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How To Use uln2803 With Relay

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See the circuit. I want to drive uln2803 with 5 volt signal on 1b input, The Vcc is 12 volt. But he 1C ouptut is two low to drive the
What do you know about the control of relay. I have a transistor to be control the control?
hello all, i want to interfcae relay with MCU. i have 12v relay which has five legs. so i am confused how do connections in circuit. how to give supply to relay.?? which legs will connect with MCU.?? which legs will connect to the load..?? i am (...)
Suppose I want to drive a 0.5A load with my PIC . Somehow the PIC decedes to open a valve ie. Should I use relay or just a n amplifier? how much current can I get from PIC? ( small I guess). D.
If you still need this relay to be driven by "L"-ow signal on the micro's pin - below is an example on how to do this .. Regards, IanP
how many LED's do you want to Turn ON? P1, P2 & P3 have internal 10k pullup resistors so the max o/p current will be 5v/10k=0.5ma (assuming 5v supply) but u can connect the anode to the Vcc & the cathode to the Port pin using a resistor. Under stady cndition 89s52 pin can sink 10ma current which is sufficient to turn ON a LED. Check the following
how many appliance can be connected using a relay?how can v take output from an IC using relay?please help thank u
hey everyone, im using a 5v buzzer in my circuit. i want to interface this buzzer to a uln2803 relay driver so that it can power my buzzer. but i do not know how to do this. im taking pin 1b of the uln2803 to the p1.2 of the 8051 and am connecting the buzzer to pin 1c of the uln2803. (...)
how is your snubber ? Single 100nF or 220nF usualy solves this problem.
what is the max rating of the relay contacts V/A? what exaclty is the kind of noise? how is it effecting your circuits? is there a glitch in the power lines? or is it reseting your controllers/circuit? what exaclty/ could you post the schematics,if you have readily.
Hi all , I want to protect uln2803 (NPN Array Transistors , Active Low) and UDN2981(PNP Array Transistors , Active High) , how could I do that ? The board I'm designing is a tester so I don't know what is going to happen , Maybe just for a simple mistake in assembling the parts , ULN & UDN see unexpected voltages at their outputs . I can't us
Hi If we want to control our a high voltage system or big mechanical devices, electric motors by using microcontrollers or PCs., how must we design it so we can protect our low voltage microcontroller based boards. I am trying to learn is there a specific(or conceptual) name that i can look up whose job is making "safe" bridge between high v
relay part is the easy one, but how are you going to sense the direction of the motor .. Usually it is done with a 2-wave rotary encoder somehow driven by the motor’s shaft .. Rgds, IanP :|
i make a board with micro avr+uln2803+relay 12v+chracter lcd20*4+(conductor220vac) i control conductor with relays(220vac is on relay's contacts that control conductor) when i on or off relay with micro&uln2803 strange letters apears on (...)