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can i store programme in MMC to convert digital to analog ? if i can how ? if no hoa can convert digital to analog without DAC ?help me plz thanks
hi i need a neat steps about how to convert guis to .exe file iam using: -matlab 6.5 -visual studio 6
plz guide me how 2 convert a code written in C++ to a matlab platform for Microcontroller 89C52? studies have shown that we need a converter/translator for this purpose but I did not get enough material in this regard plz help me out
I’m working on a XUP VIRTEX-II PRO board (from digilentinc) with an VDEC1 analog to digital video converter. I make the VHDL program to capture the signal digital RGB format and it’s work but I don’t know how to convert the pal synchronization in VGA. Please, you tell me (...)
Hi, I want to find the 2's complement of -127 in matlab for 8 bits. I want to find 2's complement of a. So, I multiply it by -1 and takes its dec2bin: a=-127 a=-1*a; b=dec2bin(a,8); Now b = '01111111' I want to invert all the bits of b and add 1 to it. how can I do it? Thank you.
how to convert signal to noise ratio in terms of bit to signal to noise ratio in terms of symbol?
Hi all, how to break long function declaration in matlab? For example, A long declaration =one_function(in1,in2,in3,in4,in5); I found it can not be written as =one_function(in1,in2,in3,in4,in5); or = one_function(in1,in2,in3,in4,in5); Is it must be written
Does any body have idea how to simulate a TDMA scheme in matlab???... I mean how can be time division accomplished in matlab?
hi, i need to read a bin file in matlab...for which i use fread command.. fread(fid,samples needed,format)..problem is i dont know the format( have tried different combinations..its not working) shld i write a code to read.. to be precise its a eeg recorded bin file with 59 channel to read that into (...)
hi do anyone know how to measure total harmonic distortion in matlab? regards tobby
i also need to know how to convert c to matlab and viceversa
Hi,all: I am writting a program to modify GDSII file. Now I need to change SREF' XY , and I know the XY in integer,but don't know how to convert integer to Eight-byte real which is the format of the XY in GDSII file. Could anyone give me a hand? Thanks
i want to know how to convert binary to BCD or decimal in assembly i want a code thanks
does ne1 know how to implement GPS Receiver algorithm in matlab...??
can any one plz tell me how to make a gussian channel in matlab....i dont want to use the build in function awgn. Waiting....
In video system, I often met DG(differential gain) and DP(differential phase). could anyone tell me how to convert THD to DG and DP.
hi i need to simulate 12-fold quaiscrystal in matlab, i dont know how? if you know the geometry or rule tell me.
how to convert string to list in cadence skill language? thank u
hi, does anyone know how to generate "optical orthogonal code" in matlab? regards
using matlab how to convert string to vector ? thanx
how to convert that to a binary stream ?? ( simulink / matlab ) i need to convert the R or G or B matrix to a binary stream to be able to simulate it to be tx using FSK for example and then Rx it again thanks bye
how to convert CDL to Schematic format? especially, about a resistor! for example, RR0 out gnd! 2k $ note: nwell is three terminal resistor. thanks. Samuel.
how to convert fields to temperature in CST studio. how to set a boundary and mesh.
Anyone knows how to implement GAUSS-NEWTON METHOD in matlab or anyone is having matlab code for this Thanks in advance
HI all; Please give me ideas how to convert Real to Rational in VHDL?
hi how to plot the EM wave in matlab ....also how to plot phasor phath vs time thanks
Can any one tell me how to convert scematic into layout in tannertool13
ya, to be very exact.. gray = (0.299*r + 0.587*g + 0.114*b); btw, how to calculate the other 2 components u and v?
Hi all, I have a vector like vec=. how to convert it to string like str='10101001...'? And how to save this string to a file? Best regards, Davy
You probably mean how to convert mono to stereo FM transmitter. First of all you need stereo coder. It converts L and R audio channels to MPX signal. Transmitter is modulated with this MPX signal. Usually it is neccessary to increase bandwidth of modulator up tp 100kHz. Allso, the RF filters in transmitter must have at least 300kHz bandwidth.
Dear all, Anyone can show me how to convert YCrCb to RGB by FPGA??? The equation as ............. R = Y + 1.402 (Cr-128) G = Y - 0.34414 (Cb-128) - 0.71414 (Cr-128) B = Y + 1.772 (Cb-128) Thank you for reply!!!:D regards, etrobin
i just begin study IC design please help me how to convert VHDL to gate level and logic design please show me the document to step by step design a IC to layout at level deep submirco about 0.12um thank you ! i just begin so there is much difficult ,hope the guide from all of you
I want to design a simple equalizer in matlab for this i am planing to desing some filters catering to some frequencies bands and then just pass a PCM stream to it. I am planning for FIR filters ? Can anyody share his experience when doing something like this ?
Dear All, how to convert Eagle to Pads or Allegro PCB ? is there any conversion tool ?
haiiiii i am doing project in cross layer design.the first step is to implement symbol mapping diversity in matlab.i could not understand it clearly with my papers.please anybody who know about it explain to me. lots of thanks in advance.
Hi salma.. what i understood if i am not wrong from ur reply is.. its FF connected back to back(like double synchronization circuit used to avoid the metastability) and having same reset and clock output is the synchronized reset. please explain me how this synchronize the reset...
Hi all, how to convert doc to pdf(which software) for linux.
Tell main difference between MIMO and SISO Drawbacks of SISO? how to convert MIMO To SISO .
dears; how to convert 48vdc to 12vdc?
I want to convert Voltage to digital (BCD Code) for send to PC how can i convert (Can you tell me what the tool i can Use ) Thank you good luck
Hi yus , I know that you use *.bin file to store the array into the eeprom. but how can I decode the bin file or hex file stored in eeprom by arm7 like lpc2478 ????
i need a program in mplab that convert digital to decimal
hi i just want to convert the autocad file in to cadstar V9 so pls any body can forward me the supporting file
i got a code .pbp but i don't know how to read it anybody can help me to convert this code to .asm code '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- '~~~ 245 LED PC-Programmable Moving Message Display By Trent Jackson ?2006 ~~~ '---------------------
dear ALL, I just finished modelled an antenna using FR4 in CST MWS 2009. Now, I would like to design the PCB layout.... The way to do it is to convert the file to gerber format. however, my software is university license..thus I not sure how go about it? Can anyone out there advise me how to (...)
I found some code on the internet that is suppose to do a big part of a a little hobby project I'm working on. problem: it's written in a combination of "C" but mostly asm. and is for a 16f876A PIC advice: how is the best way to get help to convert it to all asm. along with for a 16f676 pic. if I can convert it and it does work I (...)
hi, since i want to do the calculation on multiplying 2 data in fixed point. how i want to write the VHDL? what should i put the library package since i cant use sfixed or ufixed all the time?or any suggestion for the complete VHDL? just a simple multiply 2 data like 1.2 X 3.6 thanks
I want to display an int in an LCD display. For example, int a=174; Now to display it in LCD, I want to send the ascii of each digit to LCD. If it is like , char buf="174"; Then i could easily display it in lcd by using a buf in a for loop. So i think i could display the intiger value in a variable a if i could convert it to a strin
I want to convert hex to dec using PIC. Thing that I want to do is that: I have 24 byte (like FFFFFF, 800000, 000000) in three register in PIC . converting of FFFFFF to decimal result is +4.096. converting of 800000 to decimal result is 0. converting of 000000 to decimal result is -4.096. FFFFFF is the positive (...)
I've done it using a table... It was quite long time ago, I cannot remember exactly how I did, but I think I setup a ROM in assembly which has decimal input and hex output.