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How To Convert Digital To Analog In Matlab

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Hi all, Anyone knows how to build a DAC in matlab or simulink? Just a basic and simple one is good enough. What I want to experiment is to convert a digital signal to analog signal, and filter it by an analog filter. Thanks, cfy30
m working on speech recognition project i want to convert my audio into .mat file using matlab code plzz help me out thanx can u plzz tell me how to convert an audio signal in .mat file . ie to convert an analog to digital it's very urgent
Hi, folks: I have a waveform from analog simulator, both time and voltage values are stored in a text file. The signal represented is a digital "1,0" stream. What wanted in matlab processing is the digital information carried in. how to convert them into a stream of one zero (...)
I'm working on the project of data acquisition system in which using microcontroller I'm going to collect analog data, convert into digital and save those values in PC. For sending values from microcontroller to PC I'm going to use matlab Serial communication... The values will be sent continuously from controller to (...)
Hiiii, Any one can send the details about how to convert retina data into RS code. waiting for your valuable reply.. regards, ruby
hey guyz i have to make and ecg and then i hav to show tha output signal on the pc. i have attached the circuit diagram of my ecg that i have used . what i want to ask u is how can i interface this circuit with my pc. can i use maltab how? is there any other method instead of matlab like sound recording port or (...)
Hello guys I am new to matlab. I wanna convert a speech signal (analog) into digital form. how I can do it in matlab? I have read the speech signal in matlab using y=wavread('filename') that gives me the amplitude (data) and sampling frequency (fs) of the original signal (...)
1). Do you have a block diagram of how the OFDM signals generated? 2) Do you have a simulation model (matlab,etc)? If so, try FFT the OFDM signals and have a look on the spectrum.
For example If i have generate an analog signal of Asin(2*pi*f*t) how can i read that signal using verilog : please clarify