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I have developed a sine wave generator with DDS chip AD9833. AD9833 has an output signal of 0,6 Vpp. I use AD9833 to generate a sine wave at a frequency of 50 Hz and use a microcontroller to change the frequency (40-400Hz). The signal is amplified up to 4Vpp and with a digital potentiometer I control the amplitude. how to (...)
Have some one know how to amplify signal from Microphone and filter frenquency of voice. Thanks
Hello, PlZ I want to ask if it is possible to amplify a signal ( amplitude modulated sine wave) with freq range (0.3 - 1 MHz) and amplitude ( 5 - 10 Volt) to become in the range of (0.5 - 5 KVolt) with output power in the range of ( 50 - 300 Watt) without affecting the freq or the shape of the signal . Can I use a power amplifier with a (...)
I am using ACS712 hall effect current sensor. It gives 66mV/A. I am using ADC0808 to read the value of AC current passing through real load. Now the problem is that ADC0808 reads the analog values but i need the peak value of current. how can I read this signal with
Hi there, I would like to know if there is a comprehensive study about "how to convert Analog signal to digital".I am serching articles about this subject. I need more information about it. Thanks in Advance. Analyzer.
how to apply external signal to simulate jitter of PLL? Could anyone tell me?Thanks.
how to run mixed-signal simulation without Cadence graphic interface? I use Cadence4.x to run circuit simulation.You know,when successfully run the simulation once,the tool automatically create a executable file named 'run????',wherr ???? is the simulator's name.For example,when I run Hspice in Cadence,the executable file name is 'runHspice' and I
I have EGA graphics card on some old computer and broken monitor. I have to plugin on some new VGA monitor for example TFT. Does anybody know how to convert video signal from EGA to VGA standard?
Hi I have got some alarm sounds and they all have periodic signals. I need to know how to make the signal smooth without changing the shape of signals. I would appreicate if you give me some hints Thank you Maverickmax
Hi, Does anyone knows how to output audio signal (sine wave) or data signal aquired out from a speaker using Mathlab? Thanks
how to realize DTMF signal by two sin signals. DTMF signal is combined by two sin signals(low frequency and high frequency). Thanks to your any idear.
I am trying to build an RFID reader and would like to know how to translate the signal coming from the tag to the reader into something useful. If anyone could help that would be great.
hi fndz,iwant a programe for sinusoidal pulse width modulation using pic microcontroller,please any one knows post it . or if any one knows how to generate sinusoidal signal in pic controller(programe) just post it.
hi, how to converte frequency signal 0~5KHz to 0~5V voltage signal? pls tell me the circuit diagram.
Hi Guys I am trying to figure out how to generate a FM signal Vout = Vdc + Amplitude sin(CarrierFreq*time + 2*sin(2 signalFreq time)), does anyone know how to generate this signal through E8267D, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot,
i need to know how to stimulate MPSK signal in OFDM using MATLAB
Hi,everybody! I got a problem now and need your help! I want to amplify an signal that it’s DC value maybe change, then I add a CAP to get the AC siganl. Next,I want to amplify that ac signal about 20dB. The output is diffrenetial, so I want to let CM level to be 0.9V. VCM is the reference given from outer. what (...)
Hi, how is it possible in Altera SOPC builder to do demultiplexing/multiplexing tasks? Currently I'm developing video system and want to implement built-in algorithm like Median filter. I want to work the filter e.g. when SW = 1 and disable it, when SW = 0. I've found that Altera has its Avalon-ST mux/demux, but I didn't discover how to c
how to demodulate a signal without carrier
how to amplify the low pass filter out put to get the maximum amplitude
I want to isolate my anglog singal form that i select HCNR 201 opto coupler . plz tell how to interface analog signal to HCNR and what the power requiremnt and if have design calculation.
how to delay a signal by about 200ps. the bandwidth of the signal is about 1Ghz thanks
Hi there, I am designing an AM modulation circuit by using AD630. The carrier frequency is 32kHz step signal ?1V. The message signal is about 100Hz with amplitude of 1V. The circuit works, but some large signal step response exist. Please see the simulated results in the attached picture. Anyone please give me some suggestions on (...)
I want to sample a signal in optical communication (like infrared communication) The channel input X(t) is the instantaneous optical power (not the amplitude). The average transmitted power Pt is given T is the bit period. The pulse will be the rectangu
plz any body help me how to genarate pwm signal using AT90s2313.pwm genaration may be not so difficult i got so many codes from net.i want assemle language code to genarate pwm whose width has been changed depend on psedo random number.
hi there, i would like to know on how to set input signal power inside AWGN matlab simulink for Eb/N0 .what i must take into consideration when i set the input signal power?
hi to all, i had designed the through beam sensor by using of the IR transmitter and IR Receiver LED. Its working quite properly. My doubt is how to find the signal strength of the IR tranmsitter Led, without receiver. By the use of receiver i can determine the distance. but not able to find the strength. If i vary the Forward voltage o
i wanna amplify the output signal of my rca tv outputs so that it reaches another tv 25 meter away . how can i proceed to get that stuff working . thanks REGARDS
I was wondering whether there is a way to amplify the frequency deviation of a frequency modulated signal. For example, consider a FM signal that has only a small modulation index. Without demodulating the signal, or changing the modulation signal itself is there some sort if way to (...)
But the op-amp I studied, like single stage OTA, cascaded, folded cascode, they only have the gain in range of 10-100 right? So, how to get a such high gain of 1000? folded cascode op has higher gain (>60dB) than simple OTA, and it's not difficult to build such a op, refered to Martin's book or Razavi's book.
Hi, I have a circuit that gives a PWM signal at 20Khz with maximum average voltage at 1.6v. I need to amplify and filter this signal to a variable DC voltage ranging from 0-5v or 0-10v. I tried using a 741 op-amp and RC filter. It simulates perfectly in Multisim but practically gives a constant VCC at output all the time. Can someone (...)
Hey Guys, I am trying to amplify an audio signal from a birthday card audio player (A96020) with a LM386N, and all I have been getting is noise, it wont actually play the recording it just plays noise. I think the problem is that I need a pre-amp, if so, I would like to know how to go about building one. Thanks
Hi all, In an application, I need to amplify a low-level clock signal of 60-MHz frequency and 300-mVpeak-to-peak amplitude to a rail-to-rail level of 0 V to 2 V. Does anyone know an IC to do this job ? Thanks a lot, DYL
DEAR, I WANT TO Show TV SCREEN TO TFT-LCD PANEL,how to design on my hardware ? who can give me a hand , thanks a lot ^_^
Hello, I know the HSIM can do mixed-signal simulation. I mean spice netlist and verilog co-simulation. Does anyone konw how to do it or have some examples to share? Thanks for your help... Silicom
Power is the condition where the voltage is dominant. A carrier is dominant while the message has less power not because of the voltage level but because it less dominant. You might still have a carrier but the change in voltage produced by the message is not there. The carrier is always there and it's power is the voltage level. The power of the m
Look at chapter 8 in your "PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers Measurement Guide and Programming Example". There is an example in there. I think in that chapter have everything you need. THey start with how to measure the burst signal , and then the CCDF of the power (you may not need this) and APC measurement (this is for your new question) good luck
I've a Transmitter, but the signal is weak. I need a Repeater to amplify the signal so that the Receiver is able to receive the signal. I don't have information how to build a Repeater, such a it circuitry. Kindly advise me this hardware circuit information. Thanks.
HI all I am now designing a CDR circuit, and want to generate a jittered signal source in Verilog-A to test the function of CDR. how to do this? thanks.
I also want to know how to run spectreverilog? could anyone can show me an example.
I have a vector V with data sampled at a constant frequency F, the sampled data is a square wave wich duty-cycle and frequency change (result of sigma-delta modulation). I know that when i perform the FFT i will get a spike at the same frequency of the signal i have at the input plus noise. What i need to do and i don't know how is after performi
hi I am in need of help with my project i am using an analog ouput load cell and A/D converter ADC0804 and Atmel AT89C52 micon. i can't seem to make the A/D work with the load cell output how can i make it work or do i have to have the Bridge Transducer ADC for Load Cell as it is not available where i live Has anyone worked on similar pro
hi,all how to dump all signals' waveform when import VHDL into verilog testbench, when top level testbench is verilog code(other are VHDL code) , use initial begin $dumpfile ("debussy.vcd"); $dumpvars (0,top); #20000 $finish; end in top level dump waveform, many vhdl (...)
The easiest way is to use a PIC that has a CCP module. Otherwise, it can still be done, but with a lot more work. Here is appnote AN545 fom Microchip, which describes how to measure duty-cycle.
Looks like you want to override the speed limit of the motorcycle; anway let's get the task. Just one question: when the frequency is beyond 1 KHz, you just don't want any signal or you want that the frequency will remain at 1 KHz ? In the first case a low pass filter is enough, in the second case is more complicated because you have to substit
hi! in time domain it is possible to use probes to get the signal (e-field, h-field) into one point. how can i get the signal into one point in frequency domain? thx to all! maybe this time someone can realy give me an advice????????????
hello; i have demodulated signal which is attached. I need a matlab program to define signal, i want to get the signal in binary form. how can i do it. Please help me.
can anyone plz help me by telling what actually is a bpsk signal and how to generate the signal in matlab plz helppppppppp Following is ur required program.. bits_per_symbol=1 length_outbiniary_data=128; %this is amount to binary data to be transmitted,u can change it baseband_binarydata_tx = round(rand(1,length_o
sir; This is my problem: I fed a signal between 0.4Volts to 0.6Volts to a 2N3906 Transistor. I could not switch on the amplifier. how would i deal with this? The Frequency is 5MHz. Thank you.. LOwell
I am using TPS65100 (the switching frequency is fixed at 1.6MHZ) triple power supply chip, the problem is how I can analyze the signal integrity of my PCB including this power supply chip. Thank you.