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Hello, PlZ I want to ask if it is possible to amplify a signal ( amplitude modulated sine wave) with freq range (0.3 - 1 MHz) and amplitude ( 5 - 10 Volt) to become in the range of (0.5 - 5 KVolt) with output power in the range of ( 50 - 300 Watt) without affecting the freq or the shape of the signal . Can I use a power amplifier with a (...)
Have some one know how to amplify signal from Microphone and filter frenquency of voice. Thanks
I've a Transmitter, but the signal is weak. I need a Repeater to amplify the signal so that the Receiver is able to receive the signal. I don't have information how to build a Repeater, such a it circuitry. Kindly advise me this hardware circuit information. Thanks.
when designing a gps receiver, a simple rule to decide the overall gain is to amplify the signal to the maximum range of the ADC. but i am wandering what determine the maximum range of the ADC. A paper mentioned the peak-to-peak value of a 1-bit adc is 100mv,what is the reason? if i design a 4-bit flash adc in 0.25um TSMC techology, what is the pro
hi I am in need of help with my project i am using an analog ouput load cell and A/D converter ADC0804 and Atmel AT89C52 micon. i can't seem to make the A/D work with the load cell output how can i make it work or do i have to have the Bridge Transducer ADC for Load Cell as it is not available where i live Has anyone worked on similar pro
i wanna amplify the output signal of my rca tv outputs so that it reaches another tv 25 meter away . how can i proceed to get that stuff working . thanks REGARDS
sir; This is my problem: I fed a signal between 0.4Volts to 0.6Volts to a 2N3906 Transistor. I could not switch on the amplifier. how would i deal with this? The Frequency is 5MHz. Thank you.. LOwell
I was wondering whether there is a way to amplify the frequency deviation of a frequency modulated signal. For example, consider a FM signal that has only a small modulation index. Without demodulating the signal, or changing the modulation signal itself is there some sort if way to (...)
I would like to generate PWM signal using PSoC internal relaxation oscillator. Method: The analog resources of PSoC are capable of generating a saw-tooth and/or triangle wave relaxation oscillator. This triangle or saw-tooth wave is fed into a comparator. The other input of the comparator is fed by a differential amplifier. The diff-amp is
But the op-amp I studied, like single stage OTA, cascaded, folded cascode, they only have the gain in range of 10-100 right? So, how to get a such high gain of 1000? folded cascode op has higher gain (>60dB) than simple OTA, and it's not difficult to build such a op, refered to Martin's book or Razavi's book.
Hello, my first post and a simple question I can't seem to find the answer elsewhere. So I need to amplify an RF signal, but its power range from +15dBm to -120dBm The system need to input a 2.5DC 1V p-p signal into the ADC for frequency analysis, but I'm not so sure how to amplify the (...)
I want to build a very simple 1000 Hz Sine Wave generator with about 5 Volts RMS output. And my question is: 1. What is the best way to build such a generator? 2. Are there any IC's that produce a simple sine wave? 3. how to amplify the signal to have about 1 Amp output current. Thanks Tronoty
Hi all i want to design a low noise preamplifier for a data sample collector. and the signal from the sensor is very very samll,in order to prevent the usefull signal from swampped by the noise made by the circuit itself i need to design a low noise preamplifier circuit to amplify the signal. so how (...)
Hi, I would need to drive a mosfet driver which needs 15V PWM signal. however the microprocessor would provide 3.3V PWM supply. Any idea how to amplify the signal. Thx KV
Yes in principle you can, using a single supply op-amp setting the gain to 10. however even using a rail-to-rail amplifier you will not reach an output of 48V, but some 200 mV less.
Hi, I have a circuit that gives a PWM signal at 20Khz with maximum average voltage at 1.6v. I need to amplify and filter this signal to a variable DC voltage ranging from 0-5v or 0-10v. I tried using a 741 op-amp and RC filter. It simulates perfectly in Multisim but practically gives a constant VCC at output all the time. Can someone (...)
I doubt a pre-amp would solve your problem, the signal from card sound generators is usually too high, not too low. Can you post a diagram of how you have it connected. Brian.
i have rf transmitter and receiver module. the operation frequency is 433mhz.. it only work around 100m.. how can i amplified it to get better and longer distance?? how much longer distance?. These units are primarily designed to work over short distances a few 10's of metres Yes you could use, as suggested b4,
Yes, the lower the parameters you mention, the better the performance. So, I think the INA333 if the best of these three. however, the best is not always available and cheap. In the end, it's a compromise. Good luck.
Hi, In my search so far, I've come accross the following 3 technologies for sensing presence / absence of AC mains (220-240V) current. 1. Hall Effect sensors 2. Current Shunt sensors 3. Current Transformer sensors My need is not to measure (as in metering/quantitative measurement), but only presence/absence of AC current, given whatever
Thank you amu_cpln, my question is deeper. I know how to compensate cold junction (also used with K and S types). But this is the case of type B thermocouple. It's caracteristics show a voltage near 0 from 0° to 42°C. What is the contribute of the termerature sensor in this range?. If I think the input socket at a temperature between 0 and 42°C, ca
I have my comparator based capacitive sensor working. As it is it gives me a differential output voltage of 0.1V to 0.5V roughly. Presumably the output current is quite high because an LED is developing enough power to be visibly illuminated, though not at full illumination. I would like to amplify that signal to provide a voltage differential
how about using drain/emitter series inductance? This changes the input match without adding any additional noise to the system.
how to design a amplifier which could amplify signal with IF 70MHz, bandwidth 20MHz, input signal voltage level: -60dBm~7dBm(about 1uV~2.24mV),Dynamic Range>70dB, output signal level <5v for sampling by ADC, it bothers me a lot, could some fella provide me some advice... Thx in advance.
Hi For week current (several uA), how to design a sense amp to sense it for low voltage(1.6V)? what about below 1uA range? Any input is welcome. Thanks! regards, jordan76
how to design an amplifier, working at 10K--10MHz, Vpp to 50Ohm is +/-30V? Anyone can give me some reference? Thanks!
pls how Ican measure high alternating current by avr microcontroller atmeg8l using current trasnsformer.
you know how much energy(dbm) the CATV is in endpoint(user side)? 2.If I amplify it and connect it to antenna, can I transfer the CATV signal(channels) by air and others can receive TV channels by air?
I am a fresh man in analog circuit. I want to kown how to choice ampify. please tell me something that must be noticed 。
Hi, can some one provide me materials or links of what is an error amplifier and how to design an error amplifier. how is an error amplifier different than a differential amplifier. Thanx in advance
but q6 and q7 make a level shifter which let the first stage can push-pull output stage q8-q9, but i think this op ll need miller compensation. Hi,mists, Could you tell us how to add the miller compensation in this op? Thanks! fish
Hey, need some help. I connected the X and Y output of the accelerometer to the RE0 and RE1 of PIC18F452. So how do I read in the analog output of these two axis and convert it to digital value ?
Hi, I need to design a high gain receiver that must be able to withstand (block) high voltage (350 V) pulses (the receiver must amplify the very small signals that follow this pulse). Any idea on how to block the high voltage pulses in order to protect the receiver? Originaly I used a resistor and a pair of diodes, but the resistor (...)
I have to demodulate signal~ how to amplify Vo signal to the high voltage =5V, low-voltage =0V.. I have no experience for the design. plz help me... THX~
salam be dostan gerami it can made by LM3524 or LM3525 IC how any circuit plz
i hav two weak signal at reciever end an i wana amplify an add both using npn or pnp transister hav nee optimal solution :)
HELLO ALL, I am in final year of ma bachelors. iam doin a project releated to ECG signal analysis. CAn any cody help me on ECG signal Amplifier design?? how can i amplify ECG signals?? PLZ do help. THANKS
The port gives off eough voltage (the relay is rated at 5v, port output pins give of 5.something). The relay does not work; i dont think there is eough current. Is it possible for me to tie multiple output pins together in some way to make the current higher while maintaining the same voltage level? Would the parallel port itself have some so
how can i amplify the ouput signal from the mic?
i had designed a slope detection circuit to detect voltage slope , it utilizes the formula i=C dv/dt , but the Capacitor will be very large if we wanna detect a small slope , but as we know , we can't build-in a large capacitor in IC, so, how to design it ?
I want to apply voice to NBFM-TX ,I should amplify and filter it(300-3000HZ),but my problem it how to control the gain of system for larger MIC signals (prevent saturation or large signal to apply to VCO tune voltage) Is tehre any IC for this task? Is there any AGC IC for this(Automatic gain control of voice)
Hi, I need to amplify a sin wave signal having 0.8V amplitude to 1 V. Who can help me ?
i generate dtmf with micro controller(avr). how can i connect it to phone lines .. please give schematices. thanks
how to build a simple white noise generator ? i want to build a simple one ,so i can understand the white noise thoroughly. any suggestions or circuitry? thanks
The absolute easiest way to sum to signals togehter, if they are voltage signals, is to convert them to current. For example you can build a unity gain buffer that generates a Vsignal1/R current and another unity gain buffer and generate a current aVsignal2/R. Sum the two currents into the same size resistor and you have (...)
For load cell application offset zeroing is not essential since it will always have a manual Zeroing facility, which can be done in the microcontroller. Better to say, not required in most applications but essential in some anyway. Consider a load cell mounted at a tank, how do you want to zero it after a power fail?
if i wanna add two dc signal , like 1.23v with 2.4v , which are generated from different block ? how to implement ? It seems that OP only amplify ac signal.
Hi Guys Can anyone tell me how to generate a voltage source from some data(no analysis equations), I attached the voltage source in the pic, any suggestions will be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on how to design an amplifier to amplify the pic DC signal, I want to get digital output out of the curve. Thanks
I want to design a buffer which will driving a transmission line (50 ohm), and can amplify signal from 1-5 times. The architecture is stardard noninverting amplifier using a opamp . how to design the opamp , the output resistance of opamp must be less than 50 ohm ? Thanks for help. Any refenrences of this kind of op is (...)
Load cells are gnerally constructed using a Wheatstone bridge. The "+EXC" and "-EXC" are the "excitation" inputs (typically about 10VDC). The "+signal" and "-signal" are the outputs. The output level is very low, often in the millivolt range. Typically you use an instrumentation amplifier to amplify the signal to a (...)