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How To Use uln2803 With Relay

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See the circuit. I want to drive uln2803 with 5 volt signal on 1b input, The Vcc is 12 volt. But he 1C ouptut is two low to drive the
I'm using a motor controller that has two wires which need to be shorted every time the motor direction is reversed. I want to operate this using a microcontroller (dsPIC33). Can someone please tell me how i can control short (and later disconnect) these wires using the microcontroller? Can I use a relay/switch? If yes, (...)
hello all, i want to interfcae relay with MCU. i have 12v relay which has five legs. so i am confused how do connections in circuit. how to give supply to relay.?? which legs will connect with MCU.?? which legs will connect to the load..?? i am (...)