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How To Implement 3 8 Decoder Using 2 4 Decoder

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In my design i am using 3x4 keypad, now with the same keys if i want to give an interrupt to the micro how can i implement this through hardware For eg i want to generate an wake -up interrupt for the following key pressed 1*#,how can this logic be implemented through hardware
HI, I wonder if anyone knows any reference to a free core or any other type of information about how to implement a JPEG decoder (Reading a JPG file and converting it to BMP or RGB stream)? I know there are a lot of commersial IP-Cores available but I need something that is royalte free or if not, I have to convert the (...)
Hi, if you go to xilinx website, there is a link called "demos on demand" and another link for xcell journals. demos will help u get acclamatized with the software and xcell journal gives indepth tutorial about how to implement an IP in fpga. If you go through these, you should find it easy to either implement the IP on your own or to (...)
This should be easy to do. Not knowing how you want to use the tones, here are 2 suggestions: Offline, calculate the terms for 100 msec. and save to a file. In your application, load the file into memory. Then to play a DTMF digit, just send the values for that pair at the sample rate. If you need to send the tone out the audio port, find DT
Sir, how will I extend this to make a 10 to 1024 decoder? will using 4 to 16 decoders be feasible? I would suggest use a CPLD or FPGA for it rather than discrete ICs
I have to implement a RS decoder, I would like to know how syndrome generation is performed in the RS decoder and what will be the hardware implementation for the same. If anyone can provide any support document for the same it will be very beneficial. thanks
Can anyone help me the procedures how to implement Huffman encoder and decoder on a text file on FPGA pls? 10Q
the image below showing how to implement a full adder using a the image F1 is Sum and F2 is Carry If the input is 011 that means A is 0, B is 1 and C = 1 If we add 0 0 1 in binary it will give 1 as carry and 0 as sum so a
Hi, I want to the generate dtmf tone with 8051 My need is C source codes on this project Thanks..
some interview questions - 1. What is difference between signal and variable ? 2. how to write FSM in Moore/Mealy style ? 3. About sensitivity list for combinational amd sequential circuit 4.Design a COMBINATIONAL circuit that can divide the clock frequency by 2. write vhdl code... 6.implement 3x8 decoder (...)
I have managed to build a IR transmitter based on PT2248 and an IR decoder using PIC18F452. I have successfully managed to decode the 18 commands and verify the given table. For additional 63 commands, multiple keying is used on the 6 'continuoous' keys. What does this mean? how do I implement this (...)
Encoding is simple. Decoding is hard. Uses message passing algo. Can give papers if needed. Could U please share ur references. Thanks in Advance. Added after 6 minutes: Salam My BS project was in LDPC. in some case of LDPC code, encoding is very easy.
Hello, I think this may help. A, B are your addends C = Carry Input S = Sum Output Y = Carry Out 1.) The Truth Table Looks like this: A B C : S Y 0 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 1 : 1 0 0 1 0 : 1 0 0 1 1 : 0 1 1 0 0 : 1 0 1 0 1 : 0 1 1 1 0 : 0 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 2.) C
No answer? My question is, we have a de-interleaver. If we keep more bits than expected after de-mapper, how do we do de-interleaver? Thanks
I'm doing design in Virtex 5 using 8b/10b decoder IP core. But , the IP core support until virtex 4. Anybody know the way to edit the EDIF code in order to implement the design in Virtex 5 ? Thanks! By, choonlle
thank you haneet , I have basic problem I dont know how to start , I know that I have to use convolutional code and trellis diagram but how to start ? its a bit complicated
I don't know anything about I2C Bus. From where should i get some initial knowledge Moreover my video decoder and the PGA are attached through I2C bus to configure video decoder from FPGA how should i do that
can any one tell me how to impliment y=sinx in VHDL please be sure whatever you r saying
hi friends, i need to implement a vhdl code for a 4 to 16 decoder using 2 to 4 decoder in xilinx.plz can any one help me with the details relating to it or forward links related to my requirement.. thanks in advance
Guys, I am trying to do Manchester Encoder and decoder by using AT89c2051 microcontroller in Keil C.... Can any one help me out.... how to Encode and decode? I want to implement the logic 0---->01 and 1------>10... Please guys.... Its very important to do in Embedded C only.... Thanks in Advance
Hi could someone please help with the circuit software logicworks. I am trying to create a 6-to-64 decoder and did this by cascading smaller decoders. I used 1 2-to-4 decoder and 4 4-to-16 decoders. I used the 2-to-4 as an enable (...)
hi everybody, I am trying to use decoder ( 3 X 8) (IC 74HC238) for switching. please refer attached image 77158 lets take a case where inputs A0=0,A1=0,A2=0 , EN=1(5v) then Y0=1(5v) was observed, as per my understanding other outs Y1 to Y7 should be zero( 0v) but when i am using this IC with above inputs i observe
hi friends am trying to do "hardware implementation of image enhancement". for this i wrote simple verilog codes( negative transform, threshold, brightness control, contrast stretching). these codes i wrote using simple logic, it's simulated and synthesized also. but my problem is hardware implementation. i want to try this on (...)
HI, how many tasks your pic have to change? If they are few, you can try a simple communcation implementing something like a encoder decoder. If you nned to change 2 tasks you can set an output 0 or 1 for tasks and read the PIN in second PIC.If you need 4 tasks you can use 2 pins, 3 pins for 8 tasks and so on... You (...)
Hi, I am Naail Malick doing Electronics engg from Ned University.... I need your help and i am hoping,you will help me.. My problem is that i am implementing the MP3 decoder...and i found difficulties in two blocks. 1) huffman decoding:- i have used clustered huffman table(Reza hashemian) to decode the huffman coded bits. i have (...)
Hi, I am Naail Malick doing Electronics engg from Ned University.... I need your help and i am hoping,you will help me.. My problem is that i am implementing the MP3 decoder...and i found difficulties in two blocks. 1) huffman decoding:- i have used clustered huffman table(Reza hashemian) to decode the huffman coded bits. i have (...)
Dear all, I am currently doing my Master's thesis on 'coding and decoding of perfect space time block codes: analysis and performance simulation'. The point is I wanted to reduce the complexity of ML decoding by conditional optimization principle that the order of complexity will reduce, for example,3x3 antenna dimension the constellation size th
@std_match, I am not sure what the interviewer meant. I know how to implement a 6:1 mux, but in my course of study i have never come across a x:2 mux. The confusion is, it could be a decoder, but as we know the general convention is x:y, where x is no if input lines and y is no of output lines. The no of select lines depend (...)
Quartus seems to be quite nice. :) Has a lot f features. hi, how can i implement reed solomon encoder/decoder in vhdl? Thanks
Hi. I have recently purchased sp605 evaluation kit. I have performed the BRD demo and bist demo . till now i have not worked on fpga boards and know almost nothing about them so i am finding it really difficult to implement my designs on the board. I have made a viterbi decoder and all the process till generating .bit file is (...)
it depends how it connets. Like a said, an analogue NTSC or PAL camera can be connected to a video decoder to make life easiest for you. Other cameras may need specific IP to interface to them (USB is very complicated, as is ethernet). As a beginner, I highly recommend the anaglogue option.
good day!! any one who can help me with my design? my design is to use a seven segment and to display the letters COMPUTER ,right now i investigate how to use 74LS47 as a decoder, but my proble is what IC should i use in order for me to have an output letters that once you turn on the circuit it will show the letter (...)