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i am tryin to make a circuit through which i have to control a 12v dc motor. i am supplyin a 12v dc i/p. what should i do without using any transistor r amplifier to run a motor when light falls on ldr ??? That depends upon how you like to control your motor with LDR. options:- 1. Just on - off the motor in pres
Hi This is Tasbir. I want to know how it would possible to increase 5-12v? Which diagram will help me for that objectives? Plz help me by sending email to Regards Mr. Rino Tasbir
how to increase the volts from source DC (PC source)?
Could anybody help me to understand following parameters? any schematic diagrams?
There are a lot of choices from very simple (resistor divider or zener diod reference) to complex step down switching regulators. The essential question is how much current (and/or power) you need at 5V side. Reply please. Regards DDS
i would like to increase my voltage output from my input from for example 5V to 12v.... so can i use voltage regulator voltage regulator used to increase voltage output? is so, how should i connect the 78LS12?? thx
hi guys, how can i drive a 12v dc fan with a microcontroller in the most efficient way.
how to increase the torqu of the motor at constant speed and at constant voltage? increase the current.
if i want to design a voltage reference which generate voltage of 1.2V and 0.6V, before connecting to opamp,i use a buffer to enhance the driving ability of Vref1(1.2V) and Vref2(0.6V),but Vref1 and Vref2 settles slowly(clock cycle:66.66ns), i increase the GBW(through increasing current) and PM respectively(dc-gain: 65~73dB),but it only (...)
we all know two stages OP AC gain= gm x ro but if we design a one stage OP which only has gm, how do we get the AC voltage gain ? and how to increase the gain? If you have only gm than there is no voltage gain... gm unit is A/V Your mosfet has ro, no matter if there was one or two stage amplifier.
Hi Guys For most of the voltage bias points, they connect to the gate of CMOS, so drive infinite load, but how to set the driving DC point. For example, you have a battery of 2V, your circuit working voltage is 1.2V@2mW, so how to set the DC voltage in this case. The only way I can think is to make the (...)
can any plz tell me how to increase the out put this inverter, its giving 180v ac @20 mA. i need to light 20W energy saver with
hii , iam designing xtal osc. and i need to increase the impedence (-ve) to get enough gain to excite the osc. so , i removed the xtal model (2 branches of l, c, r) and i added current source (horizontal one) dc=0 , ac = 1A and i measure the ac voltage drop across this source now , it is -ve value (+fb ) but it is value is too small to excite
I have a PV panel which produces open cirucit voltage of 7.7 V and the maximum output current is 14.8 mA.however at a sunny day the best case is I get a current of 5mA .The optimal output is at V=5.9V and I=12.6mA . Do you have any not complicated idea on how to increase the output current (since it will charge my (...)
hi all I am designing a ring oscillator, working at 2.5GHz. The input impedance looking by the control voltage is only 100m ohm. I would like to know how to increase that. My ring oscillator is a current saturated sigle-ended inverter ring oscillator. And the control voltage is applied on the current source above and (...)
the p channel mosfet need a minus gate voltage..... not quite understood... could anybody explain or draw a schematic diagram? many thanks.
hello guys, anybody got any idea how to increase the bandwidth on this topology. I think its limit is determined by Rd and the output capacitance (which isn't seen in the picture but is 1p ). I want to use this topology for a DECT system, so its bandwidth needs to be 1.9G . But with the gain i want i can't reach the wanted bandwidth. Anyone
Hi. Is anybody of you have idea how to increase the loop gain in a two-stage opamp (cmos). My circuit is the simpliest two stage opamp. Now i have 55db and i want to reach 75db at least. Thanks one way is simply increase the gm of the first stage input transistors pair, by enlarge the W/L ratio, not by adding the bias
I build 1 inverter use 2 MOSFETs ,input 48V ,but output AC only 15VAC,how to increase output ?.I increase PWM but appear DC in output??? Please help me,thank very much!
i have tried using L298N to control a 12v DC motor which required to drive 1.44A, but i found that the output of L298N that generate to the motor tend to drops to half of the voltage that i supplied to input pin of L298N, and the maximum voltage that manage to supplied to the motor is only achieve around 3V, while i required 7~8V for the (...)
i have made the 15v 1amp power supply.but i get only 206ma current from it. can u please help me how to increase current in it? i have used 12-0-12 1a transformer to get the current but there is no change in it.plz reply me soon. check this forget to pres
Dear all how to increase boost converter efficiency??? what thinks i should i check ?? i need some good books / sites about the boost converter thanks alot bye
Dear Sir, I have attached the schematic of the mobile charger. I want to increase the output from 5V to 12 Volts to drive LEDs in series. Should I increase the zener voltage or change some resistor voltage. Please guide me. I can also wound more turns in smps secondary if need arise or build a new smps transformer. (...)
Hi. My guess is that other pwm IC's is more suitable to do this. Anyway, the datasheet tells you how to increase voltage and power output using external transistors:
Hi, I am designing a SAR ADC with 12 bit and 2kS/s rate. The structure is general and simple. But when I am considering the comparator(preamp+latch+buffer), I found it only can sense about 5mV voltage difference. In 12bit ADC it needs to sense about 0.3mV voltage difference, so how to increase the resolution of this (...)
how to charge a 12v /40AH lead acid battery using solar panel ? solar panel 12v 50W/100W
hello, herewith i am attaching the scahmatic of pwm here i get the variable voltage from 0 to 5v but i am not getting my current requirment is the how to increase the current?? i would like if you provide me the information with schematic. thanks. 109374
Hi, Does anybody have any idea on how to increase the number of serial ports on a microcontroller ? Currently, I'm having only a single serial port and I need another 2 more. Does anybody has any chip to recommend ? Or can the number of serial port be easily implemented on a CPLD ? Thanks Cheers,
hello can u plz tell me how to increase the drill holes in orcad 9.1? i tried the drill layer but it didn't work!!
I'm a freshie in the RF field. My antenna's field strenght is insufficient for some of the card so I plan to add in an amplifier to the design. Theproblem I'm facing now is I do not know how to increase the field strenght without introduce the noise, phase shifted and losses into the signal? Is there any reference design i can refer or any advice
how to minimize area in DC synthesis. Any switches beside set_max_area 0?
how to add constraints in dc script to fix hold time ? e.g. for multicycle 2 clock period
Dear EDAboard! I only have a Uln 2803 Ic ( max current :500mA) but i want to control a stepper motor (parameter 1.8 degree/step _ 4.4V _1.15 A) which use ULN 2803 how to increase a current use Tip 120.. to control this stepper motor Help me!!! ( schematics or ideal) thanks in advance!!!
Hey all, may i know how to make a good dc motor circuit? I need the important component and why i must use it. Thanks for your attention :)
30MHz - 1GHz fixed length of 1M max diameter of 5.08 CM no ground plane to speak of radiation pattern is not important only impedance bandwidth. matching unit is possible but cannot be elaborate. i've been looking at this for a couple weeks off and on. to increase electrical length i've envisioned a normal (broadside) mode helix,
I design a coupler with narrow bandwidth with coupled stripline,but found the directivity is poor(about 10dB),though the VSWR is good. I always wonder why the directivity was poor.And how to increase it ? to improve it try to do: 1) put capacitors at the begin and the end of the coupler 2) use overlay coupler 3) use s
hai guys i need a help to design a 12v dc to ac inverter i need the circuit diagram
hi all, well guys, u know that by default WinCE will assign only 46 to 48 MB of RAM for usage. even if u connect 128 MB, ur system will show only 46 or 48 MB of RAM. well guys does any 1 know how to increase that size to upto 128 MB?anyone whohas worked with Windows CE,pls let me know this issue.
Hi, Can someone please tell me how to increase the available power gain of a LNA? how to design a LNA that can achieve highest available power gain at operating frequency? Thanks, Chun Lee
I request information on how to perform voltage summation in analog circuits? I do not wish to employ op-amps and resistors but capacitors are preferred. I want to achieve Vout=V1+V2. Any ieee paper or so shall be gratefully acknowledged. Regards
Hi Guys; I am designing a single stage differential opamp with no cascodes. I currently obtained a unity gain bandwith of 1.25 GHz with 0.18 CMOS process. however, I need to increase this value up to 6-7 GHz. Do you guys know how to increase the unity gain bandwidth of a single stage differential opamp? Thanks for help.
how to increase phase margin of a single stage folded cascode single ended output amplifier.
I'm making a design of current steering CP. I can't increase speed to meet specs requirements . I used the design of Chang and Sanchez I can't meet the specs except by increase the bias current with total power of 2mW for the circuit. Please can any one help to realize the proper value of power for that design. and how to (...)
hi everyone how to increase the back up time of the ups without increasing its capacity i.e can we use any external circutiary to increase its backup time
Hi all, I'm wondering how to increase Q factor of an LC tank, If i change the reactance of the LC tank, won't be this affecting the frequency of interest? Thanks in advance Adjusting value on L and C affect frequency, but not if you make lower resistance in circurit, Q = reactance/resistance Only way t
For a normal CMOS amplifier, we can play wif the Cap/Res as the F=1/RC. But im quite unsure on how to increase the Bandwitdh of the Bipolar LOg Amplifier. The cct shown can contribute about 100kHz operation. how to alter this circuitry for it to work at higher frequency?
how to increase the current limit of l298
how to increase font size in a scanned material? I have hp scanjet 2400. Is there any special software to increase font size? Please Help me Thanks
Hi I want to know how to increase CMRR of a telescopic opamp .
Modify the footprint settings shown below,under the pad's accordingly are you will have none left to solder too.