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How To Increase Voltage 12v Dc

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i am tryin to make a circuit through which i have to control a 12v dc motor. i am supplyin a 12v dc i/p. what should i do without using any transistor r amplifier to run a motor when light falls on ldr ??? That depends upon how you like to control your motor with LDR. options:- 1. Just on - off the motor in pres
I have a AC/DC power supply which is capable of providing 3.3V @10A. My board have number of processors which need 3.3V, in total they consume ~2A. however the processors are sensitive to the accuracy on 3.3V. The power-supply itself has an adjustment knob(-10,+10)% and often times after moving the board etc, the supply is out of calibration. I
Small computer supply for p3 or p4 is at least 350 watts. On most of them current output is written on a sticker. !2v at 10a is common. You have to modify circuit arround lm431 to increse voltage. thedatastream - AT PSU Higher Output voltage Modification
Hi This is Tasbir. I want to know how it would possible to increase 5-12v? Which diagram will help me for that objectives? Plz help me by sending email to Regards Mr. Rino Tasbir