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I have a .lib file. I want to use it in pspice schematics. how can I use it ??
I have a .lib file. I want to use it in pspice schematics. how can I use it ??
hi friends can i use spice files which r given as netlist in pspice as the building blocks of circuit? i want to use a sample and hold circuit. i am not able to get its pspice .LIB file .there is one spice model available for it. can any one tell me (...)
Hi, I'm trying to use PTM models downloaded from in spectre. however, I got syntax error while simulating. Does anybody can tell what kind of modification should be made to the model file. Thank you a lot! The error message is like: "" :40 syntax error in specification of 'tnom' " The followin
Hello, I use for my RF simulation the BSIM3 model, i guess that in dadence there are other ideal model olso. My question is this: how can find this model in cadence and how can i change this model??? Is there in PRIMLIB the ideal mosfet??? Thanh you for your attention
Hello, I am currently willing to design circuits using the Barkley's BSIMSOI model file. I have tried to use that model in ELDO, but infortunatly my simulation was failed, because the majority of SOI parameters are ignored, and ELDO return an error at the end. I think that is relative to the verilog-A file (.va) (...)
I want to use BSIM4 model for Pspice simulation in Orcad9.1 suite. but I am not able to configure the orcad... please help in this regard
1. Is there a possibility to generate .jed file from OrCAD. No. You would use a thrid party utility to compile your equations to a jed. If you are using simple PAL's/GAL's, use 2. If it's possible how to use Atmel chips. When I run Programmable Logic Project Wizard in OrCAD, there is
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to use spice model generator in ADS. I dont know where spice model generator in ADS:((. Thanks
I am the beginner of hspice simulator.These is a common-source circuit. It's hspice netlist as follows: *common source *circuit* m1 d1 g1 0 b1 nmos1 l=2u w=80u rd vdd d1 1k .model nmos1 nmos level=3 *source* Vdd vdd 0 dc 5v vsin g1 0 sin(1.8v 10mv 1k 0 0 0) *analysis* .tran 1u 2ms .dc vsin 0 5 1m .probe v(d1) .end I (...)
Dear all, I have built and simulated an inductor model in HFSS,and gottn results such as S11 S21 S12 S22,now i have a question, how to use those results in my circuit simulaton which using spectreRF and HspiceRF
Hi This is my first post here :) I try to use HCPL-316J model which is download from Avagotech site, but i think this model work bad in Pspice. Whatever i connect on input, try to work with inverting and no-inverting input, i got same output, no change in output signal :( I think that output signal need to (...)
Hello Everyone, Can anyone help me in how to use SRAM in Pspice, how to read and write from the sram? Thanks
I got following MOSIS file for my Hspice, anyone show me how to use this file in Hspice? ================================================ MOSIS file ami-c5n/t24h-params.txt MOSIS PARAMETRIC TEST RESULTS (...)
I have DXP on my pc with corporate license but can't work out how to use it in stand alone mode. :?
I have ISE5.2i in my system. I heard that it carries Modular Design tool built in. Can somebosy explain me how to use it I could not make out how to even open it from within the project navigator. Thanks
Hi I need some help how to use watch dog in my programs . I am usiing c compiler.for AVr thanks
I just use hspice to bulid a VCO model, but it only work @ fixed Vtune. I want to use this model for simulation of PLL. can u give me good ideal? thks!!!
i am writting a c program for controlling lcd module using visual c++ using inpout32.dll from but i don't know how to use this dll . the samples with it is vb not vc. i searched but didn't find any useful information. can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
Hi I am looking for informaiton regarding how to use pthreads in Borland C++. I am just a beginner in pthreads any information will be helpful.
I have problem how to make this work in Orcad Schematics. Please give me some advice what I have to use (opamp, comparators, ...) to make this work. how to measure this current ILR and use it as input in pulse timing block. Work of this circuit is synchronised with zero voltage crossing of VCR voltage. It is not problem (...)
I mean that I install cadence virtuoso on linux. I found that there are some file in lib directory. how to use this file? Thanks
I want to use delay function in assembly language because I'll use DRAM. DRAM of mine have refresh time of 2ms. how to use delay function in ASM language? just use "NOP" operand ? or "WAIT" operand? how to know how long these operand were (...)
Hi all, I am using the N_StateMod in ADS, but I don't know how to use the "file based" of its inner item--StateArray. Please see the following picture. Thanks!
Hi All, I am very new to this IAR compiler. Can anybody suggest me how to use sin. cos, or tan functions in IAR compiler. I tried the following code. But, result for sin(900 = 1.5939952313365771E+124. This I got in fTemp variable. #include void main(void) { long lTemp; double fTemp = 90.0; fTemp = sin(fTemp);
can anyone tell(help) me how to use(to generate desire signal at) parallel port in windows xp.:?:
I have a problem with my tiny12. When i tried to program this uc with STK500 i'm surprised that both of the lockbits are not set so i can't program and verify it. After i tried to erase the device, the lockbits still not set so i can't program it. Please help me how to use default fusebits(both set). I'm using AVRStudio and STK500. Thanks (...)
how to use timer in mc68hc11
Read the MPLAB help file. help->topics... You need to set mplab to the type of microcontroller you are using. configure->select device... Have you check that the configuration (oscillator type etc) is correct? After you have read a chip view->disassembly listing or view->program memory should show the contents of the chip provided it wa
Hi friends, I am using RedHat version 9.1. I was unable to get the USB connection .But in windows USB devices are detecting automatically . how to connect USB devices in LInux. Thanks in advance Goud
hi friends,iam using xilinx ise 8.1 i.when iam trying to create a new source,i have foundan option to enter state diagram,but i dont know how to use it.plz let me know the way to use it.plz provide some links to do this. thanks in advance. bye
I have NCSU CDK ,but i dont know how to use it in IC5141,anyone can tell me ,TKS!
Hi, all Is there anybody can tell me how to use the .Sens analysis in spectre, If there were any examples given, I will be appreciate it. Thx in advance! BR!
Hi, I am using Time Domain Solver .Recently I was working on a chocke.I did local meshing for the coil.But i found some errors ,like erros in filling with PEC, Same touch planes. I would be really grateful, if somebody can guide me how to use meshing options effectively. Regards, Bibhu
hi m a biginner in verilog/vhdl. i want to know about how to use IP cores?? Also if they(ip cores ) are fully freely available. I Am using Xilinx9.1i Kindly help me. some specific literature is always welcom. thanks and regards
hello , i was trying to interface my microcontroller with labview through serial port. i want to use serial interrupts in labview program.i.e whenever i receive a character an interrupt shud be generated in labview program. but i dont know how to do this. i have done this in visual basic using onCommEvent. please help me... i really need help.
Hi how to use to use volilate int in microcontroller project? I never understand this concept or how to use it. Please give me example of using it MM
hi to every one here in the below mentioned code i am getting error on wait sout, sout is my memory , how to use the meory in wait statement in verilog, i am not getting any error in vhdl.tell me the solution soon. reg sout ; always begin wait sout for (y=1;y<=nby2by3;y=y+1) temp =so
I have done an opamp analog layout my query is how can i use it as a macro in my top level Chip design.And how to convert it into a macro and what all relevant files will consist the details of the macro (opamp) like power,timing and area which can used as an input file to P&R tool like Astro
can u tell me how to use a timer in 18f4550... if u have a program plz post it
hello Frends, im making a project that will communicate between 1 pic877a and 2 pic84a and will control 2 motors, and im using mikroc programming. My problem is how to make use interrupt in my pic84a the time my 877a will command my 2 pic84a? bcoz in the code of my 84a there is a looping part that delay the signal in order to vary the speed of th
Thats what I was expecting, glad you stated it explicitly! Assuming you'll be targeting Xilinx devices. It has what you call Delay Locked Loop(DLL), instead of PLL. To utilize DLL in your design you have to generate and instantiate HDL module in you design. Xilinx core generator will take parameter like multiplication/division factor to gene
hi friends i face a problem!!! my project takes lots of time to be solved. i want to reduce the time, i want to use symmetry plane in hfss but i am familier enough how to do that. does using symmetry plane change the final solution? i attach my project , guide me please!
hi friends i face a problem!!! my project takes lots of time to be solved. i want to reduce the time, i want to use symmetry plane in hfss but i am familier enough how to do that. does using symmetry plane change the final solution? i attach my project , guide me please!
in $MMSIM_HOME//tools/spectre/examples/SpectreRF_workshop/SpectreRF_AN there is an app note about how to use spectreRF HB
Think of it as a relay, like it looks. If you don't edit the von, voff properties then it simply closes when the control terminal difference is greater than zero. however changing the properties to make it open / close over a finte range, and have finite nonzero conductance in both states will make it less "ideal" but more solvable for
Hi, Good day to all. I'm kinda new in PADS and one problem I encounter is that I don't know how to equalize the trace length or even how to use the length tuning in PADS. Thanks in advance. Godbless. :???:
as we know, some FPGAs contain some embedded blocks such as embedded multipliers, adders, MACs and RAMs. now i do not know how to use them. i use altera chip EP2C70F672. someone can tell me? Thank u!
help me how to use 8051 microcontroller in projects..............................?
Hi all... I am a newbie to PIC micros. I've learnt basic tutorials through online which uses assembly code. Now, I just want to display a string on 16x2 LCD using PIC 16F84A. I've googled it for number of times and I found that there is a directive in PIC assembly code called "DT" which can be used to display a string on LCD. I could not understan