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from which point you are extracting the signal strength voltage ? after detector or any other? how did you measure it as 100/200mv?
I don't understand two parts in my text book. "for a simple common source how can we reduce the input-referred noise voltage? Equation implies that the transconductance of M1 must be maximized. Thus, the transconductance must be maximized if the transistor is to amplify a voltage signal applied to its gate whereas it must be minimized if (...)
Hello, I've realized a RF receiver with demo boards linked together. RF recevier is able to amplify the signal, perform down-conversion with a mixer and filter with IF filter. Now, I should verify the receiver performances. In particular, I'd like to verify if receiver realizes a good BER for some modulation schemes, such as BPSK and QPSK. I've
The 2mV input signal is two small compare to the offset or noise voltage. So which amplifier can be used to amplify so small signal? The input signal can be DC or AC. Could anyone help me? thanks
Do you have a 150V supply to generate the pulse from or are you asking the whole thing to run from 5V? If you have a high voltage supply already, all you need is a suitable bipolar transistor or MOSFET and a load resistor. If you need to generate te high voltage from 5V, please tell us how much current you need to provide to your load and how mu
how would they do it discrete back then? I have not tried this circuit yet This is 50R but I do not know how it will behave on 75R If you still intend to implement an CATV amplifier with discrete components; **Cascode topology will give you the best result **NXP Wideban
I don't understand how to store voice signal in sd card and how to write code to store voicein sd card Plz, help me I want to make a recorder project
I went through the data sheet but a bit unsure about what does this parameter Output signal Range actually means. Can you please help me explaining this thing and how it causes amplifier to saturate With a +5V supply its output can go down and saturate to 2.5V - 1.5V= +1V and it can go up and saturate to 2.5V + 1.5V=
Never heard of any homemade EEG projects. I imagine it's a question as to the nature of signal you hope to pick up. Then whether the sensor should be capacitive, inductive, or magnetic. how much impedance. Etc. You'll be lucky to pick up much of a signal. You'll need to amplify it a great deal. A smaller sensor should be (...)
Hi , I want to make an amplifier to amplify the load cell output of 2mV/V(Excitation voltage) to Voltage of range 0 to 10 V The key point is my load will vary from 1 Hz to 1 KHz. so how to amplify this a.c signal without noise. My loadcell bridge resistance is 350 ohm. I ve one amplifier but the problem with that (...)
how can I amplify an electret microphone to use the signal into a low pass filter like this? 106430
please help me for design a industrial amplifier with op amp with 3 gain 1- 10 - 100 as i say i found this but i can not change gain i need 3 gain also i can not find how i can change tha gain of this structure . It is an ordinary instrumentation amplifier that is shown in books, in school and in Google.
you have a load cell? you want to amplify the signal coming from the load cell? you need to give much more information; impedance of load cell and its voltage range, how quickly will the signal change supply voltages
Hi all, In an application, I need to amplify a low-level clock signal of 60-MHz frequency and 300-mVpeak-to-peak amplitude to a rail-to-rail level of 0 V to 2 V. Does anyone know an IC to do this job ? Thanks a lot, DYL
Dear all.. I've my sensor output ranges from ( 15mV to 45 mV). I've to interface the sensor's output to the adc of a microcontroller. Can i connect directly the sensor's output to the microcontroller? Or should i use any signal conditioning circuit.? 2. My second question is i've another sensor whose output ranges from 2 V to 4 V. So i'm in a co
I have to detect the analog audio output from the set top box. Means want to detect whether the audio is coming from channel or not. how can i detect mute condition, is there any method do so.
I have developed a sine wave generator with DDS chip AD9833. AD9833 has an output signal of 0,6 Vpp. I use AD9833 to generate a sine wave at a frequency of 50 Hz and use a microcontroller to change the frequency (40-400Hz). The signal is amplified up to 4Vpp and with a digital potentiometer I control the amplitude. how to (...)
Jestin do you know how to make the Microwave doppler sensor output to detect speed? I badly need it for my research. thanks in advance. you need to amplify the IF out. It will be an analog signal, below 1 MHz. Use a good op amp. Then you need to figure out its frequency. If there are multiple targets, yo
I will be generating 23Khz digital 5v frequency signal via arduino board . I want to amplify it to 1W using some audio amplifier but how can I out put it .. use normal audio speakers or use ultrasonic transmitter ? I know 23KHz is ultrasonic freq but iam confused if I can feed it to a normal speaker . thanks
I understand that SIM908 does not accept active antennas. Can someone please recomend me a guidance circuit or a method to amplify weak GSM signal in a forest?
Hi all, I need to design Current Mode Class-D (CMCD) PA with modulated PWM signal as an input and encounter these problems. I describe step by step the design I done and the problems I encounter in the pdf file below. Hope any of you can show me which part I did wrong. Thanks a lot.
I have my comparator based capacitive sensor working. As it is it gives me a differential output voltage of 0.1V to 0.5V roughly. Presumably the output current is quite high because an LED is developing enough power to be visibly illuminated, though not at full illumination. I would like to amplify that signal to provide a voltage differential
Dear friends, I am trying to develop a photodiode receiver circuit as shown in attachedfigure. When i placed this in under sunlight the output voltage level is shifted(DC-offset) is happening. Is there any possibility to reduce the offset of the voltage and try to pull near to zero. This is happening due to photodiode is receiving the sunlight co
Hai dear all, Please tell me how to convert pulse wave into square wave. the pulse has 0 to 5 peak i want the out put has +5 and -5 peak to peak voltage NOTE:- Do not using -ve supply, only using pulse and +ve supply voltage. if you have any idea or circuit regarding this please sent me Than you Salim
The analog output of a sensor that I want to digitize is in the 0-150mV range. The lowest Vref to the ADC of my Microcontroller I can supply is 3.3V. Looking for some circuit recommendations to amplify the 0-150mV signal to get it to 0-3.3V range to utilize the full accuracy of the ADC. Any recommendations / ideas?
Hi ! I want to amplify the output of my hall effect current transducer ( CSLA2CD ). The output of my hall effect sensor is 15.6mVac. And I used a dual rail op - amp to amplify this small ac voltage which the gain is 101 ( as shown in the schematic below ). By right I should get at the output of op amp.( i tried to simulate using Pspice A
hi i m making digital clock using 89c51, in this clock the series of LED work on 9 volt, so i used lm324 to amplify the voltage with 5 volt signal, this output is stable across direct-ground, but the second end i used A683 (PNP) transistor, for ground (-) normal its show 9 volt across 10-volt direct power supply source, but when the LEDs (...)
Use op-amp to amplify the signal. how much amplification you need? Give more info for better results
What is the BW of the LNA anyway? Taking a shot at the definition, is it just the range of spectrum where the LNA can amplify a input signal? how would you measure the BW of a LNA with a VNA? Taking a shot at the definition, is it just S21 log mag across the entire frequency range of the VNA (30MHz to 20GHz)? Please advise.
:arrow: Can anybody help me to build a portable Cassette recorder from an old radio, with an old speakers,microfone... im just curious? I have an old radio (only 1 speaker and cassete rec. work, second speaker... died ... and cd fryed up x)), speakers, microphone... and many other stuff .-., and does anybody wana help me ? i would be gratefull!
how to amplify a sinusoidal signal of 12 volt to 72 volt ?
how to amplify a sinusoidal signal of 12 volt to 72 volt ? ... without using the transformer , because of bulkiness If those figures are r.m.s. your amplifier will need supply rails somewhat greater than plus and minus 100V.
how to get from LM35 signal 0 10V output. Can you advise how to use the circuit . Sarunas
If the receiver is more than a few 10 centimeters apart from the transmitter, your transmitted 4 frequencies won't be the only signal received by it. how do you want to amplify the signal of interest "to saturation" but ignore any other signal that's in the air at the same time? A RF receiver needs first (...)
Hi there, are you using usb daq? what is the sensor used? re200b or module? if re200b the output is pos pulse and negative pulse how are you reading that in labview?
I want to take voice signal from condensor microphone i used a inverting opamp amplifier with a low pass filter of 3khz how much i should keep the gain for LM324 operating at +5v
The unity gain bandwidth is only around 5MHz so if you try to amplify by 1000 you will only have a few kHz bandwidth. how fast is you signal? Also, depending on you circuit (which you haven't shown) you could be amplifying the opamp input offset. Keith
Yes, the lower the parameters you mention, the better the performance. So, I think the INA333 if the best of these three. however, the best is not always available and cheap. In the end, it's a compromise. Good luck.
Hi, i'm using a 100 MHz signal generator with maximum output of -13dbm, what amplifier design do i use to get 12v output? thank you...
2- how i can design this circuit for distance longer than 1km ? (for example 20km) You can use another max485 as a repeater in between. It will amplify the signal after 1km. :) guide : 1-i don't use another system, because this system is cheap for me 2-because the rs485 used to maximum 1.2km distance help to me to amplify (...)
Hi, I have a circuit that gives a PWM signal at 20Khz with maximum average voltage at 1.6v. I need to amplify and filter this signal to a variable DC voltage ranging from 0-5v or 0-10v. I tried using a 741 op-amp and RC filter. It simulates perfectly in Multisim but practically gives a constant VCC at output all the time. Can someone (...)
Hi, I am controlling the speed of a motor from a PWM signal at 20kHz. The max voltage I'm getting at 100% duty cycle is around 2V. The motor requires 0 to 10v dc. I have an RC filter in place which is working fine. But how do I amplify this to a variable 0-10v dc? I can put the filter either before or after the filter. I tried (...)
what is the basic equations of tunned amplifier to amplify the signal , how should we have to select the inductor , capacitot and resistor values, can any help to understand this
Don't use that NMOS one. It is nearly 1000 times bigger than you need! Also, the current will be controlled by Q2 which will need to be PMOS anyway. NMOS and PMOS are simply being used as switches in your case. An NMOS will switch current to ground when you aplly a positive voltage to the gate (with respect to ground). A PMOS would normally
Thanks Everyone on answering I need that for one unimer which output is on uA with voltage in range of 0V-1V and range 100 Ohms-0 Ohms but I want to amplify the range of 10 Ohms- 0 Ohms and how? I though the in serial put one fast diods with voltage drop about 0.4V and thats fine I measured thats work fine. I need something to amplify that (...)
Hi everyone, i would like to amplify the power of the output signal of a function that possible??Can i use an op amp? i want to boast the output power of the signal generator which can able to generate up to 2.0Mhz, with 10Vpk-pk If yes,can anyone tell me how to do it?Thanks alot.
I want to design a buffer which will driving a transmission line (50 ohm), and can amplify signal from 1-5 times. The architecture is stardard noninverting amplifier using a opamp . how to design the opamp , the output resistance of opamp must be less than 50 ohm ? Thanks for help. Any refenrences of this kind of op is (...)
Hi Guys Can anyone tell me how to generate a voltage source from some data(no analysis equations), I attached the voltage source in the pic, any suggestions will be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on how to design an amplifier to amplify the pic DC signal, I want to get digital output out of the curve. Thanks Not
hi, I am designing a very high speed Flash ADC. I use CML circuit And if my input frequency is 2 GHz. And i use several open-loop amp to amplify the error signal to rail-rail(CML swing). obviously, this will cause power and large delay. But if this work, how can i determine the sample rate, because there is no clock used in my (...)
Hi all, I have problem with ISOLATION AMPLIFIER on biomedical systems, In other word, I want to know how i can Isolate ADC from Processor and where is the isolation block location??? I recorded biosignal with INSTRUMENTATION amplifier and feed to antialiasing filter and H.P.F., then I want to amplify finally signal (...)