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How To Use uln2803 With Relay

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Hi, anyone can help me how to use uln2803 to drive relay. I use uln2803A and my coil relay is 12VDC. COM on the pin no 9 should be connected to 12v or 5v? and uln2803 doesn't have VCC pin. Please help me if possible in a diagram. thx
appcadclassic contains a number of useful utilities.unfortunately it is not working well with the dos of this version is no longer supported this bug remains unfixed.can any body tell me how to use appcadclassic with win98. thank yu
mmh you only need know how the eprom works, it meas, what protocol it uses for comunication: pararel, serial, ic2... There're a lot of links abour coneccting eproms to pic, probe with , , or search in google.
Hi, Did anyone have an asm program for how to use 16f84 with external serial eeprom like 24C256?
hi how to use 74hc595 with pic basic pro ? I need sample code for 74hc595 with pic basic pro language
can someone tell me how to use tea5757 with 89c51
I NEED HELP ON how TO use gEDA with WIN-XP
Can anybody guide me how to use icarus with eclipse. I've already tried googling but could not find much help. thanks.
hi i need help how to use uln2003 with microcontroller to drive 12V stepper motor
Guys, Does anyone of you know on how to use Wifi with AVR ? Any links or references will be appreciated, Thanks
Hello guys, Does anyone know on how to use this with ATMEL Studio6 I use it directly by creating a new project ? how can I use AT91SAM7S256-AU with ATMEL Studio ? thanks
See the circuit. I want to drive uln2803 with 5 volt signal on 1b input, The Vcc is 12 volt. But he 1C ouptut is two low to drive the
Hello am use 18F458 conect with AD12Bit, I want band pass frequency 50/60 so that , please provide a link, and tell me how to use it with about IIR Filter Thank you
hi all how to use a resistance with it's noise effect in orcad thx
hi..i wud like to learn abt ln298 and how to use it to control motors for my sounds controlled car project...i'm using lpc2138 any info abt this mcu with ln298 will be greatly appreciated...thnx alot guys..
so nothing yet? ---------- Post added at 21:50 ---------- Previous post was at 21:47 ---------- Can anyone please guide me how to use Graphics LCD? I want to use it with PIC16F877A and picbasic pro.
who know how to use spi interface using serial port C. please help me?
New versions of IAR compiler now come with Jlink (USB to now i am having Jlink with me. But if I want to use Jlink with MSP GCC then what should I do? because I think it supports only Parallel port FET....... Any solution to this? I have to use Parallel port FET..........
how to use Specctra with Altium Designer ? I have saved the files a a dsn.file started specctra openend the dsn file and then the do file and this is what i keep getting # Batch File Name: "C:\Program\ # <> Unrecognized argument: Files\Altium # <> Unrecognized argument: Designer # <> (...)
I am using MSP430F427 micro, It is having USART communication periphrel. Please any body explain how to use it with a sample C language code. Such as initial setting, interrupt routine if necessary. pls let me know
In the current project, we need to simulate verilog files with C code Does anyone know about how to use PLI with Modelsim? Thank U!
Friends, Does anyone know on how to use bluetooth with USART ? I need a transmitter and receiver ? Any ideas, information links will be appreciated, Thanks
Hi, can any body tell what is J-TAG in LPC2148 & how to use it with lpc2148. for using it, is there any software required for it. please tell in brief
assalam o alaikum, I am new to this forum, I am using a tx and rx and from that the servo motor is working but when i connect the signal wire and the ground wire from rx to the relay driver ckt it doesn't work from the tx and hence no output is received hence the ckt is working manually when i give 5v input from dc source it works properly... i ha
First google "6volt relay" and if u dont understand some back, and next tell us how u connecting your phone to relay ? check this out........ good luck
Hi! Does anyone has circuit & c/asm source how to use AC97 codec (such as LM4546) with ADSP-2181. :wink: Regards, Jackal.
just call the epicwin exe the same way as other ide do look too microcode studio for an example of the setting too actualy set it use options >> programmer device setting menu and enter a command line using %H for hex or %b for bin no special settings apply appart from how epic needs the file name passed too
this doc is about how to use altera's lpm with leonardo spectrum. maybe others synthesizer is the same .
I want to know how to use Perl script with TI CodeComposer Studio to automate the debugging and testing proccess. how to set break point, stop and resume program? many thanks
Hi all, I need some info about how to use a Lange-coupler with amplifiers. I know that a Lange coupler is a for port device, 1 input port, and one isolated and two ports to where the power is splitted equally. The exercise for me is to "construct a balanced amplifier using the same transistor as in exercise ..." This (...)
please tell me how to use a relay 6 volt which has 5 pin. please tell me clearly >_< thanks for the answer ^^
please if any one have a document or a website explaining how to use a smart card with picmicro. thanks. :?:
how to use ic prog with usb - serial converter circuit ?
how to use fpga to implement dualport ram with sram ?
Hi all, I would have to use XILINX EDK kit. have fully installed the XILINX Platform studio(XPS) and would like to use it with XILINX Virtex 4 board form AVNET. Please suggest me to get more information on how to use the board with the XPS and XILINX ISE installed. Also, would (...)
That's something i have tried to do myself before did get it sorted but can not remember how I did it, I will have another go and let you know but I use Electra sometimes, But I prefer to manualy route and only use auto router if needed wizpic
hello everyone does any one know how to use a camera i mean to say has anyone used a camera (cmos or anyother ) in his embedded system or interfaced it with his computer plz do reply if you have done this sor have some reliable links in this case thankyou
Try search for mex.h which is a header file for C. MEX related functions that can be used to exchange data between Matlab and C. I can send you tutorials on this topic however you can search Matlab Help for External Interfaces
Hi, I used Ecounter with "saveNetlist –includePhysicalInst –excludeLeafCell CHIP_LVS.v" to write a verilog netlist in order to run a LVS. I would like to use Assura for LVS - because Calibre is not available here. Could someone give me some guidance how to use the (...)
I need book or more information about,how to use link for modelsim with matlab, I try to begin with the matlab user guide but I have some problem, with the manshester reciever testbench...
I have a VHDL programme who use lpm library how can use it with the ISE of xilinx, cause ise don't have lpm library....
Hi Bad News is that no any direct api you can use.. for that u have to reach via USB throgh driver.. USB COMPLETE explain it but i think its too cloumpsy for new user like you,... Good News is that alredy easy to use libusb are available and u can use it to communicate with USB...just search LIBUSB and (...)
Please let me know that how to invoke the "synthesis menu containing RTL Synthesis & Gate Synthesis" in cadence Encounter version 5.2. Can we directly generate netlist, constraint files........ without using Cadence RTL compiler? Thanks!
my relay has 8 pins. it writes on it 12vdc ,220/250v AC 5A 012-2Z how to use it which pin is doing what? its the first time i use a relay help?!
My Huawei CDMA Land phone has a SIM holder, but it dos'nt to use a SIM with the phone.
I was wondering if anyone can help me how to use encryption libraries with the PIC18. A sample code would be amazing. thanks in advance
dear friends, what is accelerometer. what is the use of it. how can we interface with 8051 micro controller(serial or adc). regards kj
hello aman, you can find many guides on google explaining how to use chipscope.. i've attached one with this post.. i hope it will be helpful
Ok so I have this school project in which I'm supposed to design and build something related 'Home Security'.Anyways I'm abit lost,my prototype is supposed to work this way : when I press a key on my cell phone,a bluetooth device will send a signal to a microcontroller(MCT).After that 2 active signals will be sent,one signal will control a motor an
Now I try to simulate by CST but I did not know how to use CST facing the transmission line with open or short. If there is somebody who can help me, thanks a See also here [url=http:/