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How To Use uln2803 With Relay

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See the circuit. I want to drive uln2803 with 5 volt signal on 1b input, The Vcc is 12 volt. But he 1C ouptut is two low to drive the
I'm using a motor controller that has two wires which need to be shorted every time the motor direction is reversed. I want to operate this using a microcontroller (dsPIC33). Can someone please tell me how i can control short (and later disconnect) these wires using the microcontroller? Can I use a relay/switch? If yes, (...)
Hello H_D_R, Please let me know what kind of relay you are using. Normally the operating voltage of the relay (ie the voltage to be applied to the coil) must be mentioned in the relay itself. Please checkout anything like DC12V/ DC24V in your relay.. You can observe the voltage is written as DC 12V in the picture below (...)