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Hello, You can use a current source and use the PULSE option, here you can specify the forward current, ris time and maximum reverse current. To avoid that voltage goes to infinity, use voltage sources with ideal diode clamps. Do not expect the curves as shown in the datasheets as the spice (...)
if I change them white ideal switches, I don't know, how write function of them. I don,t know these switch work by what, and how them switching my problem is, I don't know to do what. I think, these switch should be replace by a circuit, to can simulate these. please help me to know, what is these switches? or ho
Dear duncan94022: Do you have any other application notes about SIMPLIS? I hope to know how to build a simplis model by myself. Thanks!
Just found the following statement in the spice 3 manual Note: In the original Berkeley release of spice 3f4/5 the implementation of the following control structures contained several bugs. Many of the above commands leak memory so rapidly that they are all but useless in loops containing a significant number of repetitions. Subsequent worke
Who can give a coupled transmission line model? The coupled line consists of two strip with 4 port. 4-Port S-parameter file is given by EM simulation. how can I extract the coupled capacitance of the two strips? Thanks.
hello, currently i''m working on my project. im studying on a circuit and trying to simulate it on orcad capture. im using AD844 cfoas and LM124A opamp in my circuit. i created the model libraries for both components and placed those two files in orcad's default library folder. i draw the circuit on capture and tried to simulate it, but it an error
hi..need some help any of you know how to replace the switch network of boost converter with averaged switch model and simulate it on pspice which need to create a model and the subcircuit...thanks a lot :))
Can anyone tell how can i do behvioral level sumlation of my analog circuit??? is it possible in spice or ORCAD will be more useful as i have heard from others??and how is it to learn ORCAD???
Hi icd, IBIS models can be read by SI tools such as cadence allegro pcb. To use IBIS in spice simulators you need to first convert it to spice deck. You can use cadence ibis2spice for conversion. Hi everyone, I just downloaded Xilinx and Altera IBIS models. The Altera (...)
Can any one tell me how build a cmos circuit by using pspice 16.5? how can I select a model, such as Vth, L,W,U?