The heating elements are controlled by 3 switches (SW1, SW2, SW3) and 4 contactors (
Hello, This program I founded in other web forum, then I try to a bit modification on the program. I got this idea, because I seen on my electronic device at home there are power button, the functioned same like this project. One times you press the button and power will lit then after you want to switch off the button you cant only (...)
Many domestic premises in Australia have all three phase, particularly if the load is high. My own home has all three phases, and its excellent for motors and rectifiers. If I was building a 7Kw battery charger (for myself) I would just use a honking great iron cored three phase transformer and a six pulse phase controlled SCR rectifier. But a m
do you want emergency lighting? This switches on , when electricity in home cuts off ?
Hi all, I'm looking to a Volt, Watt and Ammeter using a microcontroller to be used in a home made power supply that regulates the negative rail. The range must be 0-20V and 0-50A and of course 20*50=0-1.000W and if possible with labels in portuguese like Tensao for Volts, Corrente for the Ammeter and Potencia for Watts but other languages are we
I have a 12V to 230V/50Hz , 1000 Watt home Inverter whose circuit based on pic16f72. The AC output voltage is so high as 285V. Due to this high output voltage many appliances like CFL, LED lamps etc failing when running on inverter. How to reduce the output AC voltage of inverter?? Please give a solution.
This might help:
Hi, I am looking for a good inverter for my home in Chennai. My needs include four fans, one TV, and a fridge. I have a limited budget, but can increase the amount if the inverter is good.
I started a blog of home lighting using common wall powered LEDs using unregulated, regulated and modified adjustable Laptop Chargers. CREE 1~3W LEDs can be used in series to match the supply voltage and parallel arrays on a string of wire to distribute. Thermal runaway avoidance is satisfied but
However i cannot imagine a single home appliance which does NOT require isolation. ? I have a washing machine in home, made from a local manufacturer presumably reputable, which employes such capacitive-based power supply. The electrical isolation is accomplished by long rods connected to the front panel and the
Hello I am looking for someone who can DESIGN AN INTEGRATED VOLTAGE-MODE CONTROLLED DC-DC BUCK CONVERTER. The project must be done on cadence using 0.35um technology. All simulations must be completed by team viewer on my machine. It is a one week job and I am willing to pay 200usd upon successful completion. Anyone interested, please feel
if you already have a PCB with serial output you could use a USB to serial converter, e.g. if you are building a PCB why not add USB functionality? e.g. you can then power the PCB from the USB 5V line
It has been generally noticed by many home consumers in my neighbourhood that addition of a power Factor Correction capacitor actually INCREASES the billing. First question, why did they install PFC capacitors at their home, how did they calculate the VAr number, what did they expect? Second question, how did they exactly observe
Hi, I want to connect Solar Gride Tie Inverter to my Utility (power company) Grid line in parallel. I have few Questions: 1) Who will take the home load ? Solar Grid or Utility power ? How to decide ? 2) Will my excess power flow back into the grid when no power is used from my (...)
I have a treadmill at my home. From some time the treadmill turns off after 10 to 15 minutes automatically. I can see the display LEDs going dim before it stops working. It powers up again if I turn it ON again after 15 - 20 minutes. Now this problem is coming after every 3-4 minutes. What can be the reason for this, are there some capacitors wh
hey hi everyone , can anyone inform me that how electronic energy meter works. how electronic energy meter generate bill as per our power Consumption in out home. Regards, Deepak
I was also thinking about the problem with the interference with other periferial devices, esp. hard drives (as they seem to be consuming large current from the 12V line). Maybe adding proper filters (i.e. capacitors) may fix the problem, but then the startup current could grow to be too large :? This should be investigated. As far as the amp is c
You may need to be more specific on the voltage range and the current rating. you may need to go for a programmable power supply. Example: Regards Udhay
A poor power factor in homes does not cost more because homes are billed for the actual power used. A poor power factor in industry costs a lot more than if the power factor is reduced. Electrical gadgets are sold "to reduce your home electricity cost" but they are simply a (...)
I am a engineer student. I want to make a project so please suggest me some good topics What about green power like wind or solar? You can use your project at home.
Dear Brother Tahmid, i want to make a 800va power inverter for my home and in this context some time back, i downloaded a pdf for pure sine wave inverter prepared by worcester polytechnic institute, ijust want to know that, i didnt, see the battery charging unit in the schematic and second is that if i would make it 600 watt or 800 watt what are
I want to switch on my room's light my waving an hand at the sensor(which i don't know) and on the next hand wave i want to turn it off. The light must turn on only when the switch, on the switch board on in the "ON" position. Please help me with the components and the basic structure of the circuit.
ok, just wondering. using power factor in your home IS legitimate ** IF ** - your power factor is initially 0.8 to 0.85 ON THE AVERAGE (not just the single day you took a measurement) - your caps can bring PF to 0.99% - your utility billing will reward you for improved power factor - you do the cost benefit analysis to (...)
You trying to connect from home LAN or from company network ? Maybe company network policy prohibit usage of FaceBook. Check proxy configuration in browser, disable usage of proxy. Best regards, Peter
Please correct if my understanding of how voltage current working is wrong.. An electricity generator which is fuelled at a constant rate provides constant voltage across its ends say 230V.. This generator rotates at say 100 rpm and can light a bulb with gud luminosity.. ( This is compared to a boy pedaling a bicycle at a plane surface for his
Hi Disha and welcome to EDABoard forum, See these materials : Best regards, Peter
Hi I need help designing a coupling circuit for power Line communication for home automation. I will be using a powerlines FSK modem in my final project but initially i want to test my coupling circuit. i am using this coupling circuit 93409 with a basic function generator and an oscilloscope but i am getting a v
Take a look at the communication method used in X10 home automation. It sounds similar to what you wish to do. Messages are sent during the time where the mains AC waveform crosses 0V.
From any home appliances can I obtain audio transformer ?
Hi, i am planning to design a PLC unit to control every device inside the building basically on/off and regulator control.Current options in front of me are 1.TI(AFE03+c2000 or any other DSP uc) 2.Maxim( max2992 +any DSP UC) i am planning to use G3PLC protocol,please help me choose between my options ,Does we have to Code
Here is a website with abundant 555 IC ideas: Are you making a bounceless switch? Consider these simple
I haven't found how i do my home automation using power line with proteus i would like to install a power line modem like TDA5051 or the lm1893 in the library of the proteus Please help me friends
When in home page for EDAboard, u will see section names EDA Software, u can post all queries about softwares there. u can ask questions here:
I would like to have a schematic of a transmetter and receiver power line communication to activate a relay in the receiver using the power line
I would like to do in my finally project a remote using the power line communication for exemple to turn on a lamp in my bed room at any place of the home I neeed help for the schemtic of the receiver and the transmetter if it's possible
Presented here symmetrical power supply is a small, simple and powerful item. It can be both taken to workplace from home and used in different conditions. The construction was to be resistant to mechanical damage an
There is Zigbee power plugs, dimmers, door sensors, occupancy sensors, you name it and from many different manufacturers. For a starting point go to www dot zigbee dot org and navigate to (using the links on the left side): Products/By Standard/Zigbee home Automation and scroll down for a list of Zigbee certified products. Or google "zigbee (...)
Evolvetech is a innovative company in software and embedded technologies looking for Skilled Embedded Hardware Design Engineers for their mumbai branch. People with the experience of 2+ years in designing of hardware in power electronic, home automation products can send their resume to For further enquires or cla
It is a popular lab power supply which can be easily made at home. power supply board: The circuit is a well-known board from HE