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Hi This is Tasbir. I want to know how it would possible to increase 5-12v? Which diagram will help me for that objectives? Plz help me by sending email to Regards Mr. Rino Tasbir
i am tryin to make a circuit through which i have to control a 12v dc motor. i am supplyin a 12v dc i/p. what should i do without using any transistor r amplifier to run a motor when light falls on ldr ??? That depends upon how you like to control your motor with LDR. options:- 1. Just on - off the motor in pres
Hello, i have a pwm that can be adjust from 100hz to 250khz. I get a square wave pulse out. It puts out 12volts dc from 0 to 30 amps. My question is what can i use to increase the voltage from 12v dc to 36v and even to 200v; and where can i buy something like this? Would it be possible to use a car coil for the spark plug to (...)
Yes, you should look into using a voltage regulator. For a DC-DC converter, you'll only find devices that are stepping up, or down, typically not in a flat range around your desired output voltage. You may find a 12v to 3.3V converter pretty easily (and other voltages). Also, you could use an LDO (low-dropout) linear (...)
The sensor needs 12v whereas the Chip can only supply 7V. how do i connect the Sensor to the chip whithout the use of RESISTOR. It would be impossible to think you can do anything without resistance. You want to add something to the circuit you automatically add resistance. Try figures below as they are
Hey u there :) umm i'm working on a design of a smart tracking system and i got that little problem in my circuitry design i need ur advice with :?: how can i convert a 5 V input to 12 V output? :?::?: thankiez alot u guyz..:D
Like the topic says. I want to get a stable 12v that can manage a current of 9A from a source that is somewhere between 6 and 15 volts (car). Does anyone know how to do this? Or even better, have schematics for this?
i'm not sure about the rising speed. how about 3 sec from 0v to 12 v?
Hello friends. I have a question : how can I connect a 12v DC wire that may be positive or negative to a input pin of PIC MCU with no polarity change ? (I connected 470k resistor but no change see)(the another problem of me is in pullup 10k resistor of MCU input pin that change my polarity) Thanks for answers. Best Regards.
Hi all, I have read some very exciting stuff on this forum and i am hoping some of you electronics gurus can help me. I am building a pure sine wave inverter using a wien-bridge for my oscillator. Input voltage = 12v dc, Output voltage= between 30v and 60 v ac, output current not to exceed 2A. Frequency = 50hz. I have used a JFET in the (...)
To upgrade for a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) need to add some rectifier (charger) - to convert AC power (from power grid) to DC power (to charge battery), supplementary controller - to control functions of rectifier (charger) to start or stop charging battery, how fast to change from grid power to battery power and for inverter when to s
how this circuit works is that, the 12v DC is first stepped up to high voltage DC. It's converted to high voltage DC because a ferrite transformer can be used if it's driven at high frequency. however, the high frequency output can not be used to power mains devices. So, it's converted to DC and then this DC (...)
how can you get 5hrs?
I have 12v/5A fixed Dc source. how Can I get the variable power supply from this. I had tried one that uses the LM 317 IC but it does not work it is because its current handling capacity is only upto 1 to 1.5A. Now Can anybody help on designing the variable power supply thats output voltage can vary from 0 to 12v and maximum (...)
I would like to design and build a DC-DC converter with following specifications. Input : 12vDC 7Ah from ups deep-cycle battery Output:19VDC 3A to a laptop. how can i setup the DC battery voltage supply system so that i can have it running for at least 12 hours without recharging?
how much current does the circuit draws?
You want to keep the LED current about the same as it is with the batteries. You could either reduce the voltage to be the same as the battery voltage, or, increase the current-limiting resistance that is used in series with the LEDs. First, you need to determine what voltage is actually being used, from the batteries. (...)
Hello friends, I need to replace a transformer from my circuit. i. e. I want 12v A.C. signal but the local transformer of a big size makes my circuit too big ...and the size of a circuit is very important for me. so can anyone tell me how can I get 12v A.C. signal ??? any small and light weight transformer? ??