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How To Implement 3 8 Decoder Using 2 4 Decoder

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Are these all the values (77 of them in the list)? Are the values constant, or are there other values that map to the same values in the second column? What I'm trying to determine is how many entries in the first column need to be mapped to the second column. As this is a true CAM operation. As these are decimal numbers they won't necessarily co
Hello, I am studying AHB and want to implement a simple AHB2APB bridge without split/retry, I have 2 modules inside my bridge 1. AHB Slave + Address decoder and 2. the state machine for APB. i have no clue how to start with the ahb slave and what functionality to implement. it is a single master bridge so i (...)
the image below showing how to implement a full adder using a the image F1 is Sum and F2 is Carry If the input is 011 that means A is 0, B is 1 and C = 1 If we add 0 0 1 in binary it will give 1 as carry and 0 as sum so a
Can anyone help me the procedures how to implement Huffman encoder and decoder on a text file on FPGA pls? 10Q
But how would you decode in different clock domain. It's not that easy I guess. You will need to recover a clk from the manchester data and then re-sample the data with the recovered clk....It's not that easy as transmitter I guess!...
hi friends, i need to implement a vhdl code for a 4 to 16 decoder using 2 to 4 decoder in xilinx.plz can any one help me with the details relating to it or forward links related to my requirement.. thanks in advance
I have to implement a RS decoder, I would like to know how syndrome generation is performed in the RS decoder and what will be the hardware implementation for the same. If anyone can provide any support document for the same it will be very beneficial. thanks
Hi, Could someone please tell me how to implement a decoder for a tail-biting convolutional code? I've been working on it all week and can't figure it out I'm using a 1/2 rate, constraint length 3 encoder initialized with the first 3 bits of message. The bits of the message are then fed through the (...)
I'm doing design in Virtex 5 using 8b/10b decoder IP core. But , the IP core support until virtex 4. Anybody know the way to edit the EDIF code in order to implement the design in Virtex 5 ? Thanks! By, choonlle
No answer? My question is, we have a de-interleaver. If we keep more bits than expected after de-mapper, how do we do de-interleaver? Thanks
I have managed to build a IR transmitter based on PT2248 and an IR decoder using PIC18F452. I have successfully managed to decode the 18 commands and verify the given table. For additional 63 commands, multiple keying is used on the 6 'continuoous' keys. What does this mean? how do I implement this (...)